The Powerful Personal Development Frameworks I Personally Use To Improve My Life And Business

Winning in life is not an easy mission. We all know that. You experience doubts, fears, constraints, health problems, money problems and much more no matter who you are. Again, no matter WHO you are. Because If even Elon Musk ran out of cash, why wouldn’t you go through some setbacks in life? We are all people. We are all flawed. And problems happens to anyone. Anyone. Like Agent Smith says: “It’s inevitable”.

Life is a Game. A Hardcore Game.
If you don’t know how to play, you’ll lose. Simple as that.
You’ll live a mediocre life until the day you die and that’s reality.

So what WINNERS do instead? If they experience the same levels of struggle you do, why do they win and many stays crying about everything, letting life pass away every single year without accomplishing not even one goal?

Simple answer: Personal management.

The winning edge is just PERSONAL MANAGEMENT actually. That’s what mediocre people are missing in their lives, they lack the discipline and the “framework” to develop themselves at such point that winning is just a consequence and a matter of time.

This is why I made this post. To share with you one of my own personal development frameworks that personally I use to develop my skills and my business every single day because this is how I built myself the life I love living now. I’m always making sacrifices to shorten my way towards success.

Sacrifice is necessary to win. If you don’t sacrifice things, if you don’t put enough work in ALL your areas, you’ll actually sacrifice your entire life and die of regret in the end.

This is what it’s about, my friend.
Personal development frameworks.
Here’s how I currently run things.

OBS: I’m sharing here what works for me and you’re free to apply it all in your life if you like, but you’re responsible for your own actions. Period.

If I could put TIME in your hands, like 5 more years for instance, how much better would you be 5 years from now? Would you become Smarter? Stronger? Wiser? Professionally Better? A True Expert in your field? The only person who can answer that question is you. Why? Because it all depends on what are you doing with your time.

So what I’ll approach here now, are a few techniques to use for effective time management which will give you more hours on the day to explore and pursue your goals. And all this, I speak from experience because I personally implement all of it in my own personal life.

I always slept for 7 hours or less when I was in my “normal life” (which means going to college/a job). But sleeping for me dramatically changed at THE MOMENT I became an Entrepreneur. Afterwards, I started to sleep for only 3 cycles per day to make my day last longer, therefore, giving me more time to work on my business.

“What is a sleep cycle, Peterson?”
A full sleep cycle lasts about 90 minutes and is normally repeated several times each night, which means I sleep for about 4.30 hours nowadays.

Because more time means more working hours available.
Seems absurd or too harsh? Well, is not that harsh.
Let me explain.

The Key here is to wake up RIGHT AFTER a cycle ends.
So if you sleep for 3.00 hours then immediately wake up because you have jus completed 2 cycles. That way, you wake up feeling very good, feeling truly well and healthy. On the other hand, if you fail and wake up in the beginning, middle or closer to the end of a cycle, you wake up in a bad humor, feeling dizzy and crabby.

This is why sometimes when you oversleep, you wake up WORSE than if you slept for fewer hours. Because it is much better to sleep for 4.30 hours (3 full cycles) than it is to sleep for 5.00 hours. The later will definitely make you feel tired and sleepy, just because you haven’t completed the last cycle.

Get it? This is what I use to hack my sleep and make my day last much longer without losing the benefits of sleeping. And the good side is that you can get help even from apps that wake you up exactly when a sleep cycle ends, making the adaptation phase become much easier. I personally have used the app in the past when I was a rookie on this, but today I can naturally sleep at the same time AND naturally wake up without the use of an app like that or even an alarm clock sometimes.

Every night, I start to get sleepy EXACTLY at the same time, thanks to my body’s biological clock. And I always wake up at 04am. Always. Because my body got used to my sleeping pattern now, which is awesome. And in case you want to go further with this, you can check out Polyphasic sleep (The Uberman) case studies, like this one below:

“How Sleeping 6 Times A Day Helped The Founder of WordPress Build A Billion Dollar Company” – [ read now here ].

It will be gold for you. Truly revolutionary.
Ok. Next topic.

We have 24 hours in a day. That’s equally shared among poor people and rich people. OK. With the technique above, if you apply it, we usually have between 17 to 20 hours to build something that matters for our lives like a business or a personal project. That’s the number of hours PER DAY you can use to make something great.

But even if we can make our day last longer, there’s another obstacle waiting for you.
A common problem we all face sometimes: PROCRASTINATION.

That thing is REALLY annoying.
So yes, I have some level of degree fighting procrastination myself and it bugs me every single day. Seriously. But I beat it 90% of the time with this simple technique I use, no matter what task is involved. It works really well, and you’re about to understand why.

OK. A smart way to overcome procrastination and keep producing like a machine all day long, a is to set NO MORE than ONE or TWO goals for a whole day. No more than two. Always.


Why? Because the human brain usually halts when there’s too much work to do and you end up getting lost in what to do first. The more tasks you assign to yourself in a day, the worse it is for you. Because you put your mind in a place of strong anxiety, weakening your mental focus to accomplish the task that lies right in front of you. You keep wondering if you’ll have enough time to finish Task C while you’re still in Task A. And at the same time, you’re also thinking in Task E. Horrible. Highly unproductive. And too overwhelming.

On the other hand, if only 2 tasks are defined for the whole day you feel like there’s a LOT more time to do them. This causes you to calmly start the task knowing that everything that’s necessary to finish it in THAT day, can be done with high-quality effort and without any pressure whatsoever.

