The Most Disgusting Objections For Not Being an Entrepreneur [ All Destroyed ]

Many I have met in my life want to be a successful entrepreneur. That’s not a rare thing. They dream to work for themselves in order to build something that will provide more power to help other people. Which is awesome, because that’s the right mindset. BUT, there are lots of people who aren’t doing these things yet and they constantly trap themselves thanks to some wrong thinking regarding entrepreneurship.

They put themselves into a dead-lock, by sabotaging their own opportunities that they have in front of them. And all due to some really bad mindset, which the core are objections. Strong ones. The type of objection that freezes any movement toward their goals, creating several limiting beliefs which shuts down every door.

Which is why I want to talk about this: The Weak Objections for NOT being an entrepreneur.
And let’s see if those beliefs make sense.

This type of declaration is the most common one. I have been hearing this A LOT for the past 5 YEARS and even when success stories pop-up, proving people wrong regarding “uniqueness is a must”, many still keep this weak limiting belief as the Ultimate Truth.

If you assume that you must come up with a unique business idea to be successful, then you’ll imprison yourself and never experience greatness.

People who want to become entrepreneurs need to understand one thing:


Yes, you DO NOT NEED an original idea to start a business. You really don’t. If are a good observer and pay attention to the market, you can see that 90% of businesses that exists nowadays are a C-O-P-Y of something else. Even Facebook when it was born was a copy of the core of HotOrNot.com. At the time, Zuckerberg only changed the people he would be focusing on, but the main idea was the same with the difference that Facebook would be a Social Network for Harvard students.

Not so original for one of the most influential entrepreneurs who’s alive, huh?
This logically proves that IT IS possible to be successful even when you copy a business. Nobody owns an idea.

There are also powerful advantages about starting a company of the same type of others, like:

  • You’ll have much lower risks
  • You’ll have much lower costs
  • You’ll experience much less entrepreneurial stress

Seems interesting lowering risks, right?
The one job you’ll have to take is to think about an innovative functionality to make your company different somehow. That’s it. But the business’ core can be the same. Period.

Another good point you must consider, is to think on the PEOPLE who are being served by those companies that you would copy and realize that there’s room for everybody. For instance, can you imagine HOW HARD it would be for those who are already in the market to serve EVERYBODY else?! How many customers would be left off because the company can’t attend any more people?

Existing companies would crash and dive into death really fast for not being able to provide high-quality products and services. And do you want a good example of a business that copy others?

Sometimes they even sell the same type of food.

New ideas don’t matter. So when you have a “eureka moment” and you find out that is not new, just embrace it and think about a way of adding your own personality and personal values to it. Make the business born with similar grounds, but add your own SPICE. That’s how copycat entrepreneurs thrive since the beginning of Times.

This kills many wanna-be entrepreneurs as well. The customers excuse. Look, you need to understand that if you start to do something GREAT and if you invest a lot of time on it, after a while pushing forward you will be noted by what I call “The Customers with Personality”.

By the way, those are rare, but they do exist.
But who the hell are those type of customers?!


They are people who think for themselves and evaluate your work based on their own principles. They do not care if no one else thinks it is great, they have their own social proof method, which is their own genuine opinion.

Those are The Customers with Personality.
And they’ll find you eventually if you work hard enough for a while.

But yes, I do understand that if you start a business without any customers in sight, you end up thinking a lot of bad things like:

  • “I won’t have any money to go to Justin Bieber’s show”
  • “Nobody will want to hire my company without previous success cases”
  • “All customers will look at my brand, ask about my experience and leave”

BUUUUUUT thank GOD there are people with strong principles and personality, who knows how to identify something great when they see it, all by themselves. So, if you think you’ll be wasting time trying to start from ground zero, you’re deadly wrong. Deadly wrong.

Because once you start putting some hard work on your business eventually you’ll bump up with one of these type of people. Every business has someone who believed on it at Day 1. Every single business.

I also believe people like that exist because God uses them to make new entrepreneurs believe more in themselves, don’t give up and keep going until success hits the door. I do believe that.

But if you are not into God, there is also the probability rule:


That’s a universal rule that works.
For instance, can you imagine if you made 3.000 cold calls within only 2 months? Can you picture how much EXPOSURE you would get after doing this? Or how many new customers would do business with you?

I have sent A LOT of cold emails for business owners and none of them worked. But they did result in one thing: The customer I’ve pitched indicated me for a friend of his, getting me totally off guard.

Do you see? It’s not impossible to get new clients from ground zero because pushing things hard, works. People will appear out of nowhere sooner or later.

Take what Seth Godin — a VERY successful writer — tells us in this interview below and listen to how many times he tried to sell his book and become a great writer:

Wow….that’s what I call persistence.
Seth Godin himself got 900 REJECTIONS until his entrepreneurial life started. Impressive…

Now, the KEY PART here is not the amount of rejections itself, but the FACT that he continuously tried to sell his book to several editors, over and over, even after getting so many negative responses.

