• November 19, 2017

Welcome. This is a resource page with all recommended secrets of the market articles those in business nowadays should read. Every link shared here was personally read by PETERSON TEIXEIRA, hence the commentaries, the highlights and screenshots so you can know beforehand what you’re spending your time on before you click and read. Naturally, this resource page will be constantly updated and/or corrected to prevent any misleading information and to maintain a good, reliable list of top business-related articles.

TARGET AUDIENCE: CEOs, Entrepreneurs
IMPORTANT: The majority of the articles here are recent, but you may find resources that date from 2013. Nonetheless,everything is extremely valuable if you intend to master the market. The goal is to provide all the HIDDEN information about the market published in these last few years, dirty truths about businesses and companies that influence society and business, so that you know what’s really going on behind the scenes. This is to remove that “blind trust” that many businessmen have in big corporations and deceptive companies. You may get shocked with what you see here, but that’s only because you’re putting high hopes in the market without remembering that the market is managed by…..people. And people make mistakes, steal, cheat etc.

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LINK: on.mash.to/2GCnVTG
HEADLINE: Your FB and Google Data Will Have You Reaching for Your Settings
COMMENT: Just so you have an idea, the Twitter thread is 30-tweets long. You’ll see too much evidence showing how they REALLY know you thanks to all the meticulous data they possess about you. The part about Google knowing even how many steps you’ve taken in all places you’ve been in the last years is astonishing by itself. But there’s way more. Read this.



LINK: ti.me/2GdKDOo
HEADLINE: Facebook Admits It May Collect Data About Your Calls And Text Messages
COMMENT: Priceless article. This gives ANOTHER reason for you to worry if you’re trusting Facebook too much when it comes to your personal data. Just like Google collecting user location even when location services are disabled, Facebook has its own ways to abuse people’s trust. Your phone records becoming property of Facebook? What else is left?!



LINK: bit.ly/2HSJOuO
HEADLINE: Cambridge Analytica Execs Caught Discussing Extortion And Fake News
COMMENT: Oh boy…just READ THIS article. Read it.



LINK: bit.ly/2psNEUG
HEADLINE: Revealed: 50 Million FB Profiles Harvested for Cambridge Analytica
PUBLISHER: The Guardian
COMMENT: You know…writing about Facebook here gets tiring eventually. But hey, that’s part of the job so here we go once more: First of all, “data breach” is clearly an unfair expression. Facebook KNEW what it was doing by sharing precise personal data with other companies. That’s for sure. They’ve been profiting for years before the market found out that their ad metrics were wrong. And remember how Facebook decided not to answer 7 out of 12 election-related questions from The New York Times? But there’s much more. Just search for Facebook-related cards in this section and you’ll see the light. Facebook is not to be trusted anymore (especially this time). So as a PR move, Facebook decided to put the blame of this monstrous scandal on Cambridge Analytica and the whistleblower (Christopher Wylie) since it made Facebook stocks fall by 14% (and very quickly). Naturally, the bleeding had to be stopped. Following the guilt-shifting move the next step is standard PR procedure: “we will stop everything and investigate all Apps now”. Obviously. Then Mark Zuckerberg’s official post about the scandal also delivered a worrisome statement regarding cutting down access to user data for Apps: “Second, we will restrict developers’ data access even further to prevent other kinds of abuse. For example, we will remove developers’ access to your data if you haven’t used their app in 3 months. We will reduce the data you give an app when you sign in — to only your name, profile photo, and email address”. If this involves the data that feeds the insights platform, and if it cuts down access to data from past months, then App-based companies will have to 10X their efforts to keep as many users engaged as possible to avoid losing insightful data over a semester (for example). Just imagine going back 3 months in a Google Analytics report to check for new patterns in user behavior just to get a report 80% different comparing to the original because you just lost access to user data you used to have. Get it? Finally, there’s another point: Facebook is now prioritizing Local News globally. Now, the article by Tech Crunch claims this is a “response to its existential threat” — which is something I talked about already — but it’s weird how the TIMING is incredibly precise, isn’t it? You see, if you prioritize local news in the News Feed it’s highly unlikely that you’ll hear about this huge scandal. Just in the U.S., 67% of American adults get their news from Social Media so you can imagine how uninformed many will be about this. Worldwide. Plus, the world is more globalized than never before in history and knowing what other countries are doing, how the market in Europe is going and other important facts will be oblivious to many. People may lose critical news about other economies, job opportunities, the global stock market, trade wars, nuclear wars, new laws etc. Does that sound like a better deal for users? Of course not. So this is ANOTHER PR MOVE to protect the bleeding from getting worse. That’s my conclusion. You make your own. Enjoy the article.



LINK: wapo.st/2IEEnRm
HEADLINE: U.S. Companies Are Pressuring Their Workers on How to Lobby And Vote
PUBLISHER: The Washington Post
COMMENT: It seems that some American companies are using their workforce to influentiate politicians to their favor. Now, if the goal here is to educate people about laws for business, taxes, and other topics that have a great impact on the economy, that’s great. However, since we know how the world REALLY works — have you read this whole Secrets of The Market section?! — I have zero doubts that lobbying will join the skill set necessary for people to land a job in the future. Companies want to “squeeze” employees (which companies tend to view just as “resources”) as much as possible now that we’re entering a global economic crisis, since the majority of people will be selfish in such times (because we’re WAY less likely to collaborate in bad economic times). And once again, THIS will become even harder for people. So make sure to read this.



LINK: nyti.ms/2CfPsIw
HEADLINE: The Follower Factory: Inside Social Media’s Black Market
PUBLISHER: The New York Times
COMMENT: ALWAYS remember this article whenever you see celebrities, politicians, entrepreneurs, actors and businessmen with a huge following on social media. Always. Because very few today are playing by the rules and using smart marketing and hard work to achieve their results. That’s reality. Welcome to the Era of Fakes, my friend. Read this.



