The Faith Principle

True champions are not born, they are made. Highly successful entrepreneurs, businessmen, sportsmen and all that were all purely made. Made from Ground Zero. From scratch. No excuses, just pure hard work. The number of hours that were put into daily perseverance, putting tons of hard work, sweat, and tears into something they felt right is what made successful people, successful.

But all that effort alone wouldn’t suffice because in life we all face tons of setbacks, and some of these setbacks can really put you down, killing the chances to succeed.

But even so, after facing enormous problems, people like Sylvester Stallone, Eminem, Henry Ford, Michael Jordan, Tyler Perry and others managed to win. They won the war. Yet, they experienced what to most people would mean “a reason to give up” or “a big failure” and yet, kept going towards their goals and dreams.

But how? How did they manage to pull off?
Are they different from ordinary people? Are they “special” somehow?
Negative. They just had one extremely strong thing: Faith.

I’m addressing this because friends and wannabe entrepreneurs are frozen in life, too scared of facing REAL LIFE which brings the REAL DREAM to reality, once you endure the process.

Because you see, there’s no difference between you and your heroes.
They just “outfaith” you by far. That’s all. Nothing else.

Therefore, once you embrace faith things start to happen and problems start to become really small, up until a point that all of them simply disappear. Is it hard to believe? Yes. Is it the crazy for some? Yes.

But being different, unique, and legendary, requires many sacrifices, and you go through many things physically and mentally in order to prove yourself to the world.

Moreover, taking a path many don’t have THE GUTS to take or simply don’t understand, imposes a huge mental pressure upon one’s shoulders. So naturally, such pressure can only be blocked by spiritual strength that has the power to take over the human mind and INSTANTLY EXPEL that constant negativity that insists on annoying you while you’re pursuing something big, and legendary for yourself, which will ultimately help and motivate others.

Because you see, in life everything is just a Mental Game.
Everything. The way you frame your reality with your mind defines who you are and where are you going next. No circumstances, no situations and no lack of resources can effectively stop you. Not if you have true spiritual strength.

You’ll just be stopped if you allow yourself to be stopped.
Period. Because there’s always a way out to your problems and current stormy situations. Always. That’s Faith in action.

Therefore, I’m here to prove to you with a HORDE of examples, and real life stories, that giving up on your dream, your goals, your life, in the end, makes no sense.

Because once you understand that “the normal path” to greatness REQUIRES problems and tribulations to be experienced first, in order to motivate others later, in order to graduate as a great person, you start to understand that pursuing the end of a dark tunnel you’re living on at the moment, is what makes sense.

Because Faith when EXECUTED changes reality overnight.
It’s like a superpower. The paths to your life simply open when you begin to execute Faith.
And that’s a cold, hard fact that I’m about to prove you here through a number of real-life examples.

Just memorize the following image, and remember it while reading the successful life stories to see if it matches all real-life successful cases:


One final word before we start.
Why I’m such a hurry to say this? Because look, I see many people unhappy all the time. Why? Because they choose to model their actions based on advice from those who have a mediocre life.

People admire the great but follow the mediocre minds.
They assume all champions are better than them, which obviously is not true and I’m gonna prove it to you here.

The Champions just think differently, and that’s pretty much it. They THINK differently. No superpowers, no special resources, no monster advantages or anything else.

Just Faith.
Unfortunately, the “Normal” is to have “low levels of faith”.
But shouldn’t be the other way around?

Society is broken and many are unhappy because people usually simply fail to execute faith. They choose logic, and established, proven results over the unknown which may hold far better results. That’s the truth.

But what happens when you choose faith over logic? What if other people’s logic doesn’t concern how you should live your life? After all, if everybody is different, wouldn’t each one of our fates be different as well?

Then welcome. Maybe this will change your mind.
Here are some real life cases to destroy your logic, my friend.

Let’s begin.

One of my greatest influences, Stallone opens this list thanks to his incredible success story in life and in the movie business. He deserves his prestige because it wasn’t even CLOSE to “easy” to get to the top. It was a battle. A war. Filled with moments of pain and loneliness.

