INFOGRAPHIC: The 5 Reasons Why Instagram Is A Powerful Marketing Channel (+Bonus)

Question: Why do you think Nike, Burger King, Oreo and even American Express owns a Instagram account? Why invest part of that big marketing budget on producing/posting high-quality pictures and also, launching simple and smart Ads?

Because of its marketing power to reach millions and because of its engagement levels.

The long answer: Because it builds A LOT of brand awareness these days on the Internet, it has one of the best ROIs for Ads and its the ideal place to hit certain audiences and demographics. But this is just the beginning.

In this infographic you’ll see 5 obvious reasons WHY this social network is a powerful and strategical approach to explore with your business. Because we all need to go social, nowadays.

So this what I’ll give you here very fast:

  • 1. How fast is Instagram growing
  • 2. Why marketers are claiming that Instagram is the most important social network
  • 3. The incredible level of engagement you’ll get once you put your brand on Instagram
  • 4. The very competitive advertising advantages and facts
  • 5. The promises for the future regarding social commerce and mobile

PS: There’s a bonus for you in the end of this article.
Let’s go!


And now THE BONUS:



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