COPYWRITING: The Powers of Influence That Force Humans To Instinctively Connect And Buy More

Question: Have you done everything right in your business lately, just to build that ideal online structure to sell your products and services and STILL, you’re disappointed with your conversions? Your powerful website, your Ads campaign, and that lead generator process of yours are just giving you embarrassing results and no money is being made?

Well, the problem may be your copy and how you actually sell your product to customers because if you know how to influence other people, everything gets easier. Everything.

So I’ll show you this: How to influence people to buy your product.
Through pure Psychology. There are a few copywriting tricks which some copywriters call “The Powers of Influence” that I’ll unveil to you here, which will prevent you from leaving money on the table.

Because if you are weak at persuading other people, if you can’t draw people’s attention and have them engaged then your sales are gonna stay small. And we don’t want that do we? Especially when economic earthquakes are coming soon.

We want more sales. More influence.
So here’s some real marketing that I want to add to your business to help you connect with customers faster and better.

Time to go to school.

Comparison. The most basic persuasive standpoint of all kinds in business and probably the only one you know by instinct, without much logical thinking. Just think. When you’re about to buy something that is important and you get between 2 brands, you’ll search for the better option to buy from, right? Because you, as a customer, will always try to get “The Best Deal”, the better ROI from your money. Losing is not an option otherwise, you’ll get embarrassed. That’s natural human behavior.

So what do you naturally do inside your head?
You COMPARE both brands. You put those 2 into a FIGHT for your money by testing both of them on some product criteria like guarantees, quality, or return policy before you can crown the winner who will take your money away. That’s how you and all other humans tend to behave.

But the KEY part here is not to explain such obvious thing.
The key point here is to show the psychological behavior that will happen in the customer’s mind once you as a company EXPOSE the differences between your work and the competitor’s, without the customer asking for it.

Hmmmm…..but then you think….
And you, as a copywriter, likely asks the following question:


Why put the competition in front of a prospect with strong buying intent?
Well, for 2 basic reasons:

  • PREVENT THINKING — You’ll prevent the customer from THINKING too much and compare you with the competition if you speak the truth right away. And what’s the advantage of this? Basically, you block the customer from entering into a logical state of mind, which is bad for business because, in that state, he’ll likely NOT BUY from you. Too much reasoning kills sales because after all, people already have too many problems and things that can go south in life so reasons not to buy he has plenty. So if you let the customer overthink things, you lose. Removing logical thinking process from the customer’s mind helps tremendously in achieving higher sales because the customer will be mostly driven by emotions.
  • PREVENT WASTE OF TIME — You’ll make the customer notice that you’re saving him from hours and hours of product research which translates to “less work” subjectively in his mind. And people love that. They hate having to do research because it is, well, WORK. That is why customers value products reviews. Because it saves them time of research.

Makes sense? This is why Comparisons help in sales and this why you should put it in your copy whenever it is possible (and plausible). Here’s a quick scenario: if I tell you EXACTLY my differences between me and the competition and if you VALIDATE those differences by doing your own research, then, later on, you’ll instantly TRUST whatever I’m saying. Right?

The consequence?
More sales. Because I’ve built TRUST.

And Trust is one of the main reasons that make people buy like there’s a credit card with infinite balance inside their pockets. People do business with someone they know, like and trust. So if you can find a way to put comparisons in your copy that actually speaks the truth, then you’ll sell more and faster since very few business owners like to expose their differences and the competitor’s product as well.

And if you’re thinking it is manipulative to use these copywriting tricks to boost sales, then you should read what the head of behavioural analysis at the FBI explained about Trust, Persuasion and Manipulation to understand the differences of each so you don’t get confused.

OK. Now let’s get practical here.
I’m showing you next a quick example from regarding comparisons:

Alright, have you noticed some comparison there in the video copy?
Let me highlight that for you:

“Grammarly is my secret weapon. It is more than a simple spelling or grammar checker. Grammarly catches 10 times as many errors as Microsoft Word.”

Well, WHO inside their target audience wouldn’t want a product that is 10x better than a product from Microsoft itself?! Does it get easier to get more customers that way? Of course, especially if you are able to prove it:

Now, the “errors that other spelling and grammar checkers just can’t catch” part said above in the video delivers a message that instigates the customer, which will make him dig deep to find out if that statement is true.