It works beautifully.
But there’s one main rule for that to work well in your life:


For me, that means to split the day between Writing, Designing, Reading, Practicing, Training etc. Sometimes, depending on the task, I reserve an entire day to it without even caring about the other tasks. But since I divide them very well, I accomplish them with much more quality, almost without any mistakes most of the times, which brings me MUCH better results.

That’s the goal.
High-quality results.

“But Peterson, what IF I have 3 or 4 goals in that day?! Do I throw 2 of them away?”
No. When you have no option left and you can’t control your agenda, focus on the 2 most important ones FIRST. Dedicate your best hours of effort of the day on those “more stressful” tasks so you can get rid of the “mental weight” you put in your own head, which makes you anxious. If you kill the bigger tasks first, you’ll feel more relaxed to do the rest.

But the reality is that all you have to do is to TRICK your own mind. Period.
And this is a good way to do it according to my personal experience.

So Focus. There’s no need to create a 30-item TO-DO-LIST.
Extract only what actually will take you to the next level, and do it.

There’s a great book called The Power of Habit: Why We do What We Do In Life And Business that essentially explains how habits are born and how they work. This book has completely changed how I viewed my habits and really helped me build my current routine for the last years.

This is just contextual knowledge, but that you need to understand for what comes next.
Well, basically, a habit works exactly like this:


A practical example of a happy habit taking place, is shown on the image below:


Now to make things a lot easier to understand, we can assume this image above is about a Friday at work or a meeting with a customer, but let’s assume a Friday at work. People are more familiar with that. So here’s the habit exposed:

  • THE CLOCK — The Habit’s Trigger, in this case the hour to get to work.
  • THE ROUTINE — The Habit’s Procedure, in this case the day at work itself.
  • THE REWARD — The Habit’s Reward, in this case the happy hour!

So if you pay attention to real life, every person who KNOWS that a Happy Hour is to be expected at the end of the day will naturally go happier to work. Why? Because they know a REWARD is going to be flavored after the routine is done.

Get it? That’s the key.
Rewards after routines.

I work hard all day long but I set some rewards for myself at the end of the day. This keeps me motivated to put all effort necessary to accomplish my tasks because I know something good like a movie or a date is waiting for me after work hours are gone.

So if you’re pursuing a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) goal like winning a Championship or building a Business, only YOU can push yourself and reward yourself. This is why I call it the “Rewardable Routine”.

The rules are simple:

  • HARD ROUTINE DEFINITION — For me this means to define that I’ll get up at 04:00am, pack myself up and start the day at 05:30am. I then see what’s going on in the world for about 10 minutes by reading the News, and then I start working on my goals of the day (reading, writing, designing etc).
  • A GREAT REWARD — IF (very important) I completed my tasks, I give myself my reward at the end of the day (movies, dating etc).

Is that simple. And the good side is that you usually deny any invitations from friends or customers that sweep you away from this working pattern because accomplish the goal is much more important for you. Besides, if you know how to reward yourself properly, it will be a better reward than the invitations you receive.

This is how I live my days today.
So push yourself forward, give yourself a treat and stick to your working routine.
I promise you that in a few MONTHS the progress you have made will impress you.

People say money is a bad thing and usually they’re right. Shocking? Calm down. Let me explain. What I mean by that is because many folks today don’t know how to manage money properly, creating all sort of problems with it and placing too much value on money itself. Some guys practically worship money and care too much about it. Don’t get me wrong, having money is a blessing, but only when you know how to use it the right way.

So how do I view money?
Simple. Money is just a Tool. Something to trade for another something. Period.
But you’ll understand what I think about money next.

The very first principle I follow is to NEVER CARE with money whatsoever. Never. That’s my rule. You can’t buy me or my work just with money. But since this can definitely be misinterpreted, I’m going to make things even clearer here for you.

OK. Surely, this doesn’t mean I keep throwing money out of the window or I that I love wasting money, but instead, it means that I don’t put all my focus, all my life’s purpose and all my mental health into it.

Because money is a tool to accomplish a goal.
Something you use to go from point A to point B.
Period. And this shouldn’t RULE your world at all or dictate your life.

It is one thing to make money because you need it OR because you want to use it for something that will improve your life. A completely different thing is to keep focusing on “making more money” just to brag about it. Useless goal.

For instance, if I got offered 2 projects from 2 different companies and Company A offered me $10.000 to work for them, and Company B offered me $25.000 to do the same type of job, but work with a different niche that I don’t like, I’ll simply pick the one I would like to work with. Why? Because money is something you use to TRADE for things. You trade money for more free time, or clothes, or food, or expertise etc.

This is why you must decide FIRST, the “WHY” behind the sentence “I need more money”.

You need money for what? To buy books and study to improve your business? To invest in your team or in marketing? To buy a 3-month vacation for your family? There’s gotta be a goal because “making more than others” is NOT a valid goal. Everything is a trade, so if there’s nothing you want to trade for, rushing to get more money is useless. You’re just showing to the world you’re without focus.

Focus on a goal and then see if you need money to speed up the process to reach that goal.
But you’ll understand me a lot better on the next principle.

There is a limited amount of hours of WORK between who you are today, and who you want to become. And that’s for everybody. Every single person in this Earth may have to work hard for 10.000 hours, or 30.000 hours, or more, to achieve success.

