The One Copywriting Secret That Will Change How You Sell Products Forever

Whenever you’re writing for a customer and you need to sell his company’s products, there are times where you find yourself trapped with a real challenge. You face something harder to sell, due to its lack of “uniqueness” and you feel powerless. Weak. And very insecure about your copywriting skills. Why? Because you only get projects where the goal is to sell easy stuff like an “iPhone 6s” but when it comes down to selling a COUCH, which is a much harder item to sell, you lose your marketing juice.

Yes. But that’s when the REAL copywriting skills needs to be summoned.
When you face the hard projects in which you must sell something very common, without anything different and you need to make it look special.

So, how do you breach this sales barrier?
How do you make your copy so great that it can sell almost anything?
And I mean ANYTHING! Like for instance, the pen Dicaprio asks the crowd to sell on The Wolf of Wall Street:

Yes….hard mission right?
Well, after this article it won’t be so hard anymore for you to make even a pen look a great purchase. Because I’m about to teach you the ways to destroy this limitation completely, and you won’t be afraid anymore even when facing projects that you need to sell extremely common products.

So let’s begin.

What some copywriters usually do is to try to sell a product or a service with the benefits they see in front of them, the characteristics, focusing only on that approach. Well, that’s where the error lies. People don’t respond to these types of sales pitch UNLESS they are in a hurry and need to buy it urgently. If you focus your copy on descriptions you are losing a lot of potential customers. A lot.

For instance, I bet you saw in your life SEVERAL companies selling like this below:

EXAMPLE #1: Bad copy
“This couch is the best couch you have seen in your life and there’s nothing like it on the market nowadays. Its qualities include:

  • 100% made of leather
  • the cushions are all 100% cotton inside
  • the dimensions are 1,25m x 2,30m
  • 2 drink coasters on each arm

You and your whole family will love this new couch placed on your living room…(etc)”

Does it work?
Not so much. People will read that and ignore. They will leave and you won’t profit.
Which is why you should keep this in your mind:

Alright alright, this a common copy that we all have seen before where the marketer tried to hit the customer only with the description, hoping for the best. Nothing new here. We all know this is not powerful copy.

OK. So pay attention on the next lines to understand where’s the missing point.
Here’s how to sell effectively.

The ONE THING you need to know is that the strongest Sale Principle is to uncover the “WHYs” of the customer, understanding his possible “pain” behind the buying intent. Those deep emotional reasons that when pressed can just sell like crazy. Remember that people buy much more when they feel a strong emotional connection towards your product, and that’s the link you need to find.

Well, but to put things simply, just insert this in your head:

So taking the couch as an example, in order to create a better copy you must find out WHY people actually buy couches. Why for instance, would YOU buy a couch? Think about it. Really think about it for a moment. A place to relax when you are stressed? A place to sleep? Or just a furniture used to decorate an office?

But let’s answer this in a more practical way.
Here are some REAL motives why a person would want to buy something that simple:

  • to decorate the living room and make the furniture match (rich people’s pain)
  • to lay down comfortably and sleep better while watching Netflix (lazy people’s pain)
  • to welcome guests better and to provide a more enjoyable place to sit (host’s pain)
  • to spend relaxing time on saturdays reading a magazine (average worker’s pain)
  • to spend hours in a confortable place playing video games (child’s pain)

Did you see? Those are some actual reasons WHY someone would buy a simple couch. Period. Those are the REAL motivation behind a possible purchase like that. This is what you need to learn because it’s the starting point of every professional copy.

And that’s how you make your copy REALLY powerful.
Because in order to TRIGGER a strong buying intent on people, you must hit their pain.
But let me say this again in a slightly different way so you can memorize better:

Memorize this sentence above and whenever you are in front of a product you need to create a copy for, remember to ask yourself WHY people would buy that product in the first place. Ask: What are the real reasons that can make people press the buy button? Which problems they want to solve? And which emotional state are attached to it? How they imagine the solution? Ask yourself that before typing anything on your laptop. Dig deep!

Now, let’s get back to the example of the couch.
Here is a better way to sell it:

EXAMPLE #1: Good copy
“A one of a kind product that will serve all your needs at the same time. This couch is largely seen on waiting rooms of big companies due to its executive design [decoration pain], as much as it is seen on homes that care with a good place to rest on those Saturday afternoons [average worker’s pain]. It really fits perfectly in several environments.

The material is unique. All the cushions are 100% cotton inside, lined with original leather. A very high-quality product. There are also 2 drink coasters placed on the arms so you can put your beverages comfortably while you watch TV or play video games [lazy people and kids pain].

The dimensions of this model are 1,25m x 2,30m making it as big and strong as a king size bed. Top of the line product. The ideal choice if you want a lot of comfortable space fo your guests [host pain] and family…(etc)”

As you can see, a simple product like a couch becomes much more interesting when you place it on the WHOLE PICTURE that is behind the customer’s pain and that’s because when you take that approach, you are forced to create a scenario where the possible pain is solved with your product making it stronger.

It’s a totally different copy. Totally different.
Because you are not just talking about characteristics anymore, but you’re instead selling the EXACT solutions WITH the characteristics as a support. So if you understand the reasons behind the buying intent of a customer and you explore them, it is easier to make a sale. Hit the pain with surgical precision and you will MASSIVELY increase conversions!