But since they’re using visuals to support their copy, sales will naturally increase because customers won’t have to spend time doing research anymore, since the heavy lifting was already done for them and the copy exposes it through comparison. If you withhold a fame of trustworthy, comparisons can sell 2 things: (1) “We’ve done all the comparison research for you, dear customer” and (2) “Here’s why our product is much better”.

Are you following?
But this was a tiny example. Let’s go create another copy based on the image below:


Time to play.


This is not like the other guitars you constantly see in the market. We’ve built a masterpiece. The wood comes from New Zealand, exactly from the fields where the Lord of The Rings was shot which allowed our carpenters to craft a piece of art that resulted in a product with 55% more endurance, 25% more anatomical design and 33% cheaper than all top 3 brands in the marketplace. The World’s Greatest Bands like The Rolling Stones, The Calling, U2 and many others have been using our guitars to practice their music over and over, all year long because of its quality and endurance levels, outperforming any guitar brand in the market.

There are a few differences worth highlighting as well, such as:

  • Extended guarantees of 5 years for guitars costing above $15,000
  • A 3-day free trial so you can test our guitars live in your rehearsals
  • A 6-month maintenance support to provide assistance whenever you need help

Do your research and you’ll see that no one in the market gives nothing more than 1-year guarantees. Neither they’ll allow you to use a guitar before buying it and 6-month supports are only available to premium customers who spend more than $35,000.

But here at GuitarsRock, we like to invest into something else besides our company.
We like to invest in the Music industry and on its makers. Because everybody deserves great music, and we won’t block musicians from getting the right tools to produce them. That’s not our style.

Because after all, we love music ourselves.

GuitarsRock’s Team
Phone: +120 590 900 430

Have you got a better idea now how this connects faster to the audience? If the information you provide is trustworthy then customers will have nowhere to go but trust you in an instant because they don’t like to do the research themselves. They want easy stuff. No work. No overthinking. So they’ll love the fact that you’ve done the job for them.

So make comparisons and be bold, because it will level up your copy.
OK. Now let’s continue.

Visionary is not that superficial meaning where someone just “envisions himself using your product”, finding it pretty or slightly interesting just enough to display a smile. Negative. It is WAY more than that. Visionary here means to transmit the final stage on which the person will find herself once they have bought what you’re selling. It is about creating a connection that says: “Hey, this is what you’ll become after you’ve used our product”.

Didn’t understand yet?
Well, then let’s get practical.


Here’s a way to explore the Visionary technique in your copy:


This is no ordinary gym. This is where you come to build actual power. Pure strength. Muscles that impose DOMINANCE when you’re walking down the street. This is where the world’s greatest strongman champions came to built their legendary bodies, and this is what you’ll also become once you have passed our test because here we don’t accept everyone who has money. We are building a legacy of supreme transformations. We value our reputation more than your money.

If you have the guts, we will make you much more powerful, much more muscular, and incredibly resistant and you’ll dominate any weight and exercise. Because our job is to transform ordinary people into champions. We build champions.
And you’ll have a body of one.

But everything will come through blood, sweat, and tears.
So you must be able to pass the 1-week test and prove yourself worthy before you can have a chance to pay the $195 gym monthly subscription to join the group of the best and the strongest bodies in the world.

The choice is yours: Stay average or become a Legend.
Make your call.

Blood & Guts Gym
+195 800 750 230

Makes more sense now? The key is to PROJECT the customer in the final stage after he buys what you’re selling so in this case it is a muscular, rock hard body filled with pure strength enabling the person to rival an elephant. This is the same principle of those images “BEFORE & AFTER” you see a lot around, especially in the fitness niche. The difference is that in written format you must minutely describe the after.

You must keep in mind that the customer wants to BECOME the person on the ad. They want to FEEL better about themselves. They want to cut corners and hope that you’ll lead them to a better future. And the path to it is exactly YOUR product/service.

Makes sense now?

Another practical example is a Martial Arts gym.
If you use Heroes in the copy when selling the gym, like “We will give you Bruce Lee’s original 16-hour training” instead of just selling an ordinary training, the odds that people will buy are higher because they’ll portray themselves as “the next Bruce Lee”, picturing themselves as true champions once they’ve gone through all the process you’re selling to them. This is what Visionary means and also why it works like a charm because everybody would like to become their heroes.

Now here’s an important point that worths talking about before we move to the next Power of Influence to maximize your results even more in your copy.

