INFOGRAPHIC: The Complete History of Marketing Since Day One

Do you know how marketing was actually born? Or when it started to become part of our society? Or who was the first person arrested due to an email marketing campaign? This is a walkthrough in just one image about the whole history of marketing that tells all that and much more. You’ll now learn within minutes how Marketing has evolved and what were the catastrophic consequences that came along with its evolution.

So here’s what I’ll transfer to your head about Marketing with one image:

  • 1. Why the bubble period was focusing on outbound marketing
  • 2. When and why printing advertising appeared in the history
  • 3. When the first Magazines invaded the society
  • 4. Which famous city banned posters from properties
  • 5. Which new mediums emerged between 1920 and 1949
  • 6. When did the first commercial was launched and what was it about
  • 7. Why did Time Inc. has shut down Life Magazine after 36 years of market
  • 8. What did a Super Bowl commercial of $900,000 made by Riddley Scott promoted
  • 9. When did SMS marketing started to hit the market
  • 10. What was the first case of SPAM on the Internet
  • 11. When did the term SEO appeared in marketing history
  • 12. Who came first, Google Adwords or Analytics
  • 13. Was Blogger a platform made or bought by Google
  • 14. What was the CAN-SPAM Act and who was responsible to make it official
  • 15. How old social networks really are
  • 16. Who was the first person to get arrested by email marketing
  • 17. When did music and video streaming become popular
  • 18. Why inbound marketing is more effective than outbound marketing
  • 19. When did the partnership SOCIAL MEDIA + BLOGS arrived
  • 20. Why Mobile is the future

Check out one of the most COMPLETE overviews about the History of Marketing.



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