LINK: bit.ly/2ohXR5D
HEADLINE: The Secret Swag Resale Economy
COMMENT: This is a good article to exemplify why those working with PR and with influencers need to think twice before considering putting any effort into gifting as a marketing strategy. If the one getting gifts is either living on a low paycheck or already receives tons of gifts, then it’s not a good idea. Here’s a quote from this very article: “A former Ralph Lauren employee, on the other hand, says her team would “put a lot of work into gifting, and at an in-house level, you see the value of these items, so knowing it was ending up on the resale market was a stab in the back.”. And here’s another point also from this article: “Sometimes it isn’t all that hard to trace things back to editors. The Racked editor who sells at Buffalo Exchange says she never sells things that were personalized or made for her out of fear that brands will catch on “and stop sending stuff.” (This is why many editors opt to use a site like The RealReal as opposed to something more traceable like Depop or Poshmark, the Racked editor notes.)”. Get the idea? Careful when gifting. This is a must-read.



LINK: bit.ly/2sJaGe5
HEADLINE: Letter: Ex-employee Accusing Uber of Hacking Competitors/Wiretapping
COMMENT: Companies think they’re being smarter than the competition by making such despicable moves, but at the end of the day, no matter who you are or what connections you have, everything comes to light. Make sure to read the full letter.



LINK: bit.ly/2F7sC4r
HEADLINE: World’s Richest 500 See Their Wealth Increase by $1TN This Year
PUBLISHER: The Guardian
COMMENT: Just look at this. There are less than 5000 individuals who combined have 46% of the world’s wealth. Am I against rich people? Of course not. I met many people with money who deserve it due to hard work and sheer persistence. However, as you can see below, many of those wealthy individuals manipulated things on the market along with the government without caring about anyone else (as you can see in this documentary). It’s also important to notice that from a business perspective this is key, because money is being concentrated in fewer hands and in order for a business to grow, it has to provide value to those who have money. That’s how capitalism works. Therefore, at the same time, such levels of wealth inequality kills the ability of good businesses to exist because not every business will target the rich and there’s obviously less money on the table for all other businesses to fight for on the market. Read this.



LINK: nyti.ms/2GklRvP
HEADLINE: How Corporations And The Wealthy Avoid Taxes
PUBLISHER: The New York Times
COMMENT: A priceless, well-explained resource about Tax Evasion operations made by big companies on a daily basis. Very very good article. The article explains what happens behind the scenes in the current market, showing the professional legal loopholes companies use all the time. A must-read.



LINK: bit.ly/2pqaTxU
HEADLINE: ATO Says 36% of Big Firms and Multinationals Paid No Tax
PUBLISHER: The Guardian
COMMENT: Another must-read if you already read ATO Data Dump: Naming and Shaming The Nation’s Biggest Tax Cheats and the previous card.



LINK: bit.ly/2oo54jT
HEADLINE: More Than A Third of Big Companies Paid no Tax in 2014/2015
PUBLISHER: The Guardian
COMMENT: Read this.



LINK: bit.ly/2CcU4iH
HEADLINE: ATO Data Dump: Naming and Shaming The Nation’s Biggest Tax Cheats
PUBLISHER: Michael West
COMMENT: This is a good article for you to understand how the world actually works in practice when it comes to business. The current system was designed to help the government, banks and the rich. Richer people pay far less taxes and they have legal ways around it to bypass the system. So if you’re a small business owner or an entrepreneur, please understand that the game you’re playing now was made to avoid new players and new competition just like you. Because the more competition there is, the higher the probability of large companies losing their stable life doing little effort. This is why many big companies have corrupt alliances with the government behind the scenes. Because it helps prevent new folks take away everything from them, while the working class maintains their lifestyles with taxes and monthly consumption. Just try starting something like a telecom company nowadays and you’ll see what I’m talking about. It’s a game with the odds completely against you. Now, am I saying every company mentioned in the article below is a bad company? Negative. Because in the current rotten system, smart entrepreneurs who are not seeing their tax money going back to their community (poor people, hospitals, education etc) will use the very same legal holes bad companies use, to save and use their own tax money to do something themselves for society since most politicians today are liars and thieves etc. DO NOT get me wrong: I support the duty of all citizens and businesses paying taxes, but if your taxes are going to dictators overseas, or to organized crime, or to the bank account of a corrupt politician, then it’s a whole different picture. Anyway, read this.



LINK: bit.ly/2EHGv8u
HEADLINE: These Were The Craziest Workplace Surveillance Stories of 2017
COMMENT: A quick read that adds a few more crazy points to what another resource recently published by The Guardian revealed, named: Workplace Surveillance can Track Your Every Move. Stupid companies are caging employees in a surveillance culture instead of doing proper hiring. Give more freedom and make sure workers understand their responsibilities and goals while working for your company, and you don’t need to track anyone. Who wants to be tracked at this level? More freedom for employees to have a good life is what generates growth because they’ll be thankful to you and thus, will work harder to maintain their lifestyle which translates into helping build your business faster. Anyway, expect this trend to go viral as businessmen face serious issues in a market that’s about to crash. And with all the problematic scenarios involving employees in today’s marketplace, selfish businessmen (the majority of our market) will obviously choose to protect themselves as much as possible. As you may imagine, that means only one thing: more workplace surveillance.



LINK: bit.ly/2EGBMnE
HEADLINE: These Are The People Paying Journalists to Promote Brands in Articles
PUBLISHER: The Outline
COMMENT: Another must-read. This is another round of shocking revelations made by The Outline that started right here: How Brands Secretly Buy Their Way into Forbes, Fast Company, and Huff Post. Welcome to the Market. Enjoy.



LINK: http://bit.ly/2HvRrrT
HEADLINE: Inside The Group Chats Where People Pump And Dump Cryptocurrency
PUBLISHER: The Outline
COMMENT: A warning for crypto maniacs: pay attention to this trend because it’s getting more people by the day. Buzzfeed published something similar, and next, I highlight a key paragraph: “McAfee is still viewed by some as a cryptocurrency sage; he was touting bitcoin as the currency of the future long before its recent gains. And — for some — McAfee shilling for GVT was good reason to buy it, a premonition of future buying frenzies and a soaring valuation. So they bought. And they bought without noticing the additional “L” in the Twitter username or the missing verification check that distinguished the bogus McAfee account from the real one, @OfficialMcAfee. When the tweet was first broadcast at around 3 p.m. ET, GVT was bought and sold on the market at $30. By 3:04, it was at $45, and trading volume had doubled. But by 3:19, GVT’s price had fallen back to $30.29. The smart money — the early money —had gotten out, leaving the late money holding a bag of now-diminished value. (SOURCE: Buzzfeed). Read both articles to have an idea how scammers work. Remember: There’s no such thing as “easy money”.



