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This is a resource page with the intent to give you some nuggets of quick and valuable information that you can use, share and link to, as you like. A place to rely on in case you need to remind yourself of something important regarding the fields of Marketing and Business, and also this very awesome brand. Naturally, this resource page will be constantly updated and/or corrected to prevent any misleading information and to maintain a good, reliable list to all.

A good part of what is here, I personally use and visit on a daily basis.
Therefore, enjoy.

WARNING: This page was last updated in March 20, 2024

Find below what you need that may help you in your own entrepreneurial ride. You’re free to explore all resources, use them, share them and recommend anything else related to this section through the contact form.

Have fun 🙂

SECTION: Books And Blogs
OBJECTIVE: This area has the intent to gather all Top Books And Blogs from today’s Marketplace that talks about Marketing/Advertising/Entrepreneurship/Coaching. Anything that educates and motivates the entrepreneurial spirit of CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Marketers will be stored here. Also, Official Blogs and Forums from top companies like Google, Facebook, Youtube and others are also here for those who want to track/check their official statements about new features, new problems etc.

Marketing Book Gallery – Recommended Books (Marketing)
Entrepreneurship Book Gallery – Recommended Books (Entrepreneurship)

#1. Forbes – Forbes (Social Media)
#2. Forbes – Forbes (Technology)
#3. Adweek – Adweek (Marketing and Advertising)
#4. Advertising Age – Adage (Marketing and Advertising)
#5. Search Engine Land – SEL (Marketing)
#6. Search Engine Journal – SEJ (Marketing)
#7. MIT Technology Review – MIT Business News (Entrepreneurship/Business)
#8. MIT Technology Review – MIT A.I. / Robotics News (Technology/Entrepreneurship)
#9. Entrepreneur – Entrepreneur (Growth Strategies)
#10. Entrepreneur – Entrepreneur (Sales/Marketing)
#11. – Inc (Business)
#12. – Inc (Startup)
#13. – Inc (Innovation)
#14. Wired – Wired (Business)
#15. Harvard Business Review – Business
#16. BackLinko – Marketing and SEO
#17. Problogger – Blogging
#18. ConversionXL – Conversion Optimization
#19. Copyblogger – Writing/Copywriting/Blogging
#20. Kissmetrics – Marketing and Analytics
#21. Adespresso – Facebook Ads
#22. Neil Patel – Digital Marketing
#23. Quicksprout – Digital Marketing
#24. Moz – SEO
#25. Influence & Co – Marketing/SEO/Blogging
#26. Impact – Digital Marketing
#27. B2B Marketing – Marketing and Professional Development
#28. Brian Solis – Marketing/Business/Technology
#29. Roger Dooley – Neuromarketing
#30. Viperchill – Link Building
#31. PointBlankSEO – Link Building
#32. Social Media Examiner – Social Media Marketing
#33. Mark Manson – Personal development
#34. SERoundTable – SEO News
#35. TheDrum – Marketing News
#36. Futurism – Interesting News about the Future
#37. CoinDesk – Interesting News about Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum etc)
#38. CoinBase – Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum etc)
#39. Botsfloor – A Curated List of the Best Articles on Bot Development
#40. Digiday – Marketing News
#41. Exposing The Invisible – Expert Cybersecurity Articles/Guides
#42. Naked Security – Cybersecurity News
#43. The Hacker News – Hacking/Security News
#44. MarketWatch – Business/Stocks News
#45. Wolfstreet – Business/Finance News
#46. Zero Hedge – Business/Finance News
#47. Darknet – Hacking Tools, Hacker News
#48. Krebs on Security – Hacking Tools, Hacker News
#49. Nikkei Asian Review – Business News about The Asian Market
#50. The Japan Times – News from Japan
#51. The Times of Israel – News from Israel and The Middle East
#52. The Independent – Business News from The UK
#53. The New York Times – World News and Business News
#54. The Guardian – The Latest Financal, Market & Economic News
#55. Business Insider – News about Business and Media
#56. PageFair – Breaking Down Advertising, Adblocking and GDPR
#57. Hype.Codes – News about Blockchain, ICOs and Cryptocurrency
#58. Infosec – Cybersecurity News/Articles/Resources
#59. Dawn – Pakistan Business News