Because selling your own dog for $50 because you cannot feed him doesn’t look like a fun experience to me. Neither being evicted from your apartment and sleeping on the streets for weeks as well. Now here, I show you his stronger side that is not shown much on cameras or in the media, but which will likely motivate you even more than all the Rocky series together like it did to me in my early days.

Powerful, isn’t it?
Now think for a second here.
If he had said “yes” to that huge amount of money when he got the chance, his whole Legacy wouldn’t be here today for all of us to enjoy. Lots of entrepreneurs, boxers, sportsmen, movie actors and other careers wouldn’t have the Rocky series to get motivation from, nor all his other great action films from the 80s.

But thanks to his Faith, paths were open after his tribulations.
And it took a single decision. ONE decision changed everything. A simple, apparently ordinary decision.

Well, actually it was not a normal decision nor an ordinary one.
Tony robbins himself likes to put situations like this on a whole another level:

— Tony Robbins

Damn right.
So here’s the quick recap about stallone’s situation that can make many people relate to him, and see him as a normal human being:

  • face paralysis
  • parents got divorced
  • scored poorly in school
  • got evicted from his apartment
  • was homeless and slept in the bus terminal for weeks
  • sold his own dog for $50 because he couldn’t feed him

The twist: He WATCHED ONE FIGHT between Muhammad Ali and Chuck Wepner and wrote “Rocky I” within 3 days, which was later shot in 28 days.

Incredible story, don’t you think?
He had ALL REASONS to stay depressed, shrink and die, but he chose to believe in his gut. He chose the “unlogical” path.

He refused the money…
And a few hours watching an event, he got an IDEA!
He worked on that idea for 3 days straight.
To finally, execute that idea for 28 days.

The rest is history.
This is why Faith is crucial to success. Because one move, one action can change everything. This is why Faith is an unstoppable force inside a human being once he masters it. No problem, nor circumstance is too big for those who use Faith in their lives.

But relax, because there’s a lot more to show you here.

Another success legend is Eminem and you’re about to understand why. From my perspective, he has the biggest list of problems in comparison with all others I’m putting here.

But besides the problems, there’s the natural environment.
Because can you imagine diving into an industry where everyone is black while you’re the only one white? Just pursuing that path for that motive alone in his time was reason enough to praise Eminem’s faith to keep pushing until things start to open.

And now, you’ll see the level of “PUSH” he actually went through in order to become a worldwide known Rapper.

Powerful story.
Massive problems for sure, so let’s recap them and put them all together:

  • his dad left him and his mom alone
  • all letters to his dad got returned
  • constantly moved from house to house
  • was lonely and bullied at school
  • worked on several low-paying jobs to help his mom with bills
  • dropped out of school due to poor grades
  • none of the rap groups he joined took off
  • his first album “Infinite” was largely ignored
  • he tried to commit suicide
  • he got sued by his own mom
  • he was fired right before Christmas leaving him with only $40
  • he almost abandoned rap when Vanilla Ice blew up
  • he got evicted from his apartment a night before going to The Rap Olympics

The twist: He recorded ONE ALBUM and contacted ONE PERSON (Dr.Dre) and that was the beginning of one of the greatest rappers of all time.

Are you understanding a little bit better how things work now once you start pursuing greatness? Choosing that thing you cannot ignore, what people like to call “your gut”, will naturally bring to your direction an enormous amount of battles but it takes just ONE MOVE to flip things and change reality for good.

Because only one move changed Eminem’s reality. One.
And the rest is history, my friend.

Next example.

This guy is one I truly respect for his year after year perseverance. Tyler Perry is an extraordinary individual. After his tribulations and trials, he became a world-renowned producer, director, actor, screenwriter, playwright, author, songwriter, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, but as you may expect, that is only “the end of the movie”, if you know what I mean.

Before becoming a massive success, several problems appeared in his life to try to stop him from achieving his life’s purpose. But thanks to his Faith, none of these problems succeed in doing so.

