MINDSET: The Importance of Fighting Your Comfort Zone And Being True To Yourself To Build A Better World

You have gigantic potential, but you prefer to listen to fear and doubt. They consume you. They dictate your days, your hours and your minutes. Every day you focus on doing just the minimum necessary to stay where you are.

And where you are…….sucks.
And it’s called COMFORT ZONE.

You are wasting hours of your lifetime to pay attention to TV shows, soap operas and useless content instead of working yourself, making your personality STRONGER and more influential! You prefer to waste hours of your days on Earth on something that won’t help you live the life God wants you to live. You prefer to leave your true future on the table and let others dictate how you are going to spend your days here on Earth.

You are throwing away precious days of your life away.
You need to see through the curtain and open your eyes WIDE because there’s something VERY SPECIAL there that you are ignoring and this, making your life worse! What’s behind the curtain?


No, people WON’T hand you anything that you deeply desire. NO, people WON’T give you a profitable business. NO, people won’t give you true friends and relationships. And NO, people won’t thank you widely, worldwide level if you listen to what others say it’s your path instead of listening to your INNER VOICE!


Would you still be forcing yourself to go that job you hate and W-A-S-T-E more hours on it? Would you waste more hours changing channels while laying on the couch? Would you still waste 24 hours watching stupid videos?

Or would you fight to make your legacy come alive?
Or would you do something entirely different and would you leave mediocrity behind?

You need to understand that we all have something to do here. We ALL have a path that is being hidden from us on purpose and it’s OUR JOB to keep pursuing that path with sharp claws and teeth until we reach that moment where we can understand WHY WE WERE BORN!


They depend on you to create something that matters and that can change lives, businesses, families. They depend on you to create something that can create jobs and opportunities. They depend on you to create a piece of work that can INSPIRE and motivate them. The world NEEDS your skills because if you don’t play the real game, the world won’t have enough…


The World needs all those guys and you are one of them. YOU ARE ONE OF THEM! The moment you start building something based on the skills and uniqueness you have, the moment you start creating and expressing your own values, principles, and all your personality…


We all have that, but most of us are AFRAID of taking action. We are afraid of leaving our comfort zones just because we can’t predict what’s going to happen next. But being afraid is something you should constantly keep pushing away from your mind.

Because it brings darkness to your thoughts and it blocks your creativity, your passions, and your life. Comfort zone must be a place where you should HATE being at with all your mental strength and willpower. There’s nothing worse than thinking you are done and that you have already achieved enough in life.

Because we are limitless if we work hard enough.
You can write books, give speeches, create companies, inspire millions and become a legend. You don’t have JUST ONE single path in life! Believe me when I say this. Extremely successful people exist to prove that you can do different, amazing, GREAT things while you’re alive if you pursue what you want, you just have to work hard, believe in yourself and leave your comfort zone. Period.

Yes, you can become a top musician.
Yes, you can become a top writer.
Yes, you can become a hell of an entrepreneur.


The skills you have, might not even be used in your current job. They might be something you see as a hobby right now. But that’s REALLY not true! Do you think you have those skills by chance? Do you think God gave you all that creativity and all those unique ideas to mess with your head?

No, my friend. No.
Those are SIGNS for you to listen to and pay attention for getting the best out of life FOR YOURSELF! And by doing that, by listening to your inner voice and constantly fighting to get out of the damn daily comfort zones you’ll allow yourself to experience and find something……..unique.

You purpose.
The WHY you were born. The WHY you have those crazy ideas. The WHY you possess those skills and talents. The MEANING of your life! But you must fight your comfort zone. And I know that leaving comfort zone is not easy because when you do that you find yourself in front of something called…

Yes. There will be work. Do you think building your own future and finding the path you must ride on Earth to help millions of people would be given to you? Does that make sense? Tell me, would you give it any value if everything was…..


Of course not. We don’t give value to “easy”. That’s why you must fight to get out of your comfort zone and FIGHT to build yourself and therefore, make a difference here. No one who is at the top was placed there for other people, they PUT THEMSELVES THERE! You must fight the dark side of you D-A-I-L-Y to let the good side come out to the light. Daily. I’m not saying here it’s easy, not at all. Becoming the best version of yourself takes work, takes reading a lot. And it takes time.

But most of all, IT TAKES HEART!
But it’s worth it. Because you’ll be able to make a difference.
So if you are staying comfortable and forgetting about that voice that keeps telling you things like:

  • “Go start your blog”
  • “Go open your online store”
  • “Go make your own videos”
  • “Go sing”
  • “Go build your business on that piece of land”
  • “Go write that book you are constantly thinking about”

Then you are NOT being TRUE TO YOURSELF!
You are just living the days like they were supposed to be spent watching TV or playing games, but you forget that other people depend on you and they need you to face your DESTINY!!!!

A Dream Life is not handed to you. Nobody is going to hand you nothing! Nobody is going to hand you your company, your dream job, your dream marriage. Nobody.

You must get out and FIGHT with all your strength, all your potential, all your skills and all your TIME to get what you want from life. The comfort zone is not an option if you want to experience what life has to offer you, my friend. Comfort zones are for losers. True winners face all the haters and all the adversities that come with facing the path in their hearts because they want to WIN!

But true winners don’t want to leave the comfort zones and win for themselves.
They want to win to help others, to create something that matters, to make a difference.
To be USEFUL to OUR world. To not pass by this world and be forgotten.


So that’s why you must step up and listen to your own head and start building something for mankind and you BETTER build it with QUALITY because other people will pay attention to your work. And your work, if it was born from your passion it’s something that WON’T be forgotten.

The type of work that is born from passion is always a huge contribution to the world, whether you are a singer, a writer, an entrepreneur, a designer etc. And the world needs you to leave your comfort zone to make things better, prettier and more filled with life.

Because LIFE only is amazing for people who live with passion and focus also on others. People who care about making a difference and care about being useful while alive, are the people that everybody envies.

They have more money. They have more happiness. They have more joy in life.
But they DESERVE all that my friend. Because they listened to their inner voice and placed faith on themselves while others didn’t. And that’s why they have a bigger prize right now.

But you shouldn’t care about the prize itself.
You should care about making a difference and helping who you can help because we are not alone here. There’s already too many people fighting to make this world a crappy place and if you don’t take action, and be a force of good, then WHO will???

Next generations need your skills. They need you to execute. They need you to take action to build something that will help them build something in the future for their next generation. You are now reading this because someone built the Internet and someone else, built WordPress.

Could you imagine if those people stayed in their comfort zones?
Yeah, the world for our generation would suck. A lot.

But now you have opportunities that you must grab and instead of doing that, you keep wasting time on useless things and you forget about your passion and your purpose here. Don’t do that. Don’t neglect your fate because you are only harming yourself, limiting your own life and throwing away the opportunity to impact other people’s lives.

Don’t be the audience, become the show. Use your creativity and your skills and help us.
Because you don’t know the power you have within you to change the World.

Take care.


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