COPYWRITING: The Necessary Mindset And Techniques To Creating Extremely Powerful Copy For Your Customers

Many people think copywriting is hard and it’s something that you need YEARS to master it. Those people are wrong. Deadly wrong. Others assume copywriting is only for those who work with sales and breathe sales daily, like a car salesman.

Again, wrong.

Copywriting is not hard if you understand the mechanics of it. Know now that Copywriting is not just for a set of people who work with sales all day long and kill in sales every day. You can upgrade your copy yourself if you have enough heart do pursue its necessary skillset.

PS: And by the way, Copywriting is not about lying either, in case you might be thinking that too.

It’s about connection.
It’s about translating your content, your product or your service at the best, possible way, making people see the “big picture”, the whole overview of a product and all value that may look hidden into it. It’s about communicating what’s not obviously right there in front of your customer’s face and it’s about showing those hidden diamond pieces you have available in your product.

Copywriting is about demonstrating extremely HIGH value. while you at the same time, connects faster with any client who decides to read 10 seconds of your copy.

So if you run ANY kind of business, you must put your company’s results, portfolio, services, and products in a very smart way in front of people so they can fully understand what you have to offer them. And the best your lines, words and sentences are, the better for your bank account.

That’s Copywriting.
To sell a product with all the right, smart words by picking human’s brains through psychological sales pitches.

And that’s what you need to master to show people how DIFFERENT and UNIQUE your business is, in comparison with the horde of competitors you have online. Master it, and experience unbelievable results.

But how can you become a great copywriter in a short time window? Are there any shortcuts for writing better copy? Is there any way to outsmart other businesses and leverage yours? Can you write extremely powerful copy even if you are a beginner?

Yes, you can. Good news for you, my friend.
So the important question you might be asking yourself is this:

How to master copywriting and transform my skills FAST so I can write better copy for my products and sell more of my products to my customers?

Glad you asked. Let’s answer it.

The first thing you need to understand is that in order to write better copy you must be focused on doing 2 simple things, which are:

  • Improve and enhance your Mindset. (very important)
  • 2. Implement a few copywriting techniques.

This is all you need to do — and know — in order to write great, powerful, eye-catching, persuasive copy. Something that JUMPS out of the screen and poke your customer’s eyes making him spend all his money that was saved for his children’s college.

Ok, I’m sorry, that’s not actually the goal. My bad.
We don’t want you writing copy that keeps poking people’s eyes out there because that’s bad manners.

But the 2 principles are right, so let’s continue.

Confidence is where most people fail. People who want to become a true copywriter (or act like it) must live through their lines, through their sentences, and inject heavy, rock-hard confidence into their words by not giving a damn to the world around them. So remember the 1st rule:


That’s key. Because without confidence, you look like you are trying to sell something that SUCKS! You look like you are needing the money your customers own and you want to rob them somehow. You look like you want to subtly steal from them and call that a business transaction.

That’s how a lack of confidence can destroy your copy. Because it looks to customers like you don’t really have something valuable to sell them.

And that’s because you don’t BELIEVE in your product. You don’t believe in your services. That’s what you are actually selling to people when you fail to put faith in your copy. You’re selling A BAD product. So if not even YOU believe in what you are selling then WHY should people buy from you?!

That’s the mindset #1 for writing better copy.
That’s the basics. The starting point.

Forget about the world around you. You are the BEST!
Forget competitors. Your products are much better. Much nicer. Much prettier. Much faster. Much more high-quality than any other kind.
You must write forgetting about any people’s opinions because only YOURS matters!

Get it? This is VERY important.
You must understand that when you’re writing a copy for something, may that be a powerful article headline or a homepage sales letter, it’s only you and the piece of content in front of you that matters.

There are NO opinions.
There are NO better products out there.
There are NO greater services that could serve people better.
And there is NO ONE better than Y-O-U in the whole world who could be writing that copy.

You are the master. You are the one who should be writing this. You are the one who must write it and no one else. So forget about all those negative thoughts and put hard work on your copy.

Because it all starts with confidence.

People buy because they created a bond, emotionally speaking, with your product. Reason has almost nothing to do with sales because people buy based more on emotions.

That’s why when you’re writing a copy this must be a solid strategy in your head:


Really TRY to create a bond with your customer when you make him stop to read your content because you are already stealing time from his life. So the LEAST you can do is to connect with him by telling a story, or by talking about a common problem or by doing anything else that creates a solid and powerful instant connection with him right away.