Below, you can see Tyler himself talking about a PART of his perseverance, but I’ll complete with the rest of his life’s journey and tribulations so you can get the full picture.

Now, ask yourself: Can you imagine putting up a show and enduring on Faith for so long? Because think about it for a second:

  • nobody really came up to watch his show in 1992
  • nobody really came up to watch his show in 1993
  • nobody really came up to watch his show in 1994
  • nobody really came up to watch his show in 1995
  • nobody really came up to watch his show in 1996
  • nobody really came up to watch his show in 1997

His journey lasted 7 long years.
Here’s what happened according to Tyler Perry himself:

“I had just moved to Atlanta to try to launch this play, so I went to work,” he said during his Tuskegee University commencement address. “I managed to save $12,000 and I put the show up working in a used car, as a bill collector (proceeds from a tax return). I thought 1,200 people would show up that weekend but only 30 showed up. My car payment, rent, everything was tied up in it so I ended up homeless with no money and nothing to my name.”

“From 1992 to 93, to 94, I was doing one show a year,” he said. “I kept on doing the play. Every year it would fail, until 1998, the seventh year of me trying. I was about to give up and walk away.”

Source: Project Casting

No man has infinite Faith, but few men have the guts to find its limits.
But that’s only the final chapter, my friend.

While still a kid, Tyler was molested by more than 3 men in different occasions and took severe beatings from his stepfather as well. The beatings were so unbearable to him, that Tyler attempted suicide just to escape from his stepfather’s beatings.

Do you understand the full picture?
This sounds like a normal person, with the same problems “ordinary people” experience in today’s world. But none of these difficult facts made Tyler stop believing himself. None. Faith was stronger.

The twist: He rewrote the same musical called “I Know I’ve Been Changed” for six years, starting from age 22 and exploding to the world at age 28.

He had a vision and worked on it for years.
One project, one passion, and pure hard work made him who he is today.

In 2005, Forbes reported that Perry sold over $100 million in tickets, $30 million in videos of his shows and an estimated $20 million in merchandise. Besides, nowadays the 300 live shows he produces each year are attended by an average of 35,000 people a week. That’s HUGE SUCCESS. Huge. His massive success is very well-deserved after so many tribulations. Well-deserved.

But let’s not stop here.
Time to shock you some more.

Maybe you have a limitation or you went through some sort of surgery that apparently cut off all your chances to succeed in sports or some other physical activity. Or maybe you know someone like this. Well, to Nick, a highly successful motivational speaker today, this kind of struggle was far more intense in his life because he has no arms or legs.

Now, what? What do you do without arms and legs?
Once again, Faith comes to kick some ass. After Nick went through his desert of pain, Faith led him to live a life no one would have ever imagined.

Just put yourself in his shoes:

  • he was born without arms or legs
  • he attempted suicide at age 10
  • he was intensively bullied at school
  • he experienced the difficult life of those who have huge physical constraints

The Twist: ONE motivational speech at age 19 made his career take off. One.

Nick then started to be known by the whole world, visiting over 44 coutries, going to do speeches on prisons, and great Ted Talks speeches as well. He even made a prank as a pilot of the American Airlines to put some fear on people. A totally different life no one would have imagined for someone who had no arms and legs.

But again, just another real life consequence of Faith in execution.
Next example.

The now famous Richard Branson, one of the world’s most famous entrepreneur, was once a kid who were told by his teachers in school that he wasn’t gonna become anything in life, due to his Dyslexia. If you don’t know the effects of dyslexia, it basically harms the ability in humans to read and write well, causing a “learning disability”, like people like to put it. Naturally, those who have this disease are obviously despised by other people. So who would have dreamed to pursue Entrepreneurship when living in such health conditions?

Richard Branson, my friend.
Despite his huge struggles with his disease, he dropped out of school at age 16 because he couldn’t bear the life in school anymore. Too many people discouraging him and too many awful moments in class, trying to learn things without much success thanks to his disease.

The BIG highlights of Branson’s life:

  • he was born with Dyslexia
  • he had to drop out of school because he was struggling too hard with it

The twist: He started his first business: The Student Magazine. A magazine made from students, for students in which Branson paid for the first 50,000 copies distribution himself.

