The Real Value of Copywriting For A Company

That’s what we are going to briefly talk about here.
You know nothing about the Power of Copywriting?

That’s ok. Very few entrepreneurs and business owners nowadays can understand how Copywriting can make their business reach a whole different level of professionalism. Copywriting is a huge part of marketing, but although it’s marketing, it’s still a secret weapon.

Copywriting is an Art, which translates into text. Smart words. And heavyweight marketing content. No one can surpass copywriting when promoting a business is the goal.

Ok. But enough propaganda.
Do you want to know the truth?

The truth is that the Marketing Era has never needed copywriting services so much before because businesses are now at a Worldwide level, and you need to compete with companies from around the globe. Everybody is playing.


And maybe you think that because you are running a local business, then you assume you are not fighting the world greatest battles.

Well…..not true.
How do you search companies? Or Services? Or products?

Did you answer “Search Engines”!?
Well done. You are right.

Google and his friends can change your bank account.
Indirectly. But they can. And for the better. You just have to know which points and strategies to pay attention to, and then, implement all of them wisely. That’s why copywriting alone is also not the answer.

Now, if you are playing this game to win, then you must position yourself right. That’s the least you can do. You need to make the right moves. You need to understand new concepts and apply new marketing strategies.

Because selling yourself is not enough anymore. And you can’t sell yourself in our Era by playing with the old rules. Those rules don’t work now, not like they used to. Traditional marketing is getting weaker, but the strongest part of it, is nowadays getting stronger.

And that’s Copywriting.

But the reality is that even copywriting alone can’t help you. You can’t just rank high on search engines, make people enter your website so in the end you can’t make your brand entirely different, powerful and unique.

Your need to play smart on both worlds.
You need SEO. And you need Copywriting.

Your customers must see you are updated about the latest business trends and see that your brand is following the best marketing strategies out there. You are doing things right, you are always doing business at the highest levels possible.

Customers like that.

Now if you can RANK on Google and if you can REALLY SELL differently….
Then you are in the game. And you’ll taste solid results.

More sales. More conversions. And you’ll exhibit more personality.

Which all involves copywriting. This art is about playing with the right words and joining the game through a whole different way because one thing you seriously M-U-S-T know BEFORE doing business nowadays is this:

You must be unique. You must be different.
And you must be human.

But most of all, you must be professional.
That combination is highly effective nowadays.

Powerful words count. Smart analogies change everything. And thoughts can be overwritten.

But one thing that copywriting absolutely destroys….
Or rewrites….

Is price.
Look, here’s a tiny secret you might not know about….
PRICE doesn’t matter in sales.

“Wow! Seriously?”

Pay attention on the next lines, stay with me.

When people buy, the ONLY THING that really matters is their emotional state. How they are feeling at the moment before closing a deal can change their actions completely, making the outcome of your marketing efforts either useless, or…..


People don’t buy a car because of the car itself.
People buy a car because they want to save time, they want comfort and status.
People also buy cars because they might want protection. So Fear, Happiness, Pride is what is really involved here. The process of sales is all about emotions.

This is what you are selling: Emotions.

Copywriting hits those points like there are no mental barriers or no credit card limits, making people believe they NEED to buy that unusual product or service in order to live a good life from that point on. Yes, is that powerful.

Why? Because all that really matters in sales i emotions.
And copywriting can create powerful ones. Through words. Sometimes with phrases. And they change everything. Every emotional state can be reversed in order to create a better environment that can help you close a deal. Some words are just like buttons that if pressed can force people take instant action and buy what you want.

That’s the power of copywriting.

Yes, copywriting plays a whole different game. It transforms things. It masks sales, by merging Art and Business.

And this can leverage your business like crazy!
Because every company wants to be recognized for their own work, but if you can’t promote it right and if you can’t sell it the right way, then HOW you’ll be successful? How will your company present all its benefits, all its values and its uniqueness?

An amazing product is not enough for getting people’s attention.
A highly trustable service can’t fully show itself to new people effectively too.

You need copywriting.
You need it.

Refactoring words is a must for business nowadays because there are many companies doing the EXACT same thing. And you know I’m not joking here. And the good part is that we can build something truly epic and POWERFUL with a few lines and almost no information at all.

You think you are out of the game because you just started? Wrong.
You think you are out of the game because have been playing this game for a long time and forgot the “new basics”? Wrong again.

Either way, it doesn’t matter.
Because we can change everything. We can rewrite everything. We can build products from scratch.
And we can change a whole business with just……

Your brand, your services, your products, your business.
All this can be changed. For the better. We can make your business look professional and fun at the same time.
Powerful and Unique. Different and innovative. And yet, you might even be doing something in the market that others are already doing.

But that’s the beauty of copywriting, my friend.
We can make it look….priceless.

And since copywriting is much more about thinking than writing, when you know what to write, when you understand the emotions behind your target audience and when you can merge analogies like a master, then true ART comes to life.

And this art belongs to your business. It BECOMES your business. And people associate art, professionalism and creativity with your own brand, products and services like if it was only one single ecosystem. They assume instantly that whatever you are offering then, can change their lives.

That’s why good copy sells.
Because it sells businesses.

But hey!
Stop. Let me ask you something…..

How many minutes….
Have you spent reading this piece of content?
Can you at least….guess?

Then just tell me….

Was it worth it?
You decide.



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