LEADS GENERATION: The Best Proven Techniques For Generating Leads That You Are Probably Ignoring

You have a website. You own a digital business. And you are all alone. Nobody comes to your website and nobody wants to be friends with you and do business with you. Why? Because you are a bad person? Hmmm… maybe it’s because you watch Revenge too much and people don’t like that on you.


It’s not that. It’s because you are probably not generating leads effectively.
Although the CEO of Hubspot is definitely right stating that by creating good content people will eventually find you, if you don’t use certain techniques for generating leads, you’ll leave both money and friends on the table.

Knowing how to “capture” people in your website is a must if you own an online business. After all, that’s what digital marketing is all about: bring people into your website and transform them into your clients (but aim for transforming them into your friends).

Ok enough introduction.
Let me teach you some smart ways for generating leads to your business so you can change your online results for the better and make people WANT to contact you, hire you and subscribe at your newsletters without looking like you’re a needy company or brand.

This is an 8-minute reading in which I show you a few techniques to capture through forms or through an email field, how you can capture people’s contact information effectively.

Time to work.

A strong and appealing way to sell things is through demonstration. People love when you show them H-O-W to truly solve their problems. And that “how” is your business proposal and the demonstration of your product or service.

The HOW IT WORKS can sell anything that has solid value really fast.
And a video demonstration does exactly that. It demonstrates how it will help your future customer and which are the good points that your product has that reinforces a next contact to know more about it.

By providing demonstrations of your services and products, you can bring people into your business really fast since people will want to know more about it. They will want to ask specific questions, point specific needs and see how you deal with them and so on.

You’ll get solid leads if your solution truly works.

And one thing people don’t pay too much attention while demonstrating a product or service, is that to make yourself the “right choice” for your future customer, you must ask yourself these questions below first and then dump all the answers into a video later:

1. How do you SOLVE the problem of your target audience?
2. What’s different in your approach?
3. How can people benefit from what you have to offer?

Then, after you proved you are up to the task and that you can guarantee a solution, you just put a form below your demonstration video and wait for leads to come. When people SEE that their problems were taken care of, they will provide what’s necessary to solve them.

And that means contact information.
Phone numbers, names, emails.
You name it.

Video demonstrations can capture an enormous amount of leads because there’s no way to cheat on them. You’ll show the problem and the solution to that problem taking place, therefore proving to people you have value. You know their pain and you have the antidote for that pain.

For instance, if your business is a complex software that manages all the company’s finances in a very easy way, then a video demonstrating how your software works and how it removes problems from financial directors is gold.

Those financial directors will be MOTIVATED to provide the necessary information to make the problem they hate, disappear.

And that’s when you capture them.

Now you are in a place where their email and other contact information are not a “huge payment” anymore. So providing this info that you want will be so cheap for them that they will do it for their own sake.

And to capture all the info, you can use a form or a subscription process. It doesn’t really matter.
If you SOLVE their problem, they will fill out what you want, just remember to keep things as simple as possible and don’t give people too much work.

There are certain products & services that are based on this technique because it’s an advantage to allow people to try a product or service for a certain amount of time first, so people can decide if they want to buy or rent what you are selling afterwards.

It’s usually the case of online software.

You are allowed to try all of its functionalities for a set period of time so the decision process can be more “full of data”, thus, making the buying process much easier because you’ll know how the product works. That’s a huge advantage from the client’s perspective, know if he will spend his money on a good thing or not.

But, HOW do you allow people to try your products and services in the first place?!
That’s right…


And now they are free to try what you have to offer for a while. And they will think:

“What’s the downside of taking a peek in exchange for my email? NONE!”

And they are right. They can have a preview of your work, see how you can help them and the only thing they will have to do is provide their email to you?

That’s not even a problem.
Because they can unsubscribe later.
And they know that.

Even if it’s formulary where you grab their phone numbers and other data, they know you won’t bother them because they can sue your company for using their information in an improper way. They also know that.

That’s why it will be a great deal for any lead to provide a few personal information in exchange of experiencing what you have to offer. Which in the end is a great deal for you too.

Let them live an experience with your product and require from them only some personal data.
Ok? Now let’s go to the next technique.

Many businesses can provide real and practical knowledge about something, and checklists are a clever way to show your expertise and at the same time, help people.

For instance, if the business you’re running involves electric repair, you can provide a checklist document (PDF, XLS etc) where you point out HOW to know if a home you are about to rent has all the necessary electric wires and structure to be safe to live. That’s an example.

Or if you own a vet office you can point out which signs you must pay attention to on your pet, in order to be sure if he’s healthy. People love easy-to-use information and if you provide them a few things that can really help them — like a reusable checklist — they will be more than happy to provide you their contact information.

What’s an email in EXCHANGE of knowing which apartments are good enough to rent?
What’s an email in exchange of knowing if your pet is sick by just following a simple checklist?

That’s another smart way for generating leads.
Try it.

This is very similar to the free trial approach, but with the difference that you usually can keep the sample to remind people the experience they had with your work. Let’s suppose you have a 25-video course about investing at the stock market. If you give away the first 3 videos, people will get the idea of how good your content is and they will want to see the 4th video.

And you can diversify. You can use a subscription process or require that a form be filled BEFORE OR AFTER the first 3 free videos. You can make people subscribe in order to check the first 3 videos OR you can let ANY person who didn’t subscribe, watch the first 3 videos and in order to see the next 2 videos, they would need to subscribe.

As long as you have deep and powerful content, you can only win while using this strategy. Aside from that, you’ll make people have that feeling of “unaccomplished goal” in their minds, frustrating them and forcing them to provide the information you require in order to accomplish the next step you offer.

Samples work when they have massive value to customers.

