THE GLOBAL ECONOMIC MELTDOWN: Why You Must Become an Entrepreneur Right Now!!!

This is a warning article. So no, it’s not a game, it’s not strong copy applied to the Headline or any other marketing strategy/tactic used just to draw your attention. This is not a joke, so pay attention because I have something important to say to you. I even stopped my own business schedule just to sit down and write this because I wanted to warn as many people as possible about something I recently found out.

Well, it all starts with this article from Buzzsumo:
The Future is More Content: Jeff Bezos, Robots and High Volume Publishing

A few days ago, I got a Google Alert on a topic related to data-driven Marketing. I clicked on the email Google sent me and I was calmly browsing the links, trying to see if I could find anything interesting enough to invest a few minutes of my time, and read something about the topic.

So I clicked on one of those links and landed on an article that said something about content generation automation, and its connection with Artificial Intelligence. From there, I don’t remember exactly how, but I ended up in the article of Steve Rason from Buzzsumo, which I’ve shown above.

Alright. But here’s why I’m writing all this.
The RED ALERT that made me RETHINK EVERYTHING I was assuming true regarding online business for the next few years, was the following sentence in that article that I show you below:

The Washington Post now publishes around 1,200 posts a day. That is an incredible amount of content. My initial reaction when I read the statistic was ‘surely that is too much, the quality will suffer, why produce so much content?’ The answer seems to be that it works. The Post’s web visitors have grown 28% over the last year and they passed the New York Times for a few months at the end of 2015.”

— Steve Rason, Buzzsumo

At first, I was like: “Ok, but they are publishing quality stuff too right? So that traffic growth makes sense.” Wrong. Not quite. And this is where the problem starts to show itself as a HUGE global economic meltdown.

“How are you linking this to an Economic Meltdown Peterson?!”
Relax, I’ll elaborate and you’ll understand why I mean this.
But before I start, here’s the short version for those who are curious:

  • THE DEATH OF UNIVERSITIES — Universities will no longer exist in 10 years or less because the market will change drastically very fast
  • THE MARKET MELTDOWN — Hordes of people will NOT be prepared to deal with the new market and will get fired overnight, generating a cascade economic meltdown event all over their countries changing global economy completely
  • THE INTERNET WARFARE — The Internet is going to become the one place where all businesses will fight for minutes or even SECONDS of attention, creating a digital warfare that will crush many businesses due to the massive amount of noise and therefore, the extreme lack of attention from customers who are the essentially, the money
  • THE SLAVE WORKFORCE — Many will work practically like slaves, without being able to burst through the noise in the online market created by the big companies and their heavy investments on A.I combined with human workforce

Now here’s the logic behind everything.
Follow my lead.

We all know that most countries are still giving focus to Universities regarding Education as if it were something that would prepare you for the world somehow, yet, it never does. So we all know that Universities are almost useless for helping us win in the current market and 100 other people would agree with me for sure on this. Why? Because the majority of Universities only prepare you for the Industrial Age, not for Information Age, which is where we are right now.

Because think for a second here.

People can learn almost EVERYTHING online just by using Google to find reliable sources of information about an area they would like to dominate. That’s how it works today. That’s how you understand unknown terms or subjects within hours of research. And if you really want to go deep and fight other businesses, you just have to read hundreds of thousands of articles about a niche and gather more knowledge than a market competitor in that niche (and execute the knowledge of course).

So Information is The Key to advance and conquer in our information-based world.
And it always has been, which is why that those with Internet access can learn almost everything and start their own company simply by doing tons of research online. Right? Yet, people still think universities are something special. So the major problem starts when most people are still with the following mentality:

THE PLANNING: I’ll go to College to get a Degree. Then I’ll be able to apply for a good job. And then I’ll be able to buy a house in 30 years and live on it and have my own family. And then I’ll lay down and die.”