LINK: nyti.ms/2EF5wBg
HEADLINE: Is Your Vizio Television Spying on You? What to Know
PUBLISHER: The New York Times
COMMENT: A must-read. Very few people are aware about this today.



LINK: cnb.cx/2EEQrzF
HEADLINE: Google and Facebook Are Watching our Every Move Online
COMMENT: There’s a good reminder here in the last two highlights: “alternative digital realities”. Since Rank Brain was introduced by Google and confirmed as the 3rd most important ranking factor, Google search results are giving you links based on your personal data. This means that John may see different results if compared with Sara for a search like “best winter clothing lines”. Although it may help when it comes to shopping, the same thing is not as beneficial when you’re searching for political content for example. John may see Fox News links while Sara may see BBC for the exact same query. Those are “alternative digital realities” and maintain the illusion that a person is right, without giving the full picture from both sides on a given subject. See the point? And last but not least, reverse engineering google queries for marketing purposes (like SEO) become a problem since deconstructing search results won’t provide accurate data because Google search results are becoming more personalized by the day (link #1 / link #2). Quick recommended read.



LINK: nyti.ms/2EBBtub
HEADLINE: That Game on Your Phone May Be Tracking What You’re Watching on TV
PUBLISHER: The New York Times
COMMENT: Although I work with Marketing and using personal data is great to achieve results, certain things need to be crystal clear for users in a way they know about the choices they’re making when installing or using a website/app/service. However, in practice that’s not how the market works. Very few businesses are letting the customer know what kind of data is being captured. Something buried in the Terms of Service shouldn’t count since T&S are usually written in legal language. Read this to be aware of how companies can capture additional data about you while you’re watching TV.



LINK: nyti.ms/2sFtXND
HEADLINE: Hey, Mark Zuckerberg: My Democracy Isn’t Your Laboratory
PUBLISHER: The New York Times
COMMENT: This is a very important article. Just take a look at the countries where “the test” happened. Only countries with a weak democratic state. It’s like the Cryptocurrency vs The Government + Banks war, certain things you’ll only notice by observation. Although today, problems are much more explicit. Yet, people still fail to recognize the growing threat social networks are becoming to democracy and society as a whole. Even after these must-read articles were published: Facebook’s Ad Platform Is Easily Gamed And Privacy Is Cheaply Bought, Facebook Fined with $1.43 Million for Violating Users’ Privacy in Spain, What We Don’t Know About What Facebook Knows and — the especial cherry — George Soros Is Funding Facebook’s “3rd-Party Fact Checking”. If you read everything I wrote in the last link I just mentioned, you’re probably connecting the dots right now. There’s no reason to trust anymore in a company that is doing all those things. People need to wake up to the recent red alerts being given by bold journalists, businessmen, and entrepreneurs. Time’s up. Democracy is clearly under attack. You better be careful with your personal data and your marketing budgets because what you’re now feeding, is something else. Read this.



LINK: bit.ly/2ESsOHf
HEADLINE: Facebook is Censoring People The US Government Sanctions
COMMENT: Sometimes I wonder how many more Facebook-related articles I’ll have to promote here on this page. I have nothing to add to this, except that I make Sam Greene’s highlighted section my words. Democracy is clearly at stake once we’re going towards this scenario.



LINK: bit.ly/2EEOl2S
HEADLINE: The End of Food
PUBLISHER: The New Yorker
COMMENT: Quick story. I was at my desk calmly reading this article until its author wrote the following: “Still, those who do work for startups are promised that they will get rich but will see instead that the life is absurd. Some startup workers are starving themselves (but calling it ‘biohacking’ instead). Others are taking LSD or using blood transfusions and meal-replacement drinks. Still more drink a daily drug cocktail. (SOURCE: The Drum). Well, that starving part got me thinking because I never heard anything about it before, so I digged a little deeper to doublecheck his statement and see whether or not that was true. The result? It’s not true. The author made a mistake (probably because he’s not into fitness that much). What he was referring to was something called intermittent fasting (IF) which was popularized by the leangains website and its founder Martin Berkhan. In case you’re not aware, intermittent fasting is an eating pattern where you only eat in a 8-hour window. The rest of the time (16 hours), you fast. Such eating pattern forces your body to use fat as its source of energy, while maintaining muscle mass at the same time (research shows that the body only “eats muscle” after a 72-hour period of fasting). This is why the author said “entrepreneurs were starving themselves”. Actually, Hugh Jackman used intermittent fasting to achieve that shredded look in his roles as The Wolverine. I personally used it A LOT in my first 2 years while building this business, not because of the trend though, but because I used to read a lot of bodybuilding articles years ago so I decided to use it as a productivity tool. It saves you tons of time because you don’t have to stop to cook/eat often. It also increases concentration and testosterone levels (which is great for training). If you’re an entrepreneur/businessman and want to know more, I recommend The Science Behind Intermittent Fasting (14 Studies) [VIDEO] from a guy I like to watch, Jeff Nipad (he has great content). Within 6 minutes you’ll understand the core arguments. Anyway, the author was wrong about that whole starvation thing which is ok, but what about the other points? After all, he was saying something worthy of The Secrets of The Market section. So the next thing that caught my eye was “meal-replacement drinks”. That part was true. In the article below you can see why. So why am I sharing this here? Because it’s a very good hack. Personally, I think every entrepreneur who likes to get things done much faster should know about this “productivity hack” because we all know how doing the work of 12 months in 4 months is priceless. The more you can get done in less time, the better (assuming you’re producing high-quality work of course). Elon Musk says the exact same thing. True entrepreneurs know how spending 10 minutes cooking or going to the bathroom feels as like you’re wasting too much time for nothing. Every minute counts. Because we want to fast forward the work that needs to be done to see the results faster. We are sick people. Therefore, meal-replacement drinks can be a good solution for entrepreneurs out there who like to test things in practice that help boost productivity, without sacrificing muscle and nutrition. Productivity fanatics, give this article a good read.



