INFOGRAPHIC: How Social is B2B in The Marketplace?

The business world has completely changed in the Information Era. Today, a small business has a real chance of fighting big companies and win the war, just because of the empowering ecosystem the Internet has generated for those entrepreneurs who are smart enough to explore its resources.

And one of those resources is Social Media.
So the real question is: How SOCIAL is B2B (Business-to-Business) in the Marketplace since 2011? What’s the numbers behind B2B for social media interactions and audience since that year? Are you missing the next generation’s bandwagon? Which social networks you should be investing on nowadays?

The infographic below will answer all of it with pure, real, hard data so you can make your own conclusions and consider the data below in your next strategic decisions.

So here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What’s the market share of businesses that is getting leads on Facebook
  • What social network generates more leads than Facebook, Twitter and Blogging for B2B
  • How much did IBM increased in Sales using a Social Selling Program
  • How much of IBM buyers will use Social media in the purchase process in the future
  • What’s the ONE THING you can do online with prospects that accelerates deals
  • How much leads do companies get today just from Blogging?

Find out what you’re probably missing since 2011.



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