COPYWRITING HACKS: The Copywriting Formulas From Experts You Can Use To Make Sales Look Like Child’s Play

Alright, Hacking time. Well, to most of us Marketers, we all know that on a daily basis we can’t always find the time to go “Creative Copy Mode” while we’re on the duty to sell a product like we should — A Copywriting master — but we still need to deliver some psychological punches to poke the buttons that make people buy the product. That’s our mission. After all, we need our sales numbers to smile back at us at the end of the month, so we need results. Period. No time for games here.

So here’s the thing.
Although there are some key points to pay attention to in order to write good copy for any Marketing asset, what I’m about to show you next is a bit different. It is…..faster. It enhances your copy creation process once you dominate it, and it’s called Copywriting Formulas. This is a way to build highly persuasive copy in a MUCH FASTER pace just by using certain “marketing frameworks” to write your copy, hence, the name “Copywriting Formulas”.

The Marketing Industry talks about this a lot, making even Giant Tech Companies like Oracle itself write about this topic. Therefore, it’s a useful and important skill to learn in the Copywriting realm.

So here are the Copywriting Formulas I’ll be teaching you to master now:

PS: Keep in mind that ALL these Formulas will work better if you always do your homework, gather data, gather persuasive examples and use bold copy. Neglect these steps and most of the times it won’t make a difference. Persuasion should be the goal, so remember to use all tools available to do so, ok?

The SSS Formula stands for Star, Story, Solution. Basically, it’s centered around one main character (the star) inside a story/journey of problems and experiences on which the solution (the product) is portrayed as the final salvation to all the character’s problems. Since it involves stories, this is a formula grounded on The Art of Storytelling.

So here’s the most simplistic explanation on each point:

  • STAR — The main character of your copy. It can be the customer, yourself, a celebrity, a fictional character etc. It’s the main role played by someone, just like in a movie.
  • STORY — The “road of problems” and life experiences the star is immersed into, used to reinforce/support the need of the solution being provided. The story has one goal: To make the customer feel the pain with more intensity so he can naturally associate more value to the product being sold.
  • SOLUTION — The product/service which you want to sell in your copy.

Easy, right?
So what about a quick example?

EXAMPLE:The name is John. John Bane.[the star] He was a 25-year old man who was tired of his existence. He never had a girlfriend in his life. He was too shy to even go ask for the time to an old woman on the street. That was his level of stress and shyness. The question “Why am I so cursed?” was flooded John’s mind constantly because of his painful reality.

And that’s not an exaggeration, at all.
Friends ignored him for years because he was too weird to go to parties and hang out like a normal person. Women would assume he didn’t like them because he didn’t have any attitude towards them, as well. Not matter the situation, John felt like he was trapped. Imprisoned. Hopeless.

But one day that horrible situation changed. For good.

On a rainy day browsing the web on his computer, John was reading the members’ comments until he found a guy named Gary. That guy impressed him. Why? Because Gary was highly successful with women and famous on the forum for it, but he revealed the truth of his life to all members: He was also shy — like John — but was able to overcome it. Completely. And now he was more social than extroverts becoming a man completely dominant around women. John’s dream life.

The instant John’s read this, you can imagine his mind working…
“But HOW?!?! What did you do??? How do I get out of this horrible life too?!”

John engaged in a quick conversation with Gary thanks to his burst of curiosity.
And aggressively. And 10 minutes later everything was clarified. He got his life’s answer.

The Ultimate Coaching for Personality Building was that answer.[product]
John found his solution. And he was really impressed. The details of a 70-day program with practical training on the streets that Gary was giving him, with ACTUAL coaches, only made the offering more appealing to his eyes. “No company does that kind of service!” – was his instant reaction as soon as Gary spoke to him.

But Gary was right.
After all, there would be no other reason why the NY Times would rate it the best coaching service in Europe. A company that changed 538,000 lives in just 5 years in business, by teaching how to master mindsets, and how to reverse negative emotions, bringing life back to people’s eyes, couldn’t get any less success.

Truly impressive.
A real Coaching Company that heals people from their deepest fears.

So just like Gary, John made sure to sign up for his life’s solution.
The result? A marriage after 6 months of training. And he met his wife on the street.
John now lives a happy life and all his fears were fully destroyed. A true, fulfilling life that many people desire was achieved by that tiny scared guy.

