INFOGRAPHIC: The Explosive Marketing Impact Influencers Have in Business

There was an Era where your main marketing strategy to get more exposure in the market required you to invest lots of money in Advertising and TV channels. That was the game that lasted for so long, but is not what works anymore, even for big brands. Nowadays, a huge part of getting eyeballs in your brand is Influencers. They are what will make your marketing game stronger almost overnight.

Thanks to the rise of Social Media, a pure marketing revolution for businesses has begun, because now, there are SEVERAL “low-cost” marketing channels available companies can explore internationally. Today, it’s possible for every business in the world with a small but considerable marketing budget to get into the global marketplace, just by connecting with all the right Influencers in the brand’s niche.

And to be perfectly clear, Influencers are brands or personal accounts that can influence a target audience for a company due to its high amount of followers in Social Media or Blogs. Companies use them nowadays as a marketing strategy to reach to a piece of their audience REALLY fast, by closing a partnership deal with them or by simply giving them money to promote their stuff. This strategy skyrockets sales and leads in DAYS because the brand gets to be exposed instantly to a new slice of its target audience, while it’s supported with social proof at the same time.

Make the right people promote your products and services, and you’ll explode.
So here’s what you’ll learn with just one image about Influencer Marketing:

  • How much money businesses are making with influencer marketing for every $1 spent
  • How much Youtube stars influence teens over movie stars regarding buying decisions
  • How much of the market buys an item just because it got promoted by a celebrity
  • How much of the market is now reading reviews before making any purchase decision
  • How much of all influencers are now becoming brand evangelists
  • The 3rd most preferred channel for influencer engagement campaigns for 51% of marketers
  • How much of the women’s market admits having their buying decisions influenced by trusted bloggers

Here’s what business owners need to know by now.


Original: Net Imperative


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