The Marketing Automation Tools Big Players Use To Outsmart Everyone Else in The Field

Digital Marketing is today’s subject. And what I’m about to show you here in this article are a few digital marketing tools that will help you become smarter and faster than your competitors. Outsmarting people is awesome, so last week, I was planning to build a piece of content that could help both the digital marketer newbie as the expert as well.

And then I began my quest.
“Let’s find new tools that can make my business faster and smarter,” I said to myself.

Ok. The good part is that it was not thaaaaaaaaaaaat hard to find new tools that could improve my digital marketing business. After a few hours searching for the best-hidden tools that didn’t shine enough due to lack of promotion finally appeared.

But the great part is that you probably never heard of these digital marketing tools before in your life (but if you had, then you can go play outside).

For the people who are staying, I’m about to present to you tools that can change the game, unbalance the equation and make the odds of succeeding become more likely.

Because we all deserve a competitive advantage against the big guys.
So here are the tools that can make your digital marketing strategy reach top levels FAST!
Let’s begin!



A very good strategy for link building is to connect with influencers on Twitter and make them see your work. Create an awesome piece of content, quote them and send them a message saying that you have mentioned them in your article or web tool. They will be very happy to know they are becoming more famous every day and if what you have created is truly great, then why wouldn’t they share it!??

Great right?
Ok, but…..wait.


How can you infiltrate into the twitter crowd and know who is being heard there? Can you be sure someone is being heard at the skateboards niche for example? You can’t consider someone an influencer just because he has lots of followers, my friend because bots exist. Fake followers too.

The solution?
Klear. That’s your hero. That’s the tool which can find whoever you want in any niche out there.
Klear is a VERY useful to find:

  • Influencers
  • Partners (influencer’s followers)

Imagine you just got off a meeting with a client that works with sports events and you must help him get more clients, leads, followers and in the end, money. Ok, you have a client! Great! Now, what? What’s your next move?

You must find the right people to connect with FAST so you can bring results to the table. Clients nowadays need fast results and is YOUR JOB to bring good solid results as soon as possible.

Klear can do that by connecting you to the right people and therefore, by merging audiences. His and yours.
A very powerful thing to use nowadays since twitter has been growing a lot since 2013.

Visit the tool’s website.



This is not only useful to check your own website, don’t be narcissistic!
Instead, this is also VERY useful for….
(I will let you think a little about the answer here. I’ll count to 5)


Got it?
That’s right!


OpenLinkProfiler can give you the freshest backlinks every URL is getting.
It can provide you awesome information which can provide additional info to building your next digital marketing strategy. If you could know who is linking to your competitors business, you might find a competitive spot that you can exploit.

You can get the links and do an analysis on them. Who are your competitor’s friends? Who are his partners? His enemies? His references? His fans? You can find all that out!

OpenLinkProfiler can provide you:

  • Total Active backlinks — the total number of backlinks that points to the website
  • Unique Active backlinks — the number of different domains that links to the website
  • Links to Homepage — the total number of links that points to the homepage
  • Nofollow Links — the total number of nofollow links that points to the homepage
  • Last update — the last day on which we found a veryfied link that point to the site
  • Link Influence score — shows the influence of the link crossing SERPs and Website

So if you want to know more about your competitor’s backlinks, use this tool.
Visit the tool’s website.



Are you feeling proud of your content marketing efforts? People are sharing, engaging right now? Which articles and categories are going viral? By the way, how did your content performed in the past?

Don’t know these answers? Then it’s hard to set goals for the future.
You need DATA to build your next move. You need to know WHAT WORKS and what doesn’t.

The right information to know your metrics is a must.

SumAll solves this problem. It brings data from social engagement and shares in order to give you a wider look about your content by showing which articles received more love from your readers. Through graphs and lists, Sumall can deliver high social reports and help you change the way you do content marketing, forcing you to build a more detailed content marketing strategy.

Visit the tool’s website.



When you are helping a client build his audience from SCRATCH, the basic strategy is to use a landing page to capture leads. You must optimize your Ads, your email marketing efforts and all the links to the right landing pages if you want to generate more conversions.

Don’t assume that just by optimizing your video marketing strategy, you will be able to get the same results as if you had a Landing page.

There’s no digital marketer who doesn’t benefit from implementing smart landing pages nowadays.

But for us, digital specialists, who are constantly tweaking everything regarding our marketing efforts, the tool Leadpages comes to save the day by giving a great boost to the landing page creation process.