Now here’s the answer to your question.
Yes, John was our customer. Just like Gary.
This is a true life story where a normal guy fought against his greatest fears and won. By sheer will and an intense 70-day training.


Now I ask you a simple question: Will you fight your fears? Or live a life you hate forever?
It’s your decision. You won’t live forever. It’s time to free your mind so you can really live life. Start the 70-day program. Just click on the button below to begin the 1st lesson.

[ Start Lesson #1 ]
The Ultimate Coaching Service

Simple right?
A “story” with a “star” who went through some problems which relates to the target audience for sure, and who in the end, got the solution to dramatically change his reality, which is the product/service being sold.

No mystery here.
Next formula.

The PAS Formula stands for Problem, Aggravate, Solve. The goal is to hook the prospect/visitor/reader in a problem he has by maximizing its consequences and natural cause, pushing him to a more action-driven mental state with the intent to make him purchase your solution. And since humans naturally tend to worry a lot, this formula works like a charm.

So here’s the most simplistic explanation on each point:

  • PROBLEM — The main pain the prospect is living. The why (or whys) behind his buying intent that your solution needs to solve.
  • AGGRAVATE — The piece of the copy where you MAXIMIZE the prospect’s problem in a way that it looks bigger to the prospect’s eyes. But you must NOT lie here. The only thing necessary to accomplish problem aggravation is to simply give the reader a full scenario to make him comprehend his own problem in more depth. A good way to do this is by revealing all worst-case scenarios possible, especially those that involves the future because it will reinforce a “lasting pain” to the customer’s eyes.
  • SOLVE — The product/service which you want to sell in your copy.

Not that hard to understand, right?
So let’s dive into another quick example then, but addressing the same problem John has.

EXAMPLE:Loneliness. That’s your reality.[the problem] Every single day. Every single weekend. It kills you. But you want a way out, you want happiness, you want to be more social and yet, somehow you cannot find a way to change your life and experience those shiny days everyone else has.

Yes, we know how you feel.
We have trained, healed and built men out of nothing. Nothing.
Now we have the famous title: “The best Coaching Service in Europe”.
Well, we don’t care too much about that. We only care about what customers say about us. What they passionately speak about us.

Because our mission is to make men FEARLESS.
So if you’re reading this, then here’s the solution for your most deepest problems: The Ultimate Coaching 70-day Training.

The Best in Europe. And the rumors are true. Yes, you’ll experience a great deal of mental stress, and we’ll push your boundaries, but you’ll become limitless. Fearless. Among society and among friends. No more fears. No more bad thoughts. No more negativity taking over. And no more painful parties.

Done. Freedom.
Pure freedom. That’s what we sell.

Because we don’t want you to live more weekends alone, or go to the movies alone, or eat all alone for the next 10 years of your life. We don’t want you to flush your life down the toilet, living it while waiting for the end of it. Enough. Enough of those YEARS of pure excruciating pain and loneliness. Enough of an empty future. [problem aggravation]

It’s time for a change. Time for a life revolution. And time for action.
Your way out is here: A 70-day commitment + a small $399 subscription fee.
That’s it. The rest is totally up to us. We’ll get in contact with you and you’ll become what you always wanted. A free, happy man.

Just make the first move.
Subscribe today.

The Ultimate Coaching Service

The only thing you need to watch out for is paying attention so your problem aggravation section doesn’t backfire. Because by overwhelming the reader with a huge pessimist scenario, you can accidently lower his faith in your product/service, due to the picture you’ve painted in his head. If you reinforce pain too much to him, he may assume there will be no possible good outcome out of it. Get it?

Besides that, just go for it. All in.
Ok, next formula! (you can go grab a cup of coffee if you like)

One of the most famous copywriting formulas of all. The AIDA Formula stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action and it started its legacy in Marketing a long time ago. Basically, AIDA is divided into 4 core steps which are driven by a goal that your copy needs to accomplish in order to produce heavy psychological punches.

The 4 core steps are:

  • (A) ATTENTION — Get the reader’s attention.
  • (I) INTEREST — Generate interest within the few seconds of attention
  • (D) DESIRE — Immerge the reader in the copy to cause actual product desire
  • (A) ACTION — Make the reader take some form of action

Complicated? Not that much.
Here’s a quick example to clarify things for you.

PS: I was astonished by how many big brands have incredibly bad copy to support this Formula. I had to go to the new guys like Moz to exemplify this for you.

