GOOGLE ALERTS: How To Monitor The Marketplace To Always Know The Latest Marketing And Business Trends Within Seconds

True Entrepreneurs know what is happening in their business world. They know about the latest Marketing trends, the latest marketing tools, the unpredictable business acquisitions, and all the unexpected brutal market shifts. Because for real entrepreneurs, it should be pretty damn hard to catch them off guard. You must know your arena. That’s how the giants like Mark Cuban thinks:

Yes. He’s damn right.
That’s how I think myself regarding business.
You must ALWAYS try to MASTER your business reality by knowing everything about…….well……almost everything that involves your business. Then, you just have to save all that information inside your head so you can make faster and smarter decisions, which saves you huge amounts of time and money.

But achieving such Matrix-like goal is not quite simple.
Because there’s one obvious problem to face nowadays: NO ENTREPRENEUR can keep track of EVERY piece of critical information that might cause some sort of hardcore, disruptive influence on his business. None. It’s virtually impossible.

You cannot visit a few websites on a daily basis and expect to know what is REALLY going on in today’s marketplace. Because if China, USA, Japan, Russia, UK, Brazil, India and every other country with Internet access is playing, then you know that there’s too much competition. And too much competition brings……..too much content. Both good and bad content. Because we all know now that we’re drowning in content more than ever before, especially now that even A.I. is producing content by itself.

But there’s still many valuable pieces of content which can literally TRANSFORM how you do business if you discover them beforehand.

A very SECRET Mixed Reality startup that got billions in a very early stage is about to arise on the market, which may lead businesses to make a massive shift in their Marketing and business strategies for the next months, practically overnight. Buying such technology just mentioned in the last link, can give you impressive and powerful advantage in today’s competitive marketplace.

But what about what kills businesses?
Maybe the government may be hiding its second thoughts about abandoning the SOPA/PIPA bills, thinking about ressurecting it to mess things up again for entrepreneurs, since it has some powerful hidden danger for business owners and marketers (read the SOPA official document).

But you see, these are just simple LINKS. Pure links.
Thus, if you miss this kind of info just because you can’t find it on time, and if the competition discovers such level of information first, then you lose huge opportunities of overcoming more than 50% of your market.

Therefore, YOU MUST know how to hunt down the right information in this crazy online business world filled with content. You must be one of the first in your industry to know about everything that is happening in the marketplace. That’s how you put your competition on their heels today. You discover key information first, and take strategic actions before everyone else. Period. The goal is to track links, articles, and news about the following areas as fast as possible:

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So what’s the way out?
The famous tool Google Alerts.

I’ll show you how to use it to keep up with the marketplace by setting a few key Google Alerts in 4 core areas which put together, will allow you to understand how the world is currently behaving regarding business. And internationally too.

It’s quite simple actually.
Since I don’t want you to waste your time, let’s cut to the chase.
The board below shows you all Google Alerts I recommend you to set for yourself. Just keep in mind that my INDUSTRY is mainly MARKETING. I sell consulting services. Keep in mind that.

Therefore, you must know what to track in your own industry. But sure, having up to date information about Marketing is a huge competitive advantage for any kind of business, so have some fun anyway. Enjoy.


The whole article explains why these alerts are recommended. This is just a summary in case you want to copy some of my own google alerts. But in order to understand them, you must click on one of the 4 areas below to go straight to the detailed explanation of that particular area/subject.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT assume the importance or relevance of an alert just by reading it. The reason is simple: Many ramifications can be generated from one single alert. Sometimes it will bring up an idea for another important alert making your keywords something secondary, something intermediary but useful for finding another piece of content and thus, opening your mind to NEW relevant alerts. This is why you should read the entire article to see how wide things can become.

#1.”Artificial Intelligence” OR “A.I.” + “Marketing”
#2.”Artificial Intelligence Assistant” OR “A.I. Assistant”
#3.”Artificial Intelligence Manager” OR “A.I. Manager”
#4.”Artificial Intelligence” OR “Voice Search” + “SEO”
#5.”Content Density” + “SEO”
#6.”Predictive Analytics” + “Marketing”
#7.”Whats App” + “Marketing”
#8.”Facebook Messenger” + “Marketing”
#9.”Dark Social” + “Marketing”
#10.”Neuromarketing” + “Discovery” OR “Research”
#11.”Email Marketing” + “HTML5 Video”
#12.”Email Marketing” + “New Tool”
#13.”New Chatbot tool”
#14.”New Facebook tool”
#15.”New Facebook Messenger tool”
#16.”New Instagram tool”
#17.”New Pinterest tool”
#18.”New Twitter tool”
#19.”New Youtube tool”
#20.”New Linkedin tool”
#21.”New SEO tool”
#22.”New Outreach tool”
#23.”New Advertising tool”
#24.”New Content Promotion tool”
#25.”New Content Analysis tool”
#26.”New Lead Generation tool”
#27.”New Linkbuilding tool”
#28.”Implied links” + “Marketing”
#29.”Implied links” + “SEO”
#30.”Brand mentions” + “SEO”
#31.”Chatbot discovery” + “marketing”
#32.”Chatbot discovery” + “business”
#33.”Ecommerce Marketing strategy” OR “Social Media Marketing strategy”
#34.”Mobile Marketing strategy” OR “New Marketing strategy”
#35.”Ad blocking marketing” OR “Advertising blocking marketing”
#36.”Ad fraud” OR “Advertising fraud”
#37.”Targeted Content” OR “High-converting Content”
#38.”Facebook Ad Targeting” OR “Bing Ads Targeting”
#39.”New Facebook Ad Feature” OR “New Google Adwords Feature”
#40.”Marketing” + inc.com OR entrepreneur.com OR forbes.com
#41.”The Future of Social Networks” OR “The Future of SEO” OR “The Future of A.I.”
#42.”New Marketing Trend” OR “New Advertising Trend”
#43.”New Social Network” OR “New Marketing Tool”
#44.”Which Social Networks are” + “B2B”
#45.”New Viral Article” OR “New Viral Video”
#46.”Twitter announced that” OR “Snapchat announced that”
#47.”Facebook announced that” OR “Instagram announced that”
#48.”Google announced that” OR “Youtube announced that”
#49.”Quora announced that” OR “Kik announced that”
#50.”Musical.ly announced that” OR “Pocket announced that”
#51.”Wanelo announced that” OR “Slack announced that”
#52.”Pinterest announced that” OR “Reddit announced”
#53.”Whats App announced that” OR “Telegram announced that”
#54.”Facebook launched”
#55.”Instagram launched”
#56.”Snapchat launched”
#57.”Twitter launched”
#58.”Youtube launched”
#59.”Quora launched”
#60.”Kik launched”
#61.”Musical.ly launched”
#62.”Pocket launched”
#63.”Wanelo launched”
#64.”Slack launched”
#65.”Pinterest launched”
#66.”Reddit launched”
#67.”Whats App launched”
#68.”Telegram launched”
#69.”Bing announced that”
#70.”Yandex announced that”