LINK: bit.ly/2C7fC06
HEADLINE: This is What Bitcoin Scammers Trying to Defraud You Will Say on Phone
PUBLISHER: The Times of Israel
COMMENT: Read this to know how bitcoin scammers work.



LINK: nyti.ms/2BD4iHX
HEADLINE: China’s Intellectual Property Theft Must Stop
PUBLISHER: The New York Times
COMMENT: Chinese people are amongst the smartest people in the world, from my perspective. Maybe it’s because China has billions of people competing against one another on a daily basis, obviously pushing them all towards innovation and continuous sheer effort. I respect chinese people a lot (plus, I love Kung Fu and Bruce Lee) and I have some great chinese friends. However, the country is communist at its core. And as all well-educated minds know, communism only results in extreme poverty. Zero innovation. Zero motivation to build businesses. Absolutely nothing improves in a communist society. Therefore, China had to start from a “higher ground” because starting from ground zero wouldn’t have resulted in China being The World’s 2nd largest economy so fast. That’s where Intellectual Property theft comes in. By taking other countries’ years of work and technology advancements, China was able to fast forward its progress tremendously. It’s far easier to start a new Operating System (ex: Windows, Mac OS) if your starting point is Linux’s source code, right? That’s the only way you can set a crystal clear agenda, when you have certainty about the progress you’ll be able to make. Back in 2009, The Guardian wrote about China stealing IP from Germany: “He said while Russia only had ‘hundreds of thousands of agents’, compared to China’s million, it had ‘years more experience’.Opfermann estimated that German companies were losing around €50bn (£43bn) and 30,000 jobs to industrial espionage every year.’China wants to be the world’s leading economic power by 2020,” Opfermann said. “For that they need a speedy and intensive transfer of high-level technological information which is available in developed industrial lands, if you can get your hands on it’ (SOURCE: The Guardian).” If you pay attention, you’ll notice China’s 2020 goal (and that was published in 2009!). Am I saying China is only where it is today thanks to intellectual property theft? Of course not. They have serious entrepreneurs there, for sure. Besides, a lot of the game-changing technology available today was widely distributed years ago, enabling progress everywhere. Put such things in the hands of very smart people in an extremely competitive landscape, and without a doubt, you’ll see progress. But you bet that a great deal of China’s progress is ALSO thanks to IP theft, allowing the country to jump years ahead in the race for economic domination. And now this is also becoming a pain point for America as China has a serious chance of becoming the world’s leading economic power and thereby, a real threat. Check out the article.



LINK: bit.ly/2kWoDiD
HEADLINE: Google Collects Users Location When Location Services Are Disabled
COMMENT: Read this.



LINK: bit.ly/2DKlxWx
HEADLINE: This City Hall Brought to You By Amazon
PUBLISHER: The Seattle Times
COMMENT: Here’s a nice reality-check for entrepreneurs and businessmen who think that they’re sometimes competing against just a company. Unfortunately, businesses form corrupt and unfair alliances with the government which puts additional, massive competitive pressure on businesses who are playing by the book and following the rules. Welcome to the game.



LINK: bit.ly/2BNbdQp
HEADLINE: I Asked Tinder for My Data. It Sent Me 800 Pages of My Darkest Secrets
PUBLISHER: The Guardian
COMMENT: This is a reminder for those who have no clue about the amount of personal data you’re giving away to a simple smartphone app when you install it in your phone. Read this. Seriously.



LINK: bit.ly/2BMDeHQ
HEADLINE: Workplace Surveillance can Track Your Every Move
PUBLISHER: The Guardian
COMMENT: Instead of hiring employees who will give sweat and tears for your company in return for a job they praise and love, certain businesses are choosing to monitor employees 24/7 while at work by checking their messages, their apps, their browser history and even their face-to-face conversations (!). Would you enjoy working in such places? Probably not. Follow this guy’s lead: He restrained working hours to 5 hours per day so his employees could have a life outside the office. When you hire the right people and give them a good life, they’ll work like crazy for you and maintain and grow your business. Stupid marketplace.



LINK: bit.ly/2kTZeWr
HEADLINE: Twitter Admits It Accidentally Inflated User Growth for 3 Years
COMMENT: Like I said about Facebook in the Secrets of The Market #20, a company is measured by its numbers which have direct impact on the company’s stocks. Valuation relies on results, and results are only measured by the company’s numbers. Although coming forth to admit your mistakes is a valuable and honorable move, and I respect those in business who do that, it’s very hard to believe that this was a genuine mistake. Nonetheless, make your own assumptions and conclusions.



LINK: bit.ly/2kTqULf
HEADLINE: CEO Cancels Plan to Go Public and Will Return Money to Investors
PUBLISHER: Bitcoin Magazine
COMMENT: I’m obviously not listing this resource here because of Alex or his business, but rather because of some startups deceptive tactics being used lately, faking their companies supporters in ICOs and using big names in the industry without their approval to boost their marketing efforts. Once again, don’t always believe what you read and what people are selling to you. Read this to know what some brands are actually doing in the ICO world.



LINK: bit.ly/2pvKy4Q
HEADLINE: How Brands Secretly Buy Their Way Into Forbes, Fast Company, Huff Post
PUBLISHER: The Outline
COMMENT: Don’t always believe what you read. This article exposes some of the dirt happening behind the scenes in some major publications that many CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and Marketers read daily. Sometimes is not the brand’s fault when corruption installs because employees have free will and some level of power and clearance to do whatever they like. Nonetheless, some marketing messages about “business success” are being delivered to you not by professional merit but because weak entrepreneurs and businessmen know they need some cute corruption to win. Therefore, when considering tools, services and partners for your business, remember this article.