So what MONEY has to do with it?
Simple. Money speeds up that process.

For me, investing money in my business and in myself is a pleasure. Even if I ran out of money somehow. Why? Because I KNOW that once I made that investment, I’ll become better. Smarter. And much more resourceful. I’m not spending money, I’m buying personal evolution.

Still lost?
Here, picture this:
1. Assume you own an online store.
2. Now assume you’re profiting $10.000 per month.

From that point, you have 2 highways to take:

  • Keep profiting and using the money only for yourself and to pay the bills
  • Reinvest EVERY POSSIBLE PENNY in more personal expertise, more skilled personnel, better store design, stronger marketing and in product improvement

Most people pick option nº1 and stay frozen in time, parked in the same place for YEARS because of that choice, questioning themselves why they’re aren’t evolving or making any progress. And that’s exactly the point I want to make.

Money, in most cases, should be INVESTED into something that will help you BUILD your structure faster, improve your knowledge and your business. Always. This is why for me, money is just a tool, get it?

Now wait a second, because there’s another important point. Look, until you reach your goals, money to spend on fun things should be kept to a minimum because at the very beginning, your Investment Power is usually very low which is why you MUST sacrifice everything to speed up the process until you finally get where you want.

It’s like starting a business alone.
If you’re building a company that needs more people to take off, then HIRE those people if you can right away. If there are 5.000 hours left between you and your success, and you’ll take 2 more years to get there, hire someone that will help you cut it down to 10 months.

What I want you to understand is this:


So if you invest hard in books, training, learning, professional expertise and everything else that will help you build the successful foundation you need to succeed, success will come towards your way much faster.

That’s how I think. That’s how I run things.
I RUSH to reinvest all money that lands on my hand in myself and in my business whenever possible because that way, every 3 months, I’m already at another level and so is my business. Get it? I’m always trying to “shrink” that unknown amount of hours while I still haven’t reached the level of success I want.

Use money wisely.
Shrink the timeline between you and success with it.

Regarding money, there’s no fun in having so much of it without giving it back to people who need it. From my point of view, if you have the OPPORTUNITY to make honest money with your skills then you should, but with the goal of helping back those who didn’t have the same opportunities that you did. If you can help those who are suffering due to bad politicians or other monkeys, do it. Because balancing the GOOD/BAD equation has a POWERFUL Spiritual strength in it.

And don’t wait until you get rich to do this either.
Start doing it whenever you’re in a higher ground that someone else who needs your help because you never know how you can end up influencing someone with such a small action. Tony Robbins said his life was changed completely thanks to an act of kindness of an unknown person when he was still a kid. You see? Small giveaway, HUGE impact.

Give back to people whenever you can and don’t hold back any good actions if it’s in your reach.
That’s all.

As an Entrepreneur, I have much more weight on my shoulders because when it comes to Entrepreneurship if you don’t become one of the best in your field, you simply lose. Period. And you lose big. Money, partnerships, social life, time etc. It’s not at all like losing a job. Losing to other companies in the field has a hardcore cost if you fail so to speak. Therefore, you MUST dominate your area of expertise as much as possible.

The more you know and execute, the better it will be for your business.
I personally love this quote below from Mark Cuban on this matter:

— Mark Cuban

Exactly my line of thinking.
If you outwork people and outlearn them, you win. Yes, is that simple.
So here’s how I constantly run my professional life nowadays.

No one can attain success without HELP. No one. Sometimes we think we are winning by ourselves, when it fact, we are using a different kind of help from other people. For example, ever since I was a boy, I was always alone and I experienced a lot of social exclusion among several other issues and this made me PUSH myself to overcome all my personal fears and limitations and become what I’m today. Great. But due to the fact of being alone, I always wanted to WIN in life just by myself.

And what did I started doing?
I started to read Books. Lots of them. Because at that time, I was thinking books were a clever way to win by my own forces when in fact, they are HELP written by other people. Period. You can’t win by yourself. In life, you’ll need help from others sometimes to get where you want.

In business is no different.
You don’t know everything and you’ll NEVER know because other entrepreneurs are moving, failing, learning, succeeding and changing our work environment constantly. One day, you think you know everything about SEO but the next day, Google decides to change critical algorithm pieces and it ends up influencing the market, and therefore, my work (just a simple example).

Another example? One day you wake up and discover that some crazy startup that can predict sales rises out of nowhere, bringing new market opportunities and changing the game for few.

This is why you must learn constantly.
Because the game is changing EVERY SINGLE DAY.

So here’s what I do WEEKLY:

  • 1 DAY TO READ BOOKS — This is where I tackle my professional flaws. I push myself to the next level and I read books on Sales, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Business, Personal Development, Psychology and everything else that can help me in the field. This is where I feed my mind and learn new powerful tricks, strategies, super powers and spells. And I reserve a whole day for that.
  • 1 DAY TO READ ARTICLES — This is where I check out all new breakthroughs, discoveries and case studies on the market and on my area of expertise. I update a slice of my business knowledge in this day too by reading about what is happening in the field. For those who work with Digital Marketing, the majority of it depends on how well you use and master the tools that are at your disposal, so you got to keep an eye on what tools are doing (which is actually a company) and keep up.

