GUEST BLOGGING: The 9 Smart Pitch Templates That Works Beautifully For Outreach

Question: Have you pitched someone in your Marketing career and got uncertain about the outcome of the lines you wrote to the editor? Maybe you were after a guest blogging opportunity or you just wanted to do a partnership with another person and you weren’t sure if what you wrote, was smart enough, STRONG enough or skillful enough. Have you experienced this? Have you felt a while back like you didn’t communicate all your abilities very well, your skills and value with precision for a possible partner, editor of a magazine or blog owner?

Yeah. But follow me on this….
Here’s another question: What happens next after you send several emails that don’t get replied? You enter into “doubt-mode” for hours….days….WEEKS…..Right? And SUDDENLY all that doubt starts to become an annoying depressive mindset and you keep wondering if you have any value at all to offer other people and to their business/website/magazine.

Sounds familiar?
Well, let’s KILL that line of thinking with this article now. Because I’m here to give you a few templates that REALLY works when you pitch other people online for guest blogging or for guest article opportunities.

Because we all know that pitching and being rejected is ONE thing.
But pitching and being IGNORED is a whoooooooooole different game.

Time to implement certain pitch templates, my friend. Powerful pitch templates. And by using these few lines of text, you’ll be able to get MUCH more honest responses from people whilst you also speed up the pitching process. That’s the outcome.

So here in this article I will show you what will work 90% of the time, just because:

  • 1. they are creative and very unusual
  • 2. they communicate personality and part of your skills
  • 3. they show your professionalism with a bit of spice

Here we go.

The aggressive mode will generate more positive results with those editors/bloggers who value outgoing people just because of their boldness. They associate your style with those entrepreneurs, who are sometimes a liiiiiiiiiiittle too strong when they pitch investors, but because they go all out, they get what they want.

This is the same deal, you go all out.
So here is the pitch template for when you want to do some guess blogging, in aggressive mode:

Hey editor/blogger! [USE HIS NAME IF POSSIBLE]

My name is Peterson Teixeira and I’m a Digital Marketer.
I read your magazine/website and I liked it a lot. I’m contacting you because I want an opportunity to contribute with my personal expertise.

My professional writing skills WILL pull customers into your business, you can be assured of that.
My price: A simple link to my landing page. One link. That’s all.

I want to become your partner.
Let’s have a meeting.

Waiting for your reply!

Peterson Teixeira

Very straightforward and very affirmative. Of course, aggressive mode pitching is NOT about going hardcore and curse the editor’s mother (if that was what you expected), not at all. You just need to be strong and confident. Period.

Go get your PARTNERS!!!

In friendly mode pitching you have to sell yourself as a friend and NOT as a business person. That’s the goal. You have to expel from the editor’s mind the “danger” of doing business with an unknown entrepreneur/marketer and instead, present yourself as an awesome friend who he can even do business with.

And we all would like to do business only with our friends. Right?
So here, check out the friendly mode approach:


I work as a Entrepreneur/Marketer/Blogger and I write for American and Brazilian blogs.
I am sending you my PDF presentation so you can know more about my work and ideas for your company =)

That presentation has a group of 2 articles ready to launch on your magazine.
Just reply to this email and we can discuss details.

Peterson Teixeira

By inserting smileys and exclamation marks (“!”) in your pitch, you pass a huge amount of positivity and you give him the idea that you already are:

  • very successful
  • very good with people

These are BIG POINTS which will sell your pitch in seconds with an editor! Since you are writing for PEOPLE, your friendly writing will show him that you are not a weak marketer/blogger to invest his time/money/partnership on. So IF YOU gained his attention and forced him to see your PDF presentation or your website, then you already persuaded him! And in a GOOD way!

Become friends with your editor or blogger.
Because this will always be ONE OF THE BEST marketing tip possible.
(And this is one of my favorite pitching techniques)

This type of pitching will connect with those bloggers/editors who cares too much about SECURITY. They are too afraid to give to a new marketer a shot because he is just….well…..unknown in his world. So if you want to reach this kind of people, if you want to strike those who cares about your success levels effectively….

Then you should use this next approach.
Statistics. Numbers. Social proof.

Hello Editor/Blogger! [DO I NEED TO SAY THE “NAME THING” AGAIN?]

I am a Digital Marketer who writes for more than 120 blogs and websites. I have a strong online presence. But just to be quick and to summarize my writing experience to you in seconds, I have written:

  • more than 825 articles (all published)
  • more than 670 blog posts
  • more than 33 E-books
  • more than 54 sales letters

Becoming partners with you will be great!
Reply so we can have a business meeting through Skype.
PS: Loved your website, especially the content and design

Peterson Teixeira

Reassure your skills with numbers to make the “target” more comfortable.
Once you do that, social proof kicks in and you’re half way there.