Basically, the ATTENTION is exactly that: GET ATTENTION (make people look to that section).
Then, you need to say something a bit more interesting, that traps them somehow for a few seconds (INTEREST). Then, you need to be able to cause DESIRE through something intriguing, worthy of your customer’s time. And finally, just finalize with an ACTION statement.

From the example above, here’s a quick explanation for you:

Products to Power Your Online Visibility — “Hmmm…more customers looking at my brand”.
Online Marketing is complicated — “Wait… this digital marketing thing is complicated?!”.
Moz makes it easy — “And you make it all EASY?! I LOVE EASY!”.
See Moz Products — “Yep. Show me how you make it easy.”

That’s the AIDA form, my friend. Simple, isn’t it?
Just core questions being addressed in your copy. That’s all.
Alright. Next.

The SLAP Formula stands for Stop, Look, Act, Purchase. The idea is similar of the AIDA form, with two slight differences: first, you must “shock” the reader just to make him stop whatever he is doing. Then, you must make him REALLY look at what you’re saying. Then, demand from him some form of action. And finally, make him fall right into the purchase.

Here’s the explanation:

  • (S) STOP — SHOCK the reader somehow to grab his attention
  • (L) LOOK — Make him look, READ the message somehow
  • (A) ACT — Push him into some form of action
  • (P) PURCHASE — Drive him to a purchase afterwards

This method was AGGRESSIVELY used by those “get rich quick” schemes in the early stages of the Internet, where you saw everywhere online, those headlines making promises like “EARN $150,000 FROM HOME JUST BY TYPING 3 WORDS IN YOUR KEYBOARD” or “MAKE MONEY WHILE YOU’RE SLEEPING AND NEVER WORK AGAIN IN YOUR LIFE”. This kind of things. Appealing indeed, and strong copy for sure because everybody wants that, which was exactly why many people got tricked into it.

But I won’t address this as an example (although it does exemplify perfectly this Formula).
So let’s take a look on a more serious one where SLAP has more strength due to the natural environment, like an ecommerce store:

PS: Cool item right? Keeps you from slicing off your fingers while working. Give a Thanks to these guys who promote interesting products.

Now back to the copy.
You can see that the product’s image is the “LOOK” part of the formula here. “But wait, wasn’t copy supposed to be in written format”? Yes. But what I want you to learn is that it still works because the image playing a substitute also draws people’s attention. Actually, more than words by the way. And well, the goal of great, powerful copy is to do exactly that. Drawn some eyeballs to help the sale process flow until a close.

So why I used an image instead?
I did this to exemplify that YOU CAN BREAK SOME RULES if you mix other resources with your formula. As long as it persuades people more, of course. So it’s VITAL that you see Copywriting Formulas from the following perspective:


Period. Sometimes you can mix things up if you have the chance.
Don’t let that limited view that many have of “NO! Copy should always be in written format! That’s wrong!!!” persuade you or block you from trying new variations. It really doesn’t matter.

Ignore limited minds and useless definitions. Focus on what can work once you mix things the right way. Because what matters in Marketing is knowing how to persuade people effectively and the tools that you have available for use in your own arsenal.

Or do you think customers care about “definitions”?
So this was just an example so you remember that you can (and must) think outside the box (especially in Marketing).

Alright. Next formula.

The AAPPA Formula stands for Attention, Advantage, Proof, Persuasion, Action. It’s a bit different from the other formulas because it slices “Interest” into smaller pieces, splitting it into “Advantage” and “Proof” to cause interest on people, making the process a little easier to implement because you digest the process into smaller ones, facilitating the ability to focus on the persuasion part.

So here’s the explanation:

  • (A) ATTENTION — Get people’s attention
  • (A) ADVANTAGE — Show them upfront a big advantage for buying your product
  • (P) PROOF — Shove in their faces a proof that this advantage is real
  • (P) PERSUADE — Play with people’s emotions, the proofs and advantages to persuade
  • (A) ACTION — Push them to take action

So far so good, right?
Once that’s clear, let’s play once more with another quick example.

EXAMPLE: The market of Automobiles is now ours [attention!]. Since we developed a new way to merge Artificial Intelligence with the mechanics of an ordinary car, driving is gonna become a brand new experience for you. The future has arrived. Now, with our next generation car, you can drive without using your hands or feet and without worrying about your physical security on any highway on Earth [advantage] because the car has the ability to drive itself to any destinations that it has on its maps.

