The Powerful Ecommerce Secrets All Stores Can Use To Increase Sales

Let’s talk about e-commerce for a moment. I’m here to speak about how to REALLY increase e-commerce sales in a way that it allows you to rest about your business goals. What I’m throwing here for you, are only the best proven marketing strategies that really works for an e-commerce site. Those approaches that can make you much more money if you just implement them from scratch tomorrow.

Good? Ok. Pay attention because I’m about to open your eyes a little.
Well, the e-commerce industry is growing like hell and it’s even expected that it will generate 1.92 trillion dollars by 2018. Because of those facts, many entrepreneurs who are diving into this world seeking a business opportunity, may be playing without much knowledge, and fighting their marketing efforts trying to figure out how to open the doors to that solid and steady online profit.

And many are just throwing a domain and a template online, while they dump a few posts on social media expecting someone will find their digital corner to then, buy from them. Nope. We all know that, unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that.

But that’s not a problem. We can make things great in a short period of time.
And by great I mean GREAT in finance, engagement and exposure.

So here is what you’ll learn today that will make a difference for you:

  • The 3 mindsets of the buyer
  • The 7 ways to promote your store to get MUCH MORE RESULTS!

Well, let’s dive into the golden details about sales and marketing for e-commerce sites.

Look, if you want to do marketing you must understand one simple rule:


That’s rule #1. Remember that. Because if you want to get into the customer’s pockets and drain their wallets then trying to understand how you can help is a must. Put that in your head. This is KEY for maximizing online sales, which is why you should be saying to yourself:

YOUR MIND: “Hmmm. I need to understand what people are thinking, what are their objections and why would they buy from me and not from my competitors. Because that way I can promote my products in a more precise way”

Got this mindset?
Great. Now it’s time to understand this about your audience:

  • 1. Your customer behaves differently depending on the channel you reach him (Ads, social media etc)
  • 2. Your customer already has a few standard objections toward your store that you need to deconstruct
  • 3. If you don’t appeal to their emotions on your store you’ll lose A LOT of sales

The mind is what drives people into another direction so that’s exactly where you’ll start your marketing. Focusing on learning the mindsets of the customer so you can understand how to write a better copy when your marketing campaigns come to life because after all, if you can “predict” what a person is thinking at the moment you pitch them, you can increase sales like if you were selling an iPhone for $10.

If you know which thoughts are ocurring on the customer’s head you can go with a much better marketing approach. That’s why the Ads from Google nowadays are at least cookied-based, because it is more customer-driven and the same happens here.

All right. Now let’s see the possible mindsets for a person who wants to buy something online:

  • MINDSET #1: “I think I’ll browse something online to buy…just for fun…”. This person will likely buy something when exposed to a very nice offer or product. He is not searching for a specific product, but he can spend money if he finds an awesome product to buy.
  • MINDSET #2: “I need to find a good store that sells the product X because I must buy it NOW! I must buy that TODAY!”. The ideal guy, the only person who is trying to find a store to buy your product
  • MINDSET #3: “I’m just browsing online and if I see something interesting I’ll put my credit card number and compromise myself with more bills.” The compulsive buyer. We all know his type.

PS: I’m excluding here the person who does not want to buy anything.
Ok now let’s check out the possible CHANNELS you can strike a person’s mind and which mindset they are likely to be experiencing at the moment you expose them to your product:

  • CHANNEL SOCIAL MEDIA — MINDSET #1 and #3: In this channel, customers will be at those mindsets most of the time. They will likely buy something, but they aren’t searching for a product. There are exceptions? Yes. Internet users usually browse Pinterest with strong buying intent and they at least form a “wish list” for themselves while on it, but searching for a product on social media channels when you want to buy something is very unusual. Very unusual. When this happens, it is just an exception.
  • CHANNEL SEARCH ENGINE — MINDSET #1 and #2: In this channel, customers will be with more buying intent than anywhere else. Just stop and think: if you want to buy something you’ll go to Google or Bing, type something about the product you want, try to find the best stores AND/OR reviews/websites that are talking about it, and research before you can make the right decision. Right? You can be searching for a product or you can be window-shopping online. Either way, you are coming from a proactive perspective because you went after something to buy.
  • CHANNEL EMAIL MARKETING — MINDSET #3: In this channel, customers won’t be searching for your product, but if you are good enough in promoting what you have to offer, you can make them spend a lot of dollars with you.
  • CHANNEL PAID ADS — MINDSET #1, #2 and #3: Paid ads is the only one that converts for all these customers’ mindsets due to its outbound marketing approach. That’s why when you build a strategy around Ads, you must consider every type of mindset in order to make more people to respond.




