QUIZ – What Do You Know About Digital Marketing?

Those famous questions: “Do I need Digital Marketing for my business?” and “How much do you know about digital marketing?” will both be answered in this Quiz. Why? Because I have assembled a group of questions that will address key points about digital marketing in a way that it will make you realize WHICH areas you might be missing some expertise, whilst at the same time you’ll see how much does your company know.

This Quiz is here to point to you your own flaws and your knowledge gaps regarding Digital Marketing. That’s the main goal. To REVEAL to you where you’re failing so you can focus on your weak spots.

This test was made to cover A LOT of “ground”. That’s why you’ll be seeing a variety of questions about several areas of marketing, because I want to test you as much as possible so you can acknowledge whether you need my services or you just need to study a little bit more. This was made for you to learn and to reveal your flaws. A win-win situation.

Time to start then.

OBS: The results will be sent to your email, so be sure to enter the right data in the end.


1. What is the social network that has 58 times more per-follower engagement than Facebook and 120 times more than Twitter?
2. Which social network has predominantly Bloggers, Designers, Teachers, Students and Mothers as Influencers?
3. Assuming you have an online store that sells women's shoes and you can choose only two social networks to promote your products, which option below is the best combination possible to promote them?
4. Which social network is losing its users below 25 years-old to Snapchat?
5. Which social network is the best option to find business contacts and expand your professional networking?
6. Which option below has the 2nd largest search engine in the world?
7. What is a social signal?
8. What is link building?
9. What is Copywriting?
10. What is "False Bottom"?
11. How can a Copywriting Project improve a company's business?
12. Which is a smart and valid way to boost shares and likes of a Facebook post?
13. Which option below is the most powerful content marketing approach for a website?
14. What's the minimum amount of words an article should have nowadays in order to rank higher on Google?
15. What is a powerful marketing strategy to boost sales really fast for ecommerce sites?
16. Which areas below has a strong influence on a website's conversion rates?
17. What is the ideal number of social networks a brand should be at the same time in order to get maximum growth?
18. Assuming your audience are all "blind" for normal ads like banners and right column ads, then which Marketing strategy should you use to advertise your business and why?
19. Which are all legitimate ways to increase website traffic?
20. Which option below is the best approach for more reach if you were about to share a piece of content?
21. Assuming you want to capture people's emails, which option gives you the best tactics to do that effectively and smoothly?
22. What type of content will soon be almost 79% of the overall Internet's traffic?
23. Which option has every part of the process for creating a professional article?
24. How should you divide your email marketing campaign for achieving the best results?
25. Which option below is a powerful Email Marketing tool?
26. Which option below is a powerful Social Media Management Platform?
27. Which option below is a great tool that is used to discover all the backlinks of a website?
28. What are great ways to increase sales of an ecommerce site and avoid high bounce rates?
29. What are the main reasons why shoppers don't buy from an ecommerce site?
30. A Complete Marketing Project must have what?




This is not for everyone. If you truly want to improve your business and you REALLY care about delivering a high-quality experience to your customers, instead of just making money, then click the button below. Otherwise, I'll not be able to help your business. You must have a true Entrepreneurial Mindset. Make your choice.



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