INFOGRAPHIC: The Secret Power of Gamification in Business and Marketing

One of the main things that makes a business grow fast, is creativity. In business and marketing, a new creative business/marketing strategy has established itself among respectful businesses and big brands worldwide, thanks to its stupidly high potential for generating revenue through legitimate ways that turns customers into brand addicts.

That’s the famous Gamification.
But that may be just a word for you today.
Or perhaps, you may have heard and read about it before, but you still don’t know the true benefits of it, the main stats behind it that turns people’s heads and all the other stuff that sells the subject as “interesting” to those who are business owners like yourself.

That’s why this infographic. To tell all core things quickly.
So here’s what you’ll get from one single image:

  • How Gamification works and what is Gamification
  • The 5 common mechanics of Gamification
  • The 4 key ways to drive engagement with Gamification
  • How much was spent 7 YEARS AGO in Gamification strategies
  • The impressive percentage of Forbes Global 2000 companies that are investing in this
  • The astounishing percentage of gamified applications that fail due to weak goal setting
  • The level of growth companies can expect in the very 1st month after implementation
  • The real life success cases big companies and universites experienced using gamification
  • The Top 4 first steps for implementing gamification in a business
  • The most popular gamified mobile apps and its future in the marketplace

After learning all about this below, to make things even clearer, just keep in mind that it all ties with core principles taught in the book The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business.

If you read the book I mentioned, you know that creating gamification strategies for your business becomes very very easy once you understand the basic concept of how humans become addicted to rewards and why.

So let’s unveil another smart way to do business and marketing.
Time to go to the next level (aha! see what I did here?).

Original Source: Demand Metric


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