LINK: nyti.ms/2yhHlc4
HEADLINE: We Asked Facebook 12 Questions About the Election, and Got 5 Answers
PUBLISHER: The New York Times
COMMENT: A.W.E.S.O.M.E article by The New York Times! Just awesome. Some very smart questions, congrats to the reporter. Seriously. I’m not even putting the answers here, I’m only highlighting key points that I bet anyone would find very very interesting instead. As you’re about to see, Facebook spokespeople stopped talking (obviously). Fun stuff!



LINK: bit.ly/2ydl5MP
HEADLINE: Nissan’s Top Marketer More Worried About Google Fixing Ad Fraud
COMMENT: The current absurd amount of ad fraud in the market seems to be a secret to companies nowadays, and I constantly notice that many brands are not even aware of the Methbot adfraud, which is rather problematic. Nevertheless, here’s a reinforcement from Nissan’s top marketer to remind companies all over the world that a good piece of their $2 BILLION dollars 2016 budget (yes, 2 billion!) was wasted on ads due to ad fraud. JP Morgan & Chase had ads on 400,000 websites, now they have only on 5,000 and got the same results. Time to wake up. And demand transparency from all big ad platforms.



LINK: bit.ly/2ybWAQa
HEADLINE: Reddit CEO Admits To Editing Posts Made By Trump Supporters
COMMENT: Once again, I’m not a “Trump supporter”. The focus here is quite simple: A CEO of a major social network is editing other people’s comments without people’s consent. This is just more proof that trusting 100% in all today’s dominant social networks is a mistake. Big mistake. We’re now getting tons of news, facts and revelations from many brands and also from normal users about the dirt hidden in social media. That’s an environment where many companies are putting money and see as the last resort to get people’s attention. But how good are your ad dollars if a sneaky CEO is editing your social activity because of his own personal political view? Add that to Forum Shilling (Secrets of The Market #3) and you got yourself a broken social network. And by the way, if you want to go deep into this subject, Recode interviewed Reddit CEO about this. But personally, a few parts of the interview obviously seem a PR move to fix his reputation. Nonetheless, make your own conclusions.



LINK: bit.ly/2xeIRJd
HEADLINE: George Soros Is Funding Facebook’s “3rd-Party Fact Checking”
COMMENT: “I CANNOT and DO NOT look at the social consequences of what I do” — George Soros. Now, if you watch the whole interview, and especially THIS MOVIE, you’ll see the figure who is behind the fact-checking agenda on Facebook. Just to help in your research, here are a few complementary resources: The Trade of the Century: When George Soros Broke the British Pound (great article), How Beijing and Hong Kong sent billionaire George Soros packing the last time he attacked Asian markets. There’s a lot more than this, just do your own research to see who is this guy who’s now putting money on Facebook’s fact-checking project, which is something that will basically decide what information deserves to be seen by almost 2 billion people.



LINK: bit.ly/2gwtRyA
HEADLINE: The War To Sell You A Mattress Is An Internet Nightmare
PUBLISHER: Fast Company
COMMENT: This is another example of how companies are really doing things behind the scenes, exploring bloggers/influencers who worked hard to build a brand and stabbing them in the back at the moment they have an opportunity. Here you’ll see a fight between a skinny hard-working blogger who built a Youtube Channel with tons of followers, an authoritative website, and became a reference for those wanting to buy mattresses online. A real-life business story. You can see how Casper CEO changes his talk as the story goes on, going from “the best friend in business” to “blogger crusher”. “Business is a combination of war and sport.” – Andre Maurois



LINK: bit.ly/2hwhFCp
HEADLINE: Facebook’s Ad Platform Is Easily Gamed And Privacy Is Cheaply Bought
COMMENT: Do you want to know what REALLY can be done via Facebook Ads to violate someone’s privacy using a few ads? Then read this. I’m not commenting. Just read it and watch the video as well.



LINK: read.bi/2w5RqES
HEADLINE: CEO Reveals a Startling Reality About Online Ad Spending
PUBLISHER: Business Insider



LINK: read.bi/2hCPaPz
HEADLINE: What it looks like when the NSA Hacks into your Gmail and Facebook
PUBLISHER: Business Insider
COMMENT: “Facebook is not and has never been part of any program to give the US or any other government direct access to our servers.” — Mark Zuckeberg, Facebook CEO. Well, that’s cute. By one image alone, the NSA deconstructed tons of information from Tony Fullman’s Facebook and Gmail accounts which revealed incredible nuggets of personal data, like what IP uploaded his profile picture, what brand and type of camera took a picture of his car, in what album it was stored on Facebook etc. Make sure to check out all images in this article. Have fun.



LINK: bit.ly/2yzkKoe
HEADLINE: Facebook Fined with $1.43 Million for Violating Users’ Privacy in Spain
PUBLISHER: The Hacker News
COMMENT: Yes, once again Facebook makes the headlines. And not in a good way. The government of Spain realized Facebook’s generic terms when it comes to collecting personal data from its users, which frankly, is a little bit late for that. Nonetheless, some justice was applied here and now it’s proved once more that the social network does violate people’s privacy over and over. Some people don’t even know that Facebook allows you to download all personal data you feed to the platform. But there’s a way, just do these steps: 1) Go to the upper right arrow; 2) Click on Settings; 3) Click on “Download a copy of your Facebook data”. This data provided by Facebook about you also includes all your Messenger conversations besides all uploaded images, videos and more. Therefore, who knows what else they’re collecting on you?! We discover through lawsuits that make the news. With all this data in Facebook’s hands, there’s also the problem of who is viewing your data. For example, did you know that Facebook employees don’t need your password to access your account? And that NSA obviously doesn’t (meet Xkeyscore) as well? Also, there’s the problem of having at least the option to control your data, because Facebook did remove the “Delete Post” option from the Desktop version, blocking desktop users from deleting posts, nor letting them edit it to be blank. Yes, I know. This is way too much information constantly proving that PRIVACY via Facebook is just like Santa. Doesn’t exist. Therefore, you can only conclude one thing: DO NOT feed the social network if you don’t want some stranger’s eyes checking out what you’ve published.