#1.”New Business Trends” OR “New Market Trends”
#2.”Nielsen buys”
#3.”Google Buys” OR “Facebook Buys” OR “Twitter Buys”
#4.”New Facebook CEO” OR “New Facebook CMO” OR “New Facebook CTO”
#5.”New Google CEO”
#6.”New Snapchat CEO”
#7.”New A.I. startup”
#8.”Mixed Reality Company” OR “Mixed Reality Startup”
#9.”Augmented Reality Startup” OR “Augmented Reality Company”
#10.”IoT Startup” OR “Internet of Things Startup”
#11.”3D Printers” OR “3D Printing” + “Business”
#12.”3D Printers” OR “3D Printing” + “Marketing”
#13.”Startup” OR “Company” + “Chatbot”
#14.”Startup” OR “Company” + “Conversational Commerce”
#15.”Chatbot Service” OR “Chatbot Company”
#16″Why Entrepreneurs Are Investing” OR “Why Companies Are Investing”
#17.”How Businesses Are Using” OR “How Companies Are Using”
#18.”Startup Raised Millions”
#19.”Next Economic Crisis” OR “Next Financial Crisis”
#20.”Massive Corporate Layoffs” OR “Massive Layoffs”
#21.”Why Companies Are Hiring” OR “Why Startups Are Hiring”
#22.”New Deal Between Google and” OR “New Deal Between Microsoft and”
#23.”New Deal Between Facebook and” OR “New Deal Between Twitter and”
#24.”New Deal Between Snapchat and” OR “New Deal Between Youtube and”
#25.”New Deal Between Shopify and” OR “New Deal Between BigCommerce and”
#26.”New Deal Between PayPal and” OR “New Deal Between MasterCard and”
#27.”Facebook announced its acquisition” OR “Twitter announced its acquisition”
#28.”Snapchat announced its acquisition” OR “Youtube announced its acquisition”
#29.”Google announced its acquisition” OR “Apple announced its acquisition”
#30.”Samsung announced its acquisition” OR “Amazon announced its acquisition”
#31.”Microsoft announced its acquisition” OR “Slack announced its acquisition”
#32.”Apple Pay” OR “Android Pay” + “Business”
#33.”Mobile Payments” OR “Mobile Money” + “Business”
#34.”Sharing Personal Information” + “Business”
#35.”Checkout-free store” OR “Checkout-free Stores” + “Business”
#36.”Marketing agency” + “went out of business”
#37.”Marketing agency” + “goes out of business”
#38.”Bitcoin” + “business”
#39.”Bitcoin” + “marketing”
#40.”Litecoin” + “business”
#41.”Litecoin” + “marketing”
#42.”Ethereum” + “business”
#43.”Ethereum” + “marketing”
#44.”XRP” + “business”
#45.”XRP” + “marketing”
#46.”A.I. Cybersecurity” + “business”
#47.”A.I. Cybersecurity” + “marketing”
#48.”Cybersecurity” + “Business”
#49.”Cybersecurity” + “Marketing”
#50.”New Cybersecurity Threat”

#1.”Peterson Teixeira Company” OR “Peterson Teixeira Marketing”
#2.”Peterson Teixeira” + inurl:”yelp.com” + intext:”reviews”
#3.”Peterson Teixeira is being sued” OR “Peterson Teixeira sued”
#5.”Peterson Teixeira will be speaking” OR “Peterson Teixeira spoke at”
#6.”Peterson Teixeira said” + “Peterson Teixeira claimed”
#7.”https://www.facebook.com/PetersonTeixeiraCompany” + “https://www.instagram.com/thepetersonteixeira”
#8.”http://petersonteixeira.com/blog/” OR “http://petersonteixeira.com/”

#1.”Federal Trade Commission” + “New Rule”
#2.”Federal Communication Commission” + “New Rule”
#3.”FTC” + “New rule”
#4.”FCC” + “New rule”
#5.”Copyright Troll” OR “Copyright Trolling”
#6.”New Law” + “Business”
#7.”New Law” + “Marketing”
#8.”Privacy Law” + “Company”
#9.”Trademark Law” + “Company”
#10.”Patent Law” + “Company”
#11.”Trade Secret Law” + “Company”
#12.”DMCA” + Law” + “Violation” + “Company”

These are the 4 core areas we need to track to REALLY know what is going on in the business world. So let’s see how we can make the business world look like a little box.


  • Google Alert only listens to sites that are registered in Google News (register yours here)
  • I recommend you to use a separate email account just to listen to these alerts
  • I’m not tracking Influencers because I don’t mind what the competition is doing
  • To track Official Blogs – “inurl:https://analytics.googleblog.com/” (official blog list here)

WARNING: This article was last updated in June 01 of 2017.

No business will survive in this “Global Business Era” without smart and/or strong Marketing efforts. A lot of good stuff is out there. And a lot of garbage is mixed with it as well, creating the noisy universe we all must somehow breach to get people’s attention.

Marketing nowadays demands two core principles: Creativity and Strategy.
So if you have always played by the book, following blindly what other experts are saying without understanding what is going on in the Marketing realm, or what social channels you can use for business now, and what marketing strategies have been proving themselves right, then you’ll lose. And you’ll lose BIG. Why? Because you’ll always be a follower.

Therefore, here’s what I recommend you as Google Alerts for MARKETING and why:

