INFOGRAPHIC: The Content Marketing Complete Guide

You have heard a lot about Content Marketing, but how deep is your knowledge about this topic? How do companies see it? How much are they investing? Do users care about your company’s content? What triggers consumers nowadays to seek a product? There’s much more to know besides these points.

The question you need to ask is simple: “Do I know everything necessary to have a complete overview of Content Marketing this moment?”. If you took more than 3 seconds to answer YES, then I recommend you to consume in the next 5 minutes one of the most complete Infographics on this topic.

So here’s what you’ll learn about Content Marketing in one image:

  • How much of the marketplace is marketing themselves with Content
  • The share of CMOs that are seeing CUSTOM Content as the Future of Marketing
  • The share of B2B businesses that are using Content marketing
  • The share of B2C businesses that are using Content marketing
  • The share of internet users spending time reading about brands that interests them
  • The urgent reasons WHY you need Content Marketing
  • The amount of leads Content generates in comparison with Traditional Marketing
  • The truths and facts regarding how people IGNORE advertising nowadays
  • The astounishing percentage of users that prefer to learn about brands through articles
  • The percentage of consumers that feel CLOSER to a company after consuming its content
  • The ONE REASON why people follow a brand on Social Media
  • What pushes consumers to take action when it comes to content
  • The TOP 3 marketing objectives you need to have in mind when it comes to content
  • The TOP 3 content monitoring brands are recommended to make to match the competition
  • The basic understandings you should have about buyers before using content
  • The gaps you need to fill to be highly effective with your content marketing approach
  • The average amount of content distribution tactics B2B marketers use
  • The ONE marketing channel the majority of B2B marketers consider more valuable
  • The average amount of social media sites B2B marketers use to distribute content
  • The split ways to analyze ROI B2B marketers use to measure content marketing success

Do you think all that is enough? Well, there’s more. Just scroll.
Let’s open your mind a bit and show you how wide the Content Marketing world really is.

Original Source: Demand Metric


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