SEO: A Horde of Advice From SEO Experts To Boost Your Rankings on Search Engines

Since search engines became the bosses of Internet, everybody has been trying different ways to be at the top. Ranking #1 nowadays means business exposure to millions. More exposure, more profit. With that goal to be #1 in mind, a good team of experts from around the world decided to share their techniques.

Bloggers, SEO professionals, marketing experts and a lot of other people who worked hard for years to discover the secrets of seo, gave their best advice to rank #1 on google. Or at least very near that.

And that’s what I’m going to share with you today.
SEO advice from experts of the digital marketing industry.

By the way, you might think you know E-V-E-R-Y SEO technique out there, but you’ll be surprised.
Seriously. Even I was surprised when I found some very creative strategies that I never saw before. Indeed, if you merge techniques, gold can born out of it. And a few guys did it. Some techniques I already was familiar with due to previous personal experience, others on the other hand, just made me get out of the Matrix.

But enough small talk.
Let’s get down to business.

The first is a technique that works, but you must be careful while using it. Basically, this technique consists in writing different blog posts for different keywords. But you write 1 blog post about 1 keyword.


  • KEYWORD: Copywriter – How to become a Great Copywriter within 67 days
  • KEYWORD: Marketing – What you need to know about Internet Of Things Marketing
  • KEYWORD: Pricing – Which pricing techniques can leverage your profits?

The idea is to fill your website with great content that focus only on one keyword. One keyword. This will create different “doors” for people to find you, thus, increasing your probabilities to be found by search engines.

If you pick unusual keywords to create your articles, you can sometimes rank higher for those keywords. This might give you a traffic spike because people will land on your website because of THAT keyword.

And then, all you have to do is create great landing pages so you can “redirect” them to the content you really want them to pay attention to. Or you can link back to other articles on the content itself. Your call.

The spaghetti technique is used by a lot of professionals since its study case became popular, but I must warn you that you shouldn’t write about something totally non-related to your website. Prefer to pick keywords that people don’t search that often, but pick those you can connect to all the content of your website.

Don’t neglect your posts categories or subjects.
Stay faithful.

Brian Dean’s created a VERY GOOD technique to promote content and pull people into your website. Many of us who are digital marketers, bloggers and copywriters found that pretty awesome, especially the results that came with it. If you want to build solid and steady traffic and additionally bring people into your website through search engines, you MUST try the Skyscraper technique.

It works basically like this:

  • 1st – decide the subject that you want to write about
  • 2st – search for great content of that subject
  • 3rd – create EXTREMELY better and longer content
  • 4rd – promote it to the right people

If you see something like:
“33 rules you must follow when dealing with boring clients”

The skyscraper technique would be like this:
“135 rules you must follow when dealing with boring clients and 45 magic words for negotiations”

Get it?
I’m going to shout a simpler definition to you now:


You must aim to create something that will be bookmarked. Truly Epic content.
That’s what you should always try to give birth: Epic content.
Now you know the skyscraper technique. Try it.

Whenever HUGE news are published by portals like CNN or Washington post, people go online to devour all the content about it. They want to know more about the scandal or the huge economic crisis or whatever happened to the world that is getting people’s attention.

And that’s when you use this technique: MATCH part of the news!
NEWS: “Brian Dean was bitten by a shark on the right leg and he had to cut it off”
(sorry Brian you were the first name that came to mind right now)

The technique:
NEWS: “Brian Dean was bitten by a shark, but you might be bitten by taxes if you don’t follow these rules”

And what happens?


Why? Because part of THAT news from THAT day is now ALSO in your T-I-T-L-E!
A powerful technique. Especially if you merge it with the skyscraper technique.

You have heard of this technique before. It’s simple. You find other websites or blogs you might want to expose your business to its audience. Then, contact the website/blog owner with a great content proposal and offer to write it for him.

Once you do that, you’ll help that website owner build his audience and make it more engaged, by creating content that will generate more leads, amount of shares on social media and therefore, help his business. And surely, that’s always a hell of a good thing.

It’s a good thing for both of you.
A solid win-win situation.

You write for other websites and you start putting yourself on the spot. That’s step one. Then, after a while, people will start to think “who the hell is this guy? Wait! There’s a link to his website….let me see…”.

And then……..BOOM!!!
Your ranking on Search Engines will start to look like it is on STEROIDS!!!

The website owner improves his online business and you get attention from his audience. Everybody is happy. And also, you get that nice SEO juice for getting high-quality links pointing to your own website. Some website owners only allow links on your bio, while others, allow your links on the content itself (if it adds value to the content of course).

Nevertheless, it works. More links to your own website. More exposure. More people online looking at you.

And remember you must ALWAYS focus on creating high-quality content. You need to create THE BEST content ever, something that it will engage readers and improve the quality of the blog/website that you are writing for. This will make you a good person for the eyes of the site owner and you’ll be invited to write in the future, which in the end means…

More links.
And high-quality ones.
And of course, this will make you and Google best friends forever.

People CONNECT by emotions. With this technique, you should write something that it’s STRONGLY APPEALING on the emotional side, in order to attract people. You can write about subjects that may connect with the things you do and bring people into your website like crazy.