You must crave in your head that if you CONNECT with people the right way, you won’t need to sell or prove anything to people, you’ll just SHOW THEM what they want and the conversions will…just…happen.

Be human. Use emotions. Write about daily problems and common thoughts your customers may experience without your solution and find a way to connect those problems to the product or service you are selling. Create a CONNECTION! People need more than features and technicalities to buy something, no matter what it is they may be about to buy.

People need the emotions attached to your solution, they need the “WHY” that could change their lives for the better and you need to find a way to show it to them.

You need to connect, remember that.
Those are the basic mindsets you must know and what you must work with: Confidence and Emotions.

Now let’s head to the techniques, my friend.

When you’re writing a piece of copy the principle of confidence needs to translate into something. And that “something” is making bold claims in your copy. People don’t believe in you if you don’t shout absurds to them sometimes. Tha’s reality, whether you believe it or not. People need that “juice” to pay attention to, when they’re reading your copy.

So the first technique is, by putting it simply, this:


Of course, you need to back it up what you are saying, that’s obvious. Don’t lie. Because otherwise, you’ll get a ton of visits from lawyers and angry customers just because you are promising X when you actually sell Y. But there’s always a way to ENHANCE all the positive sides of a product. Always.

And that’s what you need to be focusing on, the positive side of the product.
And to clearly show that positive side to people, you must make bold, absurd, extremely confident claims.

I will give you a few examples so you can understand better.
Let’s do this.

Product: Couch
You haven’t experienced anything like this in YOUR LIFE before! This is NOT only a couch, it’s a brand new experience! Relaxing will have a whole different meaning when you lay down on this piece of silk. Made by Chinese people who are experts in building high-quality furniture, the couch has its particularities like anatomically pillows, alergic-free fabric and rock-hard structure because of that, and also, it is waterproof. It’s a huge difference in comparison from what’s out there in the market. You’ll fall asleep faster and sleep better thanks to all the hand-made material carefully fabricated in China. This is not an ordinary couch. And this is not just a place for you to sit and watch TV. It’s a place to really relax whenever you need. A true oasis from your problems. It’s the couch everyone needs.

Enhance the qualities of the product, get it?
You must sell THE BIG PICTURE and not just the direct benefits. Make the customer desire what you’re painting in his head.

But here’s another example so you can understand a little bit better.

Product: Online Course
Our course was developed by exceptional experts in the field. And although 100% of the course is online, we have the ABILITY to make you feel like we are right next to you, teaching everything you need like friends. We don’t teach like other people, no. We CONNECT with your thoughts and we inject the necessary knowledge inside your head, making all the classes and all the content look like you were already very familiar with it. We fill your knowledge gaps because we focus on them. You won’t have to do that much effort to learn it once you taste our powerful learning-oriented program. That’s our expertise. Yes, we are that good. Click the button below and start your 1st free lesson.

But wait, I can build one more example for you.

Product: Payroll Software
We made all the hard work for you. We have built something that the market is not aware of because we implemented features that our competitors implemented, but with a huge difference: our software can do most of the things automatically without you having to do it manually. Forget about manually paying the bills or choosing who to pay that month because thanks to our Artificial Intelligence programming, we already know who you must pay that month. We take into consideration several inputs which only you will provide to our software. Things like payment background, contracts, and other kinds of data are what will support the software decisions, thus, making your life easier. Hire our basic plan for 1 month and enjoy a worry-free experience.

Do you understand now? Make bold claims. Go all out.
Now let’s continue.

The problem with many copywriters or wanna-be copywriters is that they focus on the product itself. They try to hit the emotional buttons of customers by describing the features without paying attention to what really matters: the emotions.

Once you understand that the features ARE NOT the target of your copy, you are half way there to sell something. People will respond better to your copy if you understand them, if you believe in them if you HELP them!

Thus, emotions and problems are another highly useful technique for your copy.
And here are some awesome examples for you once again.

Product: Electric repairs
A Home is only a home if you feel safe inside. Most people don’t know, but a few contractors in the market have built a large number of houses in our country with electric issues. And the worst part is that those issues usually appear only at the worst possible moments, like when you are taking a shower or drying your hair at the bathroom. A small “error” at the electrical structure generated huge problems. And a simple repair would fix the cause of those problems that made so many families suffer from electrical shocks for no reason, which even led children to spend 2 nights at our local hospital. We are here to help you fix your house, and we won’t charge you anything for analyzing your house’s electrical situation, because although we are a company, we care more about people’s safety.