Learning changes your business, your bank account, and your life.
So if in the Information Era we are living, you’re not constantly feeding your brain, nor upgrading yourself and ignoring what’s happening around the world regarding your niche and technology, you’ll lose the game eventually. Sooner or later.

Because ONE book or ONE tool or ONE resource can change your entire life overnight. Seriously. A single book can transform a business and a person’s life. A single article can make you realize new market opportunities. But it all depends if you’re watching and learning. If you read a lot, you know that’s true.


Got it? Knowledge is the beginning of power.
PS: By the way, if you can’t dedicate 2 days to reading then try at least 1 day.

Now let’s continue.

As I said before, there’s a limited amount of hours between you and your success but there’s one important point I haven’t said: SUCCESS IS A STATE. Meaning? It’s not FINAL. You don’t step into a top of a mountain called “Success” and stay there every day, waiting for people to hand you things. No. You become successful, but you gotta keep working hard to maintain it.

A great definition of success is one that Tony Robbins said:

— Tony Robbins

But in order to do that, you must keep doing the exact same things that made you get there. You STILL need to keep reading and you still need to keep working your ass off to maintain your title on the market. This is just pure logic.

Just think for a second here.
What would happen if after you have built a successful business which took 20 hours per day to be built, to just let it aside so you could go play games 14 hours per day while someone started working THEIR 20 hours to get where you want? I bet your business would eventually fail if both sides keep on that pace, right?

That’s right.
Because the new kid on the block is working hard and you’re slowly retiring your shoes, somehow.
And that’s lethal.

But let’s take another practical example.
What if you had a company that has 50% share of the market and it isn’t implementing nor exploring creativity at the moment, and some other company joins the market with THE SAME business model, THE SAME product, but they sell their product using a new, innovative, technological feature you don’t? Well, you’ll probably lose here as well again, right? It’s just a matter of TIME. Why? Because THE MARKET will realize that YOU are getting lazy and therefore will buy from those who are taking care of them.

“But does that mean the number of work hours count for success in that sort of competition?”
Not necessarily WORK. No. But smart execution instead.

Because if there’s someone else working hard AND smart, reading everything they need to know in your area and putting in their work, they’ll outlast you sooner or later. If BOTH SIDES are playing smart, the one who is working more wins. Is that simple and there’s no puzzle here.

Talents? Overrated.
Gifted minds? Overrated.
College degree? Overrated.

I can buy all books a Princeton and a Harvard course provides to its students and outlearn all those students if I put enough effort into it. I can also outwork more talented people in my field and that’s very real in the Entrepreneurial World. Because the key is EFFORT, my friend. This is what you can control: Effort.

So yes, there’s a chance to beat your current idols if you work hard enough.
There’s a quote from Drake that I especially love:

— Drake

Because if my idol is already relaxing, I have a CHANCE to outwork him.
Of course, I can NEVER outwork certain people depending on where they are right now, but the lesson here is that you should have the certainty of success if you put enough hours into it.

Is your competitor working 8 hours per day?
Then work 16 hours per day.

Is your competitor working 16 hours per day?
Then learn something new for 2 hours per day and apply it in the next 16 hours. (18 hours)

That’s how it works.
True winners don’t give excuses. They’re beasts. Lions. They get what they want.
Period. That’s my mindset.

Nobody actually learns something without practicing it first. In fact, putting time and effort into something (i.e practicing) you read or studied about, is ONE of the 10 ways of accelerated learning currently known by science. The brain learns through repetition and the more you practice, the better you get at a certain skill.

Do You like writing?
Compare your writing NOW with your writing 5 years from now (assuming you’re practicing).

Do You like public speaking?
Compare your speeches NOW with your speeches 5 years from now.

It’s not enough to learn a lot, read a bunch of books if you don’t spill it out of your brain and solidify it in the real world. Practice will get you from point A to point B faster. Practice will enable you to charge more money from customers and practice will make you DOMINATE a skill or a subject faster. The more you practice, the faster you learn.

This is why you must practice. To transform knowledge into great work.
For me, I’m always practicing. I’m writing, I’m consulting, I’m designing whenever I can so I can add that new knowledge I’ve just learned from books or videos into my head, whilst at the same time I improve my work. Besides, I learn faster when I practice something recently learned.

So here’s how you should start treating your professional career:


Never forget that point. Never. It’s very important.
OK, great! Time to change subjects and approach Communications.

We are all people. And as people, we have “people problems”. We experience fear, doubts, setbacks and several other things that hold us back in life which we would like to destroy for good. That’s normal and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to end personal pain/limitations.

Well…what IF I told you could do that?
WHAT IF I told you, you could destroy the “strength” of fear (and other problems) and dominate your mind forever? Isn’t that worth fighting for? Isn’t that worth…dying for? (Sorry, I watched this last night)

Dominating yourself is possible. And you MUST do that and push yourself to that level.
Because the more you listen to your inner cowardice and your personal limitations, the harder it will be to achieve all those goals you have set for yourself at the beginning of the year. Action is necessary. Action creates CHANGE. And change, creates NEW results.

So here’s how I approach my personal limitations, my friend.

Whenever I notice I’m afraid of doing something, I jump right at it and do it anyway. Why? Because FEAR doesn’t exist. Danger does. But fear doesn’t. Actually, if you stop to think about it, fear only strikes you whenever you’re about to do something entirely new OR something you’re not used to doing because your BRAIN doesn’t have the information on what to do in that particular event and doesn’t know how to respond to it.