#60. Australian Financial Review – Australia Business News
#61. Business Korea – South Korea Business News
#62. The Korea Herald – South Korea Business News
#63. New Zealand Herald – New Zealand Business News
#64. Euronews – Europe Business News
#65. The Moscow Times – Russia Business News
#66. The Diplomat – Asia-Pacific News
#67. Asia Times – Asia News
#68. The Scotsman – Scotland Business News
#69. Breaking Defense – Military News
#70. The Street – Stock Market News
#71. Bitcoinist – Cryptocurrency News
#72. The Economic Times – India Business News
#73. China Money Network – Daily News on China’s Venture Capital
#74. Foreign Policy – The Global Magazine of News & Ideas
#75. Foreign Affairs – Geopolitics and More
#76. The National Interest – News About America and The World
#77. Welt – Germany News
#78. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung – Germany News
#79. Politiken – Denmark News
#80. Diário de Notícias – Portugal News
#81. Público – Portugal News
#82. La Stampa – Italy News
#83. Le Monde – France News
#84. El Mundo – Espanha News
#85. La Nacion – Argentina News
#86. Clarin – Argentina News
#87. The Times – London News
#88. Los Angeles Times – Los Angeles News
#89. The Seattle Times – Seattle News
#90. Washington Examiner – Washington News
#91. Quartz – World, Tech and Business News
#92. Axios – Business News
#93. Vice – World, Tech and Business News
#94. Slate – Tech, Politics and Business News
#95. Time – World, Tech and Business News
#96. Fortune – World, Finance and Business News
#97. Reuters – World and Business News
#98. The Atlantic – World and Business News
#99. The Outline – Power, Culture News
#100. Zero Hedge – Markets and Business News
#101. Bloomberg – World, Finance, Markets and Business News
#102. The Intercept – World, Tech and Politics News
#103. The Conversation – World, Business and Science News
#104. The Washington Post – World, Business and Politics News
#105. The Wall Street Journal – World, Business, Markets and Politics News
#106. Financial Times – World, Tech, Markets and Business News
#107. Daily Reckoning – Markets and Business Analysis
#108. New Zealand Herald – World and Business News
#109. The Associated Press – World, Business, Politics and Tech News
#110. Market Watch – Markets and Business News
#111. CNN – World, Politics, Sports and Business News
#112. CNBC – World, Politics, Markets and Business News
#113. HuffPost – World, Politics and Business News
#114. Fast Company – Tech, Innovation and Business News
#115. Wait But Why – World-class Analysis of Any Subject
#116. CIO Dive – Chief Information Officer News
#117. CFO Dive – Chief Financial Officer News
#118. Retail Dive – Retail News
#119. Supply Chain Dive – Supply Chain News
#120. Banking Dive – Banking News
#121. Health Care Dive – Health Care News
#122. MedTech Dive – MedTech News
#123. BioPharma Dive – BioPharma News
#124. Trucking Dive – Trucking News
#125. Construction Dive – Construction News
#126. Utility Dive – Utility News
#127. Marketing Dive – Marketing News
#128. HR Dive – Human Resources News
#129. Industry Dive – Industry News
#130. Cybersecurity Dive – Cybersecurity News
#131. Food Dive – Food News
#132. Legal Dive – Legal News
#133. Payments Dive – Payment News
#134. Smart Cities Dive – Smart Cities News
#135. Waste Dive – Waste News
#136. Modern Retail – Retail News
#137. Financial Post – Economy, Finance, Real Estate News
#138. Newsweek – World, Science, Health News
#139. New York Post – World News
#140. The New Yorker – World, Tech, Culture News
#141. New York Magazine – World, Politics, Business and Tech News
#142. Fox Business – World, Economy, Tech, Markets and Business News
#143. The Hill – Politics and Business News
#144. Toronto Star – Canada, Politics and Business News
#145. The Telegraph – Health, Money and Business News
#146. NBC – World, Politics, Health and Business News
#147. DW – Economy and Finances News
#148. Evening Standard – World and Business News
#149. News Picks – Japanese World and Business News
#150. DI Business – Denmark Business News
#151. The Local: Denmark – Denmark News
#152. The Local: Switzerland – Switzerland News
#153. The Local: Austria – Austria News
#154. The Local: Italy – Italy News
#155. The Local: Spain – Spain News