IMPORTANT: When applying the Visionary Technique remember that Men are attracted by MEN pictures and women by women’s pictures because it creates identification. They wish to become the same thing you’re showing to them and therefore, you cannot use another gender in the pictures and neither a different visualization in written format because it will make your copy a lot weaker. It’s like making the man visualize himself as a strong woman OR being too generic instead of very specific, get it?

Because the more SPECIFIC you be in your copy, the better.
Example: if you’re selling a luxurious car to a man, make him picture a successful MAN driving the car so he can envision himself. And if you’re selling to a woman, use a woman instead.

Just to be clear on this, let’s use a female example for the gym copy:


Now here’s the copy for it:


This is not another ordinary gym where women come to talk and do an exercise every 7 minutes. This environment is totally different. And to be honest, it may not suit you. Because this gym is for those women WHO TRULY wants to burn fat and build a perfect muscular body with huge thighs, small waist and a big ass that will always make other women envious and turn men’s heads.

But the perfect body comes with a price. The price of blood, sweat, and tears for 2-hours straight, 6 days per week, without focusing on anything else except your personal health and body development. That’s why we are proud to say we sell RESULTS. Because here you’ll experience pure transformation and nothing less, regardless of how you look right now and how you have been eating.

Because your diet will be defined for you.
Your exercise routine will be handmade for your body type using medical precision.
And you’ll be constantly pushed to your limits in every training session.

This gym is for winners only.
Those who want to achieve peak performance and conquer a very attractive look because here you’ll become part of the 5% of women who are TRULY happy with their own bodies.

Strength. Elegance. Endurance. Beauty.
Everything you want. The NEW you can only be built here.

The process involves:

  • medical examination to analyze and compreend how your body type works
  • diet restructuring to eliminate toxic food that accelerates the aging process
  • suplements to make your muscles work harder and recover faster from trainings
  • body evaluation + interview to create a program that focuses on your weaknesses
  • freaking hard heavy lifting to build your new body in 90 days

It’s a COMPLETE program that takes care of you individually.
Do you want the perfect body? Do you want to look in the mirror and smile? Do you want to look just like those fitness models you admire?

We will make you become that.
But come prepared to pay the price.

Only then, make your call.

Blood & Guts Gym
+195 800 750 230

Women will relate differently to your copy, so you need to craft it for both audiences (whenever possible) regardless if you’re targeting the same interest. That’s how you make it even more effective.

That’s how the Visionary technique works.
Alright, enough of this. Next power of Influence.

Authority is another one of the most basic copywriting superpowers you can use and the market uses it a lot. The problem is that many companies only fake its own authority or don’t know how to actually deliver an authoritative voice.

Alright. But how do you actually use Authority in your copy?
Basically, there are a few ways to do it:

  • REFERENCING TO REVIEWS/SOURCES — Referencing to reviews/sources whenever you make bold statements is a well-known technique that supports whatever statement you’re making, which reinforces that you know what you’re talking about in your copy.
  • DELIVERING HARD DATA — Exposing hard and interesting data will make your copy stronger because it sums up everything you’re saying in numbers, which reinforces your authority as well. Besides, it is easier for customers to learn something and feel smarter through summarized numbers as well, helping them in the buying process because they can use your data for further reference when doing their research. Remember that data needs to come from authoritative voices as well, to reinforce your credibility.
  • DELIVERING NEXT LEVEL INFORMATION — Saying something that the customer doesn’t know that is far beyond the knowledge the market has is one of the best ways to sell yourself as an authoritative voice in your copy. Think about someone who writes a copy about a Marketing Project but involving future technology like Artificial Intelligence and IoT. It makes you look like you’re far more ahead of the competition because you’re also paying attention to future scenarios. A true authority cares about protecting customers from future chaotic scenarios.

A mix of the three is the ideal world if you have room to fit them all into your copy, but it is not mandatory for it to work. You can use just one approach or all of them altogether. Surely, if you can find a way to put all three in your copy, your level of persuasion and influence will definitely become stronger because you’ll be hitting the customer from several influential points leaving him with not much option to doubt your expertise.

OK. Now let’s get practical again.
I’ll produce a quick copy for an invented product: A Marketing webtool.

