YOUTUBE MARKETING: How To Increase Youtube Views And Rankings And Get Real Results

You run a business. Maybe it is more about visual stuff like t-shirts or food, or maybe it’s not. Doesn’t matter. Anyway, you show your company’s products and you use Youtube videos to do that so you can create MORE engagement with users, generate MORE leads and thus, close more sales and deals! A common strategy that worth the time and money. Nothing wrong about that. Seriously.

What if things are not working exactly as you expect?!
What if 80% of your efforts are becoming more and more useless?

You see no engagement, no comments, no shares.
No sales.

And no, this is not me preaching about the 80/20% rule.
It’s about branding on youtube and making your company’s products more appealing to your future customers, by providing them all they need, like the higher convert rate video length, the right intro approach and the best high-conversion words.

That’s why I’m here my friend.
I’m going to teach you how to increase youtube views and rankings the RIGHT WAY so you can see results and don’t feed any hate for Youtube, lose your sleep or kill your Chief Marketing Officer. Maybe you are doing a few things wrong, or maybe you are missing things.

Either way you are about to find out.
And relax because what I developed here is a very simplified step-by-step guide to increasing your youtube views. It’s not hard, you just need to read this piece of content for a few minutes and execute.

And look…
A place where there are at least 29 million visitors per day is worth this tiny investment.

You can play video games or watch Supernatural later.
Now let’s focus on building knowledge for a moment.
Because your brand will thank you, and so will your customers.

GOOGLE! Heeeeeey! Seems too obvious? I know. It is. The basics you need to know is that by using Google we can find great hints for what type of searches, keywords and long tail keywords we can end up ranking our videos.

After all, if we talk about keywords, we need to talk about Google.
When you do a search on Google, the best keywords to focus on are usually these ones below:

  • HOW-TO keywords — (how to become superman)
  • TUTORIALS keywords — (computer repair tutorial)
  • FUNNY/FUN keywords — (funny dogs / dancing people)
  • REVIEW/DEMO keywords — (macbook pro review / laptop demo review)

Don’t believe me?
Ok. So let’s see a search and its results for “how to sing”:


Videos appear at the first results because many niches that use the search “how to” are best answered with videos. Yes, Google is that smart.

Well, that’s great.
This gives us an edge to explore even search results to promote our videos about our brand.
But hold on! Let’s try something better, more specific.

We might have something more to play with…
Here are the new results for an additional approach:


What’s different? [HINT: there is a big red arrow pointing to the difference]
Yeah…….seems like…


Why is that?
Because videos are time-based content.
Although I usually write on my articles that you will spend 8 minutes to read my content, it’s not an exact science. But when we talk about videos, this helps a lot because YOU KNOW that you will get all that content on that amount of time.

This strategy is very useful for generating more visits because you can specify how much time you’ll take from your visitor’s day to teach/demonstrate what they want to see. Therefore, people may search using the time window too.

(PS: You can also try the other keywords and check the results.)

Some niches you must pay more attention to if you want to find the right keywords to use in your videos. Remember that several niches are interconnected, you just need to figure out which ones are and grab the keywords that might be useful.

If you do a great research before spitting out a new video, the right keywords may be worth the time because once you rank for something people look for, and that other marketers don’t pay too much attention, it’s just like finding gold.

So to make things short for you, I suggest you use these tools to find related keywords from related niches:

I suggest all three of them so you can cross data and see the patterns. For example, use ubersuggest and Google Keyword Planner and fuse it alltogether as if it were one single tool. With ubersuggest you discover more long tail keywords and then you dump them on Google Keyword Planner so you can check what might be related.

Like this:





So as you can see, find the best keywords in Ubersuggest and then usem them to see how many searches are being made with that keyword on Google KP. When you do that, aim for at least 500 searches — although there are some marketers who say that 250 to 300 is already good enough — when you pick a keyword to do a video about.

And by the way, if you want to go Pro-mode and use all in the same place you can also choose to use Keyword Tool directly. It’s an awesome tool which will deliver what you need (and much more).

Now let’s continue shall we?

OK! VIDEO! Now when you create your video about your brand, product or service, ALWAYS AIM to make it PROFESSIONAL!!!! This is not a game, put that inside your head.

Do the following:

  • Write the script and check the flow of your words (and use simple words)
  • Start with a good, attention-grabber presentation and use your brand/logo
  • Hire someone REALLY GOOD to make your video (you can use VideoPixie to do that)

Quality is always a key factor, so try not to save too much money here. There are Professionals and professionals, and you must pick the one that won’t hurt your brand because once something is out online, you lose control of it.