You’ll be able to do these things while driving now:

  • read a book or study for an exam
  • prepare a business presentation
  • watch movies in the back seat

And much more. We created more free time in your daily hours [advantage] so you can get more things done while on your way to work or college. All thanks to the advancements of A.I. The car has been approved by Military grade security tests that involve test drives with collision avoidance and automatic emergency braking, which we recorded on video right here [proof] so every customer can be sure that the car does ride by itself and it did pass on all 750 security checks before entering the marketplace.

There’s just one thing, though.
Such risk-free product with ultimate high-tech advancements is not available to everyone. The market reaction was unexpected as you can see in this Forbes article. Therefore, you have until next Friday, October 21st, to do a test drive for free in all of our cars. Free of charge. In Monaco. But there are only 320 spots left which split across all Continents [persuade]. So make sure to move fast.

Welcome to the New Era of Automobiles.
Embrace the future. Have a Test Drive today [action].
And unlock the life of driving the next generation cars.

Let’s enjoy life.

NeXT Motors

This was just a quick example of how to apply this formula. Basic stuff. And by the way, if you’re experiencing some doubt on how to persuade people in the “Persuade” part, then you can read what Fast Company published about 10 Psychological Theories to Persuade People, which will give you a good ground to base your copy on. It’s not that difficult once you understand the basics. Seriously.

Next one.

The 4P Formula stands for Picture, Promise, Prove, Push. This is in synthesis, a very similar approach in comparison with AIDA or AAPPA but it narrows down your copywriting “action plan” by defining that you start from one powerful persuasion point: Imagination.

And we all know how imagination is powerful to persuade us into buying something. Imagination shapes realities. Through imagination alone, a Jewish psychiatrist named Frank was able to change his own while living in a Nazi concentration camp which later became a book that sold more than 10 million copies. That’s how powerful imagination can be. Therefore, its marketing applicability can obviously create strong mental environments which can leverage persuasion, pushing people into buying something, as well.

So first, let’s make things clear for you before we address another example:

  • (P) PICTURE — Make the person imagine a situation point
  • (P) PROMISE — Make a solid promise based on what you made the person think about
  • (P) PROVE — Reveal proof that you can deliver such promise
  • (P) PUSH — Push the person mentally to take action

Well, if the formula starts with “Picture”, then it’s only logical to start with….”Imagine”. Right? Because we need to put scenes, descriptions and images inside the customer’s mind which will help to persuade him towards our desired action.

Just to make things clear on this “Imagination thing”, see how Renault begins its video copy:

Description: “Can you imagine yourself at the wheel of this beauty [picture]? Of course, you can. With everything, that comes with it…..”

Easy, right?
Now here’s the real reason why I embedded this video.
I wanted to highlight this ad because if you pay close attention, you can deconstruct the video above and bring its content — images and video copy — back to paper and pencil (or laptop and keyboard), which helps you learn copywriting faster once you understand what is done with imagery on most ads.

Don’t worry, you’re about to understand what I mean.
Next, I’ll adapt what you just saw and expand it using a PPPP Formula.
Well, actually, I’ll “reveal” the pieces of copy that are “hidden” in some of the displayed images on the video above, that weren’t spoken nor written in the video.

Then let’s go.

EXAMPLE: Can you imagine yourself at the wheel of this beauty [picture]? Of course, you can. With everything, that comes with it. New opportunities. Recognition from your family. A new brand image. Wild after work parties. Not to mention your popularity. You may even become a national treasure.

Sounds good, no?
Not this time, sorry.

So we’ve come up with something…slightly different. [promise]

[deconstructing the video images…]
A new engine with the same horsepower that top race cars have. A true top of the line sports car. The Plastic Steel Wheels were specially made to do curves smoothly at high speeds with strong brake precision so you can drop the car’s speed in an instant, just in case. And thanks to the unique 0-60mph acceleration power, getting back on track at full speed is a matter of just 3 seconds. That’s serious horsepower.

We’re not joking.
Motorsports and 5 other Sports magazines have executed a massive amount of tests which proved that the Clio RS16 can match an F1 car speed by 70% and also its crash resistance. More than 10,500 reviews were posted by customers on Youtube, including celebrities, journalists and race addicts, proving[prove] that this is not just a machine. Not just a car. It’s an Experience. An experience few can match.

