INFOGRAPHIC: The Amazing Elon Musk’s Journey And The Absurd Problems He Overcame To Win

How hard is Entrepreneurship in practice? Well, just as hard as living life but multiply that by 10. You have employees depending on you, you have a family depending on you, you have investors looking at every move you make and YET, you still need to win because the market is cold and doesn’t care about the problems you go through. But at least, in the end of such endurance, you got magazines and people all over the world acknowledge your work and you start living the success you deserve.

So here’s a real life example of a hardcore Entrepreneur: Elon Musk.
Today I’m going to give you his full life journey in just one image.

His truly IMPRESSIVE story will make you rethink those times of your life where you start complaining about something so small, something insignificant, those times when you face problems and maximize then just to fill a bucket of excuses in order to say that is not your fault. It’s time to make some adjustments and give you some motivation. And if you are needing additional energy, I recommend you reading this personal development article that I wrote as well, because you cannot ignore the warrior inside of you.

Alright, but let’s cut to the chase.
Here’s what you’ll see in this infographic about Elon Musk’s story:

  • All hardcore problems Elon Musk faced during his whole life since childhood
  • How much he used to read and why he read the whole Encyclopedia Britannica
  • The amount of days he took to learn computer programming in a 6-month course
  • How he got out of his existencial crisis
  • How PayPal was actually founded
  • How Tesla was actually founded
  • How SpaceX was actually founded
  • How he won his first NASA contract of U$ 1.6 Billion
  • How he saved SpaceX from bankruptcy
  • Musk promises that humans will be sent to Mars by [find out]
  • How much does a ticket to Mars is already costing nowadays

A very motivational charge for those who are also entrepreneurs.
Take a look below.

Source: Funders and Founders


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