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  • November 22, 2015

You are insecure and you need help to do things professionally. Or maybe you want to optimize certain areas of your company or maybe you are just a bit curious about how my consulting program really works. That’s why you are here reading this resource.

Welcome, friend.
Since I praise honesty and transparency regarding business, I’ll answer on the next lines most of your critical questions so you can understand how this works and what are you about to buy because I don’t want you to waste your time.

The Guidelines are below if you want to skip something:

Here’s how it works.


You’re FREE to send a message if you have any questions about business.

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You’re FREE to send a message if you have any questions about business.
+55 13 981 700 440

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will NOT automatically subscribe to any List/Group. Your phone will NOT be sold to third-parties. You will ONLY receive messages when you request / initiate / continue a conversation. This is a one-on-one direct channel with Peterson Teixeira for businesspeople.

OBS: PLEASE use SIGNAL instead of Whats App for the same number as of April 30, 2019. New Customers will only be answered there ok? Thank you.


Currently, PETERSON TEIXEIRA’s Company is focusing on helping businesses in these areas below:

  • BUSINESS STRATEGY — What’s the next right step to take in your business? What are you doing wrong? Where makes more sense to invest all your workforce and resources? How do you build a growth-oriented company using all technology we have today? These questions and many others are what I answer. The goal is to deliver a Powerful Business Strategy.
  • BUSINESS MARKETING STRATEGY — There are 3 areas this marketing consulting focuses: Copywriting, Content Marketing Strategy and Complete Marketing Strategy. The marketing consulting can also expand to offline marketing to integrate other marketing channels if necessary, because Marketing is always the same, only the tools/channels are different.

#1. But what is Copywriting?
#2. What is a Content Marketing Strategy?
#3. What is a Complete Marketing Strategy?

Here’s what you need to know about each service and its goals in Marketing and Business.

COPYWRITING = The Copywriting consulting embraces Sales and conversion optimization. This is the area of Marketing that many fail because you have to optimize everything to draw customer’s attention. Copywriting involves writing compelling copy that goes on Sales Letters, Ads, Form Buttons, Email Subjects, Email body, Articles/Blog posts Headlines, Images and Video Scripts. Every piece of marketing connection that has the intent to grab customers’ attention to increase engagement or sales, is considered a copy.

CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGY = The Content Marketing Strategy consulting focuses on creating the most precise market-driven content strategy to be applied to your business. Here is where we’ll decide what types of content will be published according to the goals you’re searching for at the moment. Some may want the audience, others may want traffic while others may want to increase sales which change the focus of the content. The project will define how many images, blog posts, videos or podcasts will have to be produced and of what subjects for achieving maximum results in project lifetime. A simple example would be someone typing a search on Google for “knee surgeon in NY” which has a completely different intent than “what does a knee surgeon do”. The former user wants to buy while the latter wants to be educated. There’s also voice search for instance, on which users ask questions like “what are the top 5 restaurants in Montreal” which also indicates strong buying intent. Therefore, the Content needs to be built around these marketing rules and merged with channels like Blogs and Social Networks, each with their own particularities as well. Today, a company’s content MUST be: Interesting, Innovative and Educative in order to dominate the market.

COMPLETE MARKETING STRATEGY = The Complete Marketing Strategy consulting defines what marketing channels can be used along with what tools to maximize the company’s growth. A Social Network is one example of a marketing channel, where the goal is to choose which networks suits best for a company’s business goals. Just on social media, there’s the need to address what content has to be managed, rewritten or published considering the network’s particularities and the end goal of the company. Some particularities involve particular demographics, content strategies, the best time to post, engagement levels and other marketing variables. Facebook users behave differently than those on Instagram, for example. And a few examples of Social Networks are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube and more. Other marketing channels are: Email marketing, PPC campaigns (Smartphone/Desktop), Apps (Smartphone/Desktop/Tablets), Search Engines, QR Codes, Blogs, SMS and more.

There’s more in-depth information on the other Landing pages about the services above:

Remember: A Complete Marketing Project delivers everything above.
Now the processes you want to know more about.

Every company needs to go through the same process so the best business strategy can be built, which will get you the results you want. Because otherwise, I deny the customer’s project for his own sake. PETERSON TEIXEIRA’s Company values high-quality work above everything and in order for that to be delivered, this is the process you’ll go through:

  • THE QUESTIONNAIRE/INTERVIEW — You’ll be asked a certain amount of simple and direct questions regarding your business so the best business strategy can be properly built for you. The questionnaire changes because the global market is changing at a very fast pace due to technology, creating the necessity of additional questions that will give all the necessary information for delivering the best upgrade possible for your business.
  • THE MARKET ANALYSIS — Market Analysis is conducted by merging EXPERTISE with CUSTOMER’S ANSWERS where the goal is to understand and deconstruct how the customer’s market works and what points are explorable to achieve real, maximum growth.
  • THE COMPETITORS ANALYSIS — Competitor Analysis is made to deconstruct what the champions in your business are currently doing, find their weak spots and their strong points. The goal is to validate business strategies, market shares and other important points regarding competitors to make sure everything opportunity is being considered.
  • THE CUSTOMER ANALYSIS — Customer Analysis is made to deconstruct the target audience of a business and discover all buying personas and how they all behave in the market. The goal is having more precision about how customers interact with the business’ niche for building the best business strategy possible.
  • THE PROJECT EXECUTION — Project Execution has 3 different packages available: (1) Hour-based Online Calls; (2) Online Calls + Documents; (3) Online Calls + Documents + Onsite Assistance

OBS: Currently based in Brazil, my delivery can be both in PORTUGUESE or ENGLISH.

