MINDSET: Are You A Lion Or A Gazelle?

Do you believe you are getting what you deserve in life? Yes? No? Why? Why are you not living what you want to live? Have you asked yourself this question? What you are pursuing, is your pursuing you as well? Because people often think they need to take a little or no action at all to get what they want and live what they dream.

But that’s not how it works.
That’s not how LIFE works.

When you WANT something, when you TRULY WANT something for yourself, then pursuing it with ALL YOU GOT, all your strength, all your TIME and all your ENERGY is a must. Why? Because life is hard, there’s no doubt about it. No one is going to hand you anything my friend, face it. No one is going to build your dreams, no one is going to build your business, your marriage, your relationships or your financial freedom.

It’s not other people’s fault if you are not experiencing life to the fullest.
You need to start holding yourself to the fire. You are responsible for your own success.

The world is a playground, but a playground that only winners can fully enjoy because only winners use all they got to grab what they want. So if you are now living a life you HATE then going deep inside your head to find out what’s wrong is the least you can do for YOURSELF!

Because time is precious.

Your hours are fading away and you are experiencing nothing more than an existence by ruining the chance to build a legacy. This is serious and you are treating it like your life is the “Wizard of Oz” movie.

You must find your OWN WAY to victory while you’re alive because time never stops. You are playing with your time my friend by choosing the wrong directions. You are wasting energy. You are wasting youth. You are wasting your years where you have good health and more production power.

You are wasting your life by not taking things seriously.
You think this is a game? You think is easy to build a dream?

Look, tell me something…


You might be living peaceful days which you are throwing away with games, too much sleep, procrastination, and laziness. By throwing away the chances GOD is giving you NOW to build something for your own future, you are only hurting YOURSELF!!!!

You are hurting no one else, but yourself.
So, please…TELL ME…..


ANSWER THAT QUESTION! Not to me, though. But to yourself.
You must decide and make up your mind by deciding what you want to achieve because life is not an easy ride where you just use your set of skills and hope for the best.

You must grind.
You must work.
You must make sacrifices.

Why? Because there are other people working their ass off to get their share of what they want. There are other people who UNDERSTAND the Game of Life. They know that by only with:

  • Hard work
  • High sacrifice
  • Laser-like determination

You can build your dream.
And here we can split people into 2 categories: Lion and Gazelle.
Let’s begin.

You face hard times and you bend over. Every problem that is presented to you is an excuse for lack of action. You think your life is special and that even by putting effort, sweat and tears to get what you want, won’t do any good in the end because problems will keep coming your way anyway.

Well, you got that right.
Problems will keep coming, my friend.

And still you believe that LAZINESS and PESSIMISM are the way to go. You think that because most people don’t live their dreams, then it’s ok if you not live yours. It’s comfortable to compare yourself with people who have an “OK life” and don’t take action and face your fears because you love being comfortable. Being comfortable is all that matters to you.

But you are still unhappy. You are still frustrated.

You still keep looking, following and admiring people who decided to change, to fight and to make a difference. For you it’s “good enough” to see other people’s success and live only at your own imagination because you think you couldn’t stand others judging you, saying bad things about you. You are afraid of bad feelings.

That’s exactly how they are.

They care too much about the outcome. They care too much about what others are saying about them. They believe they should follow the “mainstream way of living” instead of following their hearts.

They let fear sink their own lives and they blame others. Gazelles refuse to take more action or change habits or try something new because the comfort zone is a place they love being at.

Gazelles prefer to live a life that others say is the right path. They decide to stay at the job they hate, they decide to do a med school without wanting to, they decide to spend their savings on things that won’t build a greater future for them, they decide to….

Die slowly.
Living to settle down for less is not living at all. Why do that? Just because the other road is much harder to go through?

They always want to avoid obstacles, pain, failure and yet, they want to be called beasts without getting TRAINED by life and its battles.

At the end of their lives, gazelles will regret so deeply that those “I should have done that” thoughts will cause physical pain to their bodies and to their heart. Facing death and knowing you could have become someone entirely different is a feeling only gazelles will experience.

REGRET is really at its peak when people face death and know they could have done so much more. So much more. At those final seconds, fear, doubt, and other bad feelings will look stupid, shallow and it won’t make sense to fear them.

In reality, gazelles know that these feelings are beatable but they still prefer the comfort zone because comfort zones can keep them safe. Gazelles love safety. Gazelles want guarantees without having to make guarantees to themselves.