#156. The Local: France – France News
#157. The Local: Europe – Europe News
#158. Tech in Asia – Singapore Business News
#159. Business Times (Tech) – Singapore Tech News
#160. Business Times (SME) – Singapore SGSME News
#161. Business Times (Wealth) – Singapore Financial News
#162. Business Times (BT Luxe) – Singapore BT Luxe News
#163. Green Tech Media – Clean Tech & Renewable Energy News
#164. RT – World, Russia News
#165. The Hollywood Reporter – Entertainment and Business News
#166. The Irish Times – Economy and Business News
#167. The Inquisitr – Politics and Entertainment News
#168. Politico – Politics News
#169. Brussels Morning – World, Economy and Europe News
#170. The Brussels Times – World, Brussels, Belgium and Business News
#171. Documento – World, Business and Greece News
#172. Barron’s – Markets and Business News
#173. BizJournals – Business News
#174. News Media Alliance – Public Policy News
#175. The Dallas Morning News – World, Sports and Business News
#176. Brazil Journal – Markets, Economy, Tech and Business News
#177. Variety – Global, Tech, Entertainment and Business News
#178. The Straits Times – World, Asia, Singapore News
#179. The Korea Herald – World, K-Pop and Business News
#180. The Boston Globe – World, Sports, Politics and Business News
#181. The Globe and Mail – World, Canada, Investing, Politics and Business News
#182. The Information – Tech, Finance and Business News
#183. Asia Times – Asian Business and Politics News
#184. Morning Brew – International, Entertainment and Business News
#185. The Balance – Investing, Economy and Business News
#186. Observer – Media, Finance, Tech and Business News
#187. Startups. – Startups, Finance, Tech and Business News
#188. Josh Bersin – Work, Leadership and Business Insights
#189. The Walrus – Canada, AI, Tech and Business News
#190. San Francisco Business Times – Banking, Tech, Food & Lifestyle and Business News
#191. PR Newswire – Science & Tech, People & Culture, Business & Money News
#192. The China Project – China, Politics, Business News
#193. Vanity Fair – Celebrity, Hollywood, Politics, Entertainment and Business News
#194. Nieman Lab – Research and Business News
#195. The New Republic – World, Politics, Climate and Culture News
#196. The Jerusalem Post – World, Business and Innovation News
#197. NPR – World, Culture News
#198. The Washington Times – World, Sports, Business & Economy News
#199. Japan Today – World, Entertainment, Politics, Sports, Business News
#200. Post-Gazette – Business News
#201. Deadline – International, Business News
#202. TalkingBizNews – Media, Business News
#203. PYMNTS – Fintech, Retail, Crypto, Business News
#204. Mexico News Daily – Politics, Culture, Business News
#205. Pew Research Center – Economy & Work, Internet & Technology, Business Research
#206. Semafor – Politics, Technology, Africa, Business News
#207. Haaretz – Israel, U.S.A, Jewish World News
#208. American Banker – Banking, Payments, Policy and Tech News
#209. Canadian Business – Canada, Business News
#210. CNA Insider – Asia, Singapore, Business News
#211. Mint – India Markets, Money, Business News
#212. YonHap – Korean News
#213. Payments Journal – Credit/Debit, Digital Assets & Crypto News
#214. The Spectator – World, Politics, Economy, Culture News
#215. Success Magazine – Future of Work, Health & Lifestyle, Marketing, Business News
#216. A Media Operator – Media News & Analysis
#217. GameFile – Gaming Business News
#218. Canary Media – Solar, Electric Vehicles, Clean Energy Business News
#219. The Sydney Morning Herald – World, Politics, Sports, Business News
#220. YPulse – Generation Z and Millennials News & Insights
#221. Press Gazette – Future of Media News
#222. CMO – CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) News
#223. Marketing Week – Marketing, Media, Business News & Insights
#224. CopyHackers – Marketing/Copywriting/Blogging
#225. Seth Godin – Marketing/Blogging
#226. Marketing Brew – Marketing News
#227. AdNews – Advertising News
#228. PRWeek – PR News
#229. The Current – Marketing, Business News
#230. MarketingProfs – B2B Marketing News
#231. Content Marketing Institute – Marketing News & Insights
#232. Hubspot – Marketing News & Insights
#233. Campaign UK – PR, Advertising, Marketing News