(PS: you can find out more about VideoPixie here. )

So place quality as a hiring requirement when talking to a pro. It’s important. Remember it’s your brand out there, so don’t expose your prodcut or your service through a bad quality video. That ruins your brand FAST because content can proliferate in ways we sometimes can’t even imagine and if people remember it, if they remember taht your brand messed it up, it will be hard to turn things around back to what they were.

Google (which is the brains behind Youtube search) will rank high videos that has:

  • high-quality content
  • high engagement from users
  • A good SEO-oriented description, title and tags

The good part is that the “Youtube brain” is not as complex as Googles’.
It’s like a teenager search engine.

Well, about the quality factors that Youtube take into account!

The GOOD DESCRIPTION, TITLE, and TAGS I will approach next.
The HIGH-QUALITY CONTENT means good lenght (higher than 4-5 minutes and no time limit).
The HIGH ENGAGEMENT means lots of favorites, thumbs, comments, shares, subscriptions, and the % of the video people watched.

Ok, now let’s break this down my friend.

Now if you want to merge stuff, it’s interesting to use the Video Title to do it. What do I mean by “merge stuff”? It’s simple. The idea is to use 2 target keywords that are connected so you can rank for both keywords.

VIDEO TITLE: How to raise social engagement by boosting facebook fans
So the raise social engagement and the boosting facebook fans will work as one for you, because they are in the same title. But, at the same time, they will also help you by working as two separate things.

Pay attention thought, because the goal here is NOT — I repeat, NOT — keyword stuffing. No. This SEO marketing strategy is about merging TWO good phrases that people may search for and that are connected to your video content. Understand that you must deliver what you are merging on the title.

Another important thing is to try to crave the main keywords at the very first 2 words of the video title. Youtube will give you a “SEO Nitro” if you do that. And sure, it helps a lot if you have truly great content because that what counts in the end.

Here is where Youtube reads your video a little bit better. The video description is one of your superpowers to leverage your content to users on the first page. Period. And here, are some things that will make a difference for your rankings:

  • try to include part of your keyword title (3 words together) at the first 40 words
  • explain your video and focus on writing at least 350 words
  • use related links if possible to reinforce content support

These simple rules will help you get better results. For real my friend.
Here are a few images to make you understand better from this video.


And now….

See the related content?
That is what you should do too. If you have a good place/website to link to and it is related, do it.
Because it will make a huge difference in your description.

Fluffy SEO talk. Ok just kidding. Tags do help a little in your rankings, but not that much as we would like to. Imagine how great and awesome would be to just boost our videos by stuffing keywords around at the tag area.

Well, life goes on. But relax because I have some good news.
Tags help you with this:



Whenever your tags and other video’s tags are the same, you guys match like on Tinder and you get to be a little more famous by being featured at the right column of a video that used the same tag you just used on your video.

Place “SEO” or “copywriting” in your tag and another video that does the same, might be related to your video. Or vice-versa. If you upload a LOT of video content and you place the exact same tags, odds are that your related column will be all about you.

Some prefer to use this strategy, others prefer to deliver content from other people in order to diversify. Give something out of the box for the visitor, you know? It can help you look like a nice guy.

Anyway, your call.
Now let’s end this.

Although great content is awesome and it can have a share here and there, marketing is where many business owners fail. After you publish your video it’s important to make it shine, make it glow and make the internet look at it.

And we have a few ways to do it without looking needy or spammy.
Here are some:

  • CROWDFIRE — use its automate message feature when people follow you on Twitter to share your video links
  • EMAIL — insert your video link right at the end of your signature (and the title too)
  • COMMENTS — market your link on comments on other websites. Videos convert more than anything else when you insert it at a comment
  • INSTAGRAM — due to its feature of autoplay it converts like crazy. Use the first seconds to grab your visitors attention and you are set

It was not that hard, was it?
Remember that sharing your video is just as important as the whole creation process because we live in a new world. A world where links are born every second and you must show yours to people, always. Why? Because that’s the path to victory and not just publishing great videos.

Promotion is what truly works.
That’s the path to conversions.
And that’s the path to….close more sales.

Google is a company that is constantly changing its algorithms every once in a while, so don’t keep yourself focused only on those tips I gave you because things might change in the future. We all know that.

Aside from that, Google is constantly testing new features, new algorithms and new ideas.
We are definitely seeing some changes on Google at the last months, and that’s why you shouldn’t take all of this as an exact science. Who knows when Google will change the rules about Youtube? Or Google’s results? Or both?

Anyway, just enjoy this strategy while you have it my friend.
Go make some awesome videos.
And thanks for stopping by.


This is not for everyone. If you truly want to improve your business and you REALLY care about delivering a high-quality experience to your customers, instead of just making money, then click the button below. Otherwise, I'll not be able to help your business. You must have a true Entrepreneurial Mindset. Make your choice.



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