  • “Artificial Intelligence” OR “A.I.” + “Marketing” — Since A.I. is bringing MASSIVE CHANGES to businesses, then there’s nothing more logical to do than to keep an eye on the future of business since it will integrate Marketing and A.I. forever. There’s no avoiding it. Today, a critical marketing area is already involving A.I. to dictate how things are being delivered to users and customers. Can you guess what area that is? That’s right: SEO. But, if you’re paying attention to what’s happening in the market then you’re already probably aware of how Artificial Intelligence is changing SEO. This is creating the necessity to use A.I. in areas like Machine Learning to help deconstruct past ranking events (penalties etc) while bringing to the table new possibilities as well. Smarter firms are merging Predictive Analytics with SEO to predict your rankings for the next 6 months. See how things change abruptly in business decisions if you’re paying attention?
  • “Artificial Intelligence Assistant” OR “A.I. Assistant” — This is another strong disruptive change that A.I. is making to Marketing which worths tracking too. Assistants are dominating the space because they’re cheaper to maintain in the long run. After all, a robot never gets tired or depressed, for instance. And don’t assume it is only low-skilled jobs or tasks that are being dominated. Negative. Nowadays, A.I. assistants are taking over manual AND analytical jobs that marketers used to do, changing a company’s costs dramatically if one decides to adopt more machines as employees instead of human workers. Haven’t you seen what Viv can do by itself!? Therefore, this is key information that marketers and entrepreneurs need to know to deliver a better product/service experience.
  • “Artificial Intelligence Manager” OR “A.I. Manager” — Although this is the 3rd alert, this wasn’t in the original article. It is a update. Thanks to my Alert that adds the keyword “assistant” to “Artificial Intelligence”, I found this article. Next, I threw the keyword “Manager” in Google Alert to see what other pieces I cound find about the new term. Turns out even Yahoo was already talking about an “A.I. Boss” months before. Threfore, track this. Now.
  • “Artificial Intelligence” OR “Voice Search” + “SEO” — Now that SEO is changing thanks to A.I., understanding all core principles of how search engines will base themselves on to rank a company’s website is another CRUCIAL thing to know about before others. Those who are not paying attention and are missing how voice changes SEO for the better or how A.I. is BRUTALLY changing SEO for instance, will be left in the dark. Overnight. So better stay tuned.
  • “Content Density” + “SEO” — The previous Google Alert led me to this one, which wasn’t in the original version of this article. Thanks to the previous alert, some important factors regarding SEO were mentioned, but the most crucial one is Content Density, a major game-changer for those who are only caring about producing X amount of words per article in order to rank higher on search engines. Since it is the next trend, it worth following it as well.
  • “Whats App” + “Marketing” — This is another alert that came to be necessary thanks to the news generated by the alert “Artificial Intelligence OR A.I. + Marketing”. The arrival of Whats App in a world where high-attention marketing channels are scarce, is pushing companies to explore this new marketing channel. Therefore, worth tracking.
  • “Facebook Messenger” + “Marketing” — Same thing as Whats App alert here. Thanks to the lack of attention in other marketing channels, Facebook Messenger is on the rise. But there’s one difference: Chatbots. Chatbots are now integrating with Facebook Messenger app, to provide to customers a conversational commerce experience by giving them products and services they ask for, like if it were a real shopping assistant. Keep an eye on this as well if you want to know what is going on.
  • “Dark Social” + “Marketing” — The term “Dark Social” stands for the channels where marketers cannot track their actions, blocking them from knowing metrics. Whats App is a perfect example for “Dark Social” because you cannot know how well are you doing with your campaigns (until this day). But since companies are using Dark Social channels, then make sure to know how they are using and if there is something worth exploring here.
  • “Predictive Analytics” + “Marketing” — The future has several faces, and one of them is Predictive Analytics. Thanks to this technology which has been now constantly merged with Marketing, Target, a company that worth almost 50 Billion Dollars was able to discover that a teen girl was pregnant BEFORE her father or anyone else found out about it. Quite impressive right? And it’s all thanks to personal data and market research applied together with advanced technology. That’s how companies learn your secrets, by studying your buying habits through purchased personal data and putting it to work with A.I. to deliver smarter marketing. Definitely, something you want to track down if you want to stay ahead in the game.
  • “Neuromarketing” + “Discovery” OR “Research” — Quick question: How can your amygdala be related to your SEO stragegy? That’s right. This is just a glance of where Neuromarketing takes you, which makes it a special subject to track. Neuromarketing is probably one of the most effective Marketing approaches ever because it can pratically invade your mind to sell stuff, which involves picking on the customer’s brain to deliver a brand’s message using more advanced marketing weapons like The Psychological hooks of colors or the 5 human senses, to name a few. Therefore, knowing everything about Neuromarketing is crucial to stay ahead in business because few are aware of Neuromarketing’s super powers and its applicability to business today.
  • “Email Marketing” + “HTML5 Video” — Thanks to a “Marketing Trends” alert, a great article from Litmus revealed a rise of HTML5 Videos in Email Marketing, due to the launch of iOS 10 (which supports HTML5 Videos now) putting this strategy in sight for marketers, since more than 53% of emails in November 2016 were all opened in Apple email apps. With this kind of information you end up finding a few VERY clever ways to use Video Email Marketing (with examples).
  • “Email Marketing” + “New Tool” — With the whole video content explosion on the web, and the merge of it with email marketing campaigns, it seems logical to track new email marketing game-changing tools to stay ahead. Right? After all, who knows? Maybe you can open your email one day and bump with tools that can cross-reference key marketing metrics, like the one that can reveal to merchants the number of sales and net sales revenue directly tied to the email campaign. So keep an eye on this, friend.
  • “New Chatbot tool” — With the sudden explosion of Chatbots in the marketplace, it’s only natural that chatbot tools start to pop up everywhere. And since I’m building a Legendary Bot myself (which is a powerful clone of myself for customers), having powerful tools that can boost your brand’s chatbot is something you wanna keep tracking.
  • “New Facebook tool” — No “evangelism” about this alert is necessary here. Tracking every advancements regarding Facebook is definitely one smart move to make in our fast-changing marketplace. We all know how much Facebook is part of the marketing picture. Therefore, track it. Because even updates like this one can end up helping you build things faster for your business.
  • “New Facebook Messenger tool” — Not much to add here, except that you want to know what tools are changing one of the biggest platforms for chatbots we have today. Don’t you remember this news? It was BIG a while ago.
  • “New Instagram tool” — For those who usually work with PR campaigns or celebrities, it’s crucial to know what tools are bringing innovation to Instagram. Remember the half-moon tool that helped people take better selfies in parties? You never know what is coming. Track any IG tools while you can so you don’t get left behind.
  • “New Pinterest tool” — Ever heard of the tool Tailwind? Neither did I. But thanks to this alert I found it. And sometimes a tool can change the outcome of your whole business or your marketing. Track this.
  • “New Twitter tool” — This is another alert worth doing. Because although you may want to know about 10 Top Twitter Tools that Experts use, it’s also pretty interesting to find out that you can now report threats to police using just a twitter tool. Maybe you’re working for a celebrity who just got harassed on Twitter and you can make the reporting process easier, for instance. Good for your public image and it sells you as a true expert knowing that such things exist.
  • “New Youtube tool” — A HUGE breakthrough for honest content creators on Youtube was this milestone: New Youtube Tool Tells if Your Video is Copyrighted. The service launched a new tool that lets video creators check song rights BEFORE uploading. A great thing to know in advance. Another example? Maybe you remember this: Site adds new tool that lets you easily create and share 5-sec videos. Any tool can give you leverage, therefore, track this kind of news in order to stay ahead of the competition.
  • “New SEO tool” — This is something you should always track no matter what because we all know that SEO is one of the main areas of marketing nowadays. Therefore, any new tool about it worth checking out. How do you think I was able to build this powerful list of SEO tools? Monitor this too.
  • “New Outreach tool” — Not only can you end up finding out about outreach tools like Ninja Outreach, but you can also end up receiving very interesting alerts like the Q&A with Nasa Astronaut TJ Creamer in which he explains in one of the questions WHY he used Twitter in the first place instead of Facebook. Knowing how difficult people to reach like TJ uses certain sites/apps/socialmedia on the web, also helps you categorize things better. Now, you know that Twitter can also be used as an outreach tool and some celebrities/niches expect you to reach them this way. This is just ONE example. It may apply to other social networks or websites too. Just let the alert talk.
  • “New Advertising tool” — The level of importance for businesses about this alert is HUGE. Here’s one breaking news to open your eyes on why this is important: “Snapchat has opened its new advertising tool World Lenses to brands for targeting opportunities. Known as Sponsored World Lenses, it will allow advertisers to add an object to the AR landscape, provide action-based triggers when consumers look at or tap an AR object, add environmental objects such as floating lights or ambience, and provide interaction opportunities such as built-in games. – Source: Financial Express“. Do I need to say anything else? I believe that’s enough to convince you.