#234. Gartner – Marketing and Business News & Insights
#235. Social Media Today – Marketing News & Insights
#236. EConsultancy – Digital Marketing News & Insights
#237. Wordstream – Digital Marketing News & Insights
#238. Robbie Richards – Digital Marketing News & Insights
#239. Bandt – Media, Advertising, Marketing News & Insights
#240. Mumbrella – Media, Advertising, Marketing News & Insights
#241. Dark Reading – IoT, Cybersecurity News
#242. Threat Post – Cybersecurity News
#243. Secure List – Cybersecurity News
#244. HackRead – Cybersecurity News
#245. Hacker News – Cybersecurity News
#246. Cybersecurity Ventures – Cybersecurity News
#247. Bleeping Computer – Cybersecurity News
#248. Infosecurity Magazine – Cybersecurity News
#249. Recorded Future – Cybersecurity News
#250. Infosec Institute – Cybersecurity News
#251. The Record – Cybersecurity News
#252. Security Week – Cybersecurity News
#253. Graham Cluley – Cybersecurity News
#254. Security Magazine – Cybersecurity News
#255. CSO Online – Cybersecurity News
#256. HelpNet Security – Cybersecurity News
#257. ZDNet – Technology, Innovation, Business News
#258. Ars Technica – Technology, Science, Gaming & Culture News
#259. CIO – Technology, Innovation, Business News
#260. The Next Web – Technology, Innovation, Future of Work, Business News
#261. The Verge – Technology, Science, Entertainment, Business News
#262. Tech Crunch – AI, Technology, Startup, Innovation, Business News
#263. Mashable – Technology, Science, Entertainment, Business News
#264. Gizmodo – Technology, Science, Entertainment, Business News
#265. Digital Trends – Technology, Innovation, Entertainment, Business News
#266. Bitcoin Magazine – Cryptocurrency News
#267. CB Insights – Research, Business News & Analysis
#268. Fierce Wireless – Telecommunications News
#269. Fierce Electronics – Telecommunications News
#270. Fierce Telecom – Telecommunications News
#271. Fierce Healthcare – HealthCare News
#272. Techdirt – Technology, Business News
#273. ReadWrite – AI, Technology, Crypto, Business News
#274. LinuxInsider – Technology, Linux, Business News
#275. Telegeography – Technology, Telecommunications News
#276. TechXplore – AI, Technology News
#277. OpenDataScience – AI, Technology News
#278. SmartCompany – Startup, Technology, Business News
#279. InformationWeek – AI, Technology, Business News
#280. TechDay New Zealand – Startup, Technology, PR, Business News
#281. EcommerceNews New Zealand – Business Intelligence, Customer Data News
#282. CFOTech New Zealand – Startup, Technology, PR, Business News
#283. TelcoNews New Zealand – IoT, Technology, Telecommunications, Business News
#284. FutureFive New Zealand – Technology, PR, Business News
#285. ITBrief New Zealand – Technology, PR, Business News
#286. ChannelLife New Zealand – Technology, PR, Business News
#287. Silicon Republic – Technology, Science, Business News
#288. Apple Insider – Technology, Business News
#289. TechRadar Pro – Technology, Business News
#290. ComputerWeekly – Technology, Business News
#291. CoinTelegraph – Cryptocurrency News
#292. The Logic – Canada Tech & Business News
#293. EmergingTech Brew – Technology, Business News
#294. Reworked – Technology, Business News
#295. MobileSyrup – Technology, Business News
#296. RestOfWorld – Business News
#297. VentureBeat – AI, Tech, Business News
#298. Vox – Politics, Culture, Science, Business News
#299. Platformer.News – Technology, Business News
#300. Newcomer – Startup, Venture Capital, Business News
#301. Tech Times – Tech, Science, Health, Culture, Business News
#302. FedScoop – AI, Tech, Policy News
#303. PC Mag – Technology, Business News
#304. Scientific American – Science News
#305. Science Mag – Science News
#306. ZME Science – Science News
#307. Knowable Magazine – Science News
#308. Defense One – Military News
#309. IP Watchdog – Legal News
#310. Law360 – Legal News
#311. Buzzfeed – Entertainment, Business News
#312. The Gamer – Gaming & Entertainment News
#313. IGN – Gaming & Entertainment News
#314. ScreenRant – Entertainment News
#315. Looper – Entertainment News
#316. Zergnet – Entertainment News
#317. EcoWatch – Climate, Renewable Energy, Policy News
#318. Enel – Water News
#319. WaterFootPrint – Water News
#320. FreeWater – Water News