This why people “crash” whey they do a first public speaking, for instance.
Because they haven’t fed their brains yet with that particular situation, which makes the brain give a “RED ALERT” to your body and make you unleash several chemical and muscular reactions due to the information overload it is getting from that new experience.

Now synthesising those 2 paragraphs:


What does that mean?
It means that IF YOU JUMP in a situation you’re afraid you’ll FORCE your own brain to enter “learning mode” instantly, and it will start reading everything around you to record that type of experience so it can teach you HOW to react to it in the future.

Get it? No? Ok, I’ll give a simple example.
Let’s suppose you’re afraid of public speaking.
(I don’t know why this public speaking stuff is stuck in my head)

“Ok Peterson, what now?”
When you’re about to step into a stage to talk for the very first time, your brain will process the images of all faces watching you, their body language, the environment you’re in and all other things that are captured by the brain when a new experience takes place. Why? Because your brain must know for sure you’re not in danger. It will suck all information like a sponge and save it for further use, whilst at the same time, teaches you that there’s no reason to be afraid.

Better now?

So what I do to crush fear is simple: The 3 second rule.
If someone asks me to do something I’m afraid of, I don’t think too much. I just go and do it. I take action within 3 seconds if I’m afraid of something. Remember Nike’s propaganda? It’s exactly the same. JUST DO IT!

And this is particularly powerful with REJECTIONS. Because once you are afraid of being rejected by people, the best thing to do is to go pitch people HOPING to get rejected. You should not aim for the prize, or the contract or whatever it is you’re pitching for, but you should aim for those sentences like these below:

“LEAVE. I don’t like your work. Period.”

Those sentences are GOLD because they help you build a much stronger mind.
You create a mental toughness without precedents if you actively go after rejections, not prizes. Seriously. You become almost like…invincible.

Nowadays, if someone tries to diss my work or say I’m ugly or even make a compliment on both things, I actually do not care. But not because I’m arrogant or something like that, but because I DO NOT PROCESS people’s opinions much. I put a lot of suppositions before what they’re saying to me, like:

“This company may not have money right now to hire my work.”
“That person may be going through some hard times and reacted too emotionally…”
“Maybe this guy is jealous.”

Or something similar.
Besides, I know who I am. I know what I’m capable of.
Period. No outsider can mess with my mind and ruin my confidence levels.


Remove fear. Every kind of fear. Every kind.
God doesn’t want you to live life all afraid of things around you. Just take action. Change your mind and take action. Tackle your weak spots with determination and you’ll change the way you see life.

Now let’s continue.

OK first, let me address this: COMFORT ZONE is not the same as being afraid. No. The Comfort Zone actually can disguise itself as fear, but the reality is that sometimes it can also be just pure laziness. For example, assume you are a blogger and you’re writing always about the same things and you’re already successful. OK, great. But the downside is you’re doing this for the last 5 years without applying any sort of change or any sort of innovation whatsoever.

You’re too comfortable.
You fought to get where you are, but you’re comfortable.
Because YOU KNOW that if you put new things on the table to explore if you start a new topic, you’ll have to work harder again and it will bring a new workload you really don’t want to have right now. And that my friend, is EXTREMELY dangerous.


Always pursue personal evolution. Always.
Because if you don’t, you’ll stagnate and you’ll never grow again AND you’ll never know how great you could have been, if you had invested all those lost hours into a new project.

So if today you have mastered a good set of skills and knowledge and finished all your projects, don’t live your life based on relaxing. It’s ok to relax a little but have the mindset of becoming even greater and go dominate some NEW SKILLS. There’s much to learn and much to build.

This is why I’m always fighting my comfort zones. Always.
If I’m not experiencing a little bit of CHAOS, if I’m not a little afraid of what’s going to happen next, then I know I definitely should be doing something new. And I rush to find out what is that I should be doing.

There’s a quote from Mark Zuckerberg that highlights this point very wisely:

— Mark Zuckerberg

Taking new forms of action to destroy your comfort zones will get you faster results and destroy your personal boundaries. You’ll, of course, make mistakes along the way. Obviously. But also, you’ll LEARN from them and absorb a bomb of lessons in a short period of time and many of those lessons, will save you time and bring you more expertise.

So kill your comfort zone.
It’s your greatest enemy and it keeps you paused in life.

People respond well to those who know how to communicate. And knowing how to communicate is a KEY SKILL to win in this world in whatever you do. Everybody must learn communication skills. You need it for negotiations, for job interviews, for dating, for teaching, for public speaking and so forth.

So mastering communication is another important point in personal development.
And by mastering, I mean this:

  • READ A PERSON’S BODY LANGUAGE — Science is struggling to decide whether human communication is made of 55% body language, 38% tone of voice and 7% actual words for a while, but rest assured that people do SPEAK with their bodies. Period. And mastering the ability to read body language helps you in so many levels like predicting rejections, reading insecurities, validating statements and much more. This is extremely helpful especially in business. Learn it. You can start right now with this article from the FBI and this book from a Ex-FBI agent.
  • CHANGE A PERSON’S EMOTIONAL PATTERN FAST — Sometimes you lose control over a situation because the person starts tripping in their own ideas and change their own emotional state, and usually it is obviously to worse. Most of the times, this sabotages business meetings or even a simple date leaving you with no weapons left to fight this annoying situation. That’s why a great communication skill to have is being able to completely change a person’s emotional state within seconds. Tony Robbins usually likes to talk a lot about this because well, in society today where almost everybody has their heads down looking at their smartphones, changing a person’s emotional state and being able to start a conversation from scratch is a great skill to master.
  • MAKE COMPLEX THINGS LOOK REALLY SIMPLE — A powerful ability worth having is making things a lot simpler than it actually is. People love this kind of communication skill. Besides, once you manage to master this, your life gets much easier when doing business (especially if you work with Sales).
  • MAKE EVERYBODY ENGAGED IN YOUR CONVERSATION — And a final important point is having the ability to keep people engaged in your conversation. Super important as well. Because there’s no point mastering everything else if people get easily distracted or bored with what you’re saying. You must know how to use “communication hooks” to keep people close and paying attention.

That’s all areas of social dynamics mastery in my opinion.
But HOW do you master all these areas?
Good question.

For my case, I evolved when I did these things below:

  • READ PSYCHOLOGY BOOKS — Understanding how the mind works is rule #1. You must know why people do what they do, how people are influenced by other people and how the brain reacts to all sorts of communication (verbal and physical). With this kind of knowledge, it will be much easier to read people.
  • PRACTICE CONVERSATIONS — Remember the practice principle? That’s right. Just like everything else, practicing communication is a must for you if mastering communication skills is what you desire. Or do you think the best public speakers were the same in keynote speech #1 and keynote speech #300? Practice your conversations. Change topics and try to keep the conversation flowing with someone, then break the pattern by staying quiet then switch it back again, etc. Become a master of communication.
  • APPROACH RANDOM PEOPLE ON THE STREET — This is extremely useful to learn how to read people fast. I do this once in a while just to test ideas, my social skills and see how the person reacts. Besides, when you approach random people on the street you get rid of fear of rejection really fast if you put enough effort into it. (PS: Try speaking in a foreign language asking for information, is really fun!)
  • BREAK PEOPLE’S EMOTIONAL PATTERN ON PURPOSE — This is useful so you can know how to handle chaos instantly. If someone is talking to you all happy about something, then throw a boring subject on top of it and make the conversation really boring. Then when the conversation is about to die, switch it back to happy mode. This type of communication skill is VERY handy because you can overcome many issues in life, especially in business negotiations that are going south.
  • USE GESTURES AND FACIL EXPRESSIONS IN A POWERFUL WAY — A key rule. Mix your Body language with everything you say in a way that you enhance the words and enhance what you’re saying, making the listener create rapport quickly. Body language is highly useful once you master it. A few basic steps are to always talk with your chin up, with your body relaxed but at the same time with a strong posture. Also, use your hands a lot to make gestures whenever you’re talking. This translates authoritative behavior to the other person which is always a good thing. As Tony Robbins usually says: “The person who’s most certain will always influence the other person“.

Alright so far? Easy stuff, right?
Yeah, I know it’s not. And just to be honest here, this will take time.
For those who are introverts — like I used to be — it takes much more time to master all these social skills until you are fully confident. But the good side is that once you master them all, you have successfully changed your social power completely.


The uniqueness of a person lies in their creativity. If someone fails to express himself completely, meaning, without showing any creativity through personal projects or through work, people get bored easily. That’s why even in business, this amazing power is highly useful proving that creativity is a powerful advantage that unicorn companies use to their favor on the market today.

So how do I roll on this matter?
Here are my quick responses to this subject.

The more you do everyday, boring work in you company the weaker you get on the creative process. That’s how it works, at least for most people (and for me). But for those who totally EXCLUDE boredom from their lives and invest 1 day per week to focus on bringing new ideas to life, there’s future. There’s a competitive edge.

Creativity matters in a overly crowded business world.
This is why I choose to separate 1 day per week to do creative work like designing. It helps me become HIGHLY productive at work and it makes me enjoy my day more whilst at the same time, it improves my mind. For example, in this reserved day I like to produce content for my instagram account:



Souce: Peterson Teixeira Instagram

So designing high-quality images and mixing colors is ONE of my own personal processes that I use to keep my creative power well-trained and pretty strong. And in the day I focus only on creativity, I do the following:

  • Browse several design work (brand logos, creative website templates, color palettes etc)
  • Browse different typefaces and download new fonts to upgrade my design
  • Create images from my own mind (instagram/article/website pictures)

That’s it. That’s what I do to evolve my creativity and make it part of my work as much as possible. It works for me very well while also, makes me think differently about how to approach things, especially marketing strategies.

Whenever you consume creative work like design, music, painting or something else you like, you usually get inspired. For me at least, looking or listening to other people’s work is always part of my creative process. For instance, I spend a few hours per week looking, searching, digging for some inspiring designs images and forms, and also new typefaces to upgrade my creative side. When you’re exposed to new forms of creativity your mind gets broader.

The bottom line is this:


There are pieces valuable insights, real DIAMONDS on how to produce great creative work on what other people have already done. The best part? You learn and upgrade yourself by analyzing their work whilst you’re consuming it. It’s amazing.

I do this process of CONSUMING + DECONSTRUCTION for:

  • Motivational speeches
  • Music
  • Design

So at least 3 times per week, I forget work for a couple of hours just to listen to inspiring music, motivational speeches or see great design work. This helps me put myself in a totally different state where creative thoughts constantly flood my mind, which causes a powerful burst of ideas. Is very helpful. Many of my content and my business ideas I implemented here were all born this way.