  • “New Content Promotion tool” — Important alert as well. Tracking new content promotion tools always worth it because we are playing a very difficult game nowadays online. Promoting your brand’s content requires a lot of creativity and some new, powerful tools too. You cannot miss a single list like this one because you may find some “nuggets” you haven’t heard about before. Then, if it’s good, you can place it in places like this.
  • “New Content Analysis tool” — The same goes here. Finding new ways to analyze your content helps you upgrade your content marketing game. Anything that pops up that can help you in tweaking your content is worth tracking.
  • “New Lead Generation tool” — Lead Generation is another good subject you may want to track when it comes to tools because THE BEST lead generation tools start to pop up out of nowhere. If you have your eyes on the right tools while they’re in early stages, not only can you cut down customer acquisition costs, but you can also explore waters that your competition is unaware of, and upgrade your overall marketing strategy.
  • “New Linkbuilding tool” — Ever heard of the awesome Rapportive tool? Well, I could only find this new tool thanks to John Doherty’s article. With just one simple link you sometimes get one game changer.
  • “Implied links” + “Marketing” — THIS is important. The reason why I’m setting up this alert is that a few SEO experts read Google’s Panda Patent and got to the conclusion that brand mentions are now also being considered as LINKS. This is HUGE for those who know how to do PR online and for those who write for websites that allow guests to mention their brand, but not link to the website (among others). Therefore, tracking down anything that brings any information on this like strategies or tools, is worth the effort.
  • “Implied links” + “SEO” — The same goes here. A variation of brand mentions is necessary because similar alerts won’t catch everything you need to cover what people are talking about the subject.
  • “Brand mentions” + “SEO” — The same goes here again. How else could I find this important article on how to take advantage when customers are mentioning your brand? This alert may lead you to resources that will teach you how to find great link building opportunities, or how to find angry customers who are talking about your brand and more.
  • “Chatbot discovery” + “marketing” — The future of Marketing is Chatbots. Well,
    at least a great part of it. And because of it, you’ll want to know about things like this: “September was an incredible month for the chatbot industry. Troops raised $7,000,000 in a Series A round from Slack Fund, betaworks hosted its Botcamp day, Ben Brown & Schlomo Rabinowitz’s Talkabot Conference was at the end of September, and Google launched Allo – Source: Chatbot Magazine“. This helps you visualize where the market is going regarding chatbots and how fast the chatbot industry is growing. Track this.
  • “Chatbot discovery” + “business” — Ever heard of Botlist? Probably not right? That’s because Bot discovery is one of the problems for chatbots and even with that kind of service, finding them is not easy (especially good and reliable ones). But if you read this article, then things change and in one blow you can get a high-quality bot discovery list that can help you promote your own chatbot.
  • “Ecommerce Marketing strategy” OR “Social Media Marketing strategy” — There are some good differences here worth explaining. If you pay attention, you’ll realize that content about e-commerce marketing strategies, will help you learn faster about “how to sell” instead of “how to deliver a branded message”, which is usually the goal of Social media strategies. But to make things clear, Social Media strategy is a pretty obvious topic to follow because it’s the main game. Dominate the spaces where everybody is in, and you’ll find a new way to get out of obscurity in the gigantic and overcrowded world of Youtube, Pinterest, Wanelo, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and others. Knowing every new strategy that worked can help to build a good arsenal.
  • “Mobile Marketing strategy” OR “New Marketing strategy” — Mobile-related content on the other hand, will open your eyes more on points about user experience. It will teach you how your Marketing can improve to become far more effective in smartphones. A goal everybody should have today since Google’s traffic comes more from smartphones now. And everything else that is a “New Marketing strategy”, may be interesting to have a look because you can end up finding some very interesting and powerful stuff that any niche can use. Just configure “only the best results” and you’re set.
  • “Ad blocking marketing” OR “Advertising blocking marketing” — Since Adblocking is something all marketers have been struggling to bypass for ages (especially lately with Mobile operators getting involved), having to think on new ways of reaching out to customers to allow ads is crucial. The bills gotta be paid. Right? Therefore, Ad blocking is a subject worth tracking because once things start to crumble because you got almost zero exposure with your paid ads, you better fight back with possible ways to difuse ad blocking to save your business. There’s no logic in spending a budget in advertising if it gets blocked by some software. So make sure to learn how this works and what is going on in the marketplace so you can find workarounds or ways to reverse ad blocking.
  • “Ad fraud” OR “Advertising fraud” — Although this is not something marketers talk much about, Ad fraud is another subject worth tracking. The reason is simple: if you’re exploring other paid marketing channels that aren’t mainstream like Google Adwords or Facebook Ads, it’s good to know if you’re using a service that is not delivering your ads. Did you know that a study found Ad fraud in more than half uncertified apps? You should.
  • “Targeted Content” OR “High-converting Content” — Targeted Content is not much of a big deal, once you become more of a Marketing Expert. Well, there’s one exception for that: Innovation. If other people are using targeted content in a different way, maximing its convertion rates, then you want to know about it.
  • “Facebook Ad Targeting” OR “Bing Ads Targeting” — If Facebook Ads goes through major shifts, then you better know about them. You don’t want to lose time and money, right? Especially when you hear some odd and scary news that just steals your attention, like this one: “Using Facebook Ad Targeting? You may be breaking the Law“. Interesting, isn’t it? The cool thing is that even Bing itself appears whenever it has something good to publish, like the Location-based Ad Targeting feature which helps many local businesses to be far more effective.
  • “New Facebook Ad Feature” OR “New Google Adwords Feature” — Another thing you must keep an eye on is the new Ad features the biggest guys like Google and Facebook bring to the market. In the middle of a sea of information, certain valuable news might get lost. And you don’t want to miss a game-changer news about Facebook’s Ads delivering ads outside Facebook nor a special Google Adwords feature for mobile, right? Competition is alive every day. This is why true entrepreneurs will use their speed reading skills to learn what is going on in less than 5 minutes. One email, a 5-minute reading, and a new marketing strategy learned. A simple alert can now modify how you deliver marketing messages for the upcoming months. You just need to know how to fish.
  • “Marketing” + inc.com OR entrepreneur.com OR forbes.com — This is of personal taste, but only the websites. Track down your favorite blogs and brands yourself. Because it’s good to make sure the big sites you like to read, deliver everything related to your industry whenever something comes out. With this alert rule, not only original content from these brands will come, but mentions of the sites I chose will come as well, which is ALSO my intent. The reason for that is simple: other websites may be addressing marketing strategies, articles, resources, tools or anything else these top websites use to run their brand or else, something they’ve done for these brands, which worth watching if you have 1 minute. So I recommend you to track your favorite websites and what other people are saying about them to give you ideas and open your mind.
  • “The Future of Social Networks” OR “The Future of SEO” OR “The Future of A.I.” — Everybody in your industry who is serious about business likes to predict the future of core areas of your Industry. That’s natural. Sometimes, that’s even your duty to do if you have discovered something dangerous. The thing is, that although many people unleash some weird predictions, sometimes, these predictions are right. So knowing them before everyone else to analyze if they hold some truth, is mandatory if you want to be ahead in the game. All you have to do is do some crossovers with other stuff that you have encountered yourself and do your research to validate the information you’re receiving.
  • “New Marketing Trend” OR “New Advertising Trend” — What is becoming the new trend or what are the possible new tendencies we expect to see in Marketing and Advertising? These guys rule the game. They drive money to businesses. So you better know what is going on as soon as possible, what is trendy on both ends.
  • “New Social Network” OR “New Marketing Tool” — Every new social network or marketing tool can completely change how you play ball in business. Knowing what has just appeared in the surface and its value proposition gives you leverage over those who are not paying attention. If you know you have a wider arsenal of tools to work with, you’ll become a better entrepreneur and marketer.
  • “Which Social Networks are” + “B2B” — If you want to find out more about what each social network can do for your business and keep track of how your ideal customers are using the options available, and where they’re currently investing time, then this alert is a useful one. Example: Which social networks are generating more sales. This is a result from this Google Alert, that leads you to articles like 4 Reasons why your business is wasting time on social media and How to choose the right social network for your business . But, this is just ONE example. I could have got as result: “Which Social Networks are being abandoned by B2B companies in 2016” for instance. Get the point?