#1. Wired – News (Tech, Business)
#2. Forbes – News (Tech, Business, Marketing, Startups)
#3. Fortune – News (World, Tech, Business, Politics)
#4. Fast Company – News (Tech, Business, Marketing, Startups)
#5. Financial Times – News (World, Business, Finance)
#6. The New York Times – News (World, Business, Finance, Politics)
#7. The Wall Street Journal – News (World, Business, Finance, Politics)
#8. The Atlantic – News (World, Business, Finance, Politics)
#9. The Guardian – News (World, Business, Finance, Politics)
#10. Fox Business – News (World, Business, Finance)
#11. Bloomberg – News (World, Business, Finance)
#12. Frontline PBS – News (World, Business, Politics)
#13. CNBC International – News (World, Business, Politics, Tech)
#14. The Japan Times – News (World, Business, Finance, Tech)
#15. Nikkei Asian Review – News (World, Business, Finance, Tech)
#16. The Verge – News (Tech, Business)
#17. Techcrunch – News (Tech, Business, Startups)
#18. Renegade Inc – News (Business, Finance)
#19. Market Watch – News (World, Business, Finance)
#20. Inc. – News (Business, Marketing, Startups)
#21. Business Insider – News (World, Business, Finance, Marketing)
#22. Vice News – News (World, Business, Tech, Politics)
#23. Quartz – News (World, Business, Startups, Tech)
#24. DW Documentary – Documentary (World, Business, Markets)
#25. Grant Cardone Channel – Entrepreneurship / Business / Marketing
#26. Valuetainment Channel – Entrepreneurship / Business / Marketing
#27. Gary Vaynerchuck Channel – Entrepreneurship / Business / Marketing
#28. Ed Mylett Channel – Entrepreneurship / Business / Marketing
#29. Bedros Keuilian Channel – Entrepreneurship / Business / Marketing
#30. Tom Byleu Channel – Entrepreneurship / Business
#31. Peter Schiff Channel – Finance / Market Analysis
#32. RustyBrick – News (Search Engine Optimization)
#33. CNA Insider – Business News And Investigative Journalism
#34. Jovem Pan News – Investigative Journalism and General News
#35. The Diary of A CEO – Entrepreneurship / Business
#36. Alex Hormozi – Entrepreneurship / Business
#37. Chris Williamson – Entrepreneurship / Business
#38. 7 Figure Squad – Entrepreneurship / Business
#39. EndevrDocs – Documentary (World, Business, Markets)
#40. Think Media Podcast – Entrepreneurship / Business
#41. – Training
#42. Noah Kagan – Entrepreneurship / Business
#43. Reason TV – Documentary (World, Business, Markets)
#44. Honest Reporting – Documentary (World, Business, Markets)
#45. GQ – Entertainment / Movies Industry
#46. Tech Crunch – Technology / Business News
#47. Peter Zeihan – Entrepreneurship / Business / Geopolitics
#48. Uncensored CMO – Entrepreneurship / Business
#49. Tony Robbins – Entrepreneurship / Business
#50. Tim Ferriss – Entrepreneurship / Business