When writing a copy for an Ad you must understand how STRONG is the buying intent of your customer. And if you are reaching on people through social media, the mindset is different than from reaching them on Paid Ads, where the buying intent is much stronger.

This is where many e-commerce sites make a mistake. A social media approach is more focused on “hey let’s have some fun! Check this awesome video” while Ads is more like “Forget about that problem. We will solve it within 30 days.”. (just an example)

So it’s important that you keep that in mind when executing your campaigns.
Well, with that on the table, now we need to know one more thing: CUSTOMER OBJECTIONS.
Now hear me out: we are not only talking about Millenials here. These objections people have involve even your grandma, just so you know. It’s every customer possible, from the teenager up until the grandpa.

Ok, so here are the main mental blocks that you need to know people have before buying from an online store:

  • 1.[SERVICE OBJECTION] “Do they deliver it fast?” — Still a strong concern for most buyers. We all want to enjoy the emotions we are feeling at the moment of the purchase as soon as possible by using the product. The longer you take to deliver your product to the customer, the worse it is for your business. People only accept to wait for long periods of time when the product is of high-value
  • 2.[PRIVACY OBJECTION] “Will they collect my personal data and do bad things with it?” — Mostly, this is the mindset of old people who are not aware of every aspect of today’s technology regarding security, nor the laws about online shopping that protects the user from being harmed.
  • 3.[SOLUTION OBJECTION] “Will this product completely solve my problem?” — Every person will have this objection in mind. People want to buy ONCE and solve the maximum amount of problems possible with your product. They want closure. They want to end their pain. That’s why they want to know how COMPLETE is your solution.
  • 4.[QUALITY OBJECTION] “Will the product break very fast?” — Quality. Still a concern when people are buying something that can break (like a chair, table, computer etc). Quality matters. People will ask or research about yours and you better have something to prove it.
  • 5.[TRUST OBJECTION] “Do they have a trustable return policy?” — Also a concern the majority of customers will have because if they don’t enjoy your product, they want to feel safe that is possible to exchange it without any extreme bureaucracy.
  • 6.[TRUST OBJECTION] “What people are talking about this brand?” — The majority of people can’t make a decision based on their own inner arguments. Meaning? There are very few people who analyze a product by their own terms and make a decision based only on that. Unfortunately, most customers need additional proof that they are making the right choice. That proof is social proof. And social proof breaks this objection.
  • 7.[PRICE OBJECTION] “How much money does that cost? Is the price fair?” — This is probably the most famous one because if something is very expensive or if it’s out of the customer’s buying power, it will be extremely hard to close the deal. If people can’t afford what you’re charging them OR if people think it’s too expensive, then the marketing efforts must be stronger to reverse this mental frame.

All right. Now we know:

  • 1. The available mindsets of a customer who would buy a product
  • 2. The channels that are associated with those mindsets
  • 3. The buying objections that customers have

The next logical thing you need to know is how to strike the market with the right countermeasures, merging the right marketing perspectives with the right psychological hits, which is what we will cover right now.

I’ll show you every strategy and along with it, the best channels and the key mindsets you need to be focusing on to get better results. The fusion of “channel + mindset + strategy” is what will make your sales numbers grow exponentially.

Ok, now we are ready to play. After we have put all that in the paper, it’s time to draw a few e-commerce strategies that will attack the key points to optimize results.

Here you go:

  • 1. Work with User Generated Content (UGC)
  • 2. Publish Promotional Guest Posts
  • 3. Publish GIFT Guides
  • 4. Make an Affiliate Program
  • 5. Promote your product on
  • 6. Promote a product demonstration on
  • 7. Promote a Contest

Ok, now let’s dive into every single strategy.

BEST CHANNELS: All Channels.
BEATEN OBJECTIONS: Trust, Solution, Service, Quality

All channels can make this approach work and all mindsets are covered as well.
This strategy is awesome because it makes your customer generate trustworthy content for your target audience. Since your customer IS your target audience, this will be VERY appealing to the rest of your potential customers.