PS: And remember you need to prove things sometimes when you give statistical facts

This pitching style is also very effective because it ENGAGES the editor/blogger and sometimes it can even make his eyes pop from the head. How does this work? Simple. You open with a problem you identified on his company/website/magazine and you offer yourself to fix it.

BUUUUUUUT when you do this kind of pitch, you should expect things like:

  • the editor doesn’t know what you are talking (if it is technical)
  • the editor doesn’t understand what are the benefits he’ll have from your work
  • the editor didn’t even know he had a potential problem on his business

So sometimes, you will have to put some effort explaining what the problem is, and why he may have a more critical problem in his business if he doesn’t take care of it properly.

OK. But enough warnings.
Here’s the problem-oriented pitch:

Hello [Editor/Blogger’s name]!

I want to ask you a simple question (if that’s ok with you):
How will you solve the problem of all the 60 broken links that exist on your website?

Because you are leaving A LOT of money on the table if you are neglecting Search Engines.
I can partner-up with you for a few weeks and leverage your business again within days by fixing this and some other problems I found. It won’t take long. Also, I want to see if you can help my brand as well with a good and solid partnership because I like to work with visionaries like you.

Let’s have a business meeting this week?

Peterson Teixeira

Caution when writing the problem-oriented pitch, though, because it can backfire! If you present the problem in a way that insults the editor’s work — or the work of his team — then you’ll get in return VERY BAD e-mails as a response to your pitch.

You need to enter “HELP MODE” and try to see a breach on his business, try to really find something which you can point out so he can see you are indeed helping him.

That’s the rule.

Find out some points where the site/magazine owner may have let a problem slip away, and present those points to him. People enjoy being taken care of. Remember that. So if you come with a problem and already present him a great solution then you are practically in because you REMOVED his labor by reducing the cost to fix all that to a simple “Yes”.

You see? That’s why this is a powerful pitch.
But remember this golden rule:


Have some respect.

This isn’t the same as the problem-oriented pitch (if that came into your mind). Here, the client may ALREADY have a solution that is providing him an “OK job” but is not yet doing a GREAT job.

And that’s where you come in.
You’ll pitch the client for a better solution for his business.
YOUR solution!

Hello [NAME]!

I see you are using the [solution’s name] for providing content for your website, but I would like to make you a simple, smart and cheaper offer:

Why pay for freelance writers to produce your content if you can have a professional writer and entrepreneur writing for your business, once in a while? My goal is a partnership that will help both of us.

But let’s not waste our time.
Here are the basic benefits you’ll get from this:

  • you’ll save 15% of your marketing budget for content production
  • you’ll have high-quality content carefully produced just for you
  • you’ll get a one-on-one meeting to discuss your content plans/goals when needed

Since we are both entrepreneurs I believe we could make a deal.
PS: And I’m not talking about money.

Hope to hear from you!

Peterson Teixeira

There. You provided a BETTER solution for his business when he ALREADY HAS a solution.
By doing that, you show that person behind the keyboard that you are:

  • very effective
  • very focused on the solution
  • very helpful and able to do business

Solutions are always changing, then why shouldn’t him change his?
Just present your option and let him do the rest.

Surely one of the best pitching styles, no joke. The only thing you need to focus on is to be able to SELL the emotion you are thinking to insert into your pitch. When you are sending a pitch using emotion as the main weapon, you MUST be able to be 100% accurate!

So here is an example of an emotionally-oriented pitch:

Hello Friend!

I want to talk with you.
Relax, it will take just 10 seconds. Seriously.

Question: How do you SELL your products to people?

  • by promoting your competitive price?
  • by investing hard on ads?
  • by doing fusion marketing?

And WHY do people buy your products?
Because it’s cheaper? Or because they love the EXPERIENCE of buying from you?
Because you are well-located? Or because they think your product is awesome?

Also, one more thing: Do your customers find your marketing…too invasive?
Or too annoying? Or too mainstream that only keeps pushing prices down their throats?

Wait. And what about EXPERIENCES? LIFE experiences.
Have you thought about selling using this strategy?
Making people go buy from you as an anti-stress therapy?

Why am I asking all this…
Because I can present to you a whole different sales experience, by using just 2 tools:

  • 1. Design
  • 2. Smart Copywriting

Think about it! Let’s do a FREE EXPERIMENT for 20 minutes?
I’ll wait for your reply, my friend.
Nice to meet you ๐Ÿ™‚

Peterson Teixeira

Emotions are very powerful if you know how to use them in your phrases because writing involves inserting emotions at the right moment, using the right words and causing the right actions.

Remember that when people BUY, they are not really buying…..a product.
They are buying the emotions that come with that product. Remember that.

