INFOGRAPHIC: How Mark Zuckerberg Started Everything And How He Played in The Business World

Until this day, you may not know how Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook with his bare hands. That’s ok. But it’s time to change that for you and give the FULL story on Zuckerberg’s entrepreneurial journey before he consecrated himself as co-founder of Facebook.

A WARNING: Few people know all the details covered in this Infographic. This is why I posted it. I bet you’ll be surprised in some levels.

Well, this is what you’ll learn in this resource:

  • At what age Mark Zuckerberg started programming
  • What friend taught Mark Zuckerberg how to program
  • What 3 foreign languages Mark Zuckerberg knows
  • What program he developed got an offer of $1 Million by Microsoft
  • How much time Zuckerberg took to build
  • How much money MTV offered Zuckerberg for Facebook
  • What other startup after Facebook put Mark in doubt on which to choose
  • How much money Yahoo and Viacom offered to Zuckerberg
  • What startup the first hired programmer created after quitting Facebook

A few interesting stuff many don’t know.
So here it goes, my friend.

Source: Funders and Founders


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