Search for companies that serve your target audience in some way and try to get some coupons from them. BUT connect the niches. For instance, let’s suppose you own a gym.

If you own a gym then people definitely wear sneakers (or at least they should be wearing sneakers)
Therefore, if you can get coupons from stores that sell sneakers, you could provide those coupons as a reward for people when they subscribe to your newsletter.

This is VERY GOOD for businesses that work together — like the gym & sneakers store example above — and a very SMART way for generating leads because it also sub-communicate that you are aware of people’s needs that are not in your niche.

Providing additional value forces people to then look at your brand from another perspective, thinking what might come next and how you might surprise them.

And this creates EXPECTATION besides that sensation of CARING!
So answer me: why people wouldn’t want to share with you their contact information?

I’ll let you answer that alone.

This is surely one of the oldest ways to generate leads for service providers, but it’s STILL one of the ways that still works (even nowadays). The advantage of this technique is that the person who is sending you a message and requesting a budget from your company is already providing their contact information to you, because they saw value on your services.

So your BUSINESS is the valuable thing to your lead’s eyes. That’s the starting point.
Ok, that’s great! But………HOW do you E-F-F-E-C-T-I-V-E-L-Y grab people’s attention and create a form that really works and that can truly generate more leads? A form that has a high conversion rate?

The short answer is this:


At a first moment, when you are starting a connection with your client, you can’t make them fill out a huuuuuuuge form if you want high conversion rates. People don’t like to have work just to be in contact with you. You need to make those kinds of forms an exception and not something common.

A BAD form would request these fields below:

1. Name;
2. Email;
3. Phone number;
4. State and city;
5. Where did you find us;
6. Project description;
7. How much do you want to invest;

No one wants to fill that much of information in the first place. People who want a budget from your services also wants a budget from your competitors, but if you can get their email, you will be able to make a direct sales approach.

And this is what champions aim for, they want only what’s necessary to step 2.
Forget about jumping over to the final step and gather all the information you want.
Relax. Make a first contact and then try to expand things over.

A GOOD form only requests these pieces of information:
1. Name;
2. Email;

NOW you can generate more leads! People will see they won’t have to do much work if they want to get in contact with you and because of that tiny difference, you will get more action.

Use your budget request form wisely and ask only what’s necessary to continue a conversation.
Focus and small steps and not one single big step.

Would you like an Ebook about The 238 simple ways for increasing 47% your sales on Instagram? I bet you would (unless you hate Instagram or sales). When you provide to your target audience a lot of value through an ebook or a guide, you are already at a whole different level for them.

When they see how great your content is, a simple email is NOTHING for them. Your work and the value you are giving through your ebook is much more valuable than his email. They know that, and that’s why they happily give it to you.

Although it seems like a “bait”, it’s not because you are actually helping people, you just need to write a good ebook and give them something they will definitely use and apply to their business or life. This is the most used technique nowadays by digital marketers.

And since you’ll usually send the lead a link to download your ebook, usually that link goes to the person’s email because after all, is more practical to send an email for both sides. You get access to a new lead by email and the lead get served on his email, which is better if they want to save the email for reading it later etc.

One of my personal favorite digital marketing strategies for generating leads. It really works A LOT! If you write awesome content that pull people into your website and you write also for your customers, this technique might be pretty handy for you.

Suppose you sell SEO services and your services are pretty good and make people comment about your techniques and thank you through private messages for being an SEO demigod. What’s the downside of giving away a simple email for working with one of the best with a lower price?

Even if people don’t know the quality of your work that much, they’ll want a $50 discount or a $120 discount!



It’s a human factor to always want to be ahead, to spend less and to earn more, to become smarter with shortcuts and to use the best services out there. People always want the best for them. Always.

Thus, if you provide a high-quality work and ALSO a discount my friend…..leads will attack your website.
Ok, now moving on to the next strategy….

Do you want to be the 1st entrepreneur to learn the best Internet Of Things marketing techniques? Do you want to have full access to the latest article about 47 copywriting techniques for ecommerces AND a 1-hour consultancy with the TOP 3 copywriters from the US for free in the next 5 days?

That’s right my friend, you want that.
No, not you. Your leads want that.

They want to be at the “special group” and be able to tell people they are learning things others aren’t. They want to brag about the secret knowledge they are acquiring through your VIP area. And they will brag even more if it has a free time to experience that VIP content.

And guess what?
You just need to ask them the contact information you want and they will give it to you. Actually they will be HAPPY to give it to you. And later, in the future, selling other of your products will be easier since you now have more leads.

When you focus on generating leads you MUST keep things simple because people H-A-T-E filling out forms and subscribing to your newsletters. If you provide extremely great value to them, you are already in advantage.

Remember that is not every person that have that HUNGER for value as well. Most of them are not trying to devour content or ebooks or guides from you. They might think you are cool and smart and your business is all shiny and beautiful, but they still need a push.

A push to become a lead.

And that’s when these techniques come into place. Use them wisely and if possible, try to MERGE them so you don’t look like the old marketer who used to interrupt people to get the goods.

Always provide real value and keep it simple and the amount of fields as short as possible. The process of lead generation shouldn’t be hard, complex or provide a workload for your leads.

It must always be simple.
Remember that.

When you understand that, you’ll start to see a huge crowd of leads coming into your business. The funny part is that probably most of them were already there.

They were already visiting you daily and watching your business day by day….
You just didn’t know exactly how to reach them.

But now you know.
Take care.


This is not for everyone. If you truly want to improve your business and you REALLY care about delivering a high-quality experience to your customers, instead of just making money, then click the button below. Otherwise, I'll not be able to help your business. You must have a true Entrepreneurial Mindset. Make your choice.



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