We all know where that “university mindset” takes us: Nowhere.
But now more than ever, you better listen to what I’ll say next:


Why? Because jobs rely on one thing: How the MARKET is behaving.
The market defines if a university will exist and have this or that particular course, not the other way around. Only the market has the power to create universities. Right? Because you wouldn’t apply to a course where there’s no market yet to get hired. Neither you would apply to a course which the profession you were preparing yourself to would cease to exist in the next few years.

The market is what gives reasons for universities to exist.
That’s only logical thinking. Which leads me to the next point.

Today most businesses are online and that’s not news to anyone anymore. Everybody is building an App or an online store as a way out to run away from the corporate life, the 9-to-5 job, or just due to the pure necessity of making money like financial problems. Nothing new here, since layoffs are increasing a lot even in the US forcing people to look for other ways to survive and provide for their families.

Now, just so you can have an idea, let’s talk about layoff data:


Source: Fortune

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
There’s more to show to make you understand the current situation.

NEWS: Motorola Goes Through Yet Another Massive Layoff

“According to two sources close to the matter, Lenovo just laid off hundreds of employees at Motorola, potentially more than 50% of the remaining workforce at the mobile device maker. One source actually pegged the number at 700+ out of 1200 remaining who will be told that they no longer have a job within the next day.

At least one now-former employee took to Facebook to confirm the news (we’ve decided not to include a link to preserve his privacy), saying that he has been with the company for over 20 years and his last day will be this Friday.”

Source: Original (Droid-Life)

NEWS: Cisco Systems To Lay Off About 14,000 Employees, Representing 20% of Global Workforce

Cisco Systems is laying off about 14,000 employees, representing nearly 20 percent of the network equipment maker’s global workforce. San Jose, California-based Cisco is expected to announce the cuts within the next few weeks, the report said, as the company transitions from its hardware roots into a software-centric organization. Cisco increasingly requires “different skill sets” for the “software-defined future” than it did in the past, as it pushes to capture a higher share of the addressable market and aims to boost its margins, the CRN report said citing a source familiar with the situation.”

Source: Original (Slashdot)

The consequence? People are rapidly choosing to explore the ONLINE market or manual offline self-employed markets as a natural response to survival with the money they got left:

Source: Original (IPSE)

Source: Original (The Guardian)

This has been creating that hope of “The Ideal World” to many, but the problem is that it won’t last for long. Not at all. Since we are having hordes of websites, startups and e-commerce websites being created by the second, the Internet is now becoming a place where businesses LITERALLY FIGHT for customer’s attention.

So the NEW MARKET is now fighting for MINUTES or SECONDS of attention.
Therefore, in this new market companies will have to be able to do incredible marketing campaigns, allied with PR and Artificial Intelligence just to burst through the noise and compete. Now think. What will companies consider highly valuable in the future? What will become the number #1 “profession” businesses will value the most in this new heavy-attention-seeking world?

The answer: Those who have the skills to GET PEOPLE’S ATTENTION!
The following video talks about how the Internet is ruining people’s attention levels (including kids). But no need to see the full video. To stay in context, I want you to see only the 4 seconds of the video from 1:50-1:54min, because it illustrates very well how bombarded we are nowadays by digital media:

PS: Only the 1:50-1:54min

Now I ask you: Do you think businesses WILL WAIT for a person to finish College? Do you? Do you think someone will wait for future employees to finish their degrees to then consider them an asset?

Not a chance. Because if they do that, the noise will shut their businesses down. And in record time. You understand the main problem here? Internet has changed everything, even education. Therefore, Education will become just like Entertainment is now: 100% ON DEMAND. Like Netflix. So imagine something like this below:


But for every area companies may need for survival like finances, HR, marketing etc.
So you take Udemy for instance, and multiply the business model aggressively, at a worldwide level creating a massive amount of something like this below:


Hey, do you need to learn finances?
There you go.


No? Maybe design then?


Or computer programming?


See? That’s the new world. Because we are moving too fast and companies can’t wait. They’ll just throw you into those things and expect you to deliver in a short amount of time or else, bye bye. This is why Education will also be on demand, because businesses online will be THIRSTY for human resources who are actually capable of getting people’s attention or maintaining the structure to withhold that attention. Makes sense?

