INFOGRAPHIC: How Bounce Rate Works

There’s no use maximizing your traffic if everybody leaves your business website. A thing many business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs worry in this big online marketplace is customer retention. Well, in other words: The bounce rate. Because traffic alone won’t suffice if every visitor is closing the browser tab moments after entering your website.

What is really Bounce Rate?
And what do you need to know about Bounce Rate to fix it, maximize your conversions and time on site, and understand everything that matters about it?

This is why the infographic is here.
Because people have been dwelling on this over and over, asking questions on Quora and more for a long time now.

So here’s what you’ll learn with just one image about Bounce Rate:

  • Who defines the Bounce Rate
  • What is the Bounce Rate Equation
  • What does the Bounce Rate Equation means
  • The different user events that increases the Bounce Rate
  • The metrics of an average website categorized by Portals, Landing Pages etc
  • The factors that affect your Bounce Rate
  • The 9 factors that affect your Bounce Rate
  • The 8 advices to improve your Bounce Rate

Enough said.
Next, you get the points above answered.
Let’s demystify things for you my friend.

Original Source: Kissmetrics


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