User Generated Content works when it’s legitimate, which is why your goal should be making people actually create promotional content for your store. The examples below I’m about to show you, can be acquired through one thing:


Make the discount great but define some rules so people don’t make you pay a lot through discounts. Well, the UGC you can encourage your customers to do about your product are:

  • product written reviews
  • promotional photo pitching other customers
  • video testimonials about product satisfaction

The BEST PART is that you can use UGC in YOUR ADS!

Check this out:

This strategy will also generate much more trust about your brand on other potential customers due to its human factor. Besides, a random person who got rid of their pain/problem by buying your product is just trying to help. There’s no money involved. And if there’s no money involved, it is easier to create TRUST.

People will understand that what you are selling made very other people happy which will destroy most objections like TRUST, QUALITY, and SOLUTION. In order to destroy the SERVICE objection as well (how fast can you deliver?), you’ll need to promote a few reviews or testimonials that focus on that point.


BEST CHANNELS: Social Media, Email Marketing.
BEATEN OBJECTIONS: Trust, Solution, Quality

Use Social Media and Email Marketing channels to take this approach. Also, focus on the mindsets #1 and #3, which is what people usually have at the moment when they navigate through these channels.

The FASTEST WAY POSSIBLE to promote your products to a bunch of people who would buy from your brand is to expose your product to the audience of an influencer on your field. This is one of the best ways to generate more sales for a e-commerce site.

For instance, if you sell shoes you can promote your subsection of racing snickers through Fitness Influencers from Instagram like this girl (I know, I know! But focus on the reading! Get back!).

You can go to bloggers of your niche too and ask them to promote one of your products by writing an article about it. They can use storytelling — a copywriting technique — to tell a personal experience about a problem they had which you fixed for them, or they can fill an article with several examples of how awesome your product is, or just make a great video about it and put that in their blog.

The only work you’ll have to do, is to find the right people who have a good piece of your audience, then check if they are available to promote one of your products (there are influencers who don’t want to stain their website or social account with promotional content) and then, wait for sales.

Imagine putting in front of thousands of people your store by just contacting 3 influencers?
Go try that my friend. It’s an awesome growth strategy.

BEST CHANNELS: Search Engines, Social Media.

Use Social Media and Search Engine channels for this strategy. It works better. Also, when promoting your Gif Guides, start from the frame that the person has a very strong intent to buy something, which is mindset #2 like I said a while back.

When holidays (or birthdays of your coworkers) are coming, it is very common for people to search for great ideas for a gift online. And another marketing strategy you can use online, is to publish a few FREE Gift Guides that:

  • teach people how to make DIY gifts
  • teach people how to “hack” a common product/gift to make it unique
  • teach people how to merge gifts to make something even more awesome

Next, just insert into those Gift Guides one or two of your products as part of an example of a How-To (for instance) and you’ll see that this indirect approach can generate more sales than you think! Besides, there is the factor that when you provide value people will want to know you more, which will also increase your results.

The good part about this is that it will destroy the Price objection especially because you are providing additional value to the customer without charging a dime from him. This will create another perspective about your product when he enters your online store because his mind will associate the “Free stuff” as part of what he is buying, making the price smaller.

Never think a person will associate a product to a price.
They will associate YOUR BRAND with a price.

So, if your brand helps a lot, expensive becomes cheap based on all the value you provide.

BEST CHANNELS: Social Media, Email Marketing.
BEATEN OBJECTIONS: Trust, Solution, Quality

Use Social Media and Email Marketing channels for this other strategy. The mindset people will likely convert more is #1 and #3 because you’re offering something else, that is not your product, which is why only people who are browsing will convert better. Focusing your copy on those mindsets is the key.

If your brand has an affiliate program, it communicates to customers that your store can be trusted. This will kill any objections like TRUST, SOLUTION and QUALITY right away. Why? Because no one would promote their own product worldwide if it is not at least a great solution.

People will WANT to promote a reliable product, that can fully resolve their problems and that also, comes from a respected brand. And a strong affiliate program is a strategy that can do great things for your store because once it starts to gain traction on the market, you’ll have to sell much less than you think to keep going, and your marketing efforts can be redirected towards conversion optimization or other areas of marketing.

