[PART 1 OF 4] COPYWRITING: The Magical Words That Convert For Human Beings [ Backed By Science ]

Hey, I’m here again to talk about copywriting. I decided to talk with you about a very useful subject in the world of writing copy: words that convert. I’m about to show and give you examples of which words can pull people into your business like if it was the ONLY OPTION available in the whole world at the moment they are reading your copy.

If you use the words I’m going to present to you the right way, you will even be able to sell your products and services for people who can’t even READ or are BLIND!

Ok, that last sentence was a lie. But it’s ok, let’s move on.
I will show how to increase sales by using the copywriting words that convert.
It’s that simple.
Ok? Now let’s begin.

Well, first, you need to understand this:


Writing copy for products and services is an art. The goal of copywriting is simple: highlight the product’s features and close a sale by using emotions and mental triggers to connect with human beings faster. Therefore, knowing how to write a copy for your product can make you outsell your competitors even if your product/service is not as good as the one from your competitors. But of course, you should always focus on being the best because that’s what capitalism is all about, right? Providing the best of your work to help your customers.

But…………in case you’re fighting the big companies and if your company’s product is REALLY GOOD, you must be able to at least have a chance in this fight and go head-to-head against the big companies’ products. And the only way to do that — effectively — is through a great copy.

That’s why using the right words in your copy with S-U-R-G-I-C-A-L precision will give you a huge leverage. Seriously. Huge.

Because words that convert are something old businesses ignore and don’t usually find it sexy, outsmarting them is easier on the market. You just need to know what to write in order to make your product jump off the screen and grab a bigger share of the market.

Believe me on this…
By using certain words on your business homepage and on your sales letters, Magic Words: The Science and Secrets Behind Seven Words That Motivate, Engage, and Influence you can hit people’s brains and force them to make your sales numbers hit the roof, engage them to become new clients and in the end, leverage your business. Yes, it is possible. And this is not that hard.

The right words can instantly GRAB people’s attention by activating the right emotions on their minds which will make it harder for potential customers to abandon a sale. Sometimes you already have a great product but you just need to boost your copy to make it outstanding to the eyes of unknown people.

Knowing HOW to translate value, features, and quality into a piece of content is critical.
And a good part of this manner is about the right words.
So let’s talk about that for a moment.
Words that convert.

It’s already proven that humans FEEL FIRST and THINK LATER. That’s how we work. When we buy something, we are not buying the product itself, we are buying the emotions attached to it.

And SUDDENLY is a word that can just do that very quickly. It can communicate a sense of urgency really fast to customers and force them to engage instantly! Don’t believe me? You don’t need to. Because I’m going to prove it to you on the next paragraph anyway.

COPY: A laptop that’s unique on the market. Why? What’s different? For starters, thanks to nanotechnology, computer engineers suddenly discovered that it’s possible to increase battery lifetime in 845%!!! Plugging your laptop every 8 hours to charge it is now an experience that will soon be forgotten. Now you’ll see how good it is charging your battery every 3 days instead of every 8 hours or less.

See? The “suddenly” means a new discovery for the person who is reading!!! SUDDENLY some smart guys discovered a brand new way to make the battery life last longer by using nanotech, and now you are ONE OF THE FEW people who knows that your laptop can last much longer without needing it to be plugged in to recharge its battery every 8 hours.

Suddenly it all changed for the customer.
Look, I’ll give you another example.

PRODUCT: E-commerce of Foreign Products
COPY: We have good news for you. REALLY good news my friend! Last week our government with the goal in mind to give our economy a boost, suddenly decided to approve a new law that removes 30% of taxes from foreign products!!! Now we are increasing profits more than EVER and Y-O-U are paying less to get our extremely high-quality products! Sounds good or what? We are also giving 20% off to our 1-year customers. Enjoy!

The power of “suddenly” is that it changes everything. It turns your customer’s world upside down in seconds. SUDDENLY (aha!), his beliefs, fears, doubts, truths can all be shaken up and he’ll need to pay attention to what you are saying next and check the new ultimate truth you’re talking about.

And THIS is the moment where you can close the deal easily because what you are saying is the new truth for him. Of course, you must provide value to your customer or it won’t work at all.

But if you do provide value, it will convert like crazy.

And relax because I’m just beginning.
Let’s continue…

When writing a copy the idea you must pass along to your customer is that he’ll be getting your promises instantly. The “now” word does that pretty well. Who doesn’t want to get discounts, secrets or money RIGHT “NOW”?! Would you like to know a few secrets “NOW”? Or would you like more money “NOW”??