PRODUCT: Marketing WebTool

There are 1000 businesses being born online every second. That’s 86.400,00 businesses per day now entering the war for customer’s attention. With such heavy competition, you need to know one thing: How will you strike the market effectively with your Marketing. That’s rule #1 for business success today. Therefore, to be able to be truly effective in your Marketing you have to manage FAST and very well:

  • #1. your social networks
  • #2. your blogging agenda
  • #3. your link building campaigns
  • #4. your ads campaigns
  • #5. your influencer campaigns
  • #6. your website’s traffic
  • #7. your email marketing campaigns

That’s the minimum management you must have to be a player in this new ridiculously crowded market, no matter what niche you’re currently playing. But with so many different marketing areas, naturally, more than 575 marketing tools were created to solve companies’ problems and help them automate those processes.

Now companies are completely lost with too many Marketing tools to handle.
Well, not anymore.

Because our eXtreme-Marketing tool covers everything for you.
Forbes, The New York Times and 100 other big brands rated it 4.8 out of 5 stars stating unanimously they have “saved 30 hours of the weekly workforce in the first 30 days after implantation” .

The goal of our product is to make it very cost-effective and gather every marketing tool in one place, so you can easily manage your Marketing faster without having to look at several different systems.

But there’s another thing.
The REAL superpower behind the eXtreme-Marketing tool lies in its Artificial Intelligence features which reads all your marketing data and suggests smart counter-strategies to apply based on that data, analyzing ALL your marketing channels as one to give you very fine-tunned marketing actions.

Thanks to the advance of A.I. and its easy plug-and-play features that communicate with several big marketing tools, we can now use it for commercial purposes and deliver to you the Ultimate level of Smart Marketing that few competitors can provide today.

We’ve built a LEGENDARY SaaS.
This is a marketing tool for every single company.
Whether you’re a small business or a big business, you’ll definitely experience at least the following results:

  • increase on traffic of 43%
  • increase on leads of 33%
  • sales increase of 18%

We guarantee these results.
Now here’s the best part: If eXtreme-Marketing fails to deliver those results by the time your deadlines arrive, the system will instantly shut down, close your account and give your money back by wiring it to your bank account. Instantly. Because our systems are interconnected.

Therefore, we define your marketing deadlines and set them on the system at project start, enabling us to cross your goals and payment information right before we start making the money return process automated for you if you don’t achieve the desired results.

Now you just have to answer carefully….
Do you want to cut 70% of marketing work hours?
Do you want a better ROI from your Marketing Campaigns?
Do you want to shrink marketing costs by at least 60%?

Just try eXtreme-Marketing. Right now.
Create a free trial account now and see how it feels to explode your brand using Marketing combined with Advanced Technology.

Kill the noise. Save time.
And make more money with less.

The eXtreme-Marketing’s Team
+123 900 450 500

The more sources or references you mention or link to, the more interesting data you use and the more “secret or in the future” knowledge you provide, the higher are your chances of closing because your authoritative voice will naturally be perceived by customers, without much resistance.

But keep in mind that YOU CANNOT make wrong claims nor reference wrong data because if some customer trusts you and use your doubtful copy as reference, someone will eventually correct that customer bringing your authoritative voice to the ground.

Well, that was easy.

Reciprocity is another powerful copywriting weapon that has been widely used in the last years online. Basically, it involves exposing most of the same sentiments the customer has been feeling by displaying the EXACT same thoughts, whether good or bad, through your copy as if you were experiencing or have experienced them yourself. This delivers a more personal message, creating a higher chance of closing the sale due to the human factor involved. It makes it look like the copywriter has gone through the same experiences when executed right.

The basic ways to apply true, powerful Reciprocity are:

  • “MIND READING” — By transcribing the exact same thoughts the customer has been thinking, you instantly grab the customer’s attention for a few seconds.
  • PERSONAL EXPOSURE — By exposing one of your personal scenarios that uses all customer’s core thoughts you actually can look more natural, because it puts your heart into the copy, which helps things flow naturally.

Alright. This is easier to explain.
I’ll make another quick copy for a dating coaching service.
Pay attention.

PRODUCT: Dating Coaching

Back in 1995 before I started this company I own today that helped over 70.000 men worldwide, I was that lonely, shy, fat guy who was always walking around alone in the world. I had no friends, no social life, and no hope to ever get into a relationship with the kind of woman I wanted because my self-esteem was too damn low.

I’ll never forget such painful years.
But all that changed when I met a mentor who taught me how to really approach women and destroy my deepest insecurities. He changed my mindset, my body language, and my life.

