[PART 2 OF 4] COPYWRITING: The Magical Words That Convert For Human Beings [ Backed By Science ]

Copywriting time! Are you excited? I love writing copy because is like….living trying to enhance other people’s business daily. That’s why I love it. Is Copywriting your passion too? Which techniques do you prefer to use? And hey, why did you open this?

Oh right, you can’t speak, sorry. I won’t do this again. I Promise.
That was disrespectful.

Ok! So I was reading A LOT of copy out there a few days ago and I just felt sad. SAD! You can see the NEEDINESS of a good well-written copy in at least 70% of the businesses out there and believe or not, companies still believe they are crushing with the copy written by a 10-year-old.

That’s ok, it’s not everybody that knows me anyway.
(but sometimes I blame Google for that)

Well, we are now going to speak more about the amazing words that can INCREASE conversions in your copy. Those which will drive your company to more sales and help you get closer to that “get rich quick” dream you have.

This will go just like PART 1. I’ll write copy for a few products and demonstrate how this works and how certain words convert much better than others and how the simple words in this article can be extremely powerful when you want to sell something.

The ones I’m going to talk about in this post are:

  • Amazing
  • Sensational
  • Remarkable
  • Revolutionary
  • Surprising

You’ll see how words can sell anything.

PS: PART 1 is here in case you might want to do some time travel.

Now let’s dive into the copywriting secrets once more.

This is a word that appeals to user’s imagination whenever used in a copy. It puts the person into a frame where boundaries are only limited by what the person is thinking, and the limitations of his own thoughts. A very good and smart way to use amazing is to tell a history first to form a new frame into the customer’s mind and then, as your final blow, you use amazing to maximize things.

That’s why amazing is so powerful, because it hits the imagination muscle.
Which exactly is why this word deserves a challenge.
So let’s try to sell a COFFIN and see how it goes!

Product: Coffin
We work with memories. Our routine is to assure that people who lived in our world be remembered and honored by the best way possible, at the end of their lives. Not a difficult job actually, and it takes hard work, but this is something we do with pleasure.

Working with memories…….
Yes. Is indeed definitely different.

We will never forget when we discussed the memories of one of our “clients”. Never. We spend hours and hours thinking about what we were doing with our lives, what would be our next step and what we would do in the next 5 years.

That part of our company is interesting.
Have you stopped a few minutes to think about this?
Life. Purpose. Achievements….

How a person should be remembered….
That right there became the heart of our business.
And it is thanks to a few clients that today we work hard to personalize and revive EVERY memory from our clients. We want to help. We want to show life as a story. We want to show at the last moment everything a person has achieved in life in a way that everybody can see a….

Powerful human being.

And here’s a statistics that, unfortunately…..many people don’t know….
Only 15% of people can remember all the hard times, all the achievements, and all the people a single person was able to help when it was still alive….

We are not judging, far from that.
Because we know how much work it takes to reunite YEARS of existence into a final moment.
We made ourselves experts in this. Experts. And that’s why, we say today that we work with memories.

Because we search for EVERYTHING that the person you loved the most has achieved in its life including how it contributed to the world and to people’s lives, so it can be remembered as a…

Your Hero. And your family’s.

All the pictures, all the news, all the hobbies, all the “thank you notes”, all the LIFE of that person is what you should give us through photos, pieces of newspapers and written testimonies so we can create something really special.

We only need those to revive an AMAZING life….
A unique goodbye gift so you can finally let that person…

Die in peace.

Now, pay attention to the main question.
Does it worth it to give to the person you loved the most a goodbye present, at the end of it?
We don’t know, you decide.

We can’t decide how much does a life worth.
Because we just create a box filled with the best memories.
A box that sums up the memories of a hero.

With all his achievements. And all its moments of happiness. And all its glory.
A summary of his entire life.

To put closure on an existence and end it with a flourish.
Because an amazing life deserves the best.


Personalized Coffins +55512801902109

A little long example right? I think so too. Well, but now you can see how this word can enhance its content when positioned the right way. To maximize the buying option, a frame must be built inside the customer’s head.

The goal? To make him forget his current problems and his life so you can make him trip inside his own imagination. Once you do that, you’re much closer to closing a deal than you think. And that’s when amazing comes in to help you. Amazing fits well in certain moments, but you must know when and where to use it.

So always focus on using it after you created a context and preferably, a very strong context.
Because it will convert much more that way.

A word that you must pay attention before you use it. Why? Because due to the wrong use on weak and popular marketing copy, this is a word human beings associate to weak marketing. That cheating marketing style. The type of marketing that states “I’m going to rob you, but I’m using a nice word to camouflage my actions”.

But it does work, you just need to know how to use it wisely.
The right approach? You’ll see below.

Product: Beach House
You’re tired of too much work. You are stressed. The amount of work that is being invested daily must be for something because your energy levels are starting to fade. A recharge must be made. And you must find a way to feel alive and happy again because you deserve it.