Yes, you would want that, you greedy bastard.
But it’s ok because everybody would want that too, so we are all greedy bastards here. (high five!)

Jokes aside, I’m going to show how this simple 3-letter-word can change your copy for the better.
Here are some examples:

PRODUCT: Copywriting Services
COPY: Do you know you could be doubling in more than 44% your sales by just improving some words in your copy? Just by doing a few adjustments and by changing certain words, you could be profiting NOW half of the last month’s results, together with this month results! NOW is the time to double your profits without having to double your clients! Which words can have that much power, you ask? Call Peterson Teixeira and find out.

Ok, I was a little bit tendentious there, but you got the idea.
By using the “NOW” word you must communicate that you have an instant life-changing solution, whether that be a business service or a product, it should be able to solve the customer’s problem instantly if he decides to buy.

Also, it is smart to focus on telling the client that THIS is the right time to take action and attach a feeling of regret to it, by using a bad hypothetical situation — like losing the opportunity to not make more money — if the client doesn’t take action instantly.

Got it?
Come with me and pay attention to the next example.
I will clarify these concepts for you so we can be in peace.

PRODUCT: Financial Freedom Product
COPY: There’s a change you might want to implement in your life. A financial change. We are all aware of how debt and lack of money can be very harmful to a person’s life and if you constantly live fearing you will not be able to pay your bills every month, and that traveling is a luxury, then you definitely need our product. Why? So you can know the secret investments that can change your life right NOW for the better! Do you have $100 to invest? Great! You can now learn the 5 steps to changing your financial status from “almost bankrupted” to “financial freedom” if you want. NOW is the best time to put this into practice because this product worths $500 and our price is going up within 10 days. We guarantee your money back if you don’t start living a better life within 4 months or less. Destroy your debts, build your ideal future and get NOW what you deserve from life. Now is the time to set you free. Get your financial freedom.

To sell things faster by using the “NOW” word you must:

  • reinforce a pain/problem
  • reinforce a downside of not taking action

Bring up the customer’s pain, connect with him by providing an instant solution to his problem and create an additional pain in case that your customer doesn’t take any action. Those 2 things are things you must focus when using this word.

Expectation. That’s what “announcing” causes to human beings’ minds. It triggers that feeling of expectation for something new, exciting and interesting. People who work on theaters and shows have been using this word for a long time to introduce to the audience the coming attraction. It’s a way to build momentum, and trigger people’s imaginations. Even nowadays, they are still using it because it never gets old.

It holds people’s attention. It grabs human minds instantly forcing them to pay attention for the next 5 seconds. Therefore, this a word that you should know how to use in your copy if you want more sales.

I knew you would ask for them.

PRODUCT: Diet Ebook
COPY: It’s official. We’re now announcing a HUGE fitness game-changing product! We are veeeeeeeery happy to present to you a revolutionary 45-days diet plan through our 85-page Ebook that give you all the Diet details which work only with grains, CHOCOLATE, and fruits to make you leaner! Yes, you read that right: chocolates! Thanks to 5120 scientists who broke down what’s the exact amount of chocolate that can generate fat in our bodies AND the exact amount that can burn fat we can now use chocolate as a weapon to be skinnier! Crazy right?! That’s why you must know what we have for you! And if you are uncertain about the results, you can check the reviews page and see what other people are talking about. We don’t lie. We deliver.

By creating expectation, the only thing you need to do next is to deliver what people are expecting from you. Your product must be at the same level of the “huge announcement” you made for them because otherwise, this approach will backfire and you’ll lose clients before you can count to 5.

Why? Because it sounds like a bait.
So A-L-W-A-Y-S deliver something really exciting after you promote it with “announcing”. Announcing is a word which people automatically associate to big things, important things, things that have real value. So don’t cheat and focus on delivering what you have promised.

Remember that my friend.
And since I’m a good guy I’ll show you another example.

PRODUCT: Electric car
COPY: The automobile industry is now entering a New Era: Gas is no longer needed to drive a car. We are now announcing one of the fastest, prettiest and most economical cars for you for half the price of an SUV and the best part is that its fuel is……electricity. And you can forget about worrying if the gas is high-quality or not before going to a Gas Station to fuel your car because it’s not possible anymore to cheat. Providing low-quality electricity doesn’t exist and you are now free from this concern of high-quality fuel. So plug in your car into a battery recharger at the nearest Gas Station and have a happy ride.

