LINK BUILDING: The Smarterst And Most Complete Guide To Mastering Link Building For Businesses

I’ll begin with a curious question here: How do you get people to REALLY link to your content online? Simple but annoying question, right? Maybe you’ve asked yourself that before because links are roads to your business in this crowded online world. Well, but think for a second here. Think about my question from your own perspective, whether you are a Marketer, a Journalist, a Content creator or someone who just likes to blog.

Tell me my friend….
WHY do you link to other people? WHY? What are the reasons that make you link to other blogs, other videos, and other websites on a daily basis when you’re writing something?

Don’t answer that just yet because while you think this through, I’ll widely open your eyes regarding link building and with this article, I’ll show you the reasons why you link to people, why you should link to other people and why others like to link back to your business.

So if you’re here to learn more about how to make people link to your business, then this resource will definitely help you. The link building strategies that REALLY works for all sort of businesses is shown here, no matter what niche you are today.

I gathered the smartest approaches we currently have so you don’t look like a pleading dog to other people because there’s no need to put yourself in a begging-like position if you know you are providing powerful value to readers and customers.

So here is the link building arsenal you’ll learn with this resource:

  • The Resource Page
  • Interviews
  • Guest Posting
  • Niche Forums
  • Webinars & Events
  • Q&A Websites
  • Social Networking Sites
  • PDF Documents
  • Online Tools

WARNING: BEFORE you start reading this article I advise you to keep in mind one of the smartest quote on Marketing I have ever heard of (in my opinion):

— Tom Fishburne, Founder of Marketoon Studios

Now let’s begin.

There’s something key you must do BEFORE you even start all this whole link building strategy thing: Find the best market keywords according to your marketing goals. Why? Because you need to be effective in your link building strategy, right? After all, we shouldn’t put any effort into building links that won’t bring us the results we’re expecting. Effort costs time, and time is money.

This is why, first, you need to ask yourself these simple questions:

  • “WHY do I want to build Links?”
  • “WHAT do I expect to get in return from them?”

Important questions. Key questions.
Knowing the answers to the questions above is what will give you the directions you need to harvest great, highly effective links in your marketplace because building links without thinking, is as I said, useless effort. Useless. And nowadays you can’t afford that because every STRONG competitor, those who are champions, are working hard AND smart at the same time to outlast you in business. Strategic actions demand a higher degree of planning, time and money but it all worth it because in the end, you crush your competitors for good.

So before going all berserk-mode to get a few backlinks online you first should understand this basic principle of link building:


— Extracted from The Book Ultimate Guide to Link Building

“Keywords that define a Market?”
Yes, my friend. But as you know I’m a good person and I’ll explain.

Look, you can have keyword categories that won’t do you any good and other keyword categories that will because you can build backlinks that can boost your sales or backlinks that will just be another link, lost in the online jungle, worthless links that doesn’t gives you a huge ROI in return for your efforts, get it?

Relax. Let me explain in a little more detail because you still seem lost.
Alright. Let’s assume for example that you want to boost SALES. Period. That’s your ultimate goal. You want more money. Alright, great. Now think this strategically for a second. Tell me: WHERE should you put those links of yours? What are the best places you could promote a link to your brand, your products, your demonstration videos or your Genius Native Ads Article?

You gotta have CONTEXT. Right?
There’s no use having 1.000 links that come from parts of the web that won’t bring you any high-quality leads or customers anyhow, because the goal here is to make more sales.

So the next logical question is simple.
You must ask yourself: “What do I sell and to whom?”

That’s the next step. So if you sell men’s clothes for instance, then having links on an Influencer’s Pinterest profile is probably not the best idea since at least 80% of Pinterest’s audience is made by women. Why promote a link in such crowded space like the Internet on places where your customers are not even there, or are rarely there? Got the idea now? Strategy. You need to go REALLY smart to strike the market harder, better and get the most out of your backlink campaign. Yes, you can build backlinks on Pinterest if you like (of course), but wouldn’t be better to focus on places where YOU KNOW results would come 7 out of 10 times? Because THAT’S intelligent marketing effort.

