INFOGRAPHIC: The Big Data and Marketing Complicated Relationship Easily Explained

The revolution Big Data is making in Marketing is without precedents. This is a new Era. Now marketers can predict if you’re having a baby or if you’ll get a divorce for instance, and obviously Big Data is a huge part of these new marketing superpowers marketers have.

Since 80% of the consumer’s data is not centralized, but instead, all spread out across many channels like Whats App, Facebook, Credit Card records and more, having the chance to put together a more personal profile of customers based on those enormous amounts of previoulsy “missing data” puts Marketing on another level.

All thanks to Big Data usage.
But… does that work exactly?

What is actually considered Big Data?
And how do you apply it into Marketing Projects and Campaigns in practice?

Well, let’s find out those answers.
Here’s what you’ll learn about Marketing and Big Data:

  • What really is Big Data, what its data size limits
  • What are the internal and external Data Sources Big Data can come from
  • The two main things that allow actionable insight
  • The 5 HUGE advantages of adopting Marketing Analytics
  • The Marketing rule H&R Block learned that is actually the same truth for every company
  • The US Company that was able to “cut customer defections in half in a single quarter”!
  • The absurd percentage of businesses that are actually using their data effectively
  • The greatest challenges small and large businesses face involving the use of Big Data
  • The 3 Dimensions of Big Data
  • The 4 kinds of employees recommended to successfully dominate Big Data in Business

After all those questions answered, you can rest assured that Big Data gets easier.
So let’s understand it, once and for all, in just 5 minutes.

Original Source: Demand Metrics

PS: The next time you see REALLY precise Marketing in scale, you can pretty much assume Big Data was involved to achieve such level of results. Take care.


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