You must disconnect yourself sometimes to access your creative mode.
Try this. Shut yourself down for a few hours and start looking art that impresses you.
You’ll see the power of doing so and how broad your mind will become, week after week.

Routines have a good side and a bad side. The good side is that it keeps you going every day and it helps you build what you want. The bad side, is that it keeps you trapped in a “gray world” where you’re most of the time just executing, leaving your creative mind inside a black box.

This is why throwing the agenda out of the window sometimes, works.
Because you break the PATTERN. You give your mind some sort of SHOCK and force a new reality into it instantly, which changes your thoughts from “pressure mode” to “dreamy mode”.

Confusing? Relax you’re about to understand what I mean.
A few good things to boost your creativity through this method are:

  • TRAVEL — Make a travel to NEW places
  • BREAK — Give yourself TWO complete day offs to do what you want
  • LIVING — Try something new like Gym, Martial Arts, Swimming etc

Suddenly, when you do this you CLEAR your mind and start thinking in creative mode again.
And don’t assume you’re becoming a bum. Because resting for 2 complete days can make your mind completely forget about work and think in NEW WAYS to do the same thing you do today, but better.

I had a lot of ideas doing this rest technique which made me fast forward my success in months. I “sacrificed” 2 days of pure work to put my creative mind to work and it brought me so many great ideas that I saved myself a great deal of time, just because I let my creative mind play a little.

Because once you have a great idea, the next step is Execution.
And one single idea can save you MONTHS of stupid hard work. You make a small improvement and next thing you know, you’re experiencing the results you would get only 5 months from now. But these 2 days of creative mindset, changed that and reduce it to 5 days.

Creativity is a winning edge you should start exploring.
Seriously. This is why I value this so much. Because sometimes, creativity must take place so you can change your game to, therefore, upgrade your life or your business.

So break your routines.
You’ll see how powerful that is.

I’m closing this article with the most important area of my life: Spirituality. Look, the reality is that without having a healthy, strong, POWERFUL spiritual life you can’t do much in this world. Period. Because you need to feel good to hustle, you need to feel as happy as possible to keep going without giving much credit to life’s problems and you need to be able to EXPERIENCE life itself in the mean time.

Life is not a crystal clear road. You know that.
Problems, doubts, fears and all those things CHANGE the way you feel overnight. And not to a good state. But if your spiritual self is strong, if you have a solid FOUNDATION then everything that comes towards your way to strike you, gets HIT by you instead. Because you’re too strong. You have too much faith. You are just unstoppable. Fearless.

So here’s what I do DAILY to boost my spirituality.
Without it, I’m not complete.

As a Christian, I currently dedicate 1 hour to GOD right after I wake up. I read the Bible for about 30 minutes and I pray for another 30 minutes. That’s how my day starts and this hour is THE KEY for my day to work really well. This moment ends at 5.30am.

Next, I sit in front of the computer at 5.30am ready to work, read some economic-related news and see what’s going on in the world AFTER I have just received a spiritual upgrade for the day. That’s very important.

The reason why I’m exposing this is because I don’t see many successful business owners who are Christians reveal their secrets for why they’re actually successful, which is obviously being spirituality strong and closer to GOD because everything else relies on it. It’s the foundation that allows you to do great things. If your human spirit is strong, you’re extremely strong.

The few powerful Christian business owners I admire a lot, are Les Brown and Eric Thomas. Both have the same principles, morals and work ethic. And both say every once in a while a “lost word” about Biblical rules for success while they’re making speeches.

Les brown himself sometimes unleashes sentences starting like this one below:

“My favorite book says…”
And the quotes are always from the Bible.

The Bible feeds your mind with powerful principles. Principles on how to treat people, principles on how to do business and principles on how to deal with yourself. It’s my golden book which is the foundation for everything I do. Of course, you don’t always get to hit the target because we are all flawed. But a life WITHOUT principles and values is a worthless life. There’s no meaning and no foundation. And every problem that hits you in the face knocks you down easily.

Because there are some battles you can only endure and win with SPIRITUAL weapons.
Faith. Courage. Perseverance. And more.

My entrepreneurial career started BECAUSE I used a spiritual weapon: Faith.
Without faith, I couldn’t have done what I did. I couldn’t have left my own town to go to another city where I knew no one, rent a luxurious apartment to live & work, and having money for only 3 months to pay for rent and food when my business wasn’t even ready yet.

Faith. A Spiritual weapon. Period.
This is why I’m always going straight to the Source. Always.
As much as possible.

The next one is also important.
We are close to finish.

All sort of negativism I cast from my life. Doubts, Horror Movies, Negative friends and even the News sometimes I don’t read because it is always…BAD news. There’s no point feeding yourself with such negative information, such negative energy because it changes you instantly. You see a news that a teenage girl got beaten to death by 10 thugs and what happens? You just get angry, revolted and your spiritual state suffers.

So this is why I always try NOT to consume negative things.
Whether that negativity came from friends or The News.

I’m going to tell you a very short (but great) story I listened a while ago about this negativity/positivity principle. It’s about two Wolfs.

There are 2 Wolfs inside of you: The White Wolf and The Dark Wolf.
Both wolfs fight each other to run your personality day and night. They’re constantly fighting to take over. But there’s a catch: It is YOU who is feeding those 2 wolfs. The dark and the white.