Did I make it clear now?
Good! Let’s continue.

I know what you’re thinking….
You are saying to yourself:


You are partially right. In copywriting you must connect sentences, paragraphs and words to be effective, but you need to also pay attention to how your copy SOUNDS to be efficient! Because of this, it’s crucial that you know a few synonyms or similar words to make your copy sounds great, not repetitive and with a more natural flow.

That’s why “introducing” is also on the list.
And also because it’s a different word that can convert.
So here is one example for you:

PRODUCT: Internet Marketing Web Tool
COPY: It took us 2 long years working for 12 hours straight per day to finish this internet marketing masterpiece. We are now introducing to you an ALL-IN-ONE web tool that can really manage all your page views, visitor’s statistics, conversation numbers, SEO problems, social shares and much more. We created a very good product by merging Google Analytics and a good set of web tools into ONE single tool, and we are proud of it. Want to get ahead of your competitors with your marketing efforts? Try us, because we can definitely change the odds.

It’s indeed very similar to the “announcing” word. The same rules from “announcing” apply for writing a copy with the “introducing” word. So be a good boy and don’t overpromote things if the product can’t deliver. It’s OK to use emotions to connect with your clients in order to sell more, but if you LIE you’ll get yourself a big marketing problem.

Introduce something the right way by creating expectations your product can satisfy because although it’s possible to sell almost anything if you manipulate human emotions through your copy, it’s not possible to manipulate angry customers who felt they were deceived. And your brand will pay.

Many business owners who are “money lovers” do things like:
“We are now INTRODUCING the UNIQUE problem solver for your balding problems! We are very happy to announce a product which will change your hair loss into hair growth within 3 days!”

You have seen this like this before, right? Does it deliver?
So forget about introducing lies to people. Don’t do that.

Do you want to improve yourself, have a better life, a better marriage or learn how to develop your personality? Of course. People always crave for improvement. In copywriting, this word is extremely powerful because people can’t MEASURE the end result! That’s the catch.

You can improve your relationship by 215% or 773% or 1203%. It’s not an exact science. Do you understand? Because of that fact, people know they will benefit from what you are selling and the fact of not being able to tell how much will they “improve” what they want is a powerful thing, because imagination kicks in to help you close the deal.

You see? This word is all about subjectivity. That’s what lies underneath this word. Subjectivity. Which in the end means….customer’s imagination.

And sure, you can even make promises like this one below in your copy:
“Your business will improve by 33% after 2 months”.

But you can’t really promise that because the result is actually subjective.
It’s not measurable. It’s not mathematics. Is all about assumptions and guesses.

That’s why if you make BOLD claims — and back it all up with your product — this word can do great things for your sales indicators on the end of the month. So let’s give you an example so you can understand what I’m saying here.

PRODUCT: Personal Development Book
COPY: When people really want to do something like opening a business, or asking the opposite sex to go on a date or talk in public, then why 94% of people…STOP before taking action?!! Why they get stuck? Why they don’t take action to get what they want? Do you know why this happens? We do. Insecurities. Our book is here to help you beat all of your insecurities. All your fears. And all your doubts. We wrote this to help you make improvements on your personality so you can experience life as it should be experienced. With this book, after you follow our 10-step action plan, your improvement will be so STRONG that no fear will crush you again and nothing will block your actions. You’ll live life at the fullest. You’ll feel alive again, finally. Let’s improve you.

Can you see? Beating fear, making your mind stronger and other things that are related to improvement is subjective. Always. So if you promise that your product will IMPROVE your customer’s business, marriage, relationship, financial situation, happiness, body and other things, he will be part of the sales process.

He will IMAGINE how much he could get from what you are selling.
It’s intangible, unmeasurable. And that’s why “improvement” is a powerful word. If you place it at the right spot, the eyes of your customer will pop out after he reads your copy. He will be desperate to buy from you just because his own imagination helped you close the deal along the way.

Powerful word my friend. Use it wisely.

Many copywriters after they get really good and achieve the “magical fingers” that can sell even broken things, use the copywriting power to lie and cheat the customer into buying something that has no value at all. Or, even worse, they cheat him into buying what doesn’t have the value you’re promising, which hurts the brand.


NEVER cheat a customer. Never.
Copywriting is to improve (hey this word again!) your sales and show the big picture of your product’s features, advantages and value. That’s all.

It’s not about lying, it’s about highlighting.
Make your copy great. Use the right words.

And share this on social media. Write a comment. Or a bad word. Whatever you like.
You are free.

Take care.


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