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CEO WARS: Microsoft


Welcome. This is a resource page with all the business reality that PETERSON TEIXEIRA is going through involving Microsoft, The Big Tech Company. Since in our time many businesses are under Monopolies and Duopolies, it’s important to show the realities of business sabotage, in this case, by Microsoft. Business sabotage is a real thing in our world, however it doesn’t hit the news much since this subject impacts business deals, business relationships and ultimately, a business’ bottom line. Wealth. And the ability to succeed since money is going to fewer hands and companies. Which also means that many are afraid to speak out due to fear of not getting another job, or another customer, or having a way of supporting themselves. However, we have truly reached peak levels of business sabotage, including by Microsoft. Therefore, this resource must exist to warn other businesses and entrepreneurs. Naturally, this resource page will be constantly updated and/or corrected to prevent any misleading information and to maintain a good, reliable list of the truth about Microsoft. With a bit of entertainment.

All cards have the Status field which shows whether a War is CURRENTLY ongoing or not: RESOLVED or FIGHTING . However, since many of the brands that do get a worthy place here may have several other business arms, and since there are too many variables (employees, new CEOs etc) at play in the business space, a RESOLVED status may change its status back to FIGHTING again (and vice-versa). New Monkeys may be the ones to blame for a status going back to FIGHTING. Likewise, new good businesspeople can be the ones responsible for solving a current problem, turning its status back to RESOLVED. Therefore, the Status field does not reflect a final state. Nothing is final. Use it wisely.

LAST UPDATE: This page was last updated in April 15 of 2019

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Last Updated: April 15, 2020

Because MICROSOFT THINKS it can freely do business sabotage and use it to maintain its business success and all kinds of cute “control”

Since 2015, Peterson Teixeira has been working really hard, fighting and struggling to market his business online to get customers. Naturally, building an online business also involves blindly trusting your own Operating System company since it is the business responsible for providing all the OS infrastructure so businesspeople can just worry about doing the hard work. As a hardworking entrepreneur, Peterson Teixeira has been using his Windows Machine for most of the work published on PETERSONTEIXEIRA.COM in the past 5 years, but caught some strange features and behavior on Windows by accident. After publishing The Global Financial Crisis Manifesto, more things came to light and he switched to Linux. Since Windows is about 75% of computers worldwide, and part of the infrastructure of many businesses and solopreneurs around the world, some truths now need to be shown. Because it’s clearly proven by now, that infrastructure provided by Big Tech is not to be trusted. Whenever necessary, infrastructure to sabotage rising competitors and businesses is also there.