So have this line of thinking now, ok?
Alright. So getting back to the basic principle, below are The 7 keyword characteristics that define a Market you must know to succeed faster on your link building campaign:

  • MARKET RESEARCH — Probably not converting keywords. This category will have mostly research links, which are those links people will find when they are studying about a certain subject of your market. People may want to find “how shoes are manufactured” for instance, which means you probably should avoid those backlink opportunities if you’re trying to sell more shoes.
  • MARKET NICKNAMES — Words the market or participants use to describe itself/themselves. For example, lawyers can usually be called by other legal people of “Lawaholic”, “Sentence seller”, “Judgement Jockeys” etc. This shows that your audience on sites with such language and keywords is narrowed to legal people. If you are selling a BOOK that has lawyers and judges as target audience, then market nicknames is a smarter approach for searching for link building opportunities. On the other hand, if you’re just trying to promote your office then is probably not a good idea to aim for those sort of links since customers, which are all ordinary people from other professions, will probably never know what these “inside nicknames” has to do with hiring an attorney.
  • MARKET KEY QUERIES — These are single or two-word phrases that are very crowded and competitive in the Search Engine Result Pages and don’t have many ads targeting them. Certain synonyms are like golden findings that you can explore to get better backlinks that can definitely get you the results you want. So if you sell sports shoes, for example, words like “snickers” can return great, highly profitable backlink opportunities.
  • MARKET SECRET KEYWORDS — Keywords you would not typically target with a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign but that has great value for sales and conversions. These keywords return results with explorable and valuable websites with REALLY awesome links just waiting to be harvested. And due to its intent similarities to other high buying intent keywords, if you find them fast you get ahead of the competition because most of your competitors are ignoring them, but they are strongly related. A few examples of secret keywords from the Marketing Industry are: “Copy Marketer”, “Search Engine Optimizer”, “Social Media Copywriter”. Remember that search engines also match PART of a query, and if the user typed something “weird” but with the willingness to buy, links that explore these secret keywords can get leverage and lots of traffic. So place some of your backlinks on those oppportunities if you find them.
  • MARKET ROOT — A root extracted from your PPC/SEO keywords. These are keywords of an Industry that originates several other keywords. A few examples of market root keywords: “Marketing”,”Copywriting” and “Search Engines”. Surely, these keywords are where business people focus the most and several backlink opportunities are definitely here, you just have to know how to reach people.
  • MARKET EXPERT TERMS — The common names for the practitioners within an Industry, which are the words that define experts OR the words that experts use a lot to refer to something in a field. Sales experts, for instance, use “Cold Calls” or “Cold Emails” to refer to prospecting someone by email or telephone which they have never met before. So if you sell sales training programs then this would be a very good backlink ground to explore because people love buying from experts.
  • MARKET SLANGS — Words commonly used in the names of publications within your market. In the Finances World for example, you have slangs such as “Cash Out” (A manager who decides to close down their fund after a successful run), “Bull” (An investor who has a positive view on a market and is likely to be net long.), “Bear” (An investor who has a negative view on a market and is likely to be net short). Market slangs are almost like market nicknames, with a slight difference that it can merge two different markets or niches because two very close niches can call each other names, disguising bad words or bad ideas as slangs.

Ok, this is the basics on Market Keywords for backlink opportunities.
Once you know where to aim your efforts online, after you have run your market research and found the ideal websites and people you want to connect with, then it’s time to dive in and explore some smart ways to create/generate/get backlinks.

Because it is NOW that the game begins.

A Resource Page is page used to gather all sort of valuable information or important content all in one place. This page can have several categories such as: a RSS page (like mine), a Google Algorithm Update page (like this one) or more. It’s a URL made to put together a certain amount of truly important links to readers. So if you’re smart and know how to find the ones that work best for your niche, then your links will get much higher attention especially because the reason why a person is visiting that page is exactly because of the links on it.