So if you feed the dark wolf and make it stronger, by giving him negative thoughts to feed on, and consume negative content such as Horror movies or The News, if you constantly feed your mind with bad things and all sorts of negativity, the white wolf will lose the fight. And you’ll be a negative person.

But if you feed the white wolf instead, a great person arises: You.
Because for the white wolf there’s no economic crisis, there’s no people’s opinion and there’s no bad weather to do things. Period. He just pursues the goals and wins.

But this wolf needs to be fed MORE so it can overcome the dark wolf. You must give him GOOD spiritual food like strong principles, motivation, positivity, optimism, successful testimonials and obviously GOD.

The Wolf who will win, is your decision, though.
So which one are you feeding more?

The Dark Wolf or The White Wolf?

That little story is a principle I embodied in my life because if you do that, if you feed your mind only with positiveness and good, healthy thoughts, your mind becomes ferocious.

No problem is too big to be overwhelmed, no setback is too strong to put you in the ground permanently and no one defines your life. Because THE WHITE WOLF is in charge.

Feed your mind with good things.
Quotes from successful people, inspiring testimonials, good principles and morals and obviously…GOD. That’s how I run things. Because that way, even when things look too dark, I’m still optimistic and strong and I’m not caring about the circumstances around me at all. I’m just a machine.

We as human beings tend to complain. We all do that and we all have done that for sure at least once. We focus too much on what we don’t have and ignore what we do have. Skills, Intelligence, Books, Internet, Health, Friends, Family etc. If you stop to REALIZE what you do have in this moment right in front of you at your disposal, you’ll say “Thank You” for being lucky.

Because sometimes we already have the tools to win, but we misuse them.
And we blame other people or the government for our current situation but we forget to blame ourselves. Having the tools to CREATE opportunities for yourself is already a blessing, you just need to take more action sometimes and make some sacrifices to get what you want.

So be thankful. Look around you and realize what you already have.

This CHANGES your spiritual energy levels completely OVERNIGHT if you start practicing it. Seriously. For example, I say thanks to GOD for many things in my life right now, even the smallest things like a hot shower. Because some people don’t have even CLEAN water for a bath. Some people can’t buy the food they would like to eat at the supermarket.

Yet, we complain.

Change this mindset. Start being thankful and you’ll see how great your life already is and things will start to change too. Because with a boost of positive spiritual energy, in ONE day you can transform your reality and do a lot of great things that your future self will be thanked for, all due to your strong spiritual state.

The stronger the spirit, the more invincible the man is.
And part of making your spirit stronger is being thankful.
Because your EYES open to realize you already have a lot more that you think you have, the moment you start practicing this.

Anybody can feel good when everything is going well. Is easy to be happy when your bills are being paid, when health is no problem or when people love you all the time. But when bad things STRIKE you right in the face, that’s when you’ll see what you are really made of.

If you are a good, strong, powerful person then all bad things coming in your way most of the times are nothing, are just problems to be beaten and another testimony in your life. Right? That’s how I’m today. Any problems that come my way, with GOD I’ll make them run away so fast they’ll be scared to deal with me again.

But my point is this:


I wasn’t always strong. I was weak years ago.
I became strong because I pushed myself but also, because STRONG people helped me with their spiritual strength. That’s my point.

So if YOU are strong today then you MUST — I repeat, MUST — unleash good words and motivational speeches to people who are weak right now. It’s your duty. It’s your job to do that. Because you received powerful motivation yourself when you were needing it, from awesome guys like Les Brown and now that you have a background to give it back, you’re holding it back?! Why?

Share it. Make a difference. Balance the force man.
The World needs strong, good people who CARE about other people.
This is my last spiritual principle:


Many people need YOUR level of inspiration. Your breakthroughs. Your thoughts.
Because I can’t influence all people in the world. I can’t help all people in the world.

There are some, who are YOUR job. Who will only listen to you.
They are your duty. Not mine.

So this is why I always try to give back to people good inspiration whenever possible because I received it for free as well when I was needing it the most. The more you give value to people and the more you help them, the happier you become. This is a Spiritual law.

You can look at happy people and see that they always have some form of giving things back to mankind, which is why they’re COMPLETELY happy. Those who are making more difference in other people’s lives are the ones who are complete, and more fulfilled.

Give it back what you already have.
Make a difference.

That’s one of my Personal Development frameworks. This is how I run my weeks because there’s no point living life if you’re being average. Average doesn’t change things for the better in a massive scale. Average doesn’t wake people up and inspire them to pursue their dreams. Being Average is not motivational.

Average people….don’t get remembered.
People HATE average. They pursue and follow GREAT people.
They’re inspired by great people, not by average people.

So make your Legacy. Build your ideal life. Change your routine. Change your next 6 months.
You already have the right tools for that, you are just not using them right.

And I’ll end this with a powerful quote from Les Brown:

“And the QUESTION is: IF you die today….what Dreams, what Ideas….what Talents, what Books, what Musics, what Leadership, what VOICE……..will die with you?”
— Les Brown

Hope I’ve helped.
Take care.


This is not for everyone. If you truly want to improve your business and you REALLY care about delivering a high-quality experience to your customers, instead of just making money, then click the button below. Otherwise, I'll not be able to help your business. You must have a true Entrepreneurial Mindset. Make your choice.



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