[PART 2 OF 3] ENTREPRENEURSHIP SCHOOL: The 3 Questions Every Entrepreneur Must Know The Answers To Avoid Self-Sabotage

If you want to be an entrepreneur you must understand that living entrepreneurship in your veins is not like having a job. Not at all. It’s a totally different ride. After you create your company, you’ll be responsible for many things like employees, capital, structure, vision, mission, products, and services.

And if you don’t watch out where you are going, you’ll put yourself in a PRISON.
What do I mean by that?

There are 3 questions every entrepreneur must know the answer so he won’t follow the wrong path and be held a prisoner of his own ways. Entrepreneurship is obviously great, but if you start right and end up on a path where you are playing the game because of the wrong values and purposes, you’ll burn your life away.

Then let’s see what you must KNOW before riding on your road to becoming an entrepreneur.
PS: The Part 1 is here.

The “WHAT you do” is the first important question because it aligns your WORK with PEOPLE. People matters. People is the cause why you start something. So you must ask yourself the “what you do” to understand what difference you make in the world. Understand that the question here is not what you do on the market. Instead, the question here is this:


That’s the true VALUE of entrepreneurship. If you think building a company is just a mean to gain money, make yourself rich and buy your own Island, and that’s all you are focusing on, then you absolutely know N-O-T-H-I-N-G about True Entrepreneurship.

The world needs entrepreneurs because those guys are the ones who create things, build different experiences and transform people’s lives for the better, so we can enjoy a totally awesome world.

So answer yourself this: WHAT do you do? (to improve people’s lives)
What are you doing is something that is making this world better? A greater place to live? A piece of work which will generate great experiences for people? Make people thank you for entering the market? Because legendary entrepreneurs don’t focus on money, they focus on giving. They focus on people.

So what do you do?
Think about it. Reflect on it. And find the RIGHT answer.
Now let’s head to the second question.

Again, this is not about the work itself or its ways of making the company run daily. This is a question more related to HOW you provide the experience people have with your brand, your company, your products, and services. How you provide the experience is important because you can be trapped and too focused on sales and indicators of how well your company is going.

Here, I’ll simplify for you by being more explicit:


Do you make people feel like they matter and your business is there to help them? Are you giving enough value through your daily actions to people? Are you WORKING to make your services and products become not just a business transaction, but a UNIQUE EXPERIENCE for them?!?

HOW you treat people? How you deliver your expertise and value to the market? How you run your business? Is your company a place where everybody can come and feel well-treated, well-respected, well-served or is it a place where you just want people to come so you can take their money?

Many companies exist today, just because they want to profit more and become wealthier. So they focus on sales like crazy and they treat people like numbers instead of treating them like PEOPLE!

It’s funny because they want to generate more profit, but they forget that the only way to do that is by CARING with how well the customer is being treated and how well is the attention you are giving to them, how well is the quality of your product etc.

Real companies won’t focus only on profit generation, but they will also focus on their reputation. They care whenever a group of people mentions their brand. They care about good marketing because that’s what matters. They want people saying they lived an EXPERIENCE and not just a business transaction.

That’s why the “HOW you do it” is important. Very important.
Now let’s finish this.

This is where you — as an entrepreneur — can be trapped, thrown in your own jail that you have built for yourself. Some entrepreneurs, are VERY good at leveraging business and in transforming something without a structure, or organization or rules and make it become a real company, fast.

Most people call these guys Serial entrepreneurs. Serial entrepreneurs are the guys who can start a company, build a whole business structure and generate a lot of leads and sales within months making it look like it didn’t demand any effort at all from them, but that is because well, they are specialists.

They know the DOs and DON’Ts of starting a business.

But that’s where the danger lies.
You see, if you build a company, invest money and create jobs, you end up having a lot of responsibility on your back in the end, especially if you succeed. Therefore, ordinary people depend on YOU to live their lives! They plan their days, their vacations, their marriages….anyway…their LIFE PLANS because of the company you have built.

So you’ll have a big machine in front of you that needs to be pumped with R-E-S-U-L-T-S monthly now because people depend on your business to keep living. But, if you LOSE the most important thing that was the reason to bring your company to life at the first place, if you lose the “juice” that generated solid results, in the beginning, you’ll be in a place you don’t want to be.

And that juice is PASSION!!!!
That’s why you must ask yourself this:


Do you see? Your “WHY” is E–X–T–R–E–M–E–L–Y important if you want to build something that will last, both for you and for the people you serve. You don’t want to enter this game so you, later on, step into a zone where you must work every day just because you gotta keep your business running. It will crush you.

If you forget WHY you are running that business and if you throw away your PURPOSE then you’ll throw away YEARS of your own life and live in a realm very similar to that old job you used to hate. Passion is important, is key to a successful business because this is what make businesses born in the first place. But it’s also what maintains it at full power.

That’s why you must listen to your lasting passions!
Can you have passion building something just to generate more money for yourself? Can you build a company just to make money? Can your passion, in the beginning, be money-based?


But if you listen to THAT kind of passion, at the end of the road there will be a path you won’t want to follow anymore because it will be a bigger prison where other people depend on you to succeed in life as well. You’ll have to maintain something you didn’t want to maintain in the first place and you’ll see yourself inside something that is not really YOUR DREAM!

And that my friend….is the same as the old job you used to hate.
So forget about money and momentary passions.

Listen to your heart and discover why you want to do this.
It’s important for you not to dive into a place you didn’t want to build.
Money is good, but life’s purpose……is much better.

An entrepreneur must always think ahead. Always. Finding something that will only work financially is not enough for building a great company and making it last because eventually, you’ll end up facing your life and you’ll think that something is missing.

And that “something” is the lack of execution of your passion.
Don’t sacrifice years of your life on the wrong path that might have money, in the end, my friend.
Because for Time, there’s no return policy.


This is not for everyone. If you truly want to improve your business and you REALLY care about delivering a high-quality experience to your customers, instead of just making money, then click the button below. Otherwise, I'll not be able to help your business. You must have a true Entrepreneurial Mindset. Make your choice.



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