Works like a charm for link building purposes.
So here are a few valid and smart resource page ideas you can surely find online if you do your homework, which usually have many targeted backlink opportunities:

  • A News of The Week page
  • A Recommended RSS feeds page
  • A Recommended Best Seller Books page
  • A Recommended and trustworthy Ecommerce sites page
  • A Top 30 Special Partners page
  • A Top 30 recommended Articles page
  • A Top 30 recommended Webtools page

Those are all powerful examples to explore because once you are able to fit a link or two into such pages, especially high-authoritative ones (which are harder to get into), you’ll get a MASSIVE amount of high-quality, laser-like targeted traffic to your landing page, website etc. The saying “The sky is the limit” truly takes place here regarding web traffic increase.

Here’s an example of a Resource Page:


Awesome, right? Just find pages like this one above, make a deal with the website owner to put some of your links and you’re done. Is that simple.

But there’s an important point to remember when aiming for Resource pages:


So unless you get to place a link that essentially teaches a basic definition about something (like “What is Copywriting”), worrying and taking care of your links is a must here. Understood? Great.

Next move.

The Interview approach as a link building strategy is another great opportunity to explore in your campaigns. It does work REALLY well, especially because the interviewed person usually has the power of drawing the audience’s attention. So if the interview is truly great, if it helps people somehow, and if it provides authentic value then getting the backlink is just a consequence of your work, especially if the interviewed person has a lot to offer.

But that’s not the only good part.
Another good side is that if you interview a person, you can get a backlink and if YOU are the interviewed person, you can ALSO get a backlink. It is a double punch when the other person also has an audience that match yours.

So for link building purposes, it doesn’t really matter whether you are the important guy or the guy trying to get more reach because both sides work to your favor as an attention booster to your business.

Here’s a screenshot of one of Chris Tucker’s podcasts from Rainmaker FM on which he interviews an entrepreneur:



That’s natural link building as you can see, which is a much powerful way to build links because it looks like you don’t have the actual intent to build them, and it also gives you high-quality leads at the same time. All traffic you’ll be getting from this will probably be from really interested people in your work or in knowing more about you, which is EXACTLY what we usually want when we plan a link building campaign.

Interviews are great for this purpose.

And here’s another point: Although Podcasts has strong ROI due to the link attention the show notes naturally give you (as shown above), we can also get great results from video interviews as well, especially when the video has complementary content to give the audience. If you want to have fun learning, just check out this awesome interview below with Grant Cardone and Patrick Bet-David from ValuEtainment:

PS: THE MOST FUNNY and also THE BEST part starts with Paul’s problem being mocked by Cardone and Patrick at 45:24min and it goes up to the mark of 46:26min. This made me laugh so hard for so long.


THAT’s another way of getting good backlinks, my friend.
Interview the right person or be the right person being interviewed to get the best backlinks possible. That’s all. The rest is traffic history.

Now let’s continue.

Definitely the most famous link building strategy ever as you may know by now. All marketers hail the marvelous guest posting strategy when the subject of link building falls on the table. It is a famous technique due to its effectiveness because you can handpick a massive audience that will get you from point A to point B in results, depending on who you’re pitching for a guest post. Heavily respected websites like or can truly transform your business overnight due to its enormous amount of high-quality traffic.

But for this approach to work very well, you need to pay attention to a few factors first, before even considering posting on someone else’s blog, which are the following:

  • What are the Guest Posting Rules?
  • How can my link actually help the other brand’s audience?
  • How does the audience usually reacts to “foreign content”?
  • What type of voices are allowed and what type of voices are not?