Here is a famous store you might know that uses affiliate marketing as a strategy to boost their sales:



Make others work for you instead of trying to win all by yourself.
Because it’s smarter to put some people to be your salesman as well, instead of just focusing on making everybody be your client. This approach will give you much more sales than you expect.

PS: remove the idea that you are going to get less money on every sale because the overall amount will be AT LEAST 3x bigger than what you’re getting by selling all by yourself.

BEST CHANNELS: Search Engine, Social Media, Email Marketing.
BEATEN OBJECTIONS: Trust, Solution, Quality

Use Search Engines, Social Media and Email Marketing channels for this other strategy too. Focus on improving your promotion for all 3. The good part is that you won’t be needing to focus on a specific mindset because people will likely convert at all of them. is a product curation website with a HUGE amount of people following it, which for you translates to potential buyers. The premise of this website is simply “COOL Products” (check this sports section!) and getting your product featured on Uncrate can drive significant sales for sure BUT…………

Getting featured on Uncrate isn’t easy.

There’s no application you can fill in. No formal process.
But if you sell a very cool product you can crawl your way into their magazine. There are some companies that get discovered by Uncrate while others get their share of success by contacting the company to tell them about their product.

They have enough categories to attend most e-commerce sites, which means there is a strong probability you can find your niche there. Unless, of course, you sell something REALLY unusual.

But the good part is that you’ll kill any objection regarding how trustworthy your product is, how complete it is or how high-quality it is. Curation-centered websites like Uncrate can be a strong marketing weapon in your favor.

BEST CHANNELS: Social Media, Email Marketing.
BEATEN OBJECTIONS: Solution, Quality, Trust

Another Social Media and Email Marketing preference here. Although every mindset is considered for a high-conversion rate here, people who will likely convert more is those with #1 and #3 mindsets. That’s because a person with strong buying intent won’t check periscope, not nowadays at least. Those who are just browsing on the other hand, will. So focus more on those mindsets.

Periscope is a social network that is growing like crazy — click here for quick fun fact — this year! A simple app which is making his way into several digital marketing strategies and is one that you can choose to boost your sales really fast.

You can do things like:

  • do product demonstrations
  • answer questions about the demo of a product
  • provide exclusive promotional codes on a live demo

The advantage of it is the P-R-O-X-I-M-T-Y it gives to the customers. Having the opportunity to see something exclusive in real-time about a product you want is very appealing to the eyes of a customer because he can kill any of his objections right at that moment.

An instant experience without even buying the product.
This is why this has been working a lot, lately.
Make Periscope part of your strategy.

BEST CHANNELS: Social Media, Email Marketing, Paid Ads.
BEATEN OBJECTIONS: Privacy, Solution, Quality, Trust

Use Social Media and Email Marketing channels for this other strategy. The mindset people will likely convert more is #1 and #3 because you’re offering something else that is not DIRECTLY your product, which is why only people who are browsing will convert better. That’s why you should focus your copy on those mindsets and also why is better to embrace those marketing channels.

If you have a loyal base of customers already, another way to do some boost on your marketing and therefore, your sales, is to promote a contest that makes people engage with your company.

A company named FastCompany did this along with MercedesBenz by promoting a contest in which the applicant had to record a promotional and creative video talking about why they want to be the winner, among other things.

Since video is the type of content that generates more conversions online, this works very well if you create an interesting contest for your audience. The more interesting the contest itself is, the greater will be your conversions because more people will check the videos, have fun with your brand’s audience and share the videos that has your store on it.

And if you make a clever approach, it can go viral really fast.
Here you can check one of the videos that a user made for FastCompany below:

You can do the same by giving away a VERY VALUABLE product to the winner so the users promote your brand indirectly, creating content themselves and generating more exposure for your online store. And here’s a hint: request for a funny video instead of a normal video, because it is easier to go viral.

For those who are entrepreneurs and own an online store, you WILL see a HUGE increase on sales in a short amount of time. Just remember to consider the right channels, focus on the right mindsets with your copy, and merge everything together because you can’t waste marketing efforts. Those cost money.

The more precise your marketing, the better for your sales indicators.
Have fun making more money.

Take care, my friend.


This is not for everyone. If you truly want to improve your business and you REALLY care about delivering a high-quality experience to your customers, instead of just making money, then click the button below. Otherwise, I'll not be able to help your business. You must have a true Entrepreneurial Mindset. Make your choice.



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