A clever mind with acknowledge his weaknesses and use his strong points. This is why, he now owns more than 200 companies all over the world, with his brand in more than 30 countries, including countries from the United Kingdom, the USA, Australia, Canada, Asia, Europe and South Africa. And after so many companies, he is now taking people to space with his space tourism business.

Seems like dyslexia is not so powerful anymore, after all.
Dyslexia? What dyslexia?

Next example.

One of the world’s most famous TV show hosts, “Oprah” as people like to call her, has built an Empire of over $2.9 Billion dollars in her whole career so far. Massive success as you may notice. The thing is, obviously she didn’t come from a happy place. If you have read this far, you know that tribulations are a part of someone who becomes highly successful in life.

With Oprah, this was no different.

Being the daughter of a housemaid and a coal miner, she was poor for most of her life. She lived with her grandmother for a while, and back then, Oprah used to wear dresses made of potato sacks, which obviously made local children make fun of her tremendously. Who wears potato sacks for clothing? It was a daily humiliation process she had to endure.

Then, by the time she was 9 years old, something new happened: Oprah began to be molested by her cousin, uncle, and a family friend, causing her to flee from home at age 13 due to years of sexual abuse. She then went to the suburban Nicolet High School, where the humiliation of poverty was once again rubbed in her face every single day for taking the bus school along with African-Americans who were servants of her classmates’ families.

Thanks to the social pressure, stealing money from her mother in order to get rid of her constant humiliation became the new pattern. That, and going out with older boys while still a teenager. Obviously, this behavior could only result in one thing: constant lies and discussions with her own mother.

Extremely poor, humiliated because of it, and because the pressure was too much she started stealing from her mother and engage in constant fights because of it.

Not a very fun life, right?
But later on, living with her father became the only option available.
Then, education became a principle imposed by her dad, which caused changes in her life, making it flow better and faster thanks to his level of persistence upon Oprah regarding education, which as result got her addicted to Communications.

After her preparation, she quickly became the youngest news anchor and the first black female news anchor at Nashville’s WLAC-TV. But that’s not her rise to the top yet. After a few years pursuing a career in communications, in 1984 Oprah revamped a TV show that was not doing so good at the time and EXPLODED IT, making it become the number-one daytime talk show in America that year.

Not bad for someone who used to use potatoes sacks.
The quick recap then is this:

  • she was extremely poor, dressing herself with potatoes sacks
  • she was molested by her cousin, uncles and a family friend
  • she flee from home due to the massive amount of suffering
  • she got family issues thanks to her poverty, arguing with her mother and stealing money from her just to match her classmates in spending occasions

The twist: ONE focused laser-like effort on her natural talent — Communications — made her entire life take off and change really fast.

It seems that all her problems didn’t match her Faith, after all.
Because put yourself on her shoes: after going through so much, who would still want to face a market dominated by white men?

Oprah proved that no matter what the circumstances and life problems are, you can still win.

I’m ending this with a video that got over 4 MILLION views. If after reading all this and watching the video below you’re still unsure about whether or not you can succeed in life, business, sports or whatever area you’re pursuing, then hit me a message asking for a Coaching program. You shouldn’t live the life you hate, nor let your problems become a culture, my friend.

So here’s the video to reinforce my message.
The Famous Failures that made ordinary people great heroes:

Have Faith.
Because you were born to do something for other people. With your background, your personality, your skills, your talents, and dreams you can do SOMETHING to change other people’s realities. You’re here to serve. You cannot go wrong if you pursue the reason why you were born.

Because you dream of making a difference, is not in your head by chance. It’s a MISSION you need to accomplish.

So just Believe and Execute what’s inside your head.
Change people’s realities along with yours along the way.
Because what you’re thinking about building will not serve yourself, but others.
And when others are well-served by whatever crazy ideas and dreams you have, your life becomes truly awesome as well. It’s a complete package, my friend.

The price to achieve great things then?
It’s simply to Believe.

Take care.


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