That’s just the basics you need to cover before jumping into things. And although most big websites put almost everything you need to know about their rules inside question nº1 (what are the Guest Posting Rules?), you’ll STILL have to calibrate your content to fit your link building campaign so you extract the best ROI possible out of a guest post opportunity. Getting in contact with the Webmasters and site owners and having your post approved is just the beginning. The REAL GAME starts when you have to think in a way to “work for the other website” in such a way that you actually add value, without looking like you’re drooling for a juicy backlink.

The formula is simple actually:


And how to deliver value through guest blogging?
Simple. Like this:

  • VOICE & WRITING STYLE — Study the content’s voice and writing style of that blog you’re about to post something. Study its content. Deeply. Because every blog usually have between ONE to THREE voices that dictates the rhythm and voice style of the piece being read. You can have a Motivational voice, an Educational voice, a Funny voice etc on a post. Get it? And at the same time, the writing style defines how the rhythm of the reading is gonna sound to readers and how the text is going to be displayed and formatted, which improves readibility and therefore, content quality. So if you fall too far from the tree on these points you’ll face INSTANT rejection by that audience, no matter how a “right fit” those people are for your website/product/service because they’re there to read content in that specific style, and not in your own voice or writing style. That’s an important point to pay attention to, if you expect to really get results from your links after you have done your research on the best guest blog opportunities. Having the same voice dramatically increases your CTR’s ROI for each link gained.
  • CONTENT STYLE — Study what sort of content the audience resonates the most. Every blog has content styles/types which visitors prefer to read, and picking the types people like to read more will obviously put more eyes on your links. Remember that the more you connect with the audience, the better. So here a few content styles available: How Tos, Lists, Product Comparisons etc. The more you know about a blog’s audience the easier it will be to get people clicking the backlinks you have built.

I know I got a little bit off-topic but this is so important for backlinks to work on guest posting, that I would find myself guilty if I didn’t explain all points above.

So, after you’ve built links the right way, you’ll get this sort of attention:

Source: Original article

Aside from the backlinks you get on a bio at the end of every blog post, there’s also the opportunity to blend in your own links on the content you’re writing for someone else which can obviously MULTIPLY your reach, if you link to the right pieces of useful content. For example, you can link to other guest posts you wrote in the past to other people, you can link to video interviews in which you are in, you can link to podcasts and more.



The more you implement this technique as a writing principle, the easier it will be for readers to click on your links because they’ll know that there’s something special, complementary information waiting to be read on the other side of that link.

Ok? Next move then my friend.
We are almost finished.

Niche Forums are another great link building strategy because you’re right in the middle of potential customers (usually smarter customers attend niche forums) or at least close to people who can forward your business to some prospect eventually. The advantage of niche forums lies on promoting yourself as an expert in your field, which is great advertising no matter what niche you are. If other professionals in your field respect you, you can be sure that these guys will talk about you to someone else either selling you as an Expert or as a great professional. And that, is what EVERY SINGLE CUSTOMER wants to hire to help them make more money!

Because nobody likes newbies, that’s our reality.
People want the experts. They want to deal with the best. And promoting links to your own articles, videos and landing pages in niche forums is a great way to strengthen your marketing and build high-quality backlinks. And the best ways to do it are:

  • PROFILE’S BIO — Links on the profile’s bio. The backlinks you put here must be about YOU and your company because people who are going for your bio want to know more about you and what business you run.
  • LINK TO ORIGINAL CONTENT — Links to your content that completes an answer you gave. This reinforces your level of authority enabling you to discuss the topic and answering any user’s questions with more ground. If you have a great backlink to support your claims, you’re much more respected by others. Besides, if you use some sort of sales funnel as a support link that fits into the discussion, making a sale gets easier.
  • LINK TO GUEST CONTENT — Links to a guest post you wrote that also completes one of your answers. This also reinforces your authority because it shows people that other blogs and businesses recognize your knowledge and your company as a respectful source of information in your field.

Simple, right? Forums are like a big comment section where you have a chance to stand out among others if you master what you’re saying. That’s the reality. And here’s one good part: IF the topic gets solved, then your link will naturally get a lot more attention because people will look for solutions and your link can last for years, if it’s an evergreen content, of course.