Good? Better? Areyou getting familiar now with a true, powerful copy?Great. Then let’s see one more example.

Product: Relationship Book (for girls)
This is an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT tool in the relationship niche that we decided to launch on the market. No one is explaining men in that much detail like we are and that’s exactly why that, after you read this 112-page book, you’ll become a queen for men in less than 3 months. Every single woman will hate you because of your power, your uniqueness and because of that magnetic attraction field you’ll have around you. Men will CRAWL and BEG for the opportunity to spend just a few hours at your companionship and experience the unique woman you’ll become. You’ll have to filter men since 90% of them will propose you to marry them, even if you just started going out. The secrets we are telling you are the secrets of 1000 men. And we are giving you only the stuff that matters that men care about. You’ll learn to be unique, fun and hot at the same time. You’ll learn to be a very rare woman. And you’ll feel great about it and you’ll never feel alone again.

So when attack PROBLEMS and when you hit the right emotions it’s easier to sell something. People relate to what you have to offer if you are solving a problem they have. In fact, if you DON’T sell them the product or service that will end their pain, you are a very mean and bad person.

So play around with that perspective when writing your next copy ok?
Now let’s focus on another very smart technique.

Have you bought a product just because you saw 37 good reviews about it? Or what about buying a book on because lots of people made good comments about it? Yes? Relax, you’re not alone. We all get influenced by other people’s opinions and we make decisions based on those opinions, and we can’t really blame ourselves for that.

Because numbers, data, and social proof are really powerful.
Why? Simple. It conveys that something:

  • 1. Works and is pre-approved by others
  • 2. Has real value

It’s easier to sell a product if I say that 300.000 people already bought it and it’s easier to sell a product if I show you the testimonies of 1000 people saying good, nice and pretty things about it. People WANT to be smart and take the best decisions when they are buying, and social proof, numbers, and data are a way to instantly communicate that.

Here, I’ll show you.

Product: Restaurant
Do you think our classification is there by accident? There’s no way 1377 people can give us 5 stars as an evaluation for our food services without us backing it up. Truth be told, only 2% of the people we serve gave us 4 stars, and we will never let that number grow in the future. More than 17 newspapers made free propaganda about or food in case you didn’t know that fact either. But we invite you to be fully honest and test our food. We offer 20% off on Friday nights and our most expensive service on the menu won’t cost you more than $17.99. Give us a try!

By injecting numbers, data and social proof in your copy it’s possible to influence decisions. As you can see above, I just offered food which I didn’t even specify the type but because you know that 1377 people gave good feedback about it, you’ll be curious to taste it. The newspapers part will also increase your curiosity making you probably want to visit the place to try its food. After all, everybody is talking about it and the most expensive thing is only $17.99.

Now trying a different approach but using the same strategy.

Product: HR Software
A number of 430 companies are already using our software to manage their employees nowadays. We worked for 7 years on this product and we created our own intellectual property. This software was born thanks to a team of 237 developers from 13 different countries and it was also based on 631 personal experiences from HR managers. They gave us their biggest problems and trusted us personal data, and now, we are giving them (and you) the best HR Software ever. Approved by 40 companies of the Fortune-500 list, this will change your company’s HR forever.

Playing around with data may be dull when writing a copy for a product, especially if you enjoy exploring other techniques. But…’s a very useful technique to close a sale with those people who don’t buy anything if other people didn’t recommend it in the first place. The conservatives. The ones who are afraid to buy something new. The ones who are afraid of change and taking risks. The fear-based people.

This is why you should sometimes insert social proof and back it up with real data and numbers to sell more. Because it works. It really works.

To write awesome copy, you just have to use these techniques and the 2 mindsets all together to find a simple and understandable way to communicate the best parts of a product. If you are trying to sell to people, don’t sell. That’s the wrong approach.

Try to show the product advantages and connect them with common problems and emotions.
That’s what sells. That’s what works.

Take care.


This is not for everyone. If you truly want to improve your business and you REALLY care about delivering a high-quality experience to your customers, instead of just making money, then click the button below. Otherwise, I'll not be able to help your business. You must have a true Entrepreneurial Mindset. Make your choice.



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