Peterson Teixeira
Big Tech
What…? You didn’t think that Microsoft would be out of the picture, right? Of course not. You’re a smart person. Now let me tell you another true, short story. For the past 5-6 years I’ve been using Windows, despite being a Linux user since college. At the time, Ubuntu was still a baby project, but thanks to a Debian user I came to know Linux. In the midst of my self-teaching process during college, part of it, involved installing Linux to learn how a O.S. works. I even used Gentoo for a while, where you start the whole installation process in a black screen, and you have to compile every package that you’ll need, like GNOME and any other stuff. The kernel included. So I learned a lot at the time. However, after leaving the I.T. area, I decided to leave Linux because I needed something more practical, faster-to-work-with and every once in a while Linux had a problem with some driver or a program that wasn’t available for Linux systems. Linux users know what I’m talking about. Ubuntu came to break a lot of that. But at the time…I had no choice. I just needed to put out work and worry only about that. So it was a necessity to switch back to Windows. Despite being a completely bugged system. But at the time, I had to do it as I had no time to do any troubleshooting on my Linux machine. I had to work hard and fast, as I was with little money on my pocket and beginning to build PETERSONTEIXEIRA.COM. Time was of the essence, and I couldn’t waste any of it on solving Linux issues. So with a tear on my eye, I installed Windows. Fast forward a few years, and one day, while trying to find a random configuration that I don’t remember now, I found something like this on Windows 10 Configurations: “Allow Windows to record every keystroke you type to improve Microsoft products”. Something like that. I was like: “WAIT…….WHAT?!?! SO EVERYTHING I TYPE HERE OFFLINE GETS UPLOADED TO MICROSOFT’S SERVERS AFTERWARDS?!??!”. I obviously deactivated that feature. Instantly. Which was ACTIVATED without me being aware of it by the way. But I didn’t care much at the time because I thought: “Ok, so…they know now all my work and some things I typed on porn websites”. As I said, I didn’t care much, since I didn’t watch much porn as I was working 10-16 hours per day so I only had time to make a mistake and watch porn for about 4 days IN A MONTH. And for a few hours (like 2-4 hours). What? You thought I wouldn’t be explicit here? About my mistakes as well? The Bible is explicit about all top Heroes of Faith mistakes. People think that christians are ultimate saints, but that’s not the reality. Plus, I like telling the truth since it’s what people like. A friend of mine (christian) only used to came to talk to me because she knew that I wasn’t judgemental about sex-related topics. The world needs the truth. Christians have the same desire as everyone else, the only difference is that we fight it in order to prevent evil from spreading. But this is not the topic at hand. So, anyway, fast forward up until I was about to publish The Manifesto, and as I was close to publish it, I also noticed some automatic installations on my computer. The thing is….I’m very careful about what I installed on Windows. Super-careful. Since I know that Windows is not reliable software. But the main problem was this: The piece of software installed….was signed by Microsoft. I was like: “WAIT…WHAT?!? HOW COME SOMETHING FROM MICROSOFT INSTALLED WITHOUT MY PERMISSION?!”. I only stopped to think about it after validating all the business sabotage I’m now experiencing. So here’s what businesspeople need to worry about: Intellectual Property theft or Business sabotage at early stages. I briefly talk about this in the Manifesto, since Microsoft has a lot of business infrastructure nowadays. Windows, Azure, Xbox (gaming) and it bought GitHub last time I checked. So if you are still building your next-generation business, Microsoft may be completely aware about it by the time you bring it to the Market. And because of it, they can trigger shadow attacks either on your machine, your reputation or your business. And that way, you get shut down after doing tons of hard work. Work that never sees the light of day. If you think I’m exaggerating here, I’m not. Because part of business success is about one thing: TIMING. True business owners know that. Whats App exploded (if I’m not mistaken and remember well) because it caught the TIMING of App Notifications. Before that, it wasn’t really getting anywhere as people don’t usually tend to open Apps that much. It’s the notification that triggers its use. Anyway, let’s continue. So because we’re heading towards a World War III over water, money and other things, if you’re completely unaware of the current business landscape, even if you do build something awesome that the market needs, you may lose it. Before it ever sees the light of day on markets. Remember: Business is part WAR and part SPORTS. Sports because you have to know what to read, what to execute, where to spend/invest your money, where and how to work, and wake up very early. But at the same time, is WAR because whenever money changes hands, POWER also changes hands. So instead of going back to competition-mode and entrepreneur-mode, big businesses will attack you with massive lawsuits or find a way to shut you down using its infrastructure. Obviously. Because it takes less work (and it demands less honor as well). But who cares about honor, right? There are two TV series I like a lot that I recommend everyone who’s in business to watch: SUITS and BILLIONS. Suits shows the reality behind Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Business