And your reach especially increases on cases where YOUR ANSWER was THE answer that solved all points and defined everything, putting closure to the matter at hand. That’s a powerful place for your links to be in forums.

OK, now let’s go to the next link building move.

Webinars have a special advantage: It basically focus on urgency and scarcity because it usually have limited seats. And thanks to that neat particularity, people will likely pay a lot more attention to every link you give them inside the webinar or on a promotional landing page because after all, it’s of the guests best interests to gather information and save resources, right? THEY are hoping to watch the webinar for a reason and THEY are looking forward to enter the webinar because THEY want to LEARN or BUY something.

Either way, the attention level is great.
So, all you have to do is ask the host to introduce your links (like a resource page for example) with some context so it doesn’t look like the goal is to promote the link to webinar’s guests but instead, to help them get more information and context.

Look, here are TWO ways to use webinars in your favor.
One is through a promotional landing page which obviously gives you some link juice and a real trackable link that can be indexed by bots, besides the obvious link exposure. That’s option number one.

The other strategy is through putting a backlink on the webinar itself, which means to use a private webinar session to promote your links to guests who are attending the webinar. The advantage of this 2nd strategy is having a higher ROI for each backlink promoted because most guests, will probably have a greater interest on the links provided (they want resources remember?).

And if you make a DECENT partnership with another brand that has your target audience, you can have consistent link exposure to punch high-quality leads right in the face, all the time, as long as your partnership stays alive. Not a bad idea, right?

Imagine something like this:


Very effective. It is common for guests to ask for links shown on screen in the chat section inside a webinar because most of the time, it is an important part of the context of the conversation taking place. So although the image above only shows a simple “About Us link”, if you pick the right partners, it can show guests YOUR links. And if your partners put some heavy context on top of it, you’ll get even more clicks.

To summarize it, here are the 2 webinar options you can explore:

  • MANNER nº1 — You promote your links on the webinar itself. Pick a place where is not necessary to scroll a bar or open a second window to see the links, if you have the luxury. Unfortunately, this option won’t return you any link juice nor it will be indexed by search engine bots, but it is highly efficient if you target the right audience.
  • MANNER nº2 — You promote a landing page (or any other sort of page) that has information or promotional stuff (like coupons) about the webinar that’s being promoted. Link juice is passed ahead here and your links will be indexed by bots because the link stays on a web page (usually a landing page). This strategy is more used when you want to give a few resources or some specific information in advance to the audience, just to let people know what the webinar is gonna be about, what it will exactly cover and what resources it is using.

Regarding the 1st manner, forgetting the downside that webinars don’t last more than a few hours, the ROI of a well-targeted webinar is INFINITELY higher than most backlink opportunities if your intent is selling stuff, especially due to the level of attention a link will get from guests. So if you pick a great webinar partner with a relevant audience, you can get hordes of high-quality, ready-to-convert leads in a just a few hours. Promise.

Any doubts? No?
OK. Next.

This is ANOTHER highly powerful strategy too because the more authority you show by answering questions on Q&A websites, the more relevant and efficient your backlinks will be inside those websites because people follow links authorities give. Quora is for some a social network, and for others a normal Q&A website, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you can answer or ask questions there. Period. So for the purpose of building backlinks on these kind of sites, Quora is a great resource to exemplify this strategy.

In Quora-like websites you can build links with the strategies below:

  • PROFILE BIO — Put a link in your profile bio.
  • ANSWERS — Place a link to contextualize a response.
  • QUESTIONS — Place a link to contextualize a question.

Here’s a practical example of a good backlink with lots of views and relevance:

Powerful, right? A response like the one above got 31.700 views so imagine how many clicks that single link got. One unique resource, lots of traffic and exposure.

Now let’s continue because we have more to teach you here.

