ECOMMERCE MARKETING STRATEGY: The Smart Ways To Change Your Ecommerce Results Completely in Less Than 4 Weeks

Are there any different approaches you should put your efforts on, to build a better and more powerful digital marketing strategy for ecommerce sites? Yes, there are. Nothing entirely new, but certainly a little bit different. And some alternative methods too.

I call it: smart marketing adjustments for e-commerce sites.

What I’m about to give you here is a set of proven techniques and strategies you can use to make your e-commerce gain more leverage, reach more people and sell your products faster. Results matter, but doing the right things first is what counts.

And because e-commerce is all about sales, metrics and conversions, all those things seems to be the thing you should have laser-like focus, right?

Not quite.

But that is at least what e-commerce owners usually worry about. Metrics. Conversions. Sales. The “business point of view”. And although they should worry about all that, they must focus first on the background strategies that can build a base for their e-commerce business, they should focus on giving their store a ground. A solid ground.

Ok. No more chit-chat.
Let’s jump into this.

I’m going to begin with social media because it’s simpler to understand, ok? Great! In inbound marketing getting people’s attention to your brand and to your products is the ultimate goal. And you know why. Because nowadays, marketing is not about showing off to people and interrupting them to throw your product down their throats anymore.

We have to use both strategies combined, inbound marketing and outbound marketing.

“Ok Peterson. Connect what you are saying to Social Media and E-commerce now.
I’m curious”

Well, to be a good player in today’s business world we need…..FRIENDS!

Friends will help you just because they think you are awesome.
They will also help you do 2 main things (which is this main strategy):




Seems good right? Yes, it is. Unfortunately that’s not the full picture, my friend. You must play smart. Having all your friends promoting your store is not enough if you want more sales because to the people who are seeing your brand for the first time, they will instantly think this:

“This store is just starting out. One more store using the old friends promotion strategy”

So what do you do?
How do you outsmart those people and destroy their pre-judgment about your store?


The strategy is simple:

  • 1. Gather your friends who are most influential on their own Facebook, Twitter etc
  • 2. Give a template to your friends about what you are promoting (remove work from them)
  • 3. Provide a rewarding opportunity for the people who will see your brand and products

POINT 1: “Influential” doesn’t necessary means HIGH followers or friends. Think. If a certain friend of yours has 5000 friends on his Facebook account and another friend of yours has 500 friends on his account, B-U-T the latter has 100 people who could benefit from your product, chose the second guy.

POINT 2: Don’t give work to your friends, give an opportunity. An opportunity to show how awesome he is by knowing your brand and your products. If you give him the opportunity to say to his audience on his social media “Hey! Look how awesome I’m for knowing this store. Check that out!”, you will make him happy. Also, remove work from them so the least you must do is to provide a template so he can copy & paste what you want to promote.

PS: Start like this – “This store is incredible and so are its products! And I’m really not saying this because the owner is my personal friend! Nice work man :)”. This line here will increase credibility. It will look like your friend is happy that you succeeded.

POINT 3: Money or Products. That’s the 2 types of rewards you’ll give to people who see your “friend’s ad”. Because you are giving something to people, your ad will have 2 approaches: opportunity to gain something and opportunity to buy something great. And HOW do you do the reward system? It’s simple. Just trade 5 social shares per week (just an example) in order to give people a raffle opportunity. Also, make the raffle with at least 3 products, with different prices because variety is important. You can use just 3 prizes or more, but not less than 3. You can also use money. Make people share per money. The money will force people to at least answer this question: “why is he investing so hard on his products?”. And BANG! You might just end up selling something.

PS: This is why it is smarter to grab the friend that belongs in your niche. Because you’ll spend money.

We only covered part of the mechanics behind this. There are more secrets to uncover.
And I’m going those to give you.