So why delay a damn good ride and a unique experience…
if you can see how a race car feels Today? And feel the same feeling that F1 racers feel? There’s no point in delaying life.

Don’t ride a car. Ride a racing machine. Ride an experience.
Change your next rides from a boring tour to a great Adventure on some speedy wheels.

So make the right call and choose your adventurous side.
Give us a call for a test drive today. Enjoy life a bit. [push].


Quite simple, right? No mysteries here, either.
So let’s head to the next one then because time is precious.

The Four core questions Formula stands for the 4 basic questions that EVERY COPYWRITER must know if he wants to craft really persuasive, niche-independent copy and you’re about to understand why.

The 4 questions are the following:

  • QUESTION Nº1 – What I’ve got for you?
  • QUESTION Nº2 – What it’s going to do for you?
  • QUESTION Nº3 – Who am I?
  • QUESTION Nº4 – What you need to do next?

Basically, the intent of these questions is to guide you through a sales process on which you can’t go wrong if you address all these questions together, because the customer will have these 4 basic questions inside his head as soon as he is presented to your product. That’s usually a rule of thumb, because people tend to think alike in certain situations.

So here’s an example from Cyfe:


The 1st question is just a “headline”, a presentation to an unknown person telling him what the product is about, in a superficial level, without telling him what the product actually does in practice. The 2nd question addresses what the product does in more detail, which has the goal to create true interest and desire.

Naturally, after receiving these two pieces of information, the customer will likely think: “Well, but what company is this?” or “Who are you?”, right? These are something addressed by the 3rd question. And finally, if everything else seems compelling enough, you need to direct the customer to a funnel or push him into taking some form of action, since he’ll naturally ask in the end: “Ok, what do I do next then? I liked this!”. And THAT is answered by the 4th and final question in your copy.

Is that simple. And it works.

Because the natural order of doubts most people have once presented to a brand new product, will likely be those 4 questions aligned, in that specific sequence. Like a robot. So if you can strike these in your copy, then you’ll prevent your prospect from leaving earlier due to lack of key answers for his doubts.

Easy stuff.
Next formula!

This Formula stands for 5 key questions that are mostly used for Sales Letters. The questions are a bit different focusing on a more weak-minded, insecure kind of type of customer. No joke. The piece of this Formula that addresses insecurity is the last 2 questions, which requires 2 different kinds of proof.

Here’s the formula:

  • QUESTION Nº1 — What will you do for me if I listen to your story?
  • QUESTION Nº2 — How are you going to do this?
  • QUESTION Nº3 — Who is responsible for the promises you make?
  • QUESTION Nº4 — Who have you done this for?
  • QUESTION Nº5 — What will it cost me?

I’ll make this as short as possible for you, ok?
Time to go to school.

EXAMPLE: This is not an ordinary website protection service. Not even close. This SaaS solution will protect your digital business from being hacked by all 90% of crackers on the planet and the most deadly viruses, malwares, spywares, and DDoS attacks [question nº1]. There’s a team of 100 security experts dedicated 24 hours per day, based in Georgia, responsible for monitoring all your company’s digital structure once you decide to become a customer.

All protection is done through advanced firewall filters, honeypots, intrusion prevention systems and other advanced security measures [question nº2] the current marketplace demands, and every time someone access your servers from unauthorized devices such as a different desktop or mobile phone, you’ll instantly get an email alert or a text message on your phone.

This Mission Impossible security level.

But there’s one more thing.
Don’t worry about multiple vendors. Because now you can centralize all your website’s security in just one place. Our systems and cloud headquarters. Because all of our systems, security tools, and personnel provide a unique and complete solution, killing the necessity of having to store something else with other vendors. Everything is provided by us and protected by us [question nº3] and a 100 GB cloud-based backup service is maintained so customers can access everything themselves, whenever they want.

A full digital structure with special protection. Professional, Military-grade protection.
This is why one of our customers is the DoD, the Department of Defense of the United States of America [question nº4]. Because we deliver. We also have 30 Fortune 500 companies trusting in our services as well.

Now, the final question you need to address yourself.
Are you willing to protect your business from the world’s greatest crackers and the most damaging viruses? Do you want a team of dedicated security experts guarding your digital business 24/7 with the latest advanced technology? Do you want to stop worrying about not having automatic cloud-based backups when things fire up nor an emergency team ready to take action as soon as someone tries to hack in into your system?