  • “New Viral Article” OR “New Viral Video” — Remember the famous Ice Bucket Challenge and how Bill Gates joined the movement himself? Or the Harlem Shake movement? Or the funny plankings? Well, nowadays a new movement called The Mannequin Challenge (really funny!) has arrived at the Internet, which allows anyone who embraces it to have a huge probability of creating a viral video. After all, once you do this, you just join a worldwide online contest. So if you win, your brand goes viral. Therefore, knowing which viral content is exploding is also mandatory knowledge here.
  • “Twitter announced that” OR “Snapchat announced that” — You know that people are talking about Vine being shut down by Twitter. But Fortune magazine says Twitter is now planning to sell it. Well, see the shift? One link changes everything for you. So if you’re not following their steps daily, you as a business owner or marketer could make the wrong assumptions about whether or not this marketing channel will stay alive, interfering in your strategies.
  • “Facebook announced that” OR “Instagram announced that” — Some big announcements are the joy of these alerts I’m showing you. For instance, Facebook just announced that it is rolling out the ability to stream videos from its core platform to a TV screen using devices such as Apple TV or Google Chrome cast. Looks like something you should know about which also can give you dominance over people’s living rooms? Hell yes. Facebook-owned Instagram doesn’t stay behind, it is already announcing live video stream and content that disappears to fight Snapchat’s reign. Both news is something you should know before everyone else in your industry.
  • “Google announced that” OR “Youtube announced that” — Do you use Youtube on your mobile? Tell me: Sounds interesting to have the power of live video in the palm of your hand (smartphone)? Or maybe you’re working with Google Ads? Well, then you may want to shift niches then, if you are in the fake news business model because Google just announced that it will ban such websites from its ad network very soon. But that’s not all folks. Maybe you are a smart marketer who knows how to use famous tools to promote your customers and your own brand. So if you know in advance that Google is shutting down its Map Maker Tool (The Verge), for instance, then you wouldn’t write content about it in your next month’s agenda. Right? That’s the value of keeping track Google’s and Youtube’s announcements.
  • “Quora announced that” OR “Kik announced that” — Maybe part of your marketing strategy is using Quora to drive traffic to your website. Awesome. But what if it involves posting anonymous questions? Well, if you got this alert as soon as Quora announced the new feature that blocks anonymous posting, then you can shift your marketing moves in time. Or maybe you’re using Kik to reach Teens, which makes knowing about Kik’s new chat experiences a good motive to sit down and rethink your next marketing moves.
  • “Musical.ly announced that” OR “Pocket announced that” — If you’re a CEO or a high-level employee from the NY Times or from other big brands, then knowing everything that is happening regarding the great social network named Pocket, is a must. Why? Because only high-level people tend to use it, like the CEO of Spotify himself and other big names. Therefore, you want to know instantly if Pocket just announced its premium functionalities to its users because any changes in Pocket, may help you get more new and powerful business connections. Who knows? Marketing is complex nowadays. So track its announcements. And yes, I have a profile. Here’s PETERSON TEIXEIRA’s business profile in case you want to see what I’m reading/recommending.
  • “Wanelo announced that” OR “Slack announced that” — Wait…”Slack is investing in 11 new bots startups? Why?! What’s going on?!”. Exactly. You need to know why. Track it. Wanelo a few years ago hit 10 million users. Powerful social network. If you have a customer who owns an e-commerce in the Fashion niche, better track this one too because its business moves may influence/impact your next marketing strategies in the e-commerce area.
  • “Pinterest announced that” OR “Reddit announced” — Pinterest is another important thing to track. If Nike is in there, creating special boards just for women, then Pinterest must mean something. And it is. Pinterest just acquired Twitter co-founder Biz Stone’s human-powered search engine, Jelly. Sounds like something you should know? Definitely. It now brings A.I. to the game, which matters to marketers. Or maybe you’re planning to use Reddit to promote some of your client’s controversial content. But if you’re paying attention, you’ll know that one of Reddit’s communities – the alt-right – just got banned. Not always this hit the news so, like I said before, track it.
  • “Whats App announced that” OR “Telegram announced that” — Two other social players you want to keep track are these two. If you’re doing research to write an article or a whitepaper, then knowing that facts like “Telegram blocked 78 channels that had ISIS-related activity” may help you in your daily marketing duties. And you definitely want to track all Whats App moves, because the App is now owned by Facebook.
  • “Facebook launched” — This is the complement of the announcements and it is a big deal, most of the times. To exemplify, here’s something that popped up with this alert: “Facebook Messenger Day is yet another Snapchat clone (but with a twist)”. New Facebook feature that rivals Snapchat? You better know about it.
  • “Instagram launched” — Same here. Instagram brought to reality its projects? Good. Track them. You better know when mentions like “Instagram launched its Live Platform” are being made online, because the faster you are today, the better.
  • “Snapchat launched” — Yes, same here. Track it. Here’s what you could have missed that besides the obvious market information, you could also have used in your favor as a newsjacking article: “Snapchat’s Good Luck America Returns to Answer ‘Who is Donald Trump’?”. If you have a newsjacking article with the same subject from the previous year for instance, you could just tweak it and republish it. Just a quick tip besides the obvious benefit of knowing all Snapchat moves.
  • “Pinterest launched” — One more to add to your list. The good part is that an alert like this one can lead you to relevant and related information, like this: Google’s NEW Machine Learning API can automatically recognize objects in videos.
  • “Twitter launched” — Any new features or business moves Twitter makes, make sure to know them all as well.
  • “Youtube launched” — Another important network to track. If Youtube is launching something like this: “Youtube launched Creators for Change, which is a global program aimed to strengthen the voices of Youtube content creators that use videos to spark social change in their respected countries”, make sure to be one of the first ones to know. You must know as much information as possible in digital marketing.
  • “Quora launched” — Quora too. Stalk it. Because keeping track of the social network that was founded by former CTO of Facebook, has its benefits. You can end up finding good information about how Quora really works behind the scenes, for research purposes, besides the obvious benefit of knowing first-hand its new features that just got launched.
  • “Kik launched” — Some BIG market changes involving Kik, like “Kik just launched its own Bot Store” is definitely something that you want to know about before everyone else.
  • “Musical.ly launched” — Cover this one as well, Musical.ly. Something that was interesting to know about first-hand, was Musical.ly #NextWave, which was a new promotional campaign in which a group of 15 songs by emerging artists was selected. The song that generated the most Musical.ly videos in a month, was promoted on the app’s homepage, like a custom publicity campaign. Genius. And something that you should know about if you’re a Top Marketer.
  • “Pocket launched” — Once again, Pocket is something you should keep an eye on. Because some new functionality may make you love it and turn you into its user overnight.
  • “Wanelo launched” — Just in 2014, Wanelo had already hit 11 million users and in 2016 it hit 550,000 stores. With such numbers, tracking it obviously makes sense. So make sure to know its moves to stay ahead of your competition.
  • “Slack launched” — Many entrepreneurs who do know the marketplace are aware of Slack and its super powers. But the startup became powerful when it expanded from teams to entire Enterprises. Bottom line? It was a feature. Something “launched”. But something that can cut your company’s costs in enormous amounts. Therefore, track it.
  • “Reddit launched” — Around one year ago, in 2016, Reddit brought to the marketplace its App for iOS and Android. This was 11 YEARS after Reddit was founded. Yes, 11 YEARS! But bringing a simple App to the game changed Reddit’s position in the marketplace. So if you know stuff like this first, you can explore a social network that no one is expecting on mobile and increase your reach overnight when most competitors are sleeping.
  • “Whats App launched” — A big move Facebook made after buying this App was bringing video calling to reality to Whats App users. Again, game-changing info. Keep track of the next stuff that Whats App will launch in the marketplace.
  • “Telegram launched” — Did you know about the $1 Million bot competition to push developers to build faster and better bots? It was awesome. But you need to know when stuff like this is launched to the public, my friend. Therefore, track Telegram’s moves. All of them.
  • “Bing announced that” — Microsoft’s search engine is another one is worth tracking too. Take a remarkable upgrade they made for instance, which allows programmers to search for code snippets on its search engine directly. That’s powerful. Because instead of having to go through manual searches to find the right forum, to then search for a specific answer in a someone’s commentary for a common coding problem, you just solve everything on Bing itself. That’s just an example of an upgrade that helps you to know about, especially if you’re serving tech startups and you’re helping in their marketing.
  • “Yandex announced that” — Russia’s leading search engine also worth tracking, since some of its business moves indicate a new Era for businesses. A practical example? How about the famous announcement that links would not count as a ranking factor anymore or that Yandex decided to bring links back as a ranking factor 2 years later? For those who run an International business, knowing this might be the key to planning a successful marketing strategy for the next 6 months. The more you know, the more effective you’re.

