Hot To Outwork Your Competitors Using These Digital Marketing Strategies

Let’s be honest, since the internet has become a popular place to people, businesses fight with what all they got to win clients over and have a good reputation on the online market. They aim to be the coolest, the quickest and the most up-to-date possible so people can buy from them and not their competitors.

But for several companies, digital marketing is a new field they still need to explore and old marketing strategies and rules don’t apply anymore, for sure. All these new stuff about email marketing, SEO articles, content strategy, landing pages and more, seems very overwhelming. But we know it’s necessary. Because business survival is necessary.

Therefore, there’s much to learn and to explore, especially for those guys who were born in the 80’s. If you asked: “How to outwork competitors online using these new digital marketing strategies?” you are not alone.

This IS a common question because everything about internet marketing is relatively new and you shouldn’t blame yourself for not knowing much about it because, after all, it’s like going back to GROUND ZERO! The truth now is this:


And that’s why you M-U-S-T learn how to outwork your competitors in this new world.
And that’s what I’m about to teach you.

So let’s begin.

I will begin with how design matters. A website is not just a bunch of spaghetti code all put together to form a page where your visitor can contact you and help you make more money, no. It’s way more than that. It’s an experience. It’s how you CONNECT with a person and it’s how you sell yourself online.

Brand authority.
Brand personality.
Brand experience.

All that is connected with your website.
Thus, there’s much more related to website design than the usual business owner thinks.
The psychology behind every aspect of your website — check this — matters a LOT for conversions, brand recognition and more.

That’s why you’ll have to worry about these things:

  • Colors
  • Typography
  • Space
  • Content layout
  • User navigation

Look, it’s not complex but involves a few steps that must be followed so you can build a high-quality website for your brand. I will go with you on each point of these items above.

The right colors communicate exactly certain things at a subconscious level, which you must understand in order to build a high-quality website. Your target audience is young or old? Men or women? Do your colors relate to your business? (Why do you think Coca-cola uses red?).

And what do you want your brand to sub-communicate to your readers and customers?
Happiness? Professionalism? Passion?

Believe or not, but colors can really decide how well your site is doing and sometimes if you just change a few colors, you’ll increase your sales numbers and make your clients feel like they are at home for some reason. So you must understand what EACH COLOR represents, subconsciously speaking.

Red: energy, passion, excitement, power; also implies aggression, danger.
Blue: cool, peace, spirituality, patience, loyalty, trustworthiness; can imply sadness, depression.
Yellow: light, optimism, happiness, brightness, joy.
Green: life, naturalness, restfulness, health, wealth, prosperity; in certain contexts, can imply decay, toxicity.
Orange: friendliness, warmth, approachability, energy, playfulness, courage.
Violet: wisdom, sophistication, celebration.
White: purity, cleanliness, youth, freshness, peace.
Black: power, elegance, secrecy, mystery.
Gray: security, maturity, reliability.
Pink: romance, a feminine color.
Brown: comfort, strength, stability, credibility.

Every color will hit your customer at a different part of his brain and trigger different actions and emotions, that’s why you should sit down and really think about the colors of your website. It will force people to decide whether your website is cool or not, if people will buy more or not, if you are a professional company or not.

Another thing that’s important is the combinations. You can’t expect to be great at business, by having a website that combines strong pink with strong green right? You need to make sense and use the colors precisely.

Start with this then, colors.
And you can find out more about the psychology of colors here if you want to go deeper.

Typography counts as a HUGE element of your website’s design because fonts give people an instant impression of:

  • How professional is your business
  • How is the personality behind your brand
  • How much is your knowledge of design

It enhances the experience people are having with your company by giving them the desire (or not) to stay and READ what you are selling and talking on your website. People care with the right fonts. Typography matters more than you think. And in the world of typography, there are five basic types of fonts you need to be aware of before choosing the right fonts for your website, which are: serif, sans-serif, cursive, fancy and monospace.

Each of these basic types has a purpose:

  • SERIF: Serif fonts are preferred for text that has a “humanistic theme.”
  • SANS-SERIF: They are the preferred choice for web site and PowerPoint presentations
  • CURSIVE: A hand-written type used to impersonate real-life writing, digitally
  • FANCY: Preferred if you want to convey strong personality and show high-class
  • MONOSPACE: Preferred if you want to be more neutral

Choosing the right font is important because it’s how you’ll present content. If you are uncertain which type of font to use, you can test your website sentences, your headers and every piece of text you’ll put on your website to see how it looks by using this website to preview your text with an enormous and different amount of font faces. Just put the text you want to see in different fonts at the field “Your text here” and browse.

People need a break visually speaking, because like it or not, our minds process information without us paying focused attention. Whenever a person lands on a website, the brain instantly process lots of information at a subconscious level making several judgments and decisions about your website.

And that’s also due to your layout.

That’s why designers often use what they call “the white space” feature in which no piece of content, image or any kind of visual element demands our brain’s attention. This helps people’s brains to focus on the information that matters by providing for the “subconscious visitor” (aha nice term huh?) a calm, nice, relaxing and friendly experience.