Probably not, right?
Why waste life thinking about security 24/7? Makes no sense.

So welcome to the Decision-making tip point.
Here’s the deal: All military-grade security, with the latest technological resources, can protect your online business for only $1499 per month [question nº5].

Protect your systems. Protect your business.
Protect your life. Don’t let crackers destroy years of your hard work.


Very simple formula as well, if you put it on paper, right?
OK. Now let’s head to the next one.

The 7 Step Formula is basically based on guidelines. Pure guidelines. That’s it. These guidelines are like a boring (well, why lie here right?), steady process on which you rely on to build up your copy with more ease without having to give much thought about it at first. It’s kinda like an industrial copy production process, so to speak. There’s no magic bullet nor special mental trick.

So let’s see which steps are involved:

  • STEP #1 — Make a promise based on your most important benefit.
  • STEP #2 — Expand the promise that you made
  • STEP #3 — Tell the reader what he will get from you, in details
  • STEP #4 — Add some proof to support the details that you just gave (testimonials etc)
  • STEP #5 — Increase “pain” by reinforcing the size of the problem if he doesn’t take action
  • STEP #6 — Prepare for the close by highlighting the crucial benefits
  • STEP #7 — Provoke the need to take instant action

Now let’s dive in into the example.


Now you can have a real movie inside your living room. This is not a home theater. And not just another “big TV” as well. It’s far more powerful than that. This model was made using Quantum Dot technology to improve display by 300%, making your TV screen look just like the screen in the movies. Thanks to the latest display technology, we brought to the marketplace the brightest TV ever made by man in history.

But the really good part is this: A 120-inch TV which you can use to split the screen up into 4 parts to watch different shows on each section. It has 4 different slots that allow you to connect 4 different headphones which enable people to watch different shows while lunching together, for example, while listening to each respective screen sound. Now you can gather everybody in front of the TV. This feature is also a very useful functionality for those who play video games on a consistent basis since it allows you to reproduce multiple screens while you’re playing as well.[step #2]

So basically, here’s what you’ll get:

– The latest TV Technology
– A 2-year warranty
– A 1-year subscription of all the Pay-Per-View Channels

[step #3]

You can see in our comment and testimonials section, that of all 35.000 5-star reviews, only 1 customer used his 2-year warranty [step #4] because the quality being delivered is truly impressive. This a remarkable TV. A mark in the marketplace.

Now, what you need to ask yourself is simple:
Do you think there’s any competition in the market against this model? Not a chance. Other models will only make you waste money. Because nothing can match this wall-sized, bright-color, 120-inch screen TV with embedded Dolby sound technology. [step #5]

Nothing. Therefore, it’s time for action.
Because you can’t find a 120″ HD screen that splits itself into 4 screens [step #6] elsewhere. Prices are going up and Time is running up.

Here’s why:
Models left in store: 190 models.
The number above changes by the second since this is a real time countdown. You may hit F5 and see a big “0 models” in this paragraph if you’re too late. [step #7]

So make sure you get yours. Today. Now.
Because the experience you’ll live, is simply unmatchable.
After all, what’s the price of having a big movie screen inside your living room?

So change your relaxing hours.
Buy your extraordinary 120″ TV today: [ ADD TO CART ]


There’s not much secret on this as well, as you can see for yourself.
Worrying about hitting all points/steps is actually the only thing that you need to worry about. Once that’s covered properly, by using the right “pressure” points to hit the customer with more highly persuasive arguments, you win. Period.

Another easy job.
Good? Great. Next formula then.

The Video Startup Sales Formula is focused on one thing only: Promote a Startup’s product properly. Period. Since Startups are innovative companies, they need to sell exactly that to customers, vendors and investors: Their innovative product. And if it’s a clear message with a strong enough approach, the drive to buy the startup idea or the product itself naturally happens due to the product’s persuasive proposal, mostly thanks to its originality or geniality. Because there will always be the following key rule:


Ok, so here are its basic steps:

  • STEP #1 — A Bold Statement about The Product
  • STEP #2 — The Core benefit about The Product
  • STEP #3 — The Product’s full features and benefits
  • STEP #4 — A Branding phrase to help people remember the USP

Now here’s a video of a startup so you can see it in action:

STEP #1 = “Introducing The World’s First Microwavable Notebook”

STEP #2 = “With the wave notebook and the rocketbook app you instantly blast your notes into the cloud using your mobile device. In a fraction of a second, rocketbook machine vision scans, enhances, and sends each page to the specific destination they belong on the cloud services you already use.”