Lawsuits, and other things related to lawsuits. Billions show the reality about power plays, and how business owners really operate behind the scenes. Sometimes a CEO sees a PR move, so he’ll do another move because of it. Sometimes a business owner will buy something big just to have an impact on the news so he can then make another move. Sometimes businesses grow because of Intellectual Property Theft (like many copycats from China). Sometimes CEOs will do some blackmail behind the scenes which is something that never hits the news etc. Anyway, the business reality is nasty. I show a lot of them in the Secrets of The Market section. So if you still think that only hard work is necessary to win today, you’re wrong. Very wrong. Just like I was wrong 4 years ago. Hence why I’m reporting the truth over here in the CEO WARS section. Finally, there’s also another thing that will start appearing more (especially on the news) that impacts business: Intelligence Agencies. Because we are heading towards another World War. And since all these Big Tech sabotage-based “businesses” are responsible for all the digital infrastructure in the world, it’s unavoidable that they get monitored. Watched. By Intelligence Agencies. And therefore, so are you. And your business. The problem is that monkeys will use this pretext to monitor your progress at the same time. Remember the Snowden movie? They’re clearly doing things VERY WRONG using FACEBOOK. There’s obviously more to talk about, like sabotage-related secrets from Microsoft and Google and Apple. But we need some Snowdens over there as well. And more investigative Journalism. And Oliver Stone needs to get back to work again. Because there are monkeys everywhere. Using political and law enforcement authority to persecute those who don’t fit their agenda. It’s real. It’s the truth. The problem is that in order for big truths like Snowden’s to come out, there’s a huge effort or huge war first. There are obviously good guys from Intelligence Agencies as well. I believe some of them (if not A LOT of them) helped me somehow (I’m not telling everything yet as I’m saving the best for the book). But there are many good guys from Intelligence Agencies. But there are monkeys too. Anyway, let me finish with another story, now about the PROMOTION of the Manifesto. After publishing the Manifesto on April 21st, 2019, I didn’t promote it on that same day. It was night. And I had no energy. I wanted to focus JUST ON THAT. After all, my work was complete. It was just a matter of days until someone reads it and then I’d get the next lead. The “big money”. Or so I thought. I wasn’t aware at the time of all these monster sabotage. So I woke up and around 8am of the following day, I started promoting it. But….after promoting for over 1 hour….I noticed something very weird: NO ONE was giving me any response on Social Media Channels. ZERO response. Not even a single comment. NOTHING. And that includes Linkedin. So there is a possibility that all my promotion on the morning of April 22, 2019, was actually on a Honey Pot. A Honey Pot is a system that mirrors the actual platform. It has the same look, the same behavior and everything else. But it’s a fake. A fake platform. Just a copy. Cybersecurity experts use it to see what a hacker will do, how he’ll behave and what he’ll try to attack or hack. It’s possible to do that. If my login was being monitored, it could be forwarded to another IP address which was with an Intelligence Agency and their honeypot. I now know that I was being monitored, I just don’t know since when. Yet. Probably because some monkeys couldn’t compete with me and I was doing something way too bold so they triggered criminals in law enforcement to incriminate me or something. All in order to stop my content from getting out and warn everybody. I even thought about the possibility of it getting blocked on central routers because you can block an URL or piece of content with that. Remember Net Neutrality? I warned about it. China has been doing it already and now is more hardcore. And recently, America repealed Net Neutrality creating the opportunity for ISPs and governments to censor content, choose which websites load faster and other anti-business things. It’s part of the Manifesto. I guess it was (or still is) being used against me because THIS is what is making sense as I’m going through all this. Someone using my name and my brand and pretending to be me while trying to frame me at the same time. Cute stuff. Monkey stuff. But it didn’t work. Some people helped me for sure, very smart people, since I saw some more advanced stuff going on (but I’ll talk about it in the future). But I believe many good intelligence-agency-people who were watching me getting framed were all like: “Dude!? Why this brave and handsome entrepreneur is being framed that HARD?!?! It makes ZERO sense. Let me do something to help him against these monkeys!!!”. Or something like that. But I know I got help (thank you folks!). But the bottom line is: was that whole thing of logging my keystrokes on Windows a move by corrupt monkeys from Big Tech + The Government and is this the new business reality? Or is it just some standard business sabotage by Microsoft that we know little about? Maybe something to be used later in the future? More next. Investigative Journalism needs to show up. And it’s clearly something to think about if you’re still using Windows. One thing is for sure: if such monkey move of trying to hurt my reputation or embarass me gets made, I’ll just put it on my book. And impact even more people.

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