You must be objective and clean. That’s what you should focus on.
You must show only the information that you need and not stuff your customer’s head with unnecessary information making him want to leave your website. That’s why you must insert “blank” areas on your website so when a client comes in, he will be able to focus on what you want him to read and click.

High-authority content usually means a high number of words per content and therefore, it needs to be taken care of, speaking from a design perspective of course. When you write articles for your blog or website, you must follow these rules below:

  • Paragraphs should be from 2 to 4 lines at maximum
  • Use bullet points
  • Use all uppercase letters to enfatize something
  • Break the content with centered words and sentences to change the reading flow

Diversity matters when writing online. When you are writing something HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE you need to “scan” your content, by scrolling down the page and see if it looks tiring for the eyes. If you look at it with a feeling of “this will take a lot of time to read”, then you must redesign your content.

Break text blocks. Break the flow with big quotes and notes and paragraphs no longer than 4 lines. Also, use short sentences as well.

Today people are much more on a fast pace than never before due to how the internet works. Therefore, giving people what they want when they are navigating on your website is crucial, because everybody hates to WORK HARD to find the thing they are looking for.

You must focus on these things:

  • Make your visitor find what you want them to find, easily
  • Use bigger and colorful buttons
  • Make the menus very simple and objective and with less than 7 options
  • Make forms as simple and objective as possible
  • Minimize ads and everything that can make it difficult for your user to navigate

Why do we need all these steps?
Because when a person’s mind face a complex navigation it starts to THINK too much, which, therefore, blocks the TAKE ACTION instinct. Everything must be easy to do right after a person enters your website. Everything.

If a person wants to contact you, it needs to be easy for them to do it and it needs to be only 2 clicks away. If a person wants to see your services, read its descriptions and dive into your call-to-actions, it must also be easily findable.

Everything must be easy to find and not more than 2 clicks away.
Remember that rule. Or else, you’ll frustrate your customer.
Avoid drop-down menus, lots of ads and stuff that will block the path for your customers to take action.

It’s great to build a well-designed website company that is totally alone, abandoned, and ignored by search engines like Google and Bing, right? No. Not cool. Let Google’s eyes find you is a must in digital marketing. So surely, digital marketing involves building your path to Search engines so you won’t waste efforts and money by building something epic that won’t even be found by customers.

But you know that right?
But what you probably don’t know is this:

  • You must pay attention to how well-designed your website’s code is
  • You must pay attention to the use of meta, title, bold, ahref, alt image tags
  • Your website must be mobile friendly because Google demands
  • Your website must load fast

That’s the basic stuff you need to know in order to be friends with Google and its gang. Site visibility is not only about design and great content, is about respecting Google’s SEO Guidelines and stick to it.

Bottom line? Build your company’s website always focusing on giving the best experience possible for your visitors because that is what counts, for both search engines as well for humans (of course). Serve people by exceeding expectations and Google, Bing, and others in the industry will reward you because, after all, if you serve well enough it’s Google’s fault to not find your great website.

SEO is not actually hard, it just demands a good amount of work and attention to details.
But it pays off for sure.

But let’s continue.

Digital marketers — including myself — often preach that Content is King, and they are right when claiming this. Most businesses nowadays have the OPPORTUNITY to create a company’s blog inside their website to teach, explain or clarify something to customers and additionally, bring new people into their company’s realm.

But to do that you must create awesome content.
Awesome content is what brings people into your website.
And awesome content has these qualities:

  • Extremely useful & with no grammar mistakes
  • Written in conversational tone
  • It gives readers support by using other links to enhance the content

You must understand that there are different types of content when we talk about content marketing strategies in digital marketing. There is content which you create to have more shares, others where you focus on keeping the user reading, others where the focus is on showing a “report of the month” etc.

Here, I will give you the list since you are a cool reader:

  • Shareable content: “Here are 10 tools to increase your ROI in 217%”
  • Intelligent content: “How Tos”, “Case studies”, “Ultimate Guides” etc
  • Promotional content: “Making your business GROW with the Services from this company”
  • Review content: “This is what happened in our website this month” etc

The content strategy can use all of these types of content or just one of them. Most of the times, at least the “Shareable content” and “Intelligent content” should be the company’s main weapon. You must create a content strategy that is precise, and don’t try to use every weapon available just for the sake of using it.

It doesn’t work like that. Focus on your creating your content strategy and that’s it.
Use promotional content, review content, shareable content but with a purpose. Always.

And also, it’s DEADLY IMPORTANT to remember this:


Got it? Take good care of your content my friend.
Now let’s continue.

If you are online and you are a business, you are selling something. No matter which type of business you run, it needs copywriting techniques to engage prospects and make them spend tons of money with you.

You must create value. You must create urgency. You must create….DEMAND!
Don’t think people buy because they are rationalizing about your product’s features because 80% of the time they are just REACTING to their emotions, they are just responding to that feeling of “maybe buying this makes sense”.

