INFOGRAPHIC: The Top 56 Social Media Tools Recommended by Marketing Experts

Those who know Marketing really well and understand people’s online behavioral patterns can practically make the world look like their little marketing box. Especially if we are talking about Social Media. How? Through marketing tools and smarter Technology that unveils ways to connect with other people.

We all know that we can monitor the whole market in your industry with Google Alerts.
We all know we can schedule all our social media posts for weeks ahead using Hootsuite.
We all know we can reverse engineer other businesses’ backlinks with Majestic.

And more.
Because today, as a marketer, you have almost ZERO limitations.
With Social Media then, that is almost the Ultimate truth thanks to the tools available.

Therefore, the only game marketers play today in social is narrowed down to which tools you know, how well you know them, and how fast you can connect them whenever your marketing strategy changes. You have an arsenal of resources that can be used according to what you’re about to do.

Dominate these points above, add the knowledge you have over your audience, and you’re highly likely to dominate your target audience’s attention really fast.
That’s the game in Social Media today. Period.

Therefore, knowing all the tools count some BIG points for you. Definitely.
BUT…..knowing the RIGHT amount of tools recommended by marketing experts, is even better.

So let’s play with that.
Here’s what I’ll reveal to you today:

  • A social media tool that can manage Facebook, Twitter (etc) accounts altogether
  • A social media tool that schedules social media posts on Facebook, Twitter etc
  • A social media tool that monitors social media, runs campaigns, measure analytics etc
  • A smart social media tool that gathers all inbox messages from all social channels
  • A social media tool that finds trending and engaging content ready to be shared
  • A social media tool that tracks and analyzes how your social images are performing
  • A social media tool that automatically republishes older posts to ensure post consumption and also to take advantage of older posts that got great results
  • A social media tool that does basic and advanced monitoring in your competitors’ Facebook page
  • A social media tool that shows the kind of posts your audience likes the most
  • A social media tool that tracks the competitor’s social performance and compare with yours
  • A social media tool that does photo contests, polls, group deals, quizzes and more
  • A social media tool that finds the highest shared content on a group of social networks
  • A social media tool that performs research to find topics your audience wants to read
  • A social media tool that automatically shares content on social that you just published

So many options, so much marketing power.
But let’s cut to the chase. Below are all the options available for you to up your game overnight and join “the big boys table” in digital marketing.

Use them wisely.

Original Source: Social Marketing Writing


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