Curiosity forces people to take action they wouldn’t usually take. It’s the brain’s fault, deal with it (actually not really a problem). And we ALL know that’s true because we do take actions that we know we shouldn’t, sometimes. The human behavior can be totally manipulated if you know EXACTLY what to write and what NOT to write!

That’s why curiosity is a HUGE powerful weapon to use in your favor when pitching.
Here, I’ll show an example:

Hey friend.

I found your blog on a famous site tonight and I also found a huge fault on your Landing Page.
It won’t take long before you piss Google off, friend. Seriously. Fix those 3 points.

Contact your SEO expert and your marketers urgently to check that Landing Page.
PS: This was just a warning to help you out, ok?

Peterson Teixeira

— “Wait!!!”
— “Where did you found my blog?”
— “What’s the HUGE fault?!”

And then you got a new visitor on your website and possibly, a new partnership.

Here you shouldn’t focus on offering something to the person because that’s not the point. Instead, you should focus on joining forces and make him believe you are there to make HIS project’s success your OWN success! That’s the real goal here.

You need to communicate that you are like an employee, a person who is ready to give a REALLY HELPFUL hand and make a solid difference on his business without costing him too much.

He needs to believe that you are obsessed with his project’s success, not the money/advantage you’ll earn.
Understood? Then here’s a partnership pitching template for you:

Hello Friend!

First of all, you have an awesome business and an awesome website! Congratulations.
I have only one thing to say about your business, though:

You surely can make your product more appealing to customers and sell it more efficiently.
Just from reading your website and by seeing your demonstration videos, I can assure you that you are leaving money on the table because of one single thing:


We can ENHANCE your product’s benefits by just using the right words.
Which will basically create the right emotions, which will result in….

More sales.
Look, your product is much better than you describe, believe me.
So if you need any help at this department you are free to contact me on my website.

Peterson Teixeira

Do you see what’s nice about partnership pitching?
Is always about HELPING others and not just about filling your own pocket with money.

You embrace problems of business owners and generate value.
You embrace the hard times and add your own piece of value to their businesses.
And with this, you leverage other people’s businesses…..and you gain MUCH MORE money.

Just Awesome.

Many people think that keeping costs low is the best survival technique for business, but they are deadly wrong. D-E-A-D-L-Y wrong! When talking to editors and entrepreneurs, you’ll face sooner or later the “price objection” in the market. That’s a fact.

You’ll hear things like:
“What a hell are you charging me for? I only want a partnership!”
“A 13-year-old kid in India can do this for 1/5 of your price!”
“When did Copy became Super Expensive Online-content?!”

So when you are dealing with these type of people, who are not very good at doing business, you have to pitch them thinking ahead of these objections. You need to REMOVE the idea of “price” and plant the idea of “investment” and “value”!

Here’s how:

Hello Friend!

Quick question.
How much would you invest for…..+25% more organic traffic?
How much would you invest to skyrocket your website to ANOTHER level?
Would you invest 1,5x today if you could harvest 3x more in 2 months?

Let me show you something.
Business exists for 2 main reasons:
1. Give the business owners more freedom
2. Provide help to other people and make the world a better place

Are you satisfied with the first item?
Are you spending enough time with your family and friends?
Does money counts if you could make your “dream life” become….real?

Why am I saying all this?
Simple: because I want to give people better lives.

I can make your landing page sell 3x more than today.
I can upgrade your freedom. And I’ll upgrade your business.

Just try me ๐Ÿ˜‰

Peterson Teixeira

Remove the idea of PRICE and add the idea of VALUE.
Of course, you would pay for your success, everybody would! So if you were 100% SURE that your success would be guaranteed if you pay me $3000 for an article, wouldn’t you pay it?

Yes, you would.
That’s VALUE, my friend. That’s when money doesn’t matter anymore. And that’s what you should hit.

You must force the mind to think in the PRIZE instead of the COST! You must bring emotions to the table and make the person on the other side imagine that perfect world, and HOW it would be to live on it with what you’re offering.

But remember to pitch presenting an investment opportunity and not a service that will cost him more money. You must provide the whole picture summarized in a way that the word “VALUE” comes to his mind instantly. Because once you start working with emotions, you just need to sit back and let the dreams persuade him.

This way you can sell anything for any price.
New backlinks…

You name it.

Pitching has its secrets, but most of them are cracked already. By understanding how the human mind works and what drives humans to take action, you can get at least a lot more responses and try a second pitch to close the deal.

And by the way, remember these rules when pitching:

  • keep it simple
  • keep it objective
  • keep it smart

Now you know how to pitch people for guest blogging opportunities or partnerships.
The rest is up to you.

Good Luck ๐Ÿ™‚


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