That’s the key to finding new clients as well. Because once you persist in pursuing clients for a determined amount of time, YOU’ll end up getting results. Period. What you must do is to treat getting new customers as “work” that you should persist on, and things will open up for you. Shout loud to everybody who is around and someone will notice your business.

Remember, though, that IT WILL demand WORK from you and you’ll have to ask yourself these questions constantly in order to speed up the process:

  • “Is my presentation professional enough?”
  • “Do I need to improve my design?”
  • “How my competitors are approaching possible customers?”
  • “Do I need to offer more value and be more friendly to the prospect?”

And no, it’s not easy. But it is totally possible. You can start from ground zero and build your own client’s list without knowing any people, especially nowadays where you have so much power on the internet and different marketing techniques to apply.

But in case you don’t have any marketing skills, you can hire someone to do it for you. After all, getting clients is a job for marketers. Which is why expert marketers usually say this:


Just understand that it is possible. And in case you are still insecure here’s something useful from Forbes about getting new clients that can help you relax about this subject.

Ok? Great.
Well, now let’s move on to the next absurd objection that wanna-be entrepreneurs usually say that drives me crazy.

NOWADAYS that’s not true anymore. Not even close. With the business world going online, competition on the market has never become sharp as it is today, which made possible to us to create a company with very little money or no money at all. Since many entrepreneurs are exploring the internet, a lot of awesome businesses have born from this “online entrepreneurship boom”, lowering costs for us.

But maybe you don’t even have money and that’s also ok. Don’t panic, because you can raise money with a more humble approach first, to then, use that money to invest it on your big idea.

For instance, you can do some “pre-business” approaches in order to gather resources to take your dream business out of the paper. Do one thing first, to get money to do things latter.

So, like Entrepreneur.com says on its article, here are some valid options to start a businss WITHOUT a lot of cash:

Very valid options. As you can see, things became more possible and you’ll just need to explore one of them in order to get what you need.
Because when there’s effort, there’s hope.

Now the final objection.
Let’s destroy it.

Ok, there are VERY FEW OPTIONS in the market which fits in this sentence. Very few. But even so, this is only considered a true statement IF you choose to be a solopreneur and do everything all by yourself. The cases that this applies are those businesses that involve accounting, medical care, the law and other especial areas that need graduation. But as I said, you can HIRE people to do the work for you.

Which instantly breaks this objection.
And if you don’t need any graduation, just buy some books and become an expert yourself, without any college or teacher because graduation doesn’t really matter for becoming a successful entrepreneur.

The Time Magazine published a Top 10 College Dropouts list in case you want a proof that graduation doesn’t automatically translate into a successful business. Here, I will show 5 successful entrepreneurs who you might know who ALSO dropped out college:

  • Jan Koum — Whats app founder. Dropped out at 21 years old
  • Travis Kalanick — Uber founder. Dropped out at 21 years old
  • Evan Williams — Twitter co-founder. Dropped out at 20 years old
  • Mark Zuckerberg — Facebook co-founder. Dropped out at 20 years old
  • Michael Dell — Dell founder. Dropped out at 19 years old

Do you see? That’s not how the world works. You get an idea, work hard on it and study a lot to make it possible and bring it to the market. There’s no secret sauce nor any superpower that College can give you because otherwise, everybody with a degree would be extremely successful. And the market would be even more crowded than that it already is.

There’s only one simple rule that will you need to know that will make your company take off:


Period. You do not need graduation. And you do not need a good resume either. You just need to invest time learning a lot and working a lot to improve your skills, your ideas, and your “business game”. Because every piece of this is what it will be used in your business in the future.

Like Brian Chesky said:

— Brian Chesky, founder of Airbnb

Now to make things easier here’s the true process that will build any company from “zero to hero”:

  • 1. Find good mentors to teach you how to build your business from ground zero
  • 2. Read A LOT of books to dominate your area
  • 3. Work hard to build up your company from scratch

That’s it. No teacher is necessary. No courses. Just taking massive action and reading great information to improve yourself. It is simple to execute and the success of your business…..only depends on you.

As you can see, you do have options to change your life and become a business person, you just have to understand that there is no “one way to success” like wanna-be entrepreneurs think often. There’s no need of that UNIQUE business idea that no one else is executing to become a success, you just need to do the same thing differently in case you don’t have a brand new genius idea to take out of paper.

And if you do have a unique idea, then test it first! One good way to do that is by using the Minimum Viable Product approach from The Lean Startup book, a best-seller.

Your entrepreneurial journey is waiting.
So, answer me this:


Take care.


This is not for everyone. If you truly want to improve your business and you REALLY care about delivering a high-quality experience to your customers, instead of just making money, then click the button below. Otherwise, I'll not be able to help your business. You must have a true Entrepreneurial Mindset. Make your choice.



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