5 Simple Steps To Gain Confidence

Is there something you would like to be doing but isn’t doing because of fear? Fear of rejection maybe? Fear of failure? Or maybe fear of running out of money? Fear of not pleasing your family and friends? That’s ok, that’s normal and every single person on Earth has experienced some degree of fear.

But…….what IF you could CRUSH fear?!?!?
Crush fear like it was an INSECT! Like it was something that is just a weak barrier in front of you? Do you think it is impossible for you to gain what you most desire in life? You feel hopeless?

Well, I am about to teach you 5 simple steps to gain confidence and overcome your personal barriers, beliefs and limitations. In life, if you don’t fight back, life itself WILL keep on your knees and you need to do something. You need to learn something, evolve some part of your own character and personality. This way, you are in charge and driving the vehicle instead of just being at the passenger’s seat. Time to evolve more my friend.

When you have confidence issues or you need to grow your confidence the very first thing that you need to do is UNDERSTAND yourself. How do you work? Are you shy? Are you outgoing? Do you always try to become a better version of yourself? Do you know all of your weaknesses and all your strengths?

You need to understand first, what’s your blueprint is like. What is the matter WITH YOU?
You HAVE to be realistic with yourself in order to focus on moving forward and know which areas you have problems, otherwise….you are just kidding yourself. So first, discover yourself. Find the areas that you have any confidence issues and put it into a piece of paper.

Only then you can go to the next step.

There is ALWAYS logic behind everything. Always. Some people think that certain things can’t be explained and they are like they are and will never change. Well….with that mindset they are shooting themselves in their own foot. And this kind of thought is NOT a reality! YOU make your own reality!!!

Do the step #1 and then you need to ANALYZE your confidence problems. Logically. In an impersonal matter. That’s what you need to do. So after you putted into a paper your true self, ask this questions to yourself:

  • WHAT is the TRUE cause of this problem???
  • Could TAKING more ACTION would solve this problem??!?
  • WHICH actions do I need to take then?!

Simple questions, but that will help you to see how to solve your confidence issues.
But lets continue, we are not done.

You know have answered how to solve your confidence problems. Now you MUST, I repeat, you MUST create a tiny little mental effort in order to exchange old thoughts by new ones. You will have to repeat yourself this on your own mind:


Your mind defines your current life. Everything on it. If you do not train your own mind and set a standard of powerful thoughts, you will be hostage of your weak ones. It’s the thought that dictate your REALITY! Change your mindset. Change your thoughts. It’s possible to change everything your life, especially now after you have uncovered the root of your confidence problems and the actions necessary to kill those problems.

Problems exists to be solved. Simple as that. After you have changed your mindset, you have the power to change your fate which is what drives you, which is what motivates you. You have the tools, the diagnostic and the sketch of your plan, but not the plan itself. You know WHAT you have to do, but not HOW to do it.

That is why you now need a plan.
PROBLEM: Do you lack of confidence when talking to people?
PLAN: Approach 10 new people every 3 days whenever possible.

PROBLEM: You can’t talk to girls?
PLAN: Try to make 5 new female friends and hold the conversation for 10 minutes.

PROBLEM: You feel that you are a lousy professional?
PLAN: Read 3 books every month about your field

You need to make a plan, a practical one that can remove your insecurities and make you GAIN CONFIDENCE!!!
And now the last part…

YES!!! You need to PUT THE PLAN INTO PRACTICE!!! That’s the most important part! Confidence is earned, is conquered, you do not born with it. After you have the diagnostics of your confidence problems, after you have changed your mindset and after you have a whole plan defined, it is time to TAKE ACTION!!

Action changes fate.
Action makes you stronger.
Action creates a better version of yourself.

By taking massive action you will conquer levels of confidence you don’t believe it would be possible and it’s the medicine for your problems. Take action. Don’t hold yourself any longer, after all, you will die one day so why care? Why care about what people think? You need to become your true self. You MUST reach your goal in life and become the person that this world needs, you need to understand that you were born FOR SOMETHING! Everybody has.

But not everybody is willing to gain more confidence and beat fear and insecurities.
But you have, you are not the same. You are seeking personal development and that’s a hell of a good start. Try harder, because gaining confidence will boooooooost your LIFE. And by boosting your life you will fulfill your dreams. And by fulfilling your dreams you will become the person that this world needs. And by doing that, you will help others.

I hope I have helped you.
Success my friend!


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