#1. Reuters TV – Reuters TV: Live Breaking News (World, Business, Finance)
#2. Euronews TV – Euronews TV: Live News (World, Business, Finance)
#3. Bloomberg TV – Bloomberg TV: Live News (World, Business, Finance)
#4. France24 TV – France24 TV: Live France News (World, Business, Finance)
#5. Cheddar TV – Cheddar TV: Live News (World, Business, Finance)
#6. Ruptly TV – Ruptly TV: Live News (World, Business, Finance)

#1. Webmaster Forum – The Forum for SEOs and Marketers
#2. Warrior Forum – The #1 Digital Marketing Forum & Marketplace
#3. Black Hat SEO – The Home of Internet Marketing
#4. Open Bug Bounty – Discover Your Website’s Vulnerabilities (Cybersecurity)
#5. StyleForum – Fashion-based forum
#6. Startup Anonymous – Ask Raw, Unfiltered Questions Anonymously
#7. UK Business Forums – A Forum for UK businessmen and entrepreneurs
#8. Bitcoin Talk Forum – A Forum for Everything about Bitcoin

#1. Youtube – Youtude Most Watched Ads Leaderboard
#2. Facebook – Facebook Winners Gallery

YOUTUBE – Broadcast Yourself
X/TWITTER – What’s Happening now?
INSTAGRAM – Connecting the world through photos
FACEBOOK – Connecting people around the world
LINKEDIN – Connecting the world’s professionals
QUORA – The Best Answer to Any Question
REDDIT – The FrontPage of The Ineternet
FOURSQUARE – Find The Best places to Eat, Shopr and Visit aroudn the World
TUMBLR – Come for The Things you Love. Stay for The Things you Found.
MEDIUM – Interesting Ideas that set your mind in motion
SNAPCHAT – Life’s more fun when you Live in The Moment
PINTEREST – Discover recipes, style inspiration, home hacks and more ideas to try
TIK TOK – Make Your Day
GAB – The Ad-Free Social Network built for Creators and People like you
POCKET – Save What you Want to Read for Later And See What Top People Are Reading
MESSENGER – Send Messages to Everybody
WHATS APP – The Best Alternative to SMS
TELEGRAM – A New Era of Messaging
LINE – The World’s Largest Avatar Social Network
KIK – Connecting The World through Chat
WANELO – ALL The Best stores in ONE place
VERO – True Social
HELLO – Discover Content you Care About
STEEMIT – Make Money Curating and Publishing Content via Blockchain
TWITCH – The Social Network for Gamers and E-sports professionals
VK – The Russian Facebook
COUB – Hot Coubs: GIF with sound
NEXTDOOR – The Private Social Network for your Neighborhood
MASTODON – The World’s Largest Open-source, decentralized Social Network
E-TORO – The World’s Leading Social Trading and Investing Network
CAFFEINE – Social Broadcasting is Here (Twitch on Steroids)
DOXIMITY – Clinician’s Network & Healthcare Directory for Doctors
SERMO – The #1 Global Social Network Exclusively for Doctors
STRAVA – The Social Network for Athletes and Fitness
MINDS – The Crypto Social Network

#1. Twitter – Twitter Official Blog
#2. Youtube – Youtube Official Blog
#3. Instagram – Instagram Official Blog
#4. Snapchat – Snapchat Official Blog
#5. Facebook News – Facebook Business News
#6. Microsoft Bing – Microsoft Bing Blog
#7. Google Analytics – Google Analytics Official Blog
#8. Google Adwords – Google Adwords Official Blog
#9. Google Webmasters – Google Webmaster Official Blog
#10. Whats App – Whats App Official Blog
#11. Shopify – Shopify Official Blog
#12. Slack HQ – Slack HQ Official Blog
#13. Quora – Quora Official Blog
#14. Linkedin – Linkedin Official Blog
#15. Pinterest – Pinterest Official Blog
#16. Wanelo – Wanelo Official Blog
#17. Reddit – Reddit Official Blog
#18. Medium – Medium Official Blog
#19. Pocket – Pocket Official Blog

#1. Google Products Forums – Google Products Forums
#2. Google News Help Forum – Google News Forum

SECTION: Top Marketing/Business Conferences
OBJECTIVE: This area has the intent to gather all Top Marketing/Business Conferences that are famous in the Digital space. Places and Events where CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Marketers can go to network with others and get top industry insights.

#