Makes sense?
Alright. But I want you to leave this article with this knowledge stuck in your brain.

So let’s make you train a little. You’ll understand more of this mindset with the next lines of this article. I’ll show you now some good reasons behind just 2 examples that will teach you how to think properly, when you’re about to write copy for a client with a not-so-special product.

Here we go!

Like I said before, when you in front of a product you need to sell, you must go deeper at the mind of the customer putting yourself on HIS shoes. You need to understand the possible pains why anyone would buy what you’re selling, regardless of what it is.

So in order to write a much better copy, stop and think about ALL the problems that your product can solve for a person first, before writing any lines, and remember that you must consider EVERY type of person and EVERY type of pain possible.

OK. Let’s take some practical examples.

I won’t write any copy now, I’ll just show you something common and I’ll point to you possible pains, so you can learn how to think. The secret behind copywriting is that the stronger the “buy trigger” is, the more subjective it is as well. People buy stuff for reasons that sometimes you don’t even imagine.

OK. Check these out.

    A GYM

  • pain #1: Some old person who wants to be healthier
  • pain #2: Some teenager wanting to get fit to get more girls
  • pain #3: Some teenager kid who wants to get stronger to avoid bullying
  • pain #4: Some teenager kid who wants to be accepted on a group of people (respect)
  • pain #5: Some fat person who wants to get leaner
  • pain #6: Some normal person who wants to build muscle and get bigger
  • pain #7: Some competitive person who wants to train where there is motivation
  • pain #8: Someone who wants to train where the machines are 100% safe and high-quality
  • pain #9: Someone who wants to train with the help of a personal trainer
  • pain #10: Someone who wants a all-in-one gym (swimming, weight lifting etc)

And we can go even deeper in that list my friend, buy you got the idea of how this works.
So in case you are the working for a gym, some questions are instantly answered if your copy addresses possible pains of the customer like:

Are you more than 60 years old and you feel weak all the time? And Tired for no reason?
We have a special training program for seniors. We give back muscle thickness, increase hormone production and we’ll make you feel healthy and younger again.

Did you have accidents with low-quality machines training in the past?
We have the best machines money can buy. All with anatomical structure and 100% safe.

Do you need constant observation and guidance to maximize your results? Do you want a mentor?
We have a team of personal trainers ready to follow your diet plan, your training, and your body particularities from Monday to Monday. We will be watching every step of your eveolution and adjust your program to maximize your results.

As you can see, THIS is what really sells! Because the simple exposition of the problem shows to the client that you are AWARE of his personal struggles, making your solution look much better just because you understand the customer’s point of view. Whatever point of view that is. You are aware and he can feel safe because your solution was made based on that.

Get it?
Well, let’s take another example to play with just so you leave this article more assured of this copywriting technique.


  • pain #1: Someone who wants to eat at a clean place
  • pain #2: Someone who wants to eat at a beautiful place with his girlfriend
  • pain #3: Someone who wants to eat a lot for a very low price
  • pain #4: Someone who wants both high-quality food and high-quality dessert
  • pain #5: Someone who wants a fast delivery service
  • pain #6: Someone who wants to eat where there is air conditioning
  • pain #7: Someone who wants to eat where payment methods are no problem
  • pain #8: Someone who wants to eat where you can rent a space for birthday parties

See? There are A LOT MORE motives for a person to buy something than you might think, and if you want to reach everybody from your audience, then you MUST try to uncover all the hidden pains that exist. The more you know about the problems your solution solve, the better. Because that way it becomes much easier to write the copy and also to know who your customers are.

Did I made it clear for you?

And now a question many ask….
“Peterson, but is it possible to strike every single pain in your copy?”

No, of course not.
Because otherwise your copy would be extremely long. But you can hit the pains that most people with strong buying intent might have and thus, making your copy much more powerful. Find those sweet spots and SQUEEZE your solution to fit their needs.

Remember that copywriting is NOT about lying but it is instead, a way of telling 100% of the value of your product. Many companies sell 70…50…40% of their products because they don’t use good copy, therefore leaving money on the table. But if you know how to sell 100%, you are ahead of your competitors.

The goal is to sell the whole product, but remember not to oversell.

Well, now you know how to write a lot better copy for any type of product or service you encounter in your career. From now on, just remember that the “secret sauce” lies underneath the problem or necessity that needs to be solved. Period. Because this what will break ANY mental barrier the customer might have.

Understand that if you promise to deliver the EXACT solution for something the customer is searching for, those deep feelings he is seeking to change, you instantly increase your chances to shutdown the logical side of your customer’s brain, as long as your copy can deliver the blows.

A few mental pictures of the solution taking place and solving the problem can really help you close a deal. And those images are placed inside the customer’s mind by hammering his pain. Also remember that the more you solve, the better.

That’s how you create real value in a sale.
And that’s how you can kill any buying objections as well.

Have fun with your new copywriting power, my friend.
PS: A very special resource for you to know more about Powerful Copywriting is here in case you want to improve your copywriting skills.

Take care.


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