All projects will use communication channels that will allow everything to be documented properly.

  • E-MAIL — Email is the tool used for written conversations and to also document any requests necessary. For longer contracts, it helps both ends. Therefore, sometimes you may be requested to write an email when asking for certain things. Organization is key for success here.
  • ONLINE CALLS — Skype is the tool of choice used for conversations and recording is optional. You can choose to record the calls for further use since depending on the call, it may become a resource in the future.
  • DOCUMENTS — Documents will be handed to you with everything you need to know for getting the results promised in the consulting project. All documents will be delivered to you with the purpose of leaving no doubt on how to take action so it can become another resource that may be consulted for further use. And every resource necessary for project’s success is also included in documentation, including used/recommended tools.

Now, a very important.

You’re about to find out now. It’s important to make things clear regarding one thing: I qualify my customers as well. Therefore, having the financial capability to buy my services not necessarily means that you’ll be able to do so, since this must be a win-win situation for both. The goal is to make lasting partnerships, not one-time transactions. Neither do I take money from brands just to make money.

The goal is to provide help.
With all that in mind, let’s answer your question.

Next, I’ll give you some short but effective questions to qualify you.
The questionnaires below involve the next core areas that can change your marketing/business results:

  • Copywriting
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Link Building Strategy

Let’s test your answers.
Check if you qualify.

If at least one of the following questions cause you to answer “YES”, then it is a strong indicator that your company may need this kind of marketing service:

  • Q1: Do prospects/customers bounce from your Landing Pages frequently?
  • Q2: Do you have everything right and at place but sales numbers are frozen or low?
  • Q3: Do people leave your company’s website very fast without interacting with it?
  • Q4: Do you constantly produce content but visitors never bother to click on them?
  • Q5: Would you admit that by cold reading your copy you wouldn’t buy from yourself?

THE QUESTIONNAIRE (Content Marketing Strategy)
If at least one of the following questions cause you to answer “YES”, then it is a strong indicator that your company may need this kind of marketing service:

  • Q1: Do prospects/customers constantly ignore the content you publish?
  • Q2: Do you have a very low ROI after putting hours and hours of work in content creation?
  • Q3: Does your brand’s content look amateurish in comparison with your TOP competitors?
  • Q4: Would you prefer to read/consume your competitor’s content over yours?
  • Q5: Have you invested loads of money and workforce and didn’t get new partnerships or customers?

THE QUESTIONNAIRE (Social Media Strategy)
If at least one of the following questions cause you to answer “YES”, then it is a strong indicator that your company may need this kind of marketing service:

  • Q1: Do prospects/customers ignore your social pages frequently?
  • Q2: Do you have a very low following in comparison with the amount of work invested?
  • Q3: Do you share everything in your social profiles without considering your audience’s taste?
  • Q4: Do you constantly produce content that doesn’t get any interactions?
  • Q5: Do you constantly get a low number of business leads via your social profiles/pages?

THE QUESTIONNAIRE (Link Building Strategy)
If at least one of the following questions cause you to answer “YES”, then it is a strong indicator that your company may need this kind of marketing service:

  • Q1: Do you have a very high-quality website and content and still get low traffic?
  • Q2: Do you know which brands/websites are linking to yours, and how?
  • Q3: Are you getting leads and traffic that never convert into buyers?
  • Q4: Are weaker competitors showing on media while your superior work is being ignored?
  • Q5: Have you lost links and your traffic dropped, killing your exposure?

And the final question:


That’s it. You decide now.
Think about the questions and question yourself about your own results.

Now, addressing the question that is shaking your brain inside your head.
The investment part.


CONSULTING PACKAGE #1: €399,00* – Online Calls only
CONSULTING PACKAGE #2: €14.499,00** – Online Calls + Documents
CONSULTING PACKAGE #3: €49.899,00** – Online Calls + Documents + Onsite

ONSITE = Local assistance.
ONLINE CALLS = Verbal help and business/marketing consulting.
DOCUMENTS = Written help and documented business/marketing consulting.

* This is the fixed price for 1-hour online calls.
** This is the starting price because projects tend to need more analysis.
ALL the work is centered on research, case studies, books, and marketplace. Everything is well-organized and will be presented to you as one single and easy-to-understand guide, along with live meetings as well.

You’re FREE to send a message if you have any questions about business.

The goal is to make this investment ridiculous comparing to the results you’ll achieve.
You’ll get the necessary knowledge to grow more in less time, whether in Marketing or Business Strategy. You’ll get exactly what you need.

Are you qualified for a Consulting Project?
Then send me a quick message. Let’s talk. Today.

Nice meeting you,
Thank you!

P.S: Simple Warning — If you want to schedule a meeting with me to talk about your business project, do it quickly please so I can fit you in my agenda. Play fast my friend. The time is now.

Peterson Teixeira
CEO & Founder


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