INFOGRAPHIC: How To Create Viral Content That Can Truly Overcome The Competition

Today, all businesses are playing a real Warfare in Digital Marketing. And a powerful one. Now, content is the main rule to draw attention from customers online (which is why many say Marketing needs to be rethought ) and because of that, the internet is too crowded with content forcing companies to spend more effort on creating good content.

But this is a worldwide war. Everybody is competing. It’s not an easy endeavour.
So what’s the winning edge? How do you OUTLAST the competition?

Answer: Viral content.
The type of content that can’t be ignored once people land their eyes on it.
The “best mode” of content marketing. The content on steroids. The Superman of Online Marketing.

And after a DEEP analysis, Buzzsumo and OkDork made on 100 million articles, we now know the best strategies to creating that type of content. It’s not a “Perfect Formula” but you can now have a much higher success rate by applying what you’ll learn next.

So here’s the knowledge this infographic will give you within 5 minutes:

  • 1. What is the main characteristic of an article that can DOUBLE its shares?
  • 2. Which are the best days of the week to post content on Social Media?
  • 3. What is the type of article that gets much more shares than any other kind?
  • 4. What is the one single factor you can add to an article to boost its shares?
  • 5. What are the 3 types of subjects people share the most online?
  • 6. Which type of interactive content is a blast for making people feel special?
  • 7. What is the 2nd type of content that gets more shares?
  • 8. How can you double, triple and even quadruple shares using the same content?
  • 9. How much power can just one Influencer give to a single post?
  • 10. The Final Secret

Are you ready?
Then here we go.


PS: Remember to merge the strategies to go Viral :)


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