First, you at least need to know, that accordingly to kissmetrics, there are nice metrics regarding Facebook and Ecommerce sites we must know about:

  • 62% of all online shoppers read product-related comments from friends on Facebook
  • 75% of THESE shoppers click through to visit the retailer’s site

Interesting numbers.
Ok. Then let’s see some other interesting statistics by Hubspot, but now about Twitter:

  • 92% of all user interactions are through clicking on links
  • 13% more clicks is what tweets that use actionable words, like “download”, receives
  • 53% of users who tweet at a brand expect a response within an hour

Now let’s combine with some Instagram statistics:

  • 41% of Instagram is made by people between 16-24 years old
  • 35% of Instagram is made by people between 25-35 years old
  • 13% of Internet users are on Instagram
  • Instagram outranks Twitter in engagement in 3 by 1

And what does all this, tell us?
It tells us that we must:

  • 1. Insert our Ecommerce Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter links in our promotion copy
  • 2. Create PDF Guides for download about the reward rules in our promotion copy
  • 3. Promote additional things at the end of our PDF guides to spread the brand

The combination of all these facts being promoted by the right people, using the reward system will boost your sales system. Instagram has an additional power on this, because if the pictures of your products are all high-quality, things will work out even better. Seriously.

People who don’t know your brand will know it really fast. You’ll have brand awareness. Fast!
And people who do know you will BEG to be part of the reward system too. Or they just might be happy to provide value to other people.

Getting at viral level marketing will only depend on how well you picked your friends and his followers.

Now let’s move on.

Ok, you did everything right and the promotion is working, and by “working” I mean:

  • people are downloading your rules guide (along with your products 🙂
  • people are asking you questions about the rules or products
  • people are visiting your ecommerce site

But it won’t work if your COPY is a piece of CRAP!
If you have a big promotion machine working for you and at the end, at the VERY END, when it comes to actually SELL your product to the visitor and as a result you hear crickets….

Then you must improve your copy.
Fast. Now. Go!

Creating a great copy to generate a boost in your conversions is a must for you.
So focusing on these things, is the minimal amount of effort you need to put in order to improve:

  • Sales letters
  • Landing pages
  • Email Marketing
  • Promotion pieces
  • Product descriptions
  • Social Media descriptions and profiles

Fix your marketing machine and make it more appealing to human emotions because this is what will close a sale in the end. We NEED emotions! We want something new! We don’t want to be part of a simple sale. Instead, we want to live a unique experience.

We hate reading that piece of text that is all about lies and fake promises. We also hate those corporation-like descriptions. We hate everything that doesn’t understand our pain or doesn’t make us jump our seats.

“Wow!!! A new watch which will make me feel like James Bond?”
“Nice! With these shoes all the girls will envy me!”

We hate buying experiences that doesn’t generate any emotions.
That’s why copywriting is important for your e-commerce business.

Understand that they way you place words in your sales text, the way you use a word instead of another word, the emotions you create in a phrase and the analogies you bring to life can make a H-U-G-E difference in sales! You need to build trust. You need to build comfort. You need to talk about their pain at the beginning and about happiness and a life-changing experience at the end.

And you need to do all this simultaneously.
And fast.

Because the product can’t sell itself like if it was a rockstar. A nice picture and a piece of crappy text attached to it won’t exceed your expectations. You need to bring emotion to the equation. You need to promote your product’s qualities and hide its flaws. You need to make it original and at the same time….


Those are things that only powerful copywriting can provide you.
Because that competitive edge sometimes is not about the product’s features or its qualities. We already have similar high-quality smartphones or TVs at the market. You know that.

That’s why sometimes, that competitive edge is all about the copy.
And you know I’m not alone by saying that copywriting matters (especially for ecommerce sites).

Good, because now it’s time to finish this!

Now here is where some e-commerce sites place their foot in the mud. And very deep. Look, it doesn’t help having all that marketing strategy all glued together like if it was going to hit every living being right in the face in this world, if at the end, when it is time to close the deal and when you make the customer clicks on that nice green button…..

The customer gets annoyed.
And it was not because of your product. And not because of your copy which didn’t sell it right.


Like Baymard Institute says, e-commerce sites have almost a 70% rate of abandoned carts!. Now that’s a big number.