From my point of view, these are the Alerts you need for keeping up with the Marketing Industry. Not everyone will need to go that far as I went here since most readers here are business owners and not marketers. Therefore, pick the ones that suit you.

Next area then.

There’s a difference between a “company” and a “business”. Many don’t know this, but “BUSINESS” is how your company plays in the market by interacting with every other company, customer or government agency, connecting you to all these connections. It’s how your company behaves in the marketplace which is your environment. Period. It’s purely the external side of your company. It involves the market and relationships. This is why people say: “Let’s do business together!”. Get it?

The “COMPANY”, on the other hand, is the organization itself. Your brand, your employees, your team, and everything else that is related to your internal side which is not open to anyone outdoors. The building and everything within stands for “company”. But anyway, I won’t explain all about the core areas because there’s far more information about this on an article I wrote a while back: The 4 Areas Every Entrepreneur Must Dominate to Kick Everybody’s Ass In Business in which I explain how to deconstruct a business reality into 4 core areas in order to dominate your market.

So let’s continue.
Here are the all my current Google Alerts for BUSINESS:

  • “New Business Trends” OR “New Market Trends” — The market changes at a very fast pace, so knowing which are the next 5 emerging business trends that will dominate in 2017 or how Volkswagen bets on new technology to bounce back from crisis, helps you think ahead and consider those options for yourself. Depending on your industry, getting timely information is a huge advantage because you can use it for content marketing, PR campaigns, to create new ramifications for your business and more.
  • “Nielsen buys” — What?! “Who the hell is this Nielsen guy?!”. Such question can only come from those who are misinformed in some degree. The Nilsen Group is a very strong company that work with evidence-based UX research to improve brands through consulting. A lot of their work involves several Neuromarketing studies, which is why Nielsen bought the neuromarketing research company named Innerscope and also Marketing Analytics, which indicates strong, rapid growth. But not only company’s growth. Such acquisitions tell us that neuromarketing itself is growing in the Marketing industry and by value proposition of the companies’ that were bought, we can tell which areas are getting stronger OR proving to be major things to pay attention to in the marketplace. Big companies don’t spend huge sums of money on useless acquisitions. Sure, there are a few epic exceptions. But nonetheless, they are just that: exceptions.
  • “Google Buys” OR “Facebook Buys” OR “Twitter Buys” — Acquisitions are ALWAYS an indicator that something is up that you should know about. The big brands are fully aware of what is really going on, since they know who are the sharks in the tank doing business and competing, or who are the small guys that may oppose them after a few years of hard work. Do you know for example about the Top 10 Biggest Google acquisitions and the REAL reason behind them (infographic)?! You should. Such things are worth tracking. Or do you think it is worthless to know beforehand that Facebook bought Instagram for $1 Billion Dollars and also Whats App for $19 Bllion? If you have a business mind, you’ll understand that this strongly indicates that all three will be soon integrated, for example. Nowadays, this already happens. If you talk to someone in Whats app for the first time and search for this person’s name on Facebook, the very first result will be that same person from that Whats app talk. Also, businesses can create Ads from Facebook that will be delivered on Instagram as a consequence of such acquisition as well, which helps marketers and entrepreneurs since they’ll have to worry about mastering few tools and platforms to reach more people. Besides, companies like to hide things. But even so, we are still able to find out certain quiet Google acquisitions nonetheless, if we have our alerts in place.
  • “New Facebook CEO” OR “New Facebook CMO” OR “New Facebook CTO” — These are the 3 main C-level jobs that I recommend you to keep track on from game-changing companies like Facebook. The reason here is simple: If you change the HEADS behind a business, the business changes its behavior. So if you rely on them for YOUR business, then your business strategies might change along with them. This is so true that if you know a little about the stock market, you know that professional investors study who are the people behind the scenes running a company, which is obviously a very clever move to make. Investors will keep track of the CEO’s professional profile, his personality, his mindsets and even his personal lives along with everything else that may give them strong hints for how a company is going to be run from that point on. This spy-mode helps them invest with far more precision when buying a company’s stock in the stock market because they can build a profile and certain predictions, through research alone. Therefore, track the guys behind the scenes.
  • “New Google CEO” — The same applies here to Google, but only the CEO has to be tracked down because Google decentralizes its IT unit and spreads all the authority across many employees in order to maximize results. That’s because from Google’s point of view, is far more effective to do this than having one CTO or CMO take care of the whole company, since many experts working as one and putting their efforts and best skills together, is obviously better. Therefore, here we only have the CEO to track for now.
  • “New Snapchat CEO” — Keeping track with one of the most fast-growing social networks is a must for you, and that means tracking down the CEO. Because you surely wanna know Why Snapchat Founder Evan Spiegel said his wealth is ALL FAKE MONEY. Interesting stuff to know about, because it reveals a CEO’s personality. Know this, and you can hope where the company is heading for the next years to come.
  • “New A.I. startup” — Once a startup appears on the surface for every entrepreneurs’ eyes to see, then it means that it must have something good about it that worth watching for. Nowadays, this is particularly true for A.I.-based Startups, like the A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and futuristic Viv which has been revolutionizing the A.I. assistant niche, being able to rival against Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and many others assistants. A big player that suddenly appears which few know about may help you explode along with it.
  • “Mixed Reality Company” OR “Mixed Reality Startup” — This is a VERY POWERFUL subject to track, and you’re about to understand why in seconds. “Mixed Reality” is the Ultimate level of virtual reality which got famous thanks to the now famous Magic Leap. It goes like this: the basic stage is VR, the intermediary stage is AR and the final stage is MR (highly recommend you to click). If you just watched the video that I just linked to (again, click that), you know this is going to be VERY BIG in the business world. Mixed Reality (MR) will obviously have enormous applicability to Healthcare, Games, Media, Communication and several other fields. Because, if MR can show a real whale in a gymnasium as if it was there, then the UNIVERSE is the limit for businesses when they explore such technology.
  • “Augmented Reality Startup” OR “Augmented Reality Company” — Just like MR, Augmented Reality (AR) startups and companies worth keep tracking too. This is the technology Pokemon Go uses on its game to show Pokemon in a real environment. And we all know the huge impact Pokemon Go had in businesses, right? This made Nintendo’s market capitalization go above $30 billion. One game. One. So make sure to stalk these AR startups too because you never know who may arise.
  • “IoT Startup” OR “Internet of Things Startup” — When some hidden IoT startup raises $5 million to built a platform that lets enterprises and individuals monitor remote assets in real time, you better know about it. Because if you’re a creative mind, you can use this to do some crazy-ass genius PR campaigns since the startup involves the real world environment. Therefore, you never know how much your mind can open to such alerts like this one. The more you know about how the advancements in technology are being applied to business, the better.
  • “3D Printers” OR “3D Printing” + “Businesses” — Since the world has come to a point where 3D Printers are printing bone replacements and heart monitors and also allowing you to download your clothes instead of buying them, then this technology must be something businesses should care about. Right? It’s only logical to assume that now we are about to become the factory ourselves. Therefore, there’s no doubt anymore that this generates strong impact in Business and Marketing. So make sure to track everything possible to stay up-to-date.
  • “3D Printers” OR “3D Printing” + “Marketing” — We also need to know what might be going on with 3D Printers that involves Marketing. If 3D Printers are changing disruptively things, altering how businesses market themselves OR adding new marketing channels through 3D Printing, then you better know in advance.
  • “Startup” OR “Company” + “Chatbot” — Althought this fits into the A.I. area, certain websites will address chatbots without using “A.I.” since it has become a powerful business subject on its own. Therefore, tracking down promising chatbot startups is a must nowadays, thanks to several integrations available with tools that almost every business uses, like Slack or Facebook Messenger for example.
  • “Startup” OR “Company” + “Conversational Commerce” — There’s a famous conference called Money 20/20 in which Mastercard announced its plans to launch artificial intelligence bots that allows consumers to transact, manage finances, and shop via messaging platforms. Looks like something important for you to know? Well, sure does if you receive payments and buy stuff through eletronic ways.
  • “Chatbot Service” OR “Chatbot Company” — This is already a product of ANOTHER ALERT here: Startup OR Company + Chatbot which led me to add this important alert as well. Don’t you think it would be important to know about the first company in the world to launch a chatbot service for online consumers loans? If you want to dominate your market, you better.
  • “Why Entrepreneurs Are Investing” OR “Why Companies Are Investing” — You need to know what companies are currently investing on for several reasons: (1) to check if the trends are true; (2) to understand why they’re really doing that; (3) to see if there’s an opportunity to explore in the marketplace; Because how else could you possibly know that companies are investing in the skills and potential of Arab youth without living there?! Or that Fortune 500 companies and startups are investing more in becoming partners instead of vendors if your business is already too big or if you’re still too small? Track everything. Stalk them.
  • “How Businesses Are Using” OR “How Companies Are Using” — Since Microsoft bought Linkedin for $26 BILLION dollars (that’s right!) then there must be an obvious reason behind it. But sometimes you’ll only discover (or confirm) the “Whys” from different sources, which in this case proved to be the desire to gain massive competitive advantage through data because with such acquisition, Microsoft concentrates more than 400 million professional profiles, which is a huge amount of their customer’s personal data. Therefore, this leads us to the conclusion that companies are using very precise data right now to make the most out of their money. Logical move. After all, the market is getting more and more competitive by the day. And that’s ONE point this alert approaches. You could append to the end of this alert the words: “IoT”, “3D Printers”, “A.I.” etc. So, this kind of alert helps to explain the “WHYs” hidden under the hood of certain business moves that companies are making in the marketplace while giving you ideas and insights about new business strategies as well. Track these to dominate.
  • “Startup Raised Millions” — Companies nowadays have the ability to grow REALLY fast nowadays, thanks to our new business environment made of Internet, A.I., VR, Social Media and the zillions of Web tools that exist today. But when a STARTUP does that, then something is up. Like the SECRET VR startup which was funded with over $1 billion at pre-launch stage, that even Google invested money on it, and that now has gone public to expose its incredible work. Looks like something you should know? But what if it could KILL COMPUTERS!? Well, you just have to watch the first 30 seconds of the video I just linked to make your own conclusions. This is why this alert is important. Because we need to know about stuff like this in first hand, to pivot our business strategies before we get caught by surprise, since such technology massively improves the user experience. And people give more money to those who give them great experiences.