Because I was always wondering….
“Will I ever get married? Will I ever have a girlfriend? Will I be this weird for my whole life? How do I set myself free of such suffering?!”

I killed that man.
I destroyed him. And I completely recreated him from scratch.
Now that I have mastered relationships, women, and all these related topics, I teach men all women’s secrets and how to become a real man.

I own you this knowledge so you can be happier and live a good life.
So here’s what you’ll learn:

  • how to start and maintain a conversation with women
  • how to make them laugh uncontrollably
  • how to date extremely beautiful women

Pure 100% actionable advice that you’ll use in the next day after starting my program.
Within 2 weeks, you’ll be a completely different man.

And that’s not a promise. That’s a fact.
Because 98% of my customers are now happily married with incredibly beautiful women. They have built their dreams and turned it all into a reality. They conquered everything. Incredibly shy, nerd guys are living life to the fullest today thanks to my program.

This is why I invite you to change your life.
The choice is here, now, right in front of your eyes.
Because aren’t you tired of living those lonely nights in front of the TV or playing video games? Aren’t you tired of having no one to go with you to the movies? Or having those lonely walks at the beach?

Recreate yourself. Make a shift.
Choose love. Choose life. Choose manhood.
And subscribe today.

Dating Coach

For reciprocity to work like a heavy mental blow you must make your copy deliver the MOST PRECISE thoughts your target audience is experiencing. Period. Making the customer FEEL that you have gone through the same problems and pain is what will actually create an instant bond between your copy and your possible buyer, which is why precision here matters.

So make sure you’re exposing yourself as if you were another victim, a vulnerable person who got healed by the product/service that you’re selling because that is what customers need to notice to trust you, and then, buy from you. Also, to destroy any doubts from customers such as “Well, but this is a marketing message so this must be a scam” you can use more profound copy, and tell an interesting and REAL story you lived to reinforce the truthfulness of your copy.

Is that simple my friend.
Next influence power!

This is a bit tricky but very interesting. The commitment technique has the intent to box your customers inside their own commitments, involving basically their own word. Sometimes it can only mean to hook the customer by his words, or worse, by his PRINCIPLES. And you do that just by asking very straightforward questions.

Basically, it works like this:

  • INTRODUCE QUESTIONS THAT CREATE A COMMITMENT HOOK — You make persuasive and compromising questions in your copy and every question answered by the customer must naturally force him to compromise with his own words/answers, always making the next question another hook, tightening the level of commitment made.
  • THE FINAL BLOW — Once the customer has made so many commitments in a row by trapping himself into his own answers, his only way out will be to buy from you due to the necessity of maintaining his word.

That’s powerful.
Because the trick here is that you force people to fight their reasons NOT to buy by making them remember the small commitments they made with their own words, which pushes people to take action towards the sale. The goal is to basically reinforce a voice inside the customer’s head like this one:


For some, this may look a bit manipulative but if you own a business that TRULY offers value to the customer, and if you know that once he gets what you’re selling in his hands his business/life will change, then WHY NOT persuade him into helping himself? That’s when you use such technique. As a form to connect FASTER with someone that do need your product or service and will benefit from it.

It’s a copywriting technique to influence people who have stupid mind blocks, which are blocking them from actually acquiring something useful that will definitely help them.

Now here’s a quick example for you:

PRODUCT: Dogs Health Care

Are you a dog person? Would you help our business with your signature so we can deliver a petition to the government asking him to lower taxes on dog health care companies that provides shelter to abandoned dogs?

(if the person said yes a commitment has been made)

Since you have signed our petition and you’re also a dog owner, would you buy products for your own dog which 80% of the profit will convert to helping abandoned puppies? That’s a double win for you. Help the cause and feed your pretty, fun friend at the same time 🙂

(hooked. Then you can continue with more questions if necessary)

The Dog Paradise
+100 900 450 345

Do you understand the power of commitment now in copywriting?
By asking such principle-based questions you “box in” your customer in ways that he has nowhere to go except to finish the purchase because we’ll experience high levels of stress and internal conflict up until a point that if he doesn’t buy, he’ll let HIMSELF down. Not you. Not his friends. Himself. Just because he made a commitment to himself (and to you) by exposing his beliefs and principles.

Easy stuff.
Now another one, my friend.

