INFOGRAPHIC: Where Exactly Brands Are Placing Their Money in Content Marketing?

Today, if your company isn’t investing in content marketing then you are already losing the “Online War for Customers” game and your competitors have a VERY strong advantage upon you. And that’s not even a some sort of bad premonition, this is a solid fact like Forbes said a while ago.

The game has changed overnight making small businesses have a better to chance to win more space in the market if they play their cards right. Thank Google, Bing and others for that.

But although a little too late, most big brands — like Coca-cola and Red Bull — realized this new “Marketing Trend” — which is actually a Marketing Revolution — and they decided to invest HARD in content marketing campaigns to get back to the game before they get smashed by everybody else.

But there’s a catch: Marketing costs money. We all know that. And even the big brands can’t invest in every piece of strategy. So WHERE exactly are companies placing money in content marketing? What are the best approaches? Videos? Infographics? Articles? Images? Podcasts?

Let’s answer that question (and more).
This Infographic below is a quick resource backed by strong data that shows us which content marketing areas are more viable to invest nowadays, due to its effectiveness.

So here’s what you’ll know after this:

  • How many pieces of content are shared EVERY DAY online (up until now)
  • The annual average per company content marketing budget
  • How many companies out of 10 are placing their bets in Content Marketing
  • How are big brands spending on Content Marketing
  • What Red Bull and Coca-cola are doing with Content Marketing
  • How many people does Red bull separate just for Content Marketing
  • How much does customers really care about content for making buying decisions
  • The 4 signs that you must increase your content marketing budget
  • The 7 steps to Effective Content Marketing
  • Who should you outsource when doing Content Marketing
  • Which type of content big brands are prioritizing nowadays

This and more is what you’ll learn in the next minutes.
So here are some good facts about this new Marketing World, my friend.

Source: Express Writers


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