STEP #3 = [0:27] – [1:18]

STEP #4 = “The utility of the cloud and the joy of pen and paper.”

Simple. Straight to the point.
And very effective. Alpine Labs does the same with its remote camera control business:

Startups only need to sell their breakthroughs.
Because if it’s strong enough, everything flows.

Next formula.

This is a formula many probably don’t know, but that was first spotted here on Digital Marketer. The Julie Boswell formula is interesting because it narrows down the audience right away, preventing your business from getting low-value leads, forcing only the valuable ones that can actually pay you to take action. This is why I love this Copywriting approach. Because I use it myself with my brand and with customers. But I wasn’t aware that someone else made it official.

Well, here are the key points of it anyway:

  • STEP #1 — Point out who your message is for
  • STEP #2 — Identify their problem
  • STEP #3 — Expose why they’re currently doing the wrong approach to solve things
  • STEP #4 — Tell them how you discovered what DOES work
  • STEP #5 — Tell them how they can get it

This is a quick example, so let’s address it fast.

EXAMPLE: This is not ordinary Marketing. And this is not a service for medium or small businesses, either. This is for big brands only. The ones on the Fortune 500 list who are still relying on useless, traditional Marketing campaigns. [step #1] to survive in these days of brutal competition.

So here’s a simple question.
Are you still wasting the whole Marketing Budget on Banners, Outdoors and other types of medium which people are not paying much attention to, today? Are you about to start another stress-based week thanks to not generating any real marketing results lately? Are you currently living those weekly fights with your boss about your ROI? [step #2]

Then let’s solve the whole problem.
Because although your Marketing used to work 15 years ago, nowadays the game is totally different. It changed. Dramatically. You cannot buy Banner Ads or Outdoor Ads if people’s attention is mostly aimed at their own smartphones for 80% of the day [step #3]. Doesn’t work. It’s a waste of money and time. It’s useless.

Therefore, the Marketing breakthrough starts with a simple question:
Which is the 1st Channel you go to as soon as you want to hire another company?

Here’s your answer: Google. That is your answer.
So if other companies also google other brands, then being in the first Marketing Channel is the ultimate solution for today’s crowded business space. And that’s exactly what we do for big brands: We put them back on the radar. Through advanced link building strategies, massive outreach, SEO techniques and other marketing strategies, we restore your Fortune 500 status once more and establish it completely as if you were still playing in the 1980s. [step #4]

So your decision is quite simple now.
Do you want to dominate your field once more, or let the small guys win over you?
All you have to do is answer this question using one of the buttons below.



Simple, right? There’s nothing to add here anymore.
Now let’s continue. We’re almost there.

The ACCA Formula stands for Awareness, Comprehension, Conviction, Action. The reason why I included this one, is because certain niches like Legal Advice or Animal Cruelty are harder to sell due to the false impression the customer has of not needing the product or service. And if the client thinks he doesn’t need your product or service, or if he doesn’t understand how it affects him, then you stand no chance against him. This formula is useful to break this pattern.

So here is how it goes:

  • (A) AWARENESS — Raise awareness about a specific problem that you solve
  • (C) COMPREHENSION — Make the customer truly understand how in trouble he is
  • (C) CONVICTION — Make the customer believe he needs your product or service
  • (A) ACTION — Ask for a specific action

Below there’s a video that got famous on the web thanks to being very funny for those who were unaware of what’s really happening. The original video went viral. But below I’ll do 2 things at the same time: explain how this Copywriting Formula works while I give you some education on animal cruelty as well at the same time.

The ACCA Formula revealed:
AWARENESS = “You may have seen Youtube videos of a cute little animal called Slow Loris being kept as a Pet and tickled. But what you think it was cute, if you know that tickling a Slow Loris is actually TORTURING it? And that Slow Lorises are suffering terribly as a result of the Pet trade, fuelled by these videos.

COMPREHENSION = “If I told you that, before the Slow Loris is sold as a Pet, its teeth are removed without anesthetic. Would you still want to watch it and share it with your friends? If I told you, that this Loris has her arms up because she’s terrified and is trying to protect herself by gathering venom from a gland inside her elbow….would you still think it is cute?