Obviously a famous approach as you may know by now, but still one that most marketers fail to explore like champions on backlink campaigns. Sites like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram all have GREAT backlink opportunities because of the points I show you below:

  • INFLUENCERS — You can pay highly influential people in your niche to create backlinks to your website/landing page, increasing the effectiveness of your campaign a lot (especially if you choose the right social network to strike and the most influential person in your market).
  • PARTNERS — You can have partners placing your links on their profile bios or inside their content, depending on the deal you make and what you are willing to give back in exchange for it.
  • PROFILES — You can put a backlink on people’s profiles and even on customer’s profiles just by using smart marketing strategies such as funny contests or specific promotions that asks customers to do something with their social network profiles, for example.

Depending on your strategy, a few backlinks can drive enormous amount of traffic to your business in weeks, and sometimes even DAYS.

Let’s talk about examples.
Here’s a post on which an athlete got a great backlink by partnering up with on its Instagram account:


The athlete choose to link back to her profile in this case. But could she to promote her website for instance? Oh yes. And that’s just one example. There are many opportunities in social network sites like Facebook, Instagram etc, you just have to find what suits best for your marketing strategy and grab the links you want.

A rare strategy. Although marketers don’t focus on this much, professional PDF documents can deliver intangible results for one single backlink because you never know who will download the PDF and to whom it will be sent to. Most of the times, if you’re putting a backlink inside a PDF document that tends to be shared only with those who want to buy your product or service, the engagement levels are outstanding.

Besides, we usually prefer sharing documents much more than URLs when we are talking about business or some other professional-related subject. It looks a lot more professional to share documents than links.

So, imagine having an Investment company of your own and getting your link on something like the PDF document below:


Having a link inside a Credit Suisse PDF would be great, right?
So despite your ability to produce high-quality articles and blog posts, if you truly want to present your brand as a professional company and gain a powerful backlink at the same time, then putting a link in a whitepaper (for example) has a much heavier impact for getting actual customers than having a simple link in a blog post.

And here’s why:


This is just how things are my friend. True, smart marketing always considers the context of the reader which is why having a link on “another article” will likely lose in ROI to a good PDF document that presents something important.

When people are reading blog posts and articles, a link is usually just a link. But when someone is reading a whitepaper or a presentation PDF online, the attention levels are way higher and it’s definitely more likely that the reader is going to consume E-V-E-R-Y SINGLE PIECE of information, INCLUDING your links.

OK? Any doubts? Awesome.
Final link building strategy then.

The final strategy is a SPECIAL one: Online Tool. There’s nothing like having a highly useful web tool that can actually help visitors/users get stuff done in a heartbeat. For link building purposes, web tools work like a charm because once the tool is good enough, IT WILL be linked by webmasters, marketers and bloggers no matter how obscure your business is. A great tool always get attention. It is just a matter of time. So if you promote it to the right people, you win backlinks. Is that simple.

Here a few great ideas of online tools to have:

  • Taxes Calculator
  • SEO broken link checker
  • Influencer Search tool

Now, you can either have a tool yourself or try to buy “Ad space” on another company’s web tool to promote your links. Developing your own tool has obviously a cost, depending on the tool you want to build and you’ll have to invest a considerable amount of money to create something great that is acknowledged by the online community. The good side is that the ROI of such investment will pay off, eventually.

Just remember to make a good deal if you want your link on other people’s tools OR build a great tool if you want others to link back to your business. That’s all.

Building links that get results is a simple math formula that involves the following:


Put that formula above to work and you’ll see that there’s no mystery in having your links exposed to the right people, especially if you understand where your target audience resides online and how they constantly behave. All strategies are top of the line, but they become extremely effective when combined with surgical marketing precision.

Now you know how to do smarter link building.
Tell me your results afterwards.

Take care.


This is not for everyone. If you truly want to improve your business and you REALLY care about delivering a high-quality experience to your customers, instead of just making money, then click the button below. Otherwise, I'll not be able to help your business. You must have a true Entrepreneurial Mindset. Make your choice.



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