It’s about attacking the human factor. It’s about showing your strengths and weaknesses. Your human emotions. Why? Because people CONNECT by emotions! And that’s your goal.

When using this technique, always try to write something that is STRONGLY APPEALING like this guy who went viral after a huge pain in his life that he decided to share with the world.

I’m just exemplifying that emotions WORKS! It calls people, it moves the world.

You can use any kind of emotions as long as you are real in what you are saying. If you try to convey an emotional state in an article just to get attention from google and get more juice, people will notice. So be true to what you are writing.

Think on your readers and dump only the emotions you are feeling and that will HELP people. This is a technique that can bring more people to your website because you look more “human”, if you know what I mean.

But don’t abuse it, remember that.
Because people will see that you are faking things and it will backfire.

The idea here is to be a good samaritan and help OTHER website owners find their broken links. You just run tools like and find broken links.

“Ok Peterson that’s stupid! Free service?!”
No, calm down.

AFTER you find those broken links, you can build a piece of content and then PRESENT to the website owner. You might solve his problem in seconds!!!! This works because you are already pointing a problem to THEIR website and as a plus, you are providing the new content to fix the broken link.

The link is just……..different.
The link is yours.
Simple huh?

It’s interesting to use this technique if you are NOT a personal brand (like myself). I don’t allow people writing posts for my website because I’m the company itself. I’m the brand. So for me, host blogging is not part of my seo arsenal.

But, for the majority out there, host blogging can be a very strong SEO strategy to bring people into their businesses. Since most business cares much more about traffic and not about who’s writing their content, this is a good approach to follow too.

You’ll need to do this:

  • 1st – decide the Guidelines that writers need to read before writing on your website
  • 2st – create a landing page for that
  • 3rd – create a way of writers log in into your website automatically
  • 4rd – wait for the traffic boost

You can even get MORE attention if you provide a few hundred dollars for each piece of content. Also, highlight that opportunity to make money on your landing page. This will bring you only high-quality writers who will promote their guest posts on their social circles, thus, generating automated marketing for YOUR website.

High authority websites are not a very easy place to show your face. But that’s not the case if we are talking about Wikipedia. This strategy focuses on getting a backlink from Wikipedia by rewriting content that a broken link had.

Follow these steps:

  • 1st – click this link and find all articles with broken links.
  • 2st – search for a piece of content to what you can write about.
  • 3rd – review a dead link content in
  • 4rd – re-create a stronger and better content
  • 5th – insert your link into that content

Once you do that, you are done.
Just wait for new people to come to your website.

The idea is simple: Monitor your competitors backlinks and check which people are linking to them. To do this, you can use this tool: monitor backlinks. By looking at your competition in that level of detail, you can find new websites where you might gain some advantage if you pitch them or connect with them in some way.

So if you REPLICATE your competitors backlinks, you have the advantage now.
Your backlinks + competitor’s backlinks = WIN!

And pick only the guys who can benefit you and have something to do with your brand of course.
Don’t go to gramma’s grocery store. Pick the guys who can provide you only quality leads.

I am talking about your own content here, ok? Well, this technique doesn’t focus only at different articles or blog posts. What most bloggers sometimes don’t understand, is that publishing an article on 2 different categories is ALSO considered duplicated content by search engines. That’s a fact.

Besides, duplicated content not only hurts your business, but it also hurts your rankings. I met several people who had a lot of duplicated content and even after a few months they didn’t even realized it. Sometimes it might be hard to hunt those matching pieces or to check if the content already exists on your website.

But thanks to this tool, you don’t have to do this hard work anymore. With this tool is easier to avoid that problem so you don’t look like a bad guy for Google and his friends.

Remove the duplicate content and you are one-step ahead of your competitors.

This will make Google happy, and therefore, it will make you happy in the end.

When you find your niche you know what is important to do next? Find your tribe. That’s right my friend. You must find those guys (and girls) who are doing what you are doing for a longer period of time already, the experts and the people who WANT to become experts.

And that’s why online communities websites are for.
Once you find your community you must build your own reputation and provide value to people there. It’s similar to guest blogging, with the difference that you can write as much as you like.

If you focus on doing this, it will generate more social love by people from your community and therefore, it will also generate more love from Google for you. Also, the ANOTHER good part of this technique is that websites communities are usually built around trust.

And trust means profile.
And this profile means different ways to present status.
And awesome profile means even more social juice, if you work hard enough.

So if you CONSISTENTLY help by building their website’s content structure, you’ll get as a reward, a place where people can see that you are a serious business person or a serious professional, and that you share your knowledge and your end goal is to help people.

Well, here are a few examples of communities:

  • MEDIUM – A place for writers
  • INBOUND – A place where people talk about Marketing

They are very nice places to put your own voice so you can build high-quality links.
People will see you more and see that you are strongly engaged online, which means good news for your business.

SEOs need to reinvent themselves since everybody is getting smarter. Certain things still work, but if you go “creative mode” you can experience traffic peaks like you have never experienced before. If you add creativity to SEO, great things can happen to your business.

Thanks for watching.
Share your techniques below at the comments.
Take care.


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