We have the solution for you: A Beach House.

Yes, I know what you might be thinking: “well, but that’s expensive”. Relax. It isn’t. It really isn’t! We must say that you are ahead of other people just by looking at this Ad, because many people nowadays, who have a daily stressful routine just like yourself, are searching for this type of unrealistic opportunity to chill, in the middle of this financial crisis.

You did find us. Congratulations. But you are on the clock.

Why? Because since our company is leaving the country, we are extinguishing its assets with 45% off! That’s why! An NEW Beach house for almost HALF the price! You must be honest here and admit that a SENSATIONAL discount like this won’t probably appear in the market again so soon because after all, with everything we are all going through, we can’t just hope for the best and ignore the economic facts.

That’s why you should do what’s necessary to grab this beach house because an opportunity to destroy your stress and recharge your natural batteries is not going to be easily presented to you again. You know that.

We are not selling here.
We are only offering a sensational opportunity for you.

But it’s your choice to seize it or not.

JK Real estate

As you can see, when this word is used well, you can maximize its power. The right way to be more effective is by building a small support content first, so it can be possible to make the word seem “stronger” later. That’s because when the time comes to use it, it has to look very natural.

From the perspective of the user, after you just said so many good things and so many qualities and advantages about the product were presented, the use of sensational will make sense. Because it’s backed by the frame you created previously with all the data, experiences and whatever you used to back it up.

“But Peterson! Can’t I use it differently!? Like with different strategies?!”.
Of course you can, don’t be silly. This is copywriting my friend. You can do everything.

For example, another way to use sensational is to START the text with it so you can create the effect that something great is coming at the customer’s way and he’s lucky to be presented to a unique and awesome product. Here’s an example in one sentence:

“A sensational product. Yes. That’s what everybody is saying. We have worked for 5 years to…”

See? No limits.
You can play with words, rearrange everything, change focus, go back to an idea and more. You can develop your own strategy once you understand the mechanics of copywriting. There are no limitations because it is all subjective. Everything is subjective. Remember that Copywriting isn’t math. Copywriting is Art.

So don’t hold back if you feel like you want to take a different approach because I’m only demonstrating the word’s power, that’s all. Use your creativity to make it fit where you need. There are no rules.

Now let’s continue.

Strong word. Powerful. The main focus of this group of letters is to enhance something simple by upgrading it to a more epic perspective, and force the user to imagine the greatness that is trying to be passed in the context. You create a frame where you bring a top of the world experience to the equation and you let your customer decide the boundaries of what you’re saying.

But enough small talk.
Let’s head to the next example.

Product: Couch
“You want a day off. Or maybe a few hours to rest and forget about all your problems. Make them all disappear is what you’re seeking and you are looking just for a place to relax. And you have found the right place. We have the right product for you. Something that will make you really rest and forget all your problems and even erase all your debts from your mind.

Yes, our couch is that good.
A SIMPLE Saturday can become a remarkable experience if you use a couch like ours, which was fabricated in Western Europe with high-quality expertise. The fabric and the pillows were carefully designed to fit any human being anatomically, making a simple nap feels like an endless experience where TIME, doesn’t exist.

Yes, you’ll learn how to rest again. Truly rest. Mind and body.
We will give you remarkable moments. Timeless moments.
That’s what you’ll get once you order yours.

Because you don’t want a place to rest, you want a place to forget about the world and relax.
And this couch was hand-made to deliver that.

The Furnitures Store

Remarkable is a strong weapon because it can send the customer to meet his best positive thoughts and associate all of them to your product. This is a word that can bring epic proportions to your copy, making all your clients believe they are about to experience something…..well…

(sorry there was no better word here).

As I said, the good part of words like this is that its power is only limited by the customer’s imagination. What is remarkable for him might be even BIGGER than what’s remarkable for you. You can’t measure the boundaries your client is in, but you can at least know that this word deals with epic areas of his own head.

Also, know now that even ordinary people don’t like to use a word like “remarkable” to associate things to something average or too common. People don’t do that. They respect its power. They only use it when there’s the need to use it, because people are — mostly — honest when they use a word like this. Why? Because they don’t want to be associated to a liar or to a low thinker.

People say remarkable when the fact/experience deserves its use.
So when you know how to use it and if you can actually deliver what you are selling, this can be a very powerful way to upgrade your copy and make it convert more.

But this is a spice! DO NOT overuse it so you don’t drain its power by making the word seem too common in your copy. Everything that has power is rare. Play with that in mind.

The idea around this word is that everything is going to change. Especially your current patterns. Revolutionary is a word that forces people to enter that “chaos mentality” where any rule might be erased or overwritten to create a new world.

Haven’t you heard things like this?
“My company will be REVOLUTIONARY and I’ll change the world!!
“This idea is REVOLUTIONARY and you might get rich overnight man!!”
“Our political party is REVOLUTIONARY and we’ll change everything that is harming people”

Can you see? A strong purpose is attached to this word. Every rule might be erased or overwritten. Every concept can be destroyed so another one can take its place. This is a word which is associated to “radical change”.

