GUEST BLOGGING: 110 Secret Google Commands To Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

Sometimes you need to build some backlinks for your business/website/blog but you lack the research skill to find good, high-authority websites that will actually boost your brand. You pitch 2..3…maybe even 5 different blogs and websites and end up listening to crickets on your email.

That’s ok.
I’m here to give you so many options that you’ll spread your eyes across the Internet and find the guest blogging opportunity that you seek.

This is why I wrote this piece of content. To give you a good set of great ideas (that few people know) on how to find guest blogging opportunities on Google with relatively simple queries. Since The Google Hacking Book came out, we can now use Google search more broadly and search for what we want even on URLs.

Well, you’ll see.
Let’s cut to chase.

Ok, you know how to do normal research. Good. But what about doing research with advanced operators to find guest blogging opportunities? Never read about it before? Not quite your thing?

Don’t worry.
I compiled a few Google queries for you so all the work you must do is to COPY AND PASTE these commands below to find what you want. Sure, some commands need to be edited depending on your niche but you’ll see how obvious that is.

OK. Time to find websites where you can pitch for a guest article to promote your brand and get some backlinks.
Here we go my friend!

1. Enter
2. Enter one of these commands below as a search query on google.
3. Pitch those guys!

1. write for us + pay
2. write for us paid
3. write for money
4. “write for us”
5. write and get paid
6. write for magazines and get paid
7. write for websites and get paid

7. get paid to write
8. get paid to write for blogs
9. get paid to write for websites
10. get paid to write for blogs
11. get paid for writing services

PS: Maybe you’re a GREEDY guest blogger, so there you go!

12. inurl:”write-for-us” get paid
13. inurl:”write-for-us” paypal payment
14. inurl:”writers-needed”
15. inurl:”guest-writers-needed”
16. inurl:”writers-100-per-article”
17. inurl:”writers-200-per-article”
18. inurl:”guest-bloggers-needed”
19. inurl:”contributor writers”
20. inurl:”contributor-writers-wanted”
21. inurl:”writing-websites-that-pays”
22. inurl:”guest post requirements”
23. inurl:”guest-post-requirements”
24. inurl:”write for us”
25. inurl:guest-blog
26. inurl:guest-post
27. inurl:guest-post-guidelines
28. inurl:write-for-us

29. intitle:”write for us”
30. intitle:”write for us” pay
31. intitle:”write for us” 100 per article
32. intitle:”freelance writers needed”
33. intitle:guest post guideline
34. intitle:guest paid post
35. intitle:money by writing a guest post
36. intitle:$100 per article approved
37. intitle:$100 article for guests posts
38. intitle:websites that pay for guest posting
39. intitle:blogs that pay for guest posting
40. intitle:blogs that pay real money for post

41. intext:write for us
42. intext:”guest posting opportunity”
43. intext:”submit your guest post” $100 per article
44. intext:”submit your article”+pay
45. intext:submit paid blog post
46. intext:guest post policy+1000-word
47. intext:guest post policy+pay you $100 per guest post
48. intext:guest blogging sites
49. intext:guest article sites
50. intext:$100 per article guest
51. intext:these sites will pay you per post
52. intext:these sites will pay you per article
53. intext:”make money writing for us”
54. intext:”make money writing for us”
55. intext:”submit your writing”+we pay $100 per
56. intext:”pay $100 per guest post”

57. submit guest post
58. “guest post”
59. “guest blog for us”
60. “guest blogger”
61. guest blogger
62. guest contributor
63. “guest contributor”
64. “this is a guest post by”
65. “this is a guest post”
66. “write a guest post for us”
67. “paid guest post”
68. guest blogging for us
69. guest post by
70. this guest post was written by
71. submit a guest article
72. submit a guest post
73. guest post submissions
74. guest writer faq
75. “guest blog for our website”
76. “Guest blogging guidelines”
77. “Guest Bloggers Wanted”
78. “Add Articles”
79. “Add Guest Post”
80. “Submit Guest Post”
81. “Now Accepting Guest Posts”
82. “The following guest post”
83. “Guest Blogging Spot”
84. “Become a Guest Blogger”
85. “We accept guest posts”
86. “We accept guest blogs”
87. List of websites that accept guest posts
88. “blog for us”
89. looking for guest bloggers
90. add a guest article
91. “Guest post by”
92. “Guest Contributor”
93. “This is a guest article”
94. “Blogs Accepting Guest Posts”
95. “Blogs that Accept Guest Blogging”
96. “Blogs that Accept Guest Posts”

97. inpostauthor:”guest author”
98. inpostauthor:guest writer+fitness
99. inpostauthor:guest writer+finance
100. inpostauthor:guest writer+personal development
101. inpostauthor:guest writer+entrepreneurship
102. inpostauthor:guest writer+marketing
103. inpostauthor:guest writer+money
104. inpostauthor:guest writer+investment

105. “Become a Guest Writer”
106. “Become a Guest Blogger”
107. “Become a Contributor”
108. “Become a Contributor writer”
109. “Become a Columnist”
110. “Become a Blog Columnist”

Now you can find guest bloggers opportunities to pitch and get some backlinks by using this article as a guide. Feel free to add anything by using the comments section below.


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