LINK: bit.ly/2xko7RU
HEADLINE: Confessions of a Paid Amazon Review Writer
COMMENT: Now let’s flip things around, leave Amazon alone, and check out what companies are doing AFTER Amazon’s policy change. Just so you have a glimpse of what the market really is behind the scenes. A Good article for entrepreneurs, business people, and customers in general. Welcome to the real world where businesses are putting their efforts into cheating.



LINK: bit.ly/2w5LoEe
HEADLINE: Amazon Reviews Have a Bot Problem
COMMENT: Amazon’s reviews are a major influential force when it comes to purchases, and people even went to Reddit to ask what a heck is happening with fake bots pumping amazon reviews. There’s one comment provided by HelenMirselou that points out a few interesting reasons for these bots to exist: 1) It’s a pricing bot scam to run down competitors’ prices and then buy them up — forcing them to either sell at a loss or cancel and suffer all sorts of repercussions; 2) Hacked accounts; 3) Wreaking havoc on Amazon’s system…wasting their time, resources, and money…and hurting their brand. Don’t forget that if this is just competitors being nasty, then the very same actors may be putting the same effort to improve their company’s positive side, giving good reviews instead. The truth is this only tends to get worse if brands don’t fix this problem, because a few researchers trained AI with YELP data to write fake restaurant reviews, indistinguishable from the real ones. Did you read that? Indistinguishable. If this level of AI gets into the hands of those bad actors, businesses will suffer a lot more.



LINK: theatln.tc/2eLGG7x
HEADLINE: What We Don’t Know About What Facebook Knows
PUBLISHER: The Atlantic
COMMENT: I’m thinking about “estimating” my marketing strategies’ reach to 10 billion people (more people than we have on the planet). Or maybe estimating my track record to 30 million people. I bet it will help in my business for sure. Ridiculous. Well, you read Secrets of The Market #20 in this very page, right? That’s exactly the logic.



LINK: bit.ly/2vUe8zu
HEADLINE: Verizon Wants Customers to Give Up Their Data for Targeted Ads
PUBLISHER: Econsultancy
COMMENT: Remember the rollback made by Trump on FCC’s privacy rules for ISPs? Good. But here’s the important part, my friend: Comcast and Verizon came forward to state that they don’t currently sell customer’s browser history and say they have no plans to do so. If you take a look in the 2nd link, you’ll realize that only Comcast said “we have no plans to do so”, to be fair with Verizon. Nonetheless, now you have Verizon openly stating a “data-for-goods program” to its customers. There’s nothing wrong with Verizon’s approach, actually. If customers are giving consent to ISPs to sell their browsing history, then OK. The problem is selling this kind of data without your explicit consent. In Verizon’s case, you’ll find that in the “What Information is Used?” question to what data you’re giving consent. But the fact is that this is now happening and will keep happening. Because don’t think this new ISP trend will only be a business move in America. Negative. EVERY major company knows that they need extremely personal data on customers to survive in today’s market. The more data about you, the better. With the right data, you can avoid those who don’t have any money, those who don’t like your product, get people’s attention at the right time and with the right medium etc. Show me your data and I’ll show you who you are and what you would like to consume.



LINK: bit.ly/2gPRtBR
HEADLINE: A Secret Silicon Valley plot to seize Control of The Internet?
COMMENT: I’m not a “Trump supporter”. But I’m always seeking information that reveals how the market REALLY works. Although I read and heard about The Sun being an “untrustworthy news source”, based on everything I published and what I already know, it’s pretty obvious that the internet is being controlled by big companies. Do you want to market your business? Here are your “no-brainer” options: Linkedin, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Google Ads etc. Do you want to search for a product, or information, or papers published by experts? Then, GOOGLE. If I say to you I’m watching videos online you’ll either assume I’m on Facebook or Youtube. That’s the point. Those are the FACTS. The Internet is being controlled whether we like it or not through simple market dominance. Now, is The Sun completely accurate? I don’t know. But this makes you think on the matter IF you are doing your research on how the market and its social networks…are actually behaving.



LINK: for.tn/2gED8Vh
HEADLINE: Google Has a History of Silencing Messages It Doesn’t Like
COMMENT: Sometimes people need other sources to believe in something. Well, now you have it. Another reinforcement that censorship does occur in Google’s search results. The Secrets of The Market #23 has more info on this subject. There’s no need for me to be repetitive. But here’s something new, the article that Forbes took down (syndicated): Stick Google+ Buttons on Your Pages, or your Search Traffic Suffers.



LINK: bit.ly/2eJ3JDy
HEADLINE: Yes, Google Uses Its Power To Quash Ideas It Doesn’t Like
COMMENT: Here’s the truth: A company is always made of people, and people can be unfair and do nasty things, whether in business or not. This is just another example of how censorship DOES happen even in Google. If you think Google’s search results aren’t biased, then think again. Here’s what Harvard Business School found out about Google’s search results, and here are some additional revelations given by Yelp. And those are just TWO discoveries. Who knows what else is out there? It’s not by human error that Google Was Fined A Record $2.7 Billion in E.U. Antitrust Ruling. Unfortunately, “biased” is becoming a very common word online. Brands need to be aware of this reality. Maybe there’s nothing wrong with your marketing agency or your consultant. Maybe the problem is the very company ranking websites.



LINK: bit.ly/2hpJMiE
HEADLINE: Joy Villa: YouTube Took Down My ‘Make America Great Again’ Song
COMMENT: Welcome to the Era of Social Media Censorship. Just check out this short article and enlarge Villa’s document in which she’s asking for consent. You’ll see that there’s no infrigment of policy in her case, and yet, Youtube diminished her views and then took down her video anyway. Neutral social media companies? Such thing does not exist.



LINK: bloom.bg/2zDkWpU
HEADLINE: Billionaire Porn King Reinvents Himself as Japan’s Startup Guru
PUBLISHER: Bloomberg
COMMENT: Seriously, what’s happening to this market?! First you see Kim Kardashian being interviewed on Forbes as a “businesswoman” and now we have Porn Kings giving business advice?! If a person abandoned its actions and THEN built a respectful business, then, awesome. Congratulations. But this is different. It’s just a quick example of what values the market has been embracing lately, it’s like it doesn’t matter how you made it, as long as you’re rich in the end of your journey. Welcome to the “business world”, my friend.