These type of businesses like Udemy will proliferate. Heavily. Just like blogs did, bringing the whole educational system to a “Fast-food-course Era” where you have several sources of niche-specific information making knowledge truly available to anyone with internet access, due to how our world is completely technology-oriented now. A worrisome side of it is that many of these courses will also have misleading information since everybody will be fighting for a few bucks online.

But this is THE FUTURE.
Now comes the WARNING regarding our REALITY.

OK. Now, stop and process everything I just said.
Layoffs and Educational Revolution in consequence of the fast pace the market is taking due to the advances of technology allied with economic crisis happening worldwide.

I ask you now one question:


Can you connect the dots and find out why I stopped everything to write this just to encourage you to go all in and start your own business?

Well, time to see why.
Now pay attention below because the next part is rather worrisome.

Companies in the market will only be giving value to assets (people) who can learn things a lot faster. Right? Because they’ll need a workforce who can actually help them win in this new noisy universe, either by helping them maintain or get attention, but the reality is that many times they’ll probably hire people just to help them STAY ALIVE. So fast learning skills along with a certain level of knowledge will be mandatory for those who will want to stay employees.

Therefore, universities will naturally die.
No 2 years of waiting for anyone because within 2 years, something like THIS is happening in the market(!!!) now. And this is because I used a 2-year degree, imagine a 5-year degree.

Once universities lost their ground to DIY learning and udemy-like courses, something apocalyptic will NATURALLY happen in the marketplace:


Just follow my lead.
So today’s world is going at a very fast pace.
We have 80 startups being born every hour, right? With that in mind, you can understand that startups can now fight big businesses which have been around for 20…30…50 YEARS in the market thanks to technology’s superpowers. But due to such aggressive menace from the small guys, the big guys need to know how to play the new game filled with A.I, IoT, Digital Marketing and all that stuff that can kill the competition within months of strategic usage. Companies will need to know more than ever how to play faster.

Now think.
What will they USE to try to fight the smart-ass startups and savvy medium-to-small business owners? Simple answer: Their personnel. Employees. People. That’s what companies can use to fight competitors.

But what if all these people they “own” are NOT completely aware of what is actually going on online, business wise? What if people are completely lost on how Internet of Things will change things for businesses? Or how A.I actually works and its applicabilities to a business? Are you seeing where this is going? Completely useless people because even if they can, they won’t be able to learn everything necessary to help the business.

But let’s reverse it to the best case scenario.

What if all these people currently employed are FULLY aware of all that is going on in the market, and STILL want to become, for instance, a Digital Marketing Expert when things are already incredibly difficult in the market? AGAIN, could people learn all that in a few months just to be able to be a valuable option in the market again? Could the companies wait for them to learn even the basics so they can get back up on track and fight competitors in the market?

Why? Because the current workforce won’t be able to help.
So companies will do aggressively huge layoffs almost overnight because competition will walk faster thanks to all the technology that is coming, along with Google’s organic traffic quantity-over-quality shift. Add that to the fact that every business owner will be facing a GLOBAL competition which will demand from them VERY fast action and decision-making process in order for their businesses to be able to survive.

And with the economy already shrinking, like rent prices going up and food and fuel prices as well, the only way out to actually SURVIVE will be for people to try something ONLINE but D-I-F-F-E-R-E-N-T-L-Y than anyone else.

Makes sense?
But the problem is that the online market is already VERY crowded right now and people don’t do things differently, due to lack of faith and guts. Therefore, there’s too much noise. And businesses will have to compete with all those people who got fired that had the money to open a website or an online store, besides the quantity-over-quality thing from Google.

But there’s ONE MORE thing here.
I’m just talking about the PRIVATE sector.
Now, with so many people being laid off overnight, companies will shrink.
And if they shrink, you can surely assume this:


That’s only logical.
With the private sector experiencing such meltdown the next logical consequence is hurting the government’s pocket in a cascade economic effect. Because without people inside companies working and paying their taxes, there’s no money left for the government to administrate leaving the government almost no option but to fire everyone in public service as well. At the same time, ALL these people which got their lives completely changed in seconds will have nowhere to run, except….