That’s why in internet marketing you must approach all sides at the same time:

  • Promotion [active voice]
  • Social [relationships]
  • Reception [experience]

What happens then if the first 2 steps works like a charm and when people visit your e-commerce site to LIVE the experience of buying from you, they run away like if they are just about to be robbed? The experience counts. And a lot.

I’ll give you the 3 simple rules for not slaping your future customers in the face.
Here. Pay attention.

EXPERIENCE RULE #1 – Make your e-commerce easy to navigate and please use a clean design
E-commerce sites are making things hard for themselves by not going “clean mode”. Design W-I-L-L impact on sales, so you better put that in your head and never forget this. Next, go check your design flaws and fix them.

The ecommerce below is a perfect example of being clean:

This is the first impression and first impressions DO EXIST!
When selling online, a simple visitor is actually an opportunity to a FUNEL to a group of people too, don’t think 1 visitor is only 1 visitor. A single person can drive 20 other people to your e-commerce. Make every part of your store look attractive and beautiful just because of that factor.

And yes, it IS part of your marketing. People consider design.
It’s part of their experience. And a crucial part too.

EXPERIENCE RULE #2 – Use the right colors to generate more conversions
People respond to certain colors better and some colors can generate emotions automatically on people, thus, improving the odds of closing a deal. Here is what the right colors can do:

  • bring more people to your ecommerce site
  • make people buy faster
  • force people to instantly like your store

So here are a few things you need to know:

  • use red, green, blue or orange for buttons because it increases conversion rates
  • use bright colors for most part of your ecommerce site, so you don’t tire people’s eyes
  • use matching colors. It’s pretty. Here is something to help you out.

Focus on the right colors and your sales will focus on you.
PS: here is some additional knowledge on this matter for you.

EXPERIENCE RULE #3 – Make the checkout process simple and fast
People HATE (myself included) when they want to buy something, but they face complex checkout processes. It’s like you are entering a maze and it’s your job to try to get out with the product on your hand. It’s a game, or at least is what some e-commerce owners want you to think.

Delete the complicated stuff.
The checkout process should follow these rules:

  • Intuitive
  • Fast loading
  • Less than 4 steps to buy
  • Ad Free

INTUITIVE — If a millennial child can buy from your store, you are safe and good to go! There is no need to find the button to go to the next step or the field to insert your ZIP Code. It’s all there. It’s obvious. You must make people feel ashamed if they don’t find the necessary things to close the deal, not the other way around.

FAST LOADING — We don’t want to wait for 15 seconds to just see the checkout page or to go to the next payment process. We don’t care. We want fast. The world loves FAST! And obeying that principle is what can give you that competitive edge too. Make your checkout process be really quick so you can close the deal quicker.

LESS THAN 4 STEPS TO BUY — Some ecommerce sites use the 1-step checkout, which is like a whole single page split with the necessary information to close the sale: Address info, Payment info and Confirmation info. So try to do the same. Don’t make the user keep clicking 11 buttons to buy something.

AD FREE — Yes, e-commerce owners still do that a lot. I know you want to make more money online, but one wrong click from the customer’s part and he will land on another page. Do you want your customer on another page? Do you think he will be happy if you pull off from his face the chance of buying what he wants (which is YOUR product)? Sometimes you can make even more money if you just remove that option.

I hope this make things clear that e-commerce experience do matter.
Remember that people only buy because of the emotions they feel at the time. That includes the time they arrive at the store and the time they buy from the store.

So if people feel AWESOME when buying from you, if you give them a unique experience…
You win. And your sales numbers won’t be the same. Not yours.

Once you get the basic concepts of digital marketing, you start thinking how to make things even better for your e-commerce website. Knowing how to reach out to people, how to invade their space in a friendly way, can drive you more sales for sure. You just need to know how to implement the right strategies.

I made it as simple as possible so you can see that in order to boost ecommerce sales all you need to do is play smart with the tools handed to you. And also, to think a little bit strategically.

It is not rocket science.
And you should be happy about that 🙂

Comment. Share. Link.


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