LINK: bit.ly/2j2Mw5Y
HEADLINE: Ad buyers Rate Facebook’s 10 Measurement Errors
COMMENT: With all those inflated metrics, and some of them getting inflated FOR TWO YEARS, how did it affect Facebook’s stocks? Just think. If you have brands seeing fake (but good) results in your platform all the time, and you have a bigger audience than the actual population in the country, and tons of inflated metrics, how do you think businesses will respond with their money? They’ll BUY more ads, of course. If your business is based on inflated numbers and results, most companies will give it a try to see what happens. Now here you can see all 10 Facebook’s Bad Metrics that Media Directors “love”. And to be fair, Facebook is trying to fix all bugs. But there’s little reason nowadays to put trust again on Facebook.



LINK: bit.ly/2hspEzm
HEADLINE: Facebook to Refund Advertisers Following More Metrics Errors
PUBLISHER: Australian Financial Review
COMMENT: Facebook is losing its users’ trust a lot lately, with a researcher finding out that Facebook’s Ad Reach for a few demographics in the U.S. is LARGER than the actual population itself (by over 10 MILLION people). How can you have at least 24% margin of error?! Organic reach blocked, several metrics errors, inflated audience in the millions…what comes next in this jungle?!



LINK: bit.ly/2jp0S4D
HEADLINE: Brands Are Now Blacklisting Mainstream News Sites, including Fox News
COMMENT: The goal here in sharing this article is not to incite a political discussion, or to defend a right-wing or left-wing position. Instead, it’s to prove that businesses will always have a political view behind the scenes, and it influences business and marketing decisions at the end of the day. Always be transparent with your brand, what you represent and what you believe, this way you avoid wasting time with the wrong brands/customers. Remember that you only have one life. Why waste a portion of it with those you don’t want to associate with? Pick your customers.



LINK: bit.ly/2vuGR0x
HEADLINE: Twitter Is Using Account Verification To Stifle Leaks And Promote War
COMMENT: Do you want to laugh a lot? Then watch the girl’s video embedded in this article! YOU CAN CLEARLY SEE that she is reading something written to her, tailored to deliver a manipulated message. The worst part is: Twitter seems to be promoting bad stuff like War propaganda whilst denying to legitimize a real, public figure (like Julian Assange). What social networks can be trusted these days? It’s unbelievable. Now, it seems that “trolls” forced Twitter to Halt the whole Verification Process temporarily. Well, such verification process doesn’t verify people anyway. There’s not much difference for users. The funny part?People still think all these big social networks are neutral. That’s cute.



LINK: cnb.cx/2wcoWKa
HEADLINE: Online Ad Fraud is a ‘Widespread’ Problem, Google and Others Admit
COMMENT: Quick read. Check the facts in this article. And check out everything about the Ad fraud and Bot traffic subjects in the Marketing section. Watch where you’re putting your money.



LINK: bit.ly/2vxwtWJ
HEADLINE: Instagram Influencers use Comment Collusion to Game The Algorithm
COMMENT: Agencies, be careful with your budget when hiring Influencers. All fakeness has spread accross the whole advertising industry impacting the options to reach audiences. And because of stupid Instagram algorithm updates, many partners like influencers are seeing their whole business shrink which is pushing them to take deceptive measures as well.



LINK: bit.ly/2mn8S7r
HEADLINE: Next Financial Crisis Will Hit with A ‘Vengeance’ and Canada is Vulnerable
PUBLISHER: Financial Post
COMMENT: This had to be put here (instead of here) because it seems like everybody else is tripping, imagining unicorns, assuming everything is fine and that The Avengers will come to save the day if something bad happens. There’s NOTHING fine if you pay attention. All these signs in the economy prove that “secretly” (you just have to do your research, there’s no secret actually) the market and the economy are going to crash and in extents far worse than the 2008 crisis. We now have several countries with enormous debts (USA’s debt is $20 TRILLION dollars and its GDP is just $4 TRILLION dollars without considering money borrowed by the American government, Italy is already broken etc), we have massive layoffs happening globally in small/medium/large companies, we have Artificial Intelligence getting ready to kill many jobs, with factories in China already replacing 90% of human labor with robots, and a lot more. A simple switch will make the world’s economy crash, and you better be ready because almost no one is telling you the reality.



LINK: ti.me/2r50szL
HEADLINE: Facebook Is Making It Harder to Reach Audiences Without Paying
COMMENT: I constantly see many businesses putting way too much effort on their Facebook Pages, but without knowing that Facebook’s plan is to make you pay to play. You can see that the very same thing is happening with Instagram, with organic reach being cut and key changes being rolled out on its algorithms, like scrambling your feed’s chronological order to mess up with any possible marketing strategies, to prevent you from reaching your audience without paying. Welcome to the reality of Social Media Marketing. That’s the new game. But here’s what social media users are saying in response.



LINK: bit.ly/2jozmEg
HEADLINE: Copyright Trolls 2.0: Image Sites Embrace Righthaven Tactics
COMMENT: Copyright trolling is not going away, as you can see once again. It seems that some chimps got inspired by Righthaven cute “business model” and decided to go for it. If you’re a content producer, be wary of these monkeys. Fight back. Don’t forget that now you have The Defense Against The Dark Arts of Copyright Trolling published by the law experts at the Loyola University Chicago School of Law, and this HUGE lawsuit Library provided by the experts at the ExtortionLetterInfo, with subjects ranging from Copyright trolling up to Hollywood extortion lawsuits. Protect your business. Because the next financial crisis will push many people to make money through hideous ways.