  • “Next Economic Crisis” OR “Next Financial Crisis” — Crisis change things. Change business moves. Therefore, you must keep track the bad stuff too to know beforehand the signs of what is REALLY going on in the marketplace that the media might be hiding from you. I covered this subject before with the article Global Economic Meltdown. How was I able to do that? Quite simple. Because I was listening to some pretty obvious signs (once you put all the information together).
  • “Massive Corporate Layoffs” OR “Massive Layoffs” — This is a VERY strong indicator that something is going on in the marketplace that you probably don’t know about. For instance, WHY the ATCO group is laying off hundreds of people!? And why Volkswagen is eliminating 30,000 jobs as well?! And why Cisco is joining them by firing 14,000 employees? What is going on here?! Do you know? That’s my point. You MUST know the “Whys” of such events. It’s the market. And the more you know about your market, the easier it is to dominate.
  • “Why Companies Are Hiring” OR “Why Startups Are Hiring” — Let me ask you a question: WHY Startups are hiring failed Entrepreneurs?! Doesn’t seem contradictory to make such move? Well, read the answer on the link to understand. But here’s another one for you: WHY 40% of startups require independent consultants every month? See what it is important to know such things? You must keep track how companies are hiring, who/what they’re hiring (you know….robots) and why. If you know that companies are currently bringing to their team only part-time workers, or that a high-demand for analytical marketers is taking place, then you have additional information which will help you see the big picture of what’s happening in the marketplace.
  • “New Deal Between Google and” OR “New Deal Between Microsoft and” — Can a new deal influence SEO? You bet it can. A prove of that lies in the deal Google made with Twitter to index its Tweets but that eventually, resulted in no less than 7.4% indexed tweets because Google doesn’t index all of anything (blog articles, tweets, videos from Youtube etc). Google will only look for the best of the best, which led us all to conclude that the more authority you have on Twitter, the better. But that’s one side of the alert. What about the new deal between Microsoft and Salesforce to bring Salesforce’s Apps to Microsoft Office and Windows products? This is why people are teaming up, you see? New economic times, new forces are being put to work together.
  • “New Deal Between Facebook and” OR “New Deal Between Twitter and” — Back in 2014, this was a HUGE move from Twitter: Twitter decided to jump on a new deal with payments startup Stripe that allows you to buy directly from a Tweet! Now, that’s I what I call a big and smart move to make. A few months later, Twitter assumed a few partnerships on its official blog and one of them is Shopify. Looks like something you might want to know? Definitely.
  • “New Deal Between Snapchat and” OR “New Deal Between Youtube and” — These other 2 social networks are something worth paying attention to, as well. Thanks to a new deal between Snapchat and MLB, fans of Major League Baseball will soon be one step closer to the dugout. Could you use this in a content marketing strategy? A PR move? You decide.
  • “New Deal Between Shopify and” OR “New Deal Between BigCommerce and” — The top players in the Ecommerce game are also worthy of your attention now. How else could you know that Shopify now allows marketers to serve retargeted ads on Shopify’s e-commerce platform across the web, mobile, and social media?
  • “New Deal Between PayPal and” OR “New Deal Between MasterCard and” — These 2 are connected to almost anything in the world today. Apps, stores, online transactions and more. Therefore, you would probably like to know that thanks to a new deal with Mastercard, you’ll now be able to pay for goods in stores with PayPal cash. Because once again, the more you know your market, and the technologies in use, the better.
  • “Facebook announced its acquisition” OR “Twitter announced its acquisition” —Although this sounds repetitive, it’s not. An alert like this one can reveal some big moves regarding company acquisition that big players like Facebook and Twitter are making behind the scenes. And depending on what they’re buying now, your next 6-month marketing projects may change overnight (if you want results).
  • “Snapchat announced its acquisition” OR “Verizon announced its acquisition” — A few years back, PMG mentioned a powerful acqusition that Snapchat made that caught marketers’ attention, because no one spends $100 million dollars for no reason. Especially Snapchat. And since Verizon bought Yahoo, social networks like Tumblr and Flickr have both fallen into its hands. This is why you should monitor both.
  • “Google announced its acquisition” OR “Apple announced its acquisition” —There’s no reason to defend this alert, especially because we are talking about the biggest players here. But using a great example from 2014, you can see that Google spending $3,4 BILLION dollards to acquire Nest was a move you should have been aware of back then, because such information would allow you to make more sharpened market predictions.
  • “Samsung announced its acquisition” OR “Amazon announced its acquisition” —Big players like these are madatory to follow as well. Samsung for instance, is proving that it has the potential to rise like a Fenix and dominate the A.I. Virtual Assistant and mobile space. Siri, Google Assistant are now facing heavy competition, thanks to Samsung acquiring VIV Labs. And what about Amazon? Well, remember this?
  • “Microsoft announced its acquisition” OR “Slack announced its acquisition” —Do you think that Microsoft expanding its A.I. army in a deal in Montreal would be good to know? Definitely. Or maybe its acquisition of Simplygon to boost Microsoft’s ‘3D for everyone’ world domination plan? Oh yes. And why Slack? Well, you already know its enormous success. When it makes moves like this one, you better know about it.
  • “Apple Pay” OR “Android Pay” + “Business” — Thanks to a feed in one of my Slack Channels that I use when working, this news article about Mobile Payments caught my attention but not due to the Mobile Payment technology itself, but because of THIS which the article mentions. If you’re a visionary, and likes to predict the future of business, marketing and entrepreneurship, after this move made by Amazon you better track all the top technologies to see where the marketing is heading next.
  • “Mobile Payments” OR “Mobile Money” + “Business” — This is another alert that covers the core of Mobile Payment technology. Whenever there’s businesses moving towards this technology, make sure to track. Predicting the future is one of the best skills of an Entrepreneur and a Marketer. And making sure you know Apple Play landed 17 New Banks helps with that.
  • “Sharing Personal Information” + “Business” — With the advancements of Big Data, and the monstrous real-life business case studies about predicting what your consumer will do next through A.I., and the ABSURD new Spotify terms that wants to look into your banking records, you better keep track who is sharing personal information in the business realm. You can grab lots of things by tracking things. You can discover which competitors of yours are playing an unfair game or got punched in the face because of it, understand what information you’re REALLY giving certain services and tools and much more. Therefore, monitor this too.
  • “Checkout-free store” OR “Checkout-free Stores” + “Business” — The reality is that people will prefer to buy from where is more convenient to buy, and you can bet that a checkout-free store will win the fight most of the times against a shop that still uses human workers to function properly. The only way normal shops can still win is by employing remarkable people, but remarkable people are pretty rare. So monitor the alternative as well to understand how businesses and marketing is working in this alternative shopping world.
  • “Marketing agency” + “went out of business” — This is one important alert for MY NICHE because by knowing which agencies or marketing companies went out of business, I can go after its customers OR build my company’s backlinks on top of the ones of the bankrupted company (a smart linkbuilding move I learned here). Find your equivalent for this.
  • “Marketing agency” + “goes out of business” — A simple news: Factory Design Labs Goes Out of Business After 20 Years. See the power of this alert? How many customers, how many backlinks can you get from this opportunity? Embrace this strategy and create the alert that is equivalent for your niche.
  • “Bitcoin” + “business” — Some important stuff has been popping up lately about Bitcoin and its value in business, which obviously generated new ideas in the head of entrepreneurs and marketers leading them to build a Bitcoin ATM network (Coinsource) which got them a chance on the Entrepreneur of The Year 2017 Award. If businesses start adopting Bitcoin as a way to do business then you better keep up. Because if you know how businesses are thinking about Bitcoin and how they are implementing it, you can predict where the market is going and what areas of the market you can explore with your own business.
  • “Bitcoin” + “marketing” — The same goes here. As a complementary alert, tracking Bitcoin effects in Marketing is a must. Just do it.
  • “Litecoin” + “business” — Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency around anymore and businesses are talking about other options too, like Litecoin. For the very same reasons you should track Bitcoin, you should track Litecoin as well because some brands are already writing things like “Why We’re Switching to Litecoin”.
  • “Litecoin” + “marketing” — Once again, track the variant that involves the word “Marketing” because you can end up finding some very good nuggets like tools, strategies, marketing campaigns made involving Litecoin and more. Besides, you can end up finding other strong cryptocurrencies that businesses should study and consider.
  • “Ethereum” + “business” — Ethereum is another cryptocurrency that investors are embracing fast, and because of it, you must pay attention to its outcomes in the marketplace. If businesses and companies start accepting Ethereum overnight then brand new business opportunities just appeared for you. Pay attention and take advantage of it (like these 86 companies/members did).
  • “Ethereum” + “marketing” — Like all other cryptocurrencies, track the marketplace also using the word “Marketing”. When you see too many alerts for this, it’s time to take action because the marketplace has probably embraced it.
  • “XRP” + “business” — Some people will refer this as “Ripple” while others will use “XRP” instead but the point is simple: Ripple – Bitcoin’s & Ethereum’s rival cryptocurrency gains ground and grows fast. The battle for the ultimate cryptocurrency is on, and you better track all big players.
  • “XRP” + “marketing” — Yes, once again, track any content linking Ripple/XRP to the word “Marketing” because you never know what you can end up finding. But here’s a good example: 10 More Banks Join Ripple’s Global Payments Network. Losing a high-paying customer because you haven’t heard or implemented this option can make you cry afterwards.
  • “A.I. Cybersecurity” + “business” — Cybersecurity is another HOT TOPIC that is flying under the radar in the eyes of business owners because, well, people don’t like complicated stuff about computers. Nevertheless, if you’re a business owner you better track the fusion of A.I. + Cybersecurity + Business because now that lots and lots of companies exist only online, their whole structure is available for crackers to steal. And you can bet that because of the next global economic breakdown, crackers will start unleashing chaos online, stealing companies’ data, hijacking companies’ websites and they’ll do other harmful actions on those who aren’t protecting their businesses. Or do you think that “Three Cybersecurity A.I. Startups Acquired by Tech Giants in 2017” is just companies wasting money on weekends?
  • “A.I. Cybersecurity” + “marketing” — The same goes here as well. Explore any ramifications on this subject but that also involves the word “Marketing”. You never know what may come up because let’s face it, hackers are very creative. So are crackers. Maybe a new cyber threat is disguised by very good marketing making your business an easy target.
  • “Cybersecurity” + “Business” — Depending on the company you’re building, finding out first about publications like “Executive Order on Cybersecurity: Considerations for Business” is a must for you. But like I said before, this subject will explode sooner or later as the global economy shatters into pieces.
  • “Cybersecurity” + “Marketing” — Another point worth tracking in advance because you don’t want to get caught off guard by a malware with very good marketing. Monitor the web and track everything.
  • “New Cybersecurity Threat” — Do you have a website on Joomla? Maybe your customer? Well, Akamai warned about DDoS-for-Hire Preys upon SaaS Apps such as Joomla. Depending on how big your company is, and how much money it has, you can bet that a criminal will use this against you or any other vulnerability he can find.