Remember: People buy because of emotions.
That’s the first lesson when we talk about sales, and also, it’s the starting point to write great copy. So when you build a website you MUST, I repeat…….YOU M-U-S-T use strong words, make bold claims and promises, and hit the emotional buttons of your prospect.

Basically, here’s what you need to know:

  • There are certain words that works best to grab user’s attention to your content
  • Words are connected with emotions, which is what make people take action and buy
  • People buy based on emotions and they try to rationalize what they bought later
  • Make the words simple and direct
  • Make bold claims and promises

Copywriting can turn your ROI upside-down and make you earn A LOT of money instantly!!!
Make the right claims. Use the right words. Trigger the right emotions. Make guarantees.

And create the perfect product.

Most customers come from social media nowadays and people find it weird if a company doesn’t own a social media profile on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. That’s why building a presence on these marketing channels are extremely important if you want to build a solid, strong and perpetual online presence for your brand.

The way to build that presence?
Simple: Professionalism & Customer care.

Why do I mean by Customer care? Have you really related to a brand by trusting them because they served you so well? Have you got that feeling that you have a bond with a company because they don’t care about profit but they care about you?

That’s what you need to do on social media. Build trust and help people. And sometimes, helping people implies in promoting other people’s content to make your customer happy. Many companies don’t promote other companies content, but that IS A BIG MISTAKE! Biiiiiiiig mistake.

We as humans like to be served always with the best. We seek the best and we want the best. So if there is a certain expertise that you don’t dominate and other companies do, then PROMOTE their content on your company’s social media profiles!!!

Because you are focusing on the client, and not yourself. You want to truly help your client, that’s the goal. By doing that, the client will realize that and he assumes you are always taking care of him, which, therefore, will transform your clients into more faithful ones.

Trust matters for business and there’s no place better to do that than on social media, where people are relaxing, browsing and looking for something to spend their money on.

Ok now that this part was covered, how do you build a professional social media profile?
Basically, you’ll have to do these things:

  • Use a professional picture to represent yourself and/or your brand
  • Use a well-designed banner to present people a purpose/mindset/mission/values/promotions
  • Have a short, very objective description that conveys your brand’s personality
  • Engage with your users
  • Promote all your links and interconnect them on your Bios and descriptions if possible

You SHOULD create a professional look and connect with your customers, showing them you are there to help no matter what they may need. Remember that engaging is important. Respond to messages, interact with comments and be constant while posting.

We are almost finished.

This is like the NITRO from Fast & Furious for your digital marketing. First, you must make the perfect digital brand — or at least try to — to only them, show your business to a larger quantity of people by injecting money on a PPC campaign.

There’s no reason why to bring people to your website if you haven’t worked enough. AFTER you have built something solid and of high-quality, then you must seek PPC campaigns. Why pay so people can see your website that sucks? Why have this suicidal approach toward your business?

Improve E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G and then go check it out a PPC campaign.

Now here are the best options for you to know that works for businesses:

It’s important to understand market shares before you invest your money, so you don’t get frustrated. Certain PPC campaigns also have different people looking at it, like Facebook Ads for instance, that its audience is more about young people.

Twitter ads, although it is still small regarding market shares, is very useful and can convert pretty well! That’s because the link-based messages force people to click click click. It works. It will probably grow fast in a few years (or months).

You need HELP to boost your production hours and maintain the same level of quality for your products, services, and online marketing. Aside from that, there is the audit part where you constantly needs to be up-to-date with this huge online marketing world and its best practices.

Because of that, to gain time — and therefore money — you must invest money on powerful tools that can help you build your digital marketing strategies without demanding too much effort from you.

There are a lot of things you need to worry about, like for instance…
Link building
SEO audit
Social media posting
Content creation process
Google ranking

Ok, so what do you need to do?
Get a digital marketing arsenal to help you achieve your goals.
Here are some great options that are very useful:

Tools make a difference if you are working with digital marketing because if you can have more free time, you are in advantage because you can explore and focus on more important things. A good arsenal can change the game and make your sales hit the roof if you pick the right ones to work with.

Pick the right tools and pay for them if it’s worth it.
Don’t stay only on Free Mode because believe me, a Premium feature may be the difference to outwork your competitors. There are certain tools that can really boost your business. (and no, this isn’t a promotional article).

Go build your web tool arsenal, your business depends on it.

A digital marketing plan, when done correctly can outwork your competitor in a short amount of time if you play the cards right. If you are a business owner and you want to thrive online and don’t worry about your competitors, then making all this work as one single action plan is a must for you.

A good solid strategy can overcome anything.
Now you know the basics of digital marketing my friend.

And feel free to add anything in the comments section.
Take care.


This is not for everyone. If you truly want to improve your business and you REALLY care about delivering a high-quality experience to your customers, instead of just making money, then click the button below. Otherwise, I'll not be able to help your business. You must have a true Entrepreneurial Mindset. Make your choice.



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