QUIZ – What Do You Really Know About SEO?

We all hear that SEO is a powerful marketing strategy. OK, nothing new here. But how powerful it really is? Which tweaks do what? What can be fixed or optimized on a website with it? And how big is your arsenal when it comes to SEO? And how much do you know about this SEO world? Are you an entrepreneur who knows how to identify common problems regarding search engine optimization or do you get lost and let people deceive you?

Wanna find out?
This is a quiz that I created to test you in this manner, especially on the technical side of SEO as well. The goal here is to show you which parts of this digital marketing area you may not paying attention whilst at the same time, we test your own knowledge through fast, dynamic and smart content. Since people love to discover new things about themselves (that’s why personality tests are famous), then why not discover which gaps you may have related to SEO?

But relax because this test is very simple. I covered the technical side and the strategic side with simple (and sometimes tricky) questions so you can get a complete overview of what SEO really is and how to use it.

You’ll be tested in:

  • Error codes
  • Meta tags and key files
  • Troubleshooting

And much more.

OBS: The results will be sent to your email, so be sure to enter the right data in the end.


1. What is a robots.txt file?
2. What is the goal of using NOINDEX?
3. What are truly good links for SEO?
4. What is an .htaccess file?
5. Why blogging is important for SEO?
6. Which options below are right ways to optimize a web page?
7. What are the possible solutions to "fix" the relative URLs problem?
8. Why Social Media plays a very important role on SEO?
9. What HTTP status code means a successful request to a link?
10. What HTTP status code means that a page was moved permanently?
11. What HTTP status code means that a page was found?
12. How would you test to see how Google can see content on a page?
13. How do you find broken inbound links pointing at your website?
14. What is the goal of using NOFOLLOW?
15. What is the goal of using NOARCHIVE?
16. What option below is considered an optimization approach for mobile?
17. What is the X-Robots tag?
18. What is the nositelinksearchbox meta tag?
19. Are meta tags case sensitive?
20. What are the steps to make a website be indexed faster when it has just launched?
21. What is the 3rd most important ranking factor on Google's search algorithm nowadays? (2016)
22. How do you check rankings for SEO?
23. Can Google news crawl PDF files?
24. Can links within PDF files use the NOFOLLOW directive?
25. If you removed a page from a website what is a good approach to take next?
26. If a customer asked you to remove a page of his website, what's the best approach?
27. If a PDF file has the same content of an article in a website, is that considered duplicate content by Google?
28. Which SITEMAPS types does Google support?
29. What has more "weight" regarding Google's rankings?
30. What are all the main types of Google penalties?




This is not for everyone. If you truly want to improve your business and you REALLY care about delivering a high-quality experience to your customers, instead of just making money, then click the button below. Otherwise, I'll not be able to help your business. You must have a true Entrepreneurial Mindset. Make your choice.



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