These are the main Alerts I recommend you to set in order to deconstruct the business side of the whole marketplace. Don’t forget that many of these WILL NOT alert you for a while, but only when things start to massively change overnight, like the layoffs for example, because that’s how the world works. If you see many alerts on massive layoffs, something is up. Get it?

Therefore, do not delete the “quiet alerts” because eventually, they’ll shout something worth knowing about. Just keep that in mind.

Now let’s continue.

How is your company’s reputation in the marketplace? Who or what brands are mentioning your name or your company’s, on articles, press releases, news and other forms of online media? Is there are any customers complaining about your products or services, dumping evil comments on websites and spreading misleading information to other people about your business without you knowing about it?

You must stalk yourself and your own company as well.
Because your online reputation can change within days if a horde of the wrong links, with the wrong comments, spread across the Internet.

Then let’s tackle that too, shall we?

Here’s what you should set as Google Alerts for THE COMPANY:

  • “Peterson Teixeira Company” OR “Peterson Teixeira Marketing” — Any mentions involving the brand you own is something worth tracking since it can be a new backlink, a news that involves your company’s name or maybe just a customer commenting around the web on other people’s sites about you. Either way, keep an eye on yourself. You won’t be caught off guard most of the times.
  • “Peterson Teixeira” + inurl:”yelp.com” + intext:”reviews” — Particularly I recommend you to follow Yelp like a shameless stalker (and other trustworthy review sites too if you prefer) so you can maximize the efficiency of your customer service and know what is going on BEFORE everyone else in your business. After all, you don’t want a horde of massive and negative comments bashing your brand like crazy without you even paying urgent attention, do you? Probably not. This San Francisco McDonalds was doing such a terrible service that it eventually closed. It seems that people in charge there didn’t listen to customers very well. FINAL HINT: Watch out for fake reviews.
  • “Peterson Teixeira is being sued” OR “Peterson Teixeira sued” +— When you start to get big, you start to get enemies as well. You know, those weaklings who can’t keep up with you or your original ideas and can’t compete through pure effort. The easy way to hit you? They have to sue you in order to try to slow you down in the marketplace. But, the good side is, that most of the times the media gets insider information and ends up publishing it. So it’s better to keep track on anything that may pop up with your brand’s name as well. After all, even Mark Cuban got caught off guard, discovering through CNBC that he was being accused by the government. Microsoft was sued by Kaspersky Lab for unfair competition and for infringing a mobile patent lately. This is not an extraordinary event if you want to get big. Therefore, expects the worse eventually because many monkeys are in this game. Losers. So better track everything. Especially if you’re in Wall Street because such online publications may lower your stock value in the stock market.
  • “Peterson Teixeira will be speaking” OR “Peterson Teixeira spoke at” +— Whenever people mention that you’re speaking it may mean that it is additional promotional to your brand, which in that case you may wanna thank that person or brand, or it means that someone is supporting a statement and using you as support to his argument. Either way, it’s your brand. Keep track of them too.
  • “Peterson Teixeira said” + “Peterson Teixeira claimed” — Do you get irritated when other people say you said something you didn’t? Well, better keep track on those too, because maybe it even involves a lawsuit.
  • “https://www.facebook.com/PetersonTeixeiraCompany” + “https://www.instagram.com/thepetersonteixeira” — Track down if anyone links to your social networks because as soon as you receive this alert, you can immediately understand why people are linking to them.
  • “http://petersonteixeira.com/blog/” OR “http://petersonteixeira.com/” — Finally, track down any mentions of your website as well. Just watch out because depending on your traffic, this may spam your email you really fast. Use email filters to receive links only from high-authority websites, like Inc.com or Entrepreneur.com for example, in order to block massive alerts.

Nothing too complicated to understand here that needs further explanation. Just keep an eye on how the law, competitors, partners or everyone else that mentions you, are saying about you or your business. Just make sure to be one of the first to know whenever possible.

That’s it.
Next stalking mode.

The government is one of the agents that may bring your business down, directly or indirectly. Perhaps some obscure laws that could have installed Armaggedon in business can show up, or maybe some new taxes obligations, or even new regulations that block a company’s growth. Who knows?! People are crazy man. The government then, are like 10x crazier. Therefore, you better keep track of what the government is doing to mess things up for you, fellow entrepreneur, because it can alter how you play your cards in business.

So here are the Google Alerts for THE GOVERNMENT:

That’s it. Currently, I do not see any other subject that needs to be tracked in the Government sphere. To me, knowing what these alerts above are delivering is enough to know what is going on in the world.

The rest is up to you.

Maybe you want to ask: Do we need so many alerts? Why can’t we just follow the big sites and that’s it? Well, because you cannot follow all the big sites from most countries. Also, trusting in only a few sources can be harmful to you since you never know who is working behind the scenes, and how well they’re doing their job. Remember the part of the CEO? If you change the heads behind a business, the business changes.

This is why setting these Google alerts will bring to your attention OTHER websites that may be on the rise through pure hard work, who are working day and night to deliver real, interesting and game-changing information which you probably need to know.

That’s it, my friend.
Make sure to master your market, master your business.
And master your industry.

Because that’s how you win nowadays in such a competitive world.
Hope this helps, my friend.

Take care.


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