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  • December 5, 2016

You have fears you cannot overcome but you know they must be smashed for you to go another level in life. Some, are holding you back from actually living what you want in life and business. Others, are blocking you from going to the next level in relationships. Either way, you’re blocked. Frozen. You cannot jump to the next level without help.

This is exactly why you’re here, reading these lines: because you need to master your mind and learn how to destroy and diminish any weak thoughts that are constantly keeping you from going full speed with maximum potential in what we all call Life.

Welcome, friend.
If you need to learn Mental Toughness, you came to the right place.
Since I praise your time, and also honesty and transparency regarding business, I’ll answer some questions on the next lines for most of your critical questions so you can understand how this works and what are you about to buy because I don’t want you to waste your time.

Here’s how it works.

Contextualizing. You already know that a mediocre life is the “normal life” while a “GREAT LIFE” is what is rare in today’s world. But I have a question: Shouldn’t be the other way around? Shouldn’t people live with freedom, happy about all areas of their lives like love life, income, and/or their professional career?

Makes sense to you, right?
So why aren’t people living what they would love to live, them?
Answer: Because of Negative Thinking.

One thought can change everything. If you can remove a few thoughts from a person’s mind, that same person can create a company, can go ask someone for a date, can embrace a career in sports and much more. The mind rules the body and the life that surrounds it. Therefore, if you change your mind, you change your life.

Coaching engages exactly that: The Mindset.

The goal of a Coaching program is to recalibrate your mind by exposing you to new mental states through physical actions with personal assistance, which will erase or rewrite the negative mental rules you’ve always lived by that may be stealing you months, weeks or even YEARS of a lifetime on Earth.

Because everybody deserves living a dream. Everybody.

A Dream is portrayed inside your mind. You IMAGINE the good happening in your head over and over, which usually changes how you currently feel. Right? Therefore, the mind has the power to change your emotional and logical state. You know this because when your imagination produces positive expectations about a next event you know is about to happen, you take more action. You feel more alive.

The problem is the following: The negative forces that fight you to step up to go pursue and live your dream, are also inside your mind. Stealing from you better experiences and relationships and preventing you from growing. Therefore, removing those negative mental barriers is the actual solution to people’s problems in life and business, most of the times.

Because once you change your mind, your way of viewing things change. Completely.
Therefore, it allows you to reframe how you view situations. Problems. Struggles. And personal goals. Which opens a new world in front of your eyes which was already there and you start to face life differently. With the mindset of a True Champion.

That’s the power of Coaching.
That’s what you’re buying here.

A way to increase the strength of your mind up to a point that negative thinking is just ridiculous and everything around you seems limitless. Pure mental toughness.

Negative. Because I don’t sell to everyone who has the money to pay. You must qualify first. Therefore, next, there are a few short but effective questionnaires that depending on your answer, will indicate if you strongly need any kind of coaching service to change your life results.

The questionnaires involve the following core life areas:

  • Self-awareness
  • Goals & Life Objectives

Let’s test your answers.
Check if you qualify.

THE QUESTIONNAIRE (Self-awareness)
If at least one of the following questions cause you to answer “YES”, then it is a strong indicator that you may need a coaching service program:

  • Q1: Do you constantly desire having a completely different life?
  • Q2: Are you constantly fighting negative thoughts that inflict pain in your life?
  • Q3: Are you constantly complaining about life but fail to take the game-changing actions?
  • Q4: Do you want to change something about yourself but you can’t find the strength to do it?
  • Q5: Do you feel like you would be wasting lifetime if you were to live the next 5 years like you’re living today?

THE QUESTIONNAIRE (Goals & Life Objectives)
Pay attention now because here is different. If at least one of the following questions cause you to think too much, putting your current beliefs system in check blocking you from answering the questions easily, then it is a strong indicator that you may need a coaching service program:

  • Q1: What would you be doing if you were already rich?
  • Q2: Does the answer from the 1st question match your current goals and objectives?
  • Q3: Would you trade lives with someone you admire? Who? Why you are not there yet?
  • Q4: What Goals and Objectives would need to be achieved for you to be 100% happy? Why
  • Q5: If I were able to remove 3 negative thinking patterns that are blocking you from getting the dream life you want, which ones would they be?

And the final question:


That’s it. You decide now.
Think about the questions and question yourself about your own results.
Now the final point: “How much all this is going to cost me?”.

The information involving pricing is shown below.


The investment/pricing is shown on the page where the consultancy process is fully explained. So if you want to know more about how the coaching program works, just click below.


Time to master your life forever, my friend.

P.S: Simple Warning — If you want to schedule a meeting with me to talk about your personal coaching project, do it quickly please so I can fit you in my agenda. Play fast my friend. The time is now.

Peterson Teixeira
CEO & Founder


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