The advantages?
Here they are:

  • Takes only 5 minutes to build a landing page
  • Works on Iphones, Ipads and Android devices
  • Fast and easy way to create LeadBoxes (pop-up windows)
  • Capture client’s emails and phone numbers through SMS messaging
  • Make people subscribe to your webinars and newsletters with 1-click at your link
  • Integrates with all major service providers
  • Several templates so you can customize your landing page

And this is just to name a few advantages. You can see the rest for yourself.
Visit the tool’s website.



Now this is REALLY useful if you love to save time. As a production freak, I enjoy things that can help me work better, faster and at the same time, maintain my work in high-quality levels. Therefore, Cyfe is one amazing tool that came to help me do all this at once.

Because this tool gathers several widgets in the same dashboard saving you a LOT of time!
Then, all you need to do is pick the widgets that suits best for you and which you like to monitor.

With Cyfe you can integrate these other tools below:

  • SEO widgets – Moz, Google Webmasters etc
  • Blogging widgets – WordPress
  • Email widgets – Mailchimp, Gmail, Sendgrid etc
  • Monitoring widgets – Google Alerts, Google Trends etc
  • Sales & Finance widgets – PayPal, Salesforce, Shopify etc
  • Advertising widgets – Bing Ads, Google Adwords, Google Adsense etc
  • Social Media widgets – Facebook Pages, Google+, Instagram, Twitter etc
  • Web Analytics widgets – Google Analytics, Unbounce, GoSquared, Alexa etc

As you can see, gathering all these metrics in a single page is really powerful to save time.
Try it, I highly recommend this tool.

Visit the tool’s website.



Working alone nowadays is not that powerful anymore. You need help. And you need fast. The goal of the MyBlogU tool is to do that for you because its power lies in sharing content ideas with real people. If you have a great idea for a topic, you might want to share it with other people first because they might increment the idea with you so you can, in the end, create a even better piece of content.

But let me simplify in 3 phrases.
Here are the benefits from using MyBlogU:

  • you get to brainstorm content ideas with other professional bloggers
  • you get to promote your own content with top bloggers really fast
  • you get cited by other professionals in your field

A useful tool to launch NEW content first too, because if you market your content about Internet Of Things (example) faster than others, you’ll be seen talking about this by more people first. This will add authority to your brand if you do a good job.

Visit the tool’s website.



Want to boost your organic rankings? Then Drip revolution is one great tool for you. It can share your content with multiple social media accounts which will upgrade your organic traffic flow. The awesome thing about this tool is the fact that the Drip Revolution Team do a curation process in your content first, and then they do the sharing process themselves. It’s all done by them. This is 100% manual work!


Drip revolution includes Facebook, Google+, Youtube, Pinterest and others to increase your organic traffic. And since the work is done 100% manually, so you don’t need to worry about getting hit in the face by Google for using blackhat strategies.

The strategy works like this:

  • You provide your URLs, keywords, images and descriptions
  • You choose the amount of type of social signals you like
  • THEY look into your campaign, check the information you provided and approve it (or not)
  • They do the work by social sharing everything
  • You get reports showing how much your traffic has increased

Although it’s not free, it works.
I assume they give money to top influencers or to big crowds to make this work as a business.

Visit the tool’s website.



The idea is basically “help others in order to help yourself”. You have 10 credits when you open your account and if you want to earn more you must share other people’s content. The great about this sharing platform is that every campaign — your link — you want to promote, has different categories to be promoted in. And for every category you choose to put your content, you’ll need more credits to make the campaign go online.

So if you want to go VIRAL (hey that’s part of their name!), you will need to share content a few times first, in order to get the credits later to use at your own campaign. But of course, you can also buy credits if you like, by hiring the pro-mode and skip this step.

But the viral power comes when you see its categories list. If you love publishing evergreen content, this tool can help you boost your traffic for years. Years.

A few categories that exist in ViralContentBuzz:

  • Lifestyle
  • Music
  • SEO and Social
  • Self improvement
  • Sports and Fitness
  • World News
  • Photography
  • Health and Beauty

Another interesting feature — although it’s from PRO-MODE — is the ability to read your RSS feeds to automatically share the content you publish. Gotta love this automated marketing platform. Give it a try!

Visit the tool’s website.

Nowadays, the faster you can do digital marketing WITH HIGH-QUALITY — very important! — the greater will be your results. With these tools I presented to you, automated digital marketing became much easier. Our monkey-work is now becoming smaller and we have more free time to think.

We have at our disposal the opportunity to improve our brand awareness faster and make our clients happier. And thank God we are less clicks away from that.

Have fun with your automated marketing.


This is not for everyone. If you truly want to improve your business and you REALLY care about delivering a high-quality experience to your customers, instead of just making money, then click the button below. Otherwise, I'll not be able to help your business. You must have a true Entrepreneurial Mindset. Make your choice.



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