Reciprocation works just like a trap for people (seriously). It works by pushing them to give something back as soon as they got something highly valuable from you. Basically, that is the whole principle of Content Marketing, on which by giving out so much, people become compelled to give something back in return because THEY FEEL GUILTY otherwise.

So here’s how to apply it in your copy:

  • highlight the amount of value like giveaways and advice you’re giving to the customer
  • highlight the number of people who became customers due to your giveaways
  • highlight testimonies to reinforce the value of your giveaways

Remember that reciprocation will only work better if people feel they are the only ones who are not rewarding you for your work, especially if you have provided MASSIVE value. Because feeling the only one who is not paying will naturally put a WEIGHT in their heads. I have a friend who is a business owner in Switzerland, and over there this “guilty concept” is a norm, actually a CULTURE. Meaning? She told me a friend of hers started a ballet class and EVERY Saturday that friend of hers placed a sign at the entrance door saying “FREE BALLET DANCE for 1 Hour”.

The result?
Crickets. Why? Because swiss people DO NOT like taking things without giving anything in return. Incredible. So for Switzerland, she would have to charge at least $5 just so swiss people could pay for the ballet lessons without feeling guilty. This is what I call Reciprocation.

Anyway, let’s cut to the chase and see a quick example.

PRODUCT: A Finances Course

The next global economic meltdown will literally destroy the middle class, putting almost every honest worker on poverty. There’s a new problematic scenario the world will face and this course is here to double-shield you from all that economic chaos that is heading our way.

We’ll give you every stock market opportunity in the market today. Every real estate and other valuable businesses.
And every financial strategy to make money in times where everybody is worried about money.

This course is complete.
More than 135.560 families have been thanking us for crafting such valuable economic strategies. We worked really hard in the past 3 years to deliver to customers the level of information that can actually transform their economic lives within 4 months or less.

And it all started with the first 3 free videos of the course we deliver.
From that point, 97% of people were willing to pay us thanks to our heavy lifting, which placed our brand on Forbes, NY Times and The Huffington Post almost overnight.

Do you want to know what is really going on in the World’s economy?
Just Download the free 3-video sample that comes with 10 documents. You’ll wake up in seconds for reality.

This free content covers:

  • Economic strategies for you to make real money today in 90 different countries
  • 50 Spreadsheets with 100 different formulas to help you control your finances
  • 45 different ways to reverse bankruptcy and smart ways to raise money

All this is all for free.
Because this is only a warning about finances that needs to reach everyone.

So make sure you take action. Save your life and your business.

The Luxury Finance Team
+190 490 290 345

Do you think people who get that free download wouldn’t be compelled to buy something in return? After they saved the customer’s family, life and/or business? Reciprocation works my friend. And very well.

Next power of influence.

Urgency is about reinforcing the reality of a small time window or use social pressure to transform a normal offer into a “special offer”, making customers feel special for having the chance to acquire the prize (your product/service) you’re offering. Companies use Urgency a lot these days but most of them use it wrong, for 2 reasons: Companies are not consistent with their words, making it become a false claim to customers OR companies aren’t using it with enough INTENSITY.

Basically, the ways to apply urgency to your copy are:

  • SHORT TIME WINDOW — Present a short time window for customers to take action and seize the opportunity at hand, otherwise the offer will vanish for a long time period.
  • REINFORCE STUPIDITY OR SOCIAL PRESSURE — Expose that the customer is being clueless by taking dumb actions over and over about something (like trying to guess a site’s name when there’s Google) and reinforce how much the solution will change his reality. Also, if you expose that everybody else is using it, social pressure will likely kick in and force him to engage in a sale because no one likes to be left behind in social trends, most of the times.

Here’s a simple example:

PRODUCT: Fast Food Robot Machine

A breakthrough in the fast food business has begun and we’re the company responsible for it. The latest advances in Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics allowed us to create a robot machine that cooks hamburgers, french fries and many other fast food orders with perfect precision, producing at a scale of 360 hamburgers per hour while the best human employees can’t produce more than 135 per hour.

Big names like McDonalds, Bob’s and Subway, along with 7,000 other small European restaurants have already replaced 10 employees per 1 machine, creating a low-cost operation that saves them $350,000 per year in financial costs. Everybody is buying from us and changing their game. And thanks to our fast implementation process, restaurants of any kind can completely change their operations within 3 days without any negative feedback 99% of the times.