LINK: bit.ly/2qvoEhL
HEADLINE: New Algorithm-driven Instagram Feed Rolled Out to The Dismay of Users
PUBLISHER: The Guardian
COMMENT: You think all big social networks are to be trusted these days? From this article alone you can realize the following: 1) Big Social Networks are controlling attention, for normal people and businesses; 2) Every major social network is shifting to a pay-to-play scenario. This is another key warning to businesses because it doesn’t matter the quality of your work, and how smart you are online, if the guys behind the platform are purposely crushing distribution of content. Did you take a look at these CRAZY numbers of Social Media Marketing? They’re way too huge. And too many people are relying on social media for information. CRUCIAL information, whether that’s from brands, newspapers or simply the people who want about something. Now ask yourself: What happens to brands if all these numbers start to disappear after a “small” algorithm update? Simple: Good businesses can’t reach customers anymore and normal people have all information fed to them, controlled by few.



LINK: bit.ly/2hqzK0K
HEADLINE: Newspaper Chain’s New Business Plan: Copyright Suits
COMMENT: Monkeys. This is one of the best examples to show those in business how MANY “companies” are operating in the market by taking advantage of weak links in the system to make a profit. The business model? “Let’s mess up with those who don’t have any money to go to court”. They aren’t entrepreneurs and not even businessmen. They’re just monkeys. So here’s a gift so you can get rid of all of them for good: Defense Against The Dark Arts of Copyright Trolling – by Chicago University.



LINK: slate.me/2wIpqH0
HEADLINE: Facebook Using “NRA Approach” to Defend Its Facial Recognition
COMMENT: It’s always good to reinforce that big tech companies like Facebook are constantly attacking privacy, and using lame excuses to avoid real argumentation on the matter. Facts, links, stats, lawsuits…what more do you need to read to realize that our privacy is seriously at stake and that most big tech brands betrayed their users and customers?



LINK: bit.ly/2vEuG0T
HEADLINE: Report: Brands are falling for fake Instagram influencers
COMMENT: You think companies are smart, and know how to perceive value but it seems that they’re being easily fooled by bot-driven social media accounts with inflated social media numbers. After you read this Digiday’s resource, check out the whole Mediakix’s business story and see pictures of those fake Instagram accounts (both fake accounts cost around $1000). It may help you open your eyes a little. Welcome to the Era of Fakeness, my friend.



LINK: bit.ly/2vPiwU7
HEADLINE: Saving Face: Facebook wants Access Without Limits
PUBLISHER: Public Integrity
COMMENT: Read this. Once you see all the lobbying activity and most privacy-related bills failing, you’ll see why Facebook is not to be trusted anymore.



LINK: bit.ly/2pZFWyD
HEADLINE: The Future is More Content: Jeff Bezos and High Volume Publishing
COMMENT: Google is constantly rewarding with tons of traffic the brands who choose to produce lots and lots of content instead of those who choose to go with a low-volume agenda, but with a high-quality content approach. This is A WEIRD fact because it makes no sense at all. A brand that has more economic power to produce more content should win the content war against a smarter company, that knows what its customers and readers want to consume and delivers well-researched, top quality content!? Isn’t Google’s goal to deliver the best possible answer? Why favor those with more money to inject in content production, even if they’re losing in quality? Nevertheless, that’s the reality that caught MANY EXPERTS by surprise, including me. You just have to produce lots of garbage to “win”.



LINK: bit.ly/2wQvU7L
HEADLINE: Former Facebook Workers: We Routinely Suppressed Conservative News
COMMENT: This is A MUST-READ if you’re using Facebook, whether as a business or as a consumer. Gizmodo clearly gives us two conclusions: 1) Facebook’s political view may suppress your marketing efforts; 2) EVERY company has a political position, even if they aren’t explicit about it to the market. This also makes you realize that the media IS corrupted. It’s pretty rare to find brands that remain 100% honest and faithful to their own core values (that they promote) these days. “The algorithm decides this and the algorithm decides that”. Sure, kid.



LINK: bit.ly/2upm9vG
HEADLINE: How Companies Are Using Fake Websites to Censor Content
COMMENT: Once again, companies let their fear of having bad reviews hurting their business be an excuse to be dishonest with customers. If you’re about to buy something online and you’re doing your research, sniffing around on forums and websites you found through a quick Google search, please remember this article. Never forget that if YOU found reviews and content about a particular company, the company knows about it. And if it’s bad advertising, they’ll rush to remove everything they can as fast as possible. For business people, this also tells that your competitors are cheating. Welcome to the world of business my friend.



LINK: bit.ly/2qV5AZV
HEADLINE: Reddit is Being Manipulated By Big Financial Services Companies
COMMENT: You expect competitors to be honest in business, but this is another reminder that the game isn’t fair and weak businesses have to use other means to win. What can we say? Monkeys like to cheat. With all this massive competition, not many brands believe in what they can do honestly. Is this problem going away? Obviously not. It only tends to get a lot worse because all brands/forums suffering from Forum Shilling, are not putting 100% of their efforts into fixing this issue. They need to worry about advertising revenue, laws and other major problems instead. This is left to the user. This is why sharing this is important. The smarter you are, the less likely you’ll start a marketing project and put money into it thinking everything is sunshine and rainbows. Next time you enter Reddit or other forums to promote your brand, remember that what you see is being manipulated as well. Not everything you see “working” is a real marketing strategy when it comes to getting results online. People cheat. Therefore, companies cheat.



LINK: bit.ly/2up33FY
HEADLINE: Google Wants to Track You in Real Life – Privacy Group says, ‘No way!’
PUBLISHER: Naked Security
COMMENT: A company wants to track you even offline but denies to share what third-party partners it’s using, blocking independent investigations and fact-checking. Do you trust this kind of business behavior, especially with your financial data? Red alert, folks. Privacy is serious business.



LINK: bit.ly/2zG7H5L
HEADLINE: What Should You Think About When Using Facebook?
PUBLISHER: Github (Vicki Boykis)
COMMENT: Do you think just because you’re not on Facebook, it doesn’t have any data about you? Do you think that once you delete a post, comment, or an unpublished status update, Facebook actually deletes it? Think again. This is A VERY IMPORTANT article on Facebook and how it collects personal data from its users. Many important links that you should check out as well, like Who At Facebook Has Access to your Account Details and What Happens to Snoopers? and Facebook Wants to Know Why You Didn’t Publish that Status Update you Started Writing, and finally: Facebook Shadow Profiles: A Profile of You That You Never Created. Enjoy.