And although gazelles try to get what they want, they don’t really try it. Not at full power. And not at full speed. They don’t give up sleep or weekends. They don’t invest money or time enough to build themselves up and because of that, they let DREAM be just a word, instead of a living experience.

Too bad. They will fall into the dark well they have built for themselves afterward. Life is not eternal, not in this world at least. And people won’t remember gazelles because the world we live in, was not built by them.

Lions built our world. Lions.
And unfortunately, the majority of people in this world are gazelles.

The good news is that it’s possible to stop being a gazelle and start transforming yourself into a lion because they are the ones that make a difference. They are stronger. They are happier and they are always focusing on building, on changing, on making a difference.

Let me introduce you to him.

You might have faced horrible experiences in your life and pain might be constant on your last months (or years) but although you got yourself hit right in the gut by life, you are….


Step by step, day by day, little by little you are in the game like a machine, without stopping and without paying attention to the bad side of your life. You are focused on moving forward because you know you are a winner.

You know it’s just a matter of time to taste victory because you have been experiencing pain for so long, and you have so many testimonies from hard times to talk about, that you are now going to EXTRACT A HUGE REWARD FROM IT!!!

There is no time to spend on useless things. You know that. Youtube can wait. Netflix can wait. WEEKENDS can wait. Because you want to build your dream life and you know people won’t hand it to you. If it’s hard it’s even BETTER because you enjoy the hunt.

You enjoy the process.

That’s how Lions work. If it’s not hard enough then it’s not worth paying too much attention to it. Why? Because they want the big prize and they don’t get satisfied with small things. Settling for less won’t do any good because when they do a recap of ALL of their life-changing decisions while at 10 seconds away from their death, they will…..


Fear? Doubt? Failure?
Yeah, lions experience all that too. Lions taste fear like everyone else. Lions have doubts and are not entirely sure if their actions will worth it someday because predicting the future is something that only GOD can do.

They don’t care. They still take action no matter what happens because they know they will regret if they don’t do something. Betraying yourself and reaching the end of the road knowing you could have done more by exercising faith is the biggest pain possible for a lion.

“WHY my life was just an existence?”
“WHY did I give fear that much attention instead of listening to my inner voice?”
“WHY did I waste my own life just because of those small problems?”

Lions don’t want to experience those thoughts at the end of their lives.
They prefer to go head-to-head against fear, doubt, failure, judgment, and poverty than live to be just another person on Earth for a few years and then die in the end, without making a difference.

Instead, they focus on making Earth better for others human beings and for themselves.

Lions are good at war because they know what to do. And how to grind. And how to push themselves and how to look at problems. But don’t be mistaken here, war — hard times — is not something lions seek because there’s no pleasure in living on the battlefield. It’s just necessary. Lions know that.

It’s painful, it’s hard and the battlefield can crush you but if it is the only path to greatness, if it’s the only road available, so be it. Doesn’t matter. Because lions will make sure victory is the end result. It’s about going through the pain in order to get the prize.

And in order to get the prize, you must face as many tunnels as possible, as many roads you can because you don’t know which one is the right one.

That’s why lions will look into every tunnel until they find one that has a light at the end of it. They don’t look only at the tunnel ahead of them as the only tunnel available. No.

They go deep into a tunnel and check if there’s light at the end of it. Is there any light? No? Ok, then I guess is time to move on to the next one.

Now the lion is on the second tunnel. Is there any light at the end of it? No? Well, NEXT TUNNEL then!
And lions keep going….

They go to the 100th tunnel…then the 500th tunnel….then the 1000th tunnel….
They don’t stop. Never. Because if they stop trying to find the right tunnel they will betray their own nature, their own inner voice and end up living a life they shouldn’t be living, just because they stopped looking.

Lions don’t want to live in a tunnel where there’s no light at the end of it.

Because they have inside them something unusual.
You can call that a hunger, a feeling or an instinct….
But they constantly keep telling themselves this:


Lions are those type of people! Those who engage life with all they got by using all the skills, resources and talents to make a dream come true. A dream is not something to stay at your imagination. Lions know that too.

That’s why they will keep going forward no matter what happens, no matter what problems life throw in front of them or how long they face bad moments because in the end, at the VERY end, they won’t feel like a gazelle. They won’t regret.

They will look back at the final stage, at the end of a lifetime and evaluate all the days that were spent fighting inner fears and doubts…
And they will smile.

Because they got what they wanted in the end.
They lived a real life. They made their dreams come true.

So which one are you?
Lion? Or Gazelle?

Stop asking for guarantees from others and start making guarantees for yourself.
You have a lion within you friend, just set him free.

Take care.


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