The Internet.
RESULT: More people online building businesses and fighting for attention.

But the scenario will be worse, with some slight differences from now, such as:

  • COPYWRITING OVERLOAD — Almost every business owner will understand the importance of having Great Copy to draw people’s attention, creating an online world where every copy will be good for every niche and therefore, many websites will optimize MANY things for EVERY piece of content for almost no traffic at all. Therefore, no money at all.
  • ORGANIC TRAFFIC BLOCKED — With the news from Buzzsumo and Washington’s Post case, the big guys that have lots of money will be able to play the “quantity over quality” card because they’ll be able to hire an army of content creators plus an army of AI-based content-generators, creating an impossible situation for small and medium-size companies to overcome. It won’t be more about the width of your brain, but about the width of your wallet all over again.

Just an example of how much copy will be present more than never before:


Add that to the fact that people will start a warfare for getting a few seconds of traffic attention, leaving the rest to the big brands because with an A.I. army and some of the smartest humans working for them, who will be able to compete? No one will. No crazy-smart marketing will be able to overcome such levels of dominance.

Chaos. That’s what will happen to the world.
Chaos. Crowds and crowds of pure desperate people online trying to figure out a way to GET ATTENTION FOR SECONDS just to be able to sell something to make a few bucks in order to survive. Those who are true entrepreneurs and understand how hard it is digital marketing nowadays, with all these new social media and A.I and different marketing strategies along with the necessary time to create great content, know what I mean.

People will have nowhere to go, nowhere to run because they won’t be able to learn everything fast enough, and they won’t be able to be useful to businesses if they don’t have the necessary knowledge ground for the future. Everybody will try something online but it will only contribute to creating more noise.

That’s the future I concluded after reading the case from Buzzsumo.
And it is gonna happen for sure.

The only way out to play in this apocalyptic scenario is to become an Entrepreneur and build your own economy. You must wake up, see what’s going on, have some guts and take MASSIVE ACTION to build yourself a brand that people/businesses will buy from. And there’s a special advice for you to succeed:


Because otherwise, you will not survive. If you copy other already successful businesses and their voice they will always be ahead of you and you’ll be crushed. Seriously. The only way to win is being original. Build an original voice because people will still buy from real people. The principle from Kevin Kelly of 1.000 True Fans will still apply, but my guess is that it will be with a different economic context: not with profit intention but with survival intention.

Original businesses will survive by creating a culture of trade instead of profit, forcing business owners to serve each other in order to survive more than never before. But business owners will only ally to original business owners, outside of the box thinkers, because that’s what true business owners do.

So for those who will have the guts to explore their originality, sharing their own personal views with the world along with their own beliefs and original voice (and yes, hard work), will be able to survive by embedding it all into their marketing message.

My advice: START NOW your life’s work. Now! Do what you were born to do, what is inside your heart because time is running out for you to take action and learn what’s necessary to play. Fail to take the leap of faith and it will be too late. Seriously. Even if you start with the right attitude, trying to devour every piece of knowledge out there in order to thrive, you’ll fail if you don’t build what you always wanted to build.

Because you must be original.
Just look at what you’ll be competing against:

Fail to add your PERSONALITY allied with ORIGINALITY and you won’t be able to stand out. Forget about job security. Forget about overplanning things, because it is all dead. All dead. And forget about your bank account too because it is just an amount of money you should treat as an investment budget to help yourself and your family.

The time to become an Entrepreneur is now, my friend.
And it is not just for the sake of “being cool” anymore.
Now it is for the sake of being able to Survive.

So make the right move fast.
Because time is running out.

Take care.


This is not for everyone. If you truly want to improve your business and you REALLY care about delivering a high-quality experience to your customers, instead of just making money, then click the button below. Otherwise, I'll not be able to help your business. You must have a true Entrepreneurial Mindset. Make your choice.



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