So far so good? Great.
Now let’s check how it will fit in our copy.

Product: Smartphone
“What we are launching next week is ENTIRELY new and it doesn’t exist in the market yet. It’s a special product. Something we can brag about. It has 10 different functionalities that the world doesn’t know and also, it works under water. We are using light steel at the surface and Gorilla Glass 10 in the whole screen. It’s definitely one of our most revolutionary products.

The next smartphone we are giving you will CHANGE your life. That’s a hard fact. You’ll talk to you friends from a piece of machinery that already uses waterproof technology along with the latest advances in robotics because we want our customers to experience the best technology FIRST.

A really revolutionary smartphone is about to enter the market. Specifically just 7 days from now. And you better be fast if you want to buy it because the latest high-tech won’t be available for too long. Hordes of customers will come to our store, just like when people go to Apple, and you better be one of the guys that are standing in the front of the line to claim your prize.

So save your spot and go to our store at 5am to grab what is about to rewrite your routine.
The way you are going to do things will change. Every email, every call, every audio message will have its new face. And you can sue us if we are lying.

We are glad to announce that we are in fact bringing a revolutionary machine to people’s lives so they can do things faster, kill unnecessary daily tasks and much more. The reality is about to change for people who love smartphones.

Come meet the future, my friend.
We are waiting for you.

The Smartphone Team

The key here is to create expectation so you can use this word with more power. With more efficiency. Pay attention to the way I started the paragraph, for instance. Right there in the beginning I forced people to expect something……hmmmm…..[you can guess the word I was about to say here].

When you’re writing copy for a product and you want to use a word such as revolutionary, try to populate the mind of the customer first with several good news and functionalities. Try to push his thoughts into thinking that everything he has seen in the market before, is not exactly the same. Your product is changing the rules. MAKE HIM believe that.

Then….you just whisper: “it is revolutionary.”

And in his mind it will really be revolutionary, you know why? Because he made that conclusion BEFORE you did, which gives the impression that YOU are the one who is agreeing with him and not the other way around. And just because of that tiny change, he will convert. He’ll buy. Because he thought in “revolutionary” before you do.

Makes sense?
Good. Now let’s check the next (and last) word for now.

Another weapon that can change your luck when combined with the right words. The main use of surprising is mostly to enhance the word (or phrase) that you are referring to, which the goal is to make the meaning of that word/phrase more believable.

Ok ok. Let me show you and make things simpler to understand. It’s normal to be confused.
Here are a few ways to do it and a few variations of the word as well, just because I’m happy you read all the way through.

Product: Diet
“You are not reading another diet program. This is not another variation of one of other programs out there, this is new. Entirely new. And surprisingly different. You are about to read a manual where I teach how to lose belly fat in less than 2 weeks without cutting salt or even sugar!

Yes, you read that right.
No need to cut salt or SUGAR!

Many scientists were trying to understand why sugar is supposedly a bad thing for the human body but after almost 2 YEARS studying and testing, they got to the surprising conclusion that sugar is not the bad guy here, it is the sugar PROCESSED by industries which is the real evil.

Want to know HOW to keep sugar and salt in your diet, how to stop hating your daily meals and STILL lose belly fat? Then just subscribe to our webinar that will start on December 21st.

We will tell you every secret there 😉
The Diet Team

SURPRISINGLY reinforced the word “differently”.
SURPRISING reinforced the conclusion that “sugar is not the bad guy”.
Do you see? This word is very useful to make an idea/phrase/word more believable for the customer. You can sell things better and in a more believable way, if you use for instance “a surprising fact” instead of just “fact”.

Why? Because humans like to discover something new, something interesting and they want to be ahead of other people. A new fact that only them are aware of will make them feel SPECIAL, which will reinforce the idea that he should buy because, after all, we all want to feel special.

So if a surprising fact comes to destroy our previous knowledge about something, why shouldn’t we seize the opportunity to stay ahead of our friends (who think the same as we do) by just buying the product?

tsc tsc tsc….

Surprising huh?

The right words can sell faster and they can sell more too, you just need to know how and where to use them so you can poke the head of the client in a way that he can’t look elsewhere besides the “buy button”. Always remember that people like to buy things, but you must give a solid reason for them to buy from you first.

And by using the right words in the right places you can achieve that.
Pick the right words and improve your copy so your conversions can hit the roof!

But don’t deceive people, though. Remember that honesty is key here. Copywriting is NOT about lying, it’s just an awesome area of marketing where you know how to highlight the product’s benefits and advantages, without leaving anything behind.

Why sell only 60% of the product if you could sell 100% of it?
That’s the goal of copywriting my friend.
To sell the whole product, with the right words.

Keep that in mind.
Take care.


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