MINDSET: A Word About Your Time

Time. The most precious resource of a human being. I have a word about that for you. You know that we live like we are never going to die and we make decisions assuming life will never end like we are some sort of highlanders walking around the Earth. A few years ago, I was included in that group of people as well. But this is a mindset which can make you throw your life away without realizing, because the decisions that are made daily, will build a future.

Your future.

I’m writing this article to shake you up a little so you can understand that the time you are investing NOW into something will N-E-V-E-R come back. Never. Once the clock walks, you either pushed yourself forward or you left yourself at the same place.

Are you investing more time playing games?
Or maybe watching TV? Or sleeping too much and losing a whole day by doing nothing?

So how will your future self will live a better life?
How will you taste success if you haven’t worked for it?
Think about it.

Because time is a resource even money can’t buy back.
The days you are putting behind, the hours you are spending doing the wrong things and the minutes you’re focusing on what doesn’t really matter, you can’t get it back.

It’s done. Spent.
You either wasted yours, or you invest it into something that matters.
That’s reality, my friend.

People don’t understand that they have a limit lifespan to do great things, read the right books, study music, learn about design, or marketing or whatever they love to do to improve themselves, so they can later make this world be a better place to live. But how much time are they investing improving themselves?

You need to get out of the group that is “OK” with mediocrity. You can be different. Just make a decision. Think. How much time are you learning, getting better, smarter and trying to achieve something for yourself? Do you see weekends as 48 hours that you can use to get a little bit closer to your goals? Or do you always see it as party time?

Sacrifices must be made to achieve greatness because there’s no glory without sacrifice.
Let’s suppose a person needs to invest 14.040 hours to reach success.
Now, you can do the following options:

  • Work hard for 15 hours a day and rest 4 days per month
  • Work hard for 10 hours a day and rest 8 days per month
  • Work for 6 hours a day and rest 8 days per month

In the first option, you’ll need to work hard for 3 years straight for about 15 hours per day.
In the second option, you’ll need to work hard 15 hours per day for 5 years and 7 months (more or less).
And in the last option….well…the last option is just sad.

Can you see WHY TIME matters here? The INVESTMENT of your time is important! Because want you want in life needs a special attention from you. Things won’t fall into your lap. Your life is still going forward whether you like it or not, but if YOU are NOT going forward too and you stay with the same knowledge than yesterday, with the same resources, the same ideas, and strategies, then you are just postponing your own success.

Is your own demise in the end.


That should be a personal rule. Because new paths will be presented to you in the middle of the road and you must be ready to face an opportunity of a lifetime. When you want to achieve greatness, you must spend time studying hard, executing plans and give 100%.

If you are not giving 100%, if you don’t want to succeed badly, if you don’t make sacrifices, you WILL lose. Pushing yourself is not an option because there are other players playing this game and the ones who put more time, more sweat and give more of themselves, are the ones who will succeed.


You gotta decide what you want. You must make a decision that will change your fate.
Do you want a better life? Do you want success? Greatness is what your mind keeps constantly thinking on? Then why are you spending too much time going to parties, leaving the books aside and playing games?

You have no time for spending in useless things anymore.
Opportunities won’t last forever. You need to understand that. If striving is part of your mindset, if you are going step by step daily closer to your goals, as hard as you can and as consistent as you can, then you have a good chance to succeed.

That’s right: A CHANCE to succeed.
Life is an adventure which gives you several different paths to take, but some paths you can only walk if you are prepared enough and if the past hours of your life were spent adding knowledge and building your future.

Because one day, when someone present to you an opportunity, you’ll be prepared to take it without any doubt. Without questioning yourself. Why? Because you spent time preparing yourself, studying and working like your mother’s life depended on that. That’s how champions pay this game, they watch how their time is being spent. And no real champion likes to lose a great chance to change his life.

Champions KNOW you have a limit number of CHANCES in your life because the chances that do matter, won’t present themselves daily, so they need to be prepared for all that comes in their way. Taking action is crucial, but in order to do that, a road of preparation comes first.

So how do you take action, without having the necessary baggage?
How do you grab something if you didn’t prepare yourself enough to grab it?
How do you succeed without investing hours into it?



Rocky is wise when he says “If you know what you want, then go out there and GET what you want!”. Wise words. Indeed is on YOUR shoulders the reason why you haven’t succeeded yet. Is your fault. You must face this truth and change it.

People want everything, but they don’t want to work for them.
Do you want to experience financial freedom? Do you want to spend more weekends with your family? Do you enjoy living on your own terms and rules? Do you want to pick your clients? Your partners?

I’m also like that.
But………WHAT are you doing to live this kind of life? How many HOURS are you investing DAILY building a business? Or learning a new expertise? Or creating a professional Youtube Channel? Upgrading your lifestyle takes a MASSIVE amount of work, study and of course, a great amount of your TIME!

Life needs to be built with small blocks that you put every day. There’s no alternative for success. There’s no easy ride. Real life, is not handed to you. No real prize will suddenly fall into your lap. None. Pushing yourself is the rule to defeat the competition because there are some guys who understand how this works. They know that in order to get what you want, you must pay with the coin of SACRIFICE.

Those guys will trade their NOW for a GREAT FUTURE.
Those guys will give up their weekends, for a better life that is yet to come.
Because the hours you are investing now will give you results later.

No more weekends. No more TV. No more parties.
Not until I get what I want. I’ll read every book necessary, every blog, every article, I’ll do EVERYTHING to change my lifestyle because I know my success depends on my own efforts. I need to sacrifice my hours now so I can fully experience success later.
— Champions Mindset

You see? The mind of a champion always thinks in time as a resource, as something he needs to sacrifice to get things done and nothing more because building a future doesn’t happen from one month to another. No. That’s not how this happens. You must WORK. You must study hard. And push yourself. Sacrificing your periods of fun is the least you need to do if you want to build a life where greatness and fun are all together.

Because for the great, mediocrity is not an option.
Sacrifice, on the other hand, is much more interesting.
Because it brings solid results.

So what are you doing with your time?
Because in the future you’ll either thank yourself or regret that you never took enough action.
And then you’ll realize that you lost the amount of hours you had available in worthless things.

Because real life as I said, needs to be built.

So again, what are you doing with your time?
Can you definitely tell me you are spending your hours wisely building a great future? A great business? A great mindset? Can you tell me you are getting better EVERY DAY?

But don’t answer all this to me, give those answers to yourself.
After all, it’s your life that’s at stake here.

Make every hour of your day be worth it.
Take care.


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