CONVICTION = “Thousands of Lorises are viciously poached from the wild to be illegally sold on the streets or in markets. Now do you still want to support this trade? Lorises are smuggled in dark, overcrowded airless containers, alongside the bodies of other lorises that have died. If I told you that bright lights hurt their eyes, that most slow loris pets suffer from malnutrition, that in the wild slow lorises travel long distances at night, would you still think it’s acceptable to keep one in a cage? If you had seen the things that the vets at International Animal Rescue have seen you would know that the slow loris pet trade has to stop, before it is too late. So please, stand with me and help expose the truth.”

ACTION = “Hello my name’s Simon Reeve and I’m TV traveler who’s been lucky enough to see slow lorises in the wild. Please do not support the cruel trade and slow lorises as pets, sign the pledge today and together we can work to expose the truth and end this suffering. Sign the pledge, expose the truth and together we can end this suffering, thank you.”

Makes more sense now?
You could do the same to a Legal Advice service firm by attacking the need for a company to hire its services, by unveiling obscure things many don’t know, like the importance of understanding Copyright Infringements on the web so you don’t get sued by hideous, money-driven legal companies. Get it?

This is what is nice about this formula. You can bring up a problem that TRULY exists without the customer being aware of it, and if it does have some “weight”, he’ll buy your copywriting drama. So use it and abuse it whenever you find the need to reveal some chaotic scenario that may happen to the customer if he’s already ignoring the need of your product or service upfront.

OK. Final Formula!

These are Headline Formulas which are used most on Newspapers and Websites, and they all tend to work pretty well. Basically, some bold copywriters like myself found a few word combinations that work for getting people’s attention in seconds.

This section, though, is more “straight-to-the-point” and doesn’t require further explanations on how to use them because it’s simply a ready-to-use framework. So save it somewhere for the future, or memorize them all.

#1. The Ultimate Guide to [Good, Bad, Subject or Thing]
#2. The Secrets Behind [Good, Bad, Subject or Thing]
#3. The X Lessons I Learned from [Person or Experience]
#4. The X Little Known Ways to [Verb + Subject/Thing]
#5. The Complete Resource list of [Subject/Things] From The Top X [Group]
#6. What [Group/Celebrity/Subject/Thing] Can Teach You About [Subject/Thing]
#6. What Everybody Should Know About [Good, Bad, Subject or Thing]
#7. I Found an [Adjective] Way to [Get Powerful Result]
#8. Is this the World’s first [Good, Bad or Thing]?
#9. Break all the rules and [world-class outcome]
#10. Do you have the courage to [do something very scary/desirable/outrageous]?
#11. People Pay Me [$X,000] for This Piece of [Area of Expertise] Information. But Today Is FREE.
#12. Would You [do unimaginable/outrageous thing]? I just did.
#13. How to Survive Your First [Good, Bad, Subject or Thing]
#14. How to Make [$X,000] With Your [resource/skill/thing], Step-by-Step
#15. How Your [Vendor] Is [Stealing From You] And What You MUST Do To Reverse It.
#16. Is [Topic] a Scam? Find Out If You’re Failling Into A Trap
#17. Why Most [Group] Are Right/Mistaken/Wrong/Confused About [Subject]
#18. Is It Immoral To [Get desirable outcome] Like The Way I Did?
#19. How to [get incredible result] And [Do Unexpected Action].
#20. Here’s Why [Subject] Is [Verb] Your [Thing/Subject]

There you go.

Copywriting Formulas works. They make the copy creation process easier and everything else in between. But, here’s the funny part: Despite all its marketing power, I’m one of the guys who doesn’t dig formulas much because it feels like you’re “structuring Art”. And I don’t believe you can do that. To some, it’s the best thing in the world while to others, it’s killing the creative and fun side of crafting copy and marketing.

Well, it doesn’t really matter.
What matters is that now you know how to write persuasive copy much faster for your business.
So have fun with your new conversion rates, my friend.

Take care.


This is not for everyone. If you truly want to improve your business and you REALLY care about delivering a high-quality experience to your customers, instead of just making money, then click the button below. Otherwise, I'll not be able to help your business. You must have a true Entrepreneurial Mindset. Make your choice.



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