Besides, around 93% of new U.S. restaurants are already implementing our robots to cut costs and provide in-time food to their customers and only 7% are still hiring ineffective, low-skilled people that usually generates additional costs like health insurance and training.

Time to cut those costs and run your business smoothly.
The Fast Food Robot Machine is the “people’s choice” also because it:

  • instantly sends you a SMS as soon as your storage is running out of food
  • instantly sends you and our central a urgent message warning about mal-function
  • learns new recipes within 10 days after a upgrade request was made

More precision. Faster delivery. Lower management costs.
The future of restaurants is now here.

PS: We’ll be attending an event in Sydney, Australia to demonstrate our robots cooking LIVE on May 21st. Tickets will only be for sale tomorrow, from 1pm to 7pm for $99,95, due to limited seats, so as soon as the 500 seats get bought, we will close the opportunity to buy.

The F-Machine Team

The time window, social pressure, and a bit of “stupidity awareness” is all you need to create urgency in your copy. Use these approaches wisely and having influence over customers will naturally happen, especially when done in a very good way.

Remember, though, that you’ll have to double or triple your efforts thanks to monkey-minded marketers ruining Urgency by placing it everywhere. Just ask yourself: How many webinars or last-minute promotions from companies always claimed something urgent that was in the end, just another lie? See the problem? This is why copywriting loses power sometimes and real marketers need to work harder to craft perfect copy.

Now, finally the last one.

Scarcity. One of the most appealing of all influence superpowers just because of one factor: We want what we cannot have. That’s the deal behind scarcity. It is pure psychology. A study made with two jars of cookies, one filled with 10 cookies (full) and another one with just 2 cookies (almost empty) proved that our perception of value is different if someone else is wanting the same thing, which boosts our desire towards that particular product/service.

Why? Because having what many other people would like to have puts us in a status that people like to call “SPECIAL”. And everybody wants to feel special. Everybody. Therefore, owning a “rare” product will naturally deliver that feeling that we are different, unique and special comparing to others.

A simple way to notice this fact is by realizing how rich people behave.
They buy ridiculous expensive items just to be able to say they have “the only item in the world” like an abstract painting for instance.

Anyway, let’s cut to the chase.
The basic ways to generate scarcity are:

  • EXPOSE DEMAND — Expose demand through numbers and factual statements
  • EXPOSE OFFER — Expose your offer through numbers as well

You can use urgency to maximize your influence as well, which people tend to confuse with scarcity. While urgency deals with a time window, scarcity deals with the shortage of a certain resource/product. You can have a small time window like 5pm to 6pm for people to subscribe on a webinar but that opens its subscriptions every day. That’s not scarce. On the other hand, you can have a 30-feet wood elephant and yet, there’s no one wanting to buy it from you, but it is scarce.

Makes sense?
Therefore, the only thing that makes scarcity truly powerful is when you KNOW that there’s actual value in your product to customers. Because the CHANCE of “feeling special” or important brings eyeballs directly to your copy as if customers were lions fighting for food.

Easy stuff again.
So now I’ll demonstrate a quick example just so you can be clear on this:

PRODUCT: Playstation 5

The new age of video games is about to arrive soon but only to a limited number of people around the Globe. The Playstation Network we are about to launch now will be a place for A-players only, a battlefield where only professional gamers can play and collide online.

There are 130,000 slots for gamers available.
But PlayStation users are about 45 million people today.

The Playstation Network will be the home of gaming champions now.
Championships with money prizes up until $150,000 will be made by us just like soccer championships are made worldwide. Everything will be divided by state, country, and continent and a Worldwide Championship will take place every December with the final event being transmitted live on Youtube through our official Youtube channel.

Those who want to face the test to prove themselves worthy of the Playstation Network, just have to click below and go to the gaming exam process. The exam lasts 8 hours and involves winning in 10 different games against our own developers to be able to get a login to the Playstation Network.

Are you up to the Challenge?
Find out today. Become an A-gamer.

The Playstation Team

Creating scarcity relies on shrinking a very valuable offer up until a point that it looks like you have diamonds available as an offer. There’s no secret. Just remember these 2 points and that’s it.

No copywriter can influence customers without applying heavy psychology knowledge. Today, that’s the basics to steal people’s attention online and make them buy more. So the better you understand how the human mind works and which buy buttons to push on the brain, the better your copy will become.

Now you know a few more techniques for your arsenal.
Have fun writing influential copy.

Take care.


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