INFOGRAPHIC: The Revolutionary Ecommerce Trends For 2016

This is a publication especially for digital marketers and entrepreneurs who own an online store and want to know what will be happening on the next months in the ecommerce field. Here, I’m sharing with you a very interesting infographic about the top trends for ecommerce sites that you cannot miss.

The infographic will cover:

  • 1. Smartphone Revenues vs Desktop Revenues
  • 2. Beacons will drive more Retail sales
  • 3. Big Data and Predictive Analysis increase business margins
  • 4. Advanced personalization & Context-based on customer centred technology
  • 5. OMNI Channel is the “new normal”
  • 6. Location data accuracy is improving and adoption is growing
  • 7. Biometrics market to rise 50%
  • 8. Digital is taking over the physical stores
  • 9. One step shop technology partners
  • 10. Using common UI patters to increase conversions
  • 11. Dynamic views to replace static pages
  • 12. CRO, UX and CX are all new skills on demand
  • 13. Mobile payment and loyalty programs
  • 14. Same day delivery will be the norm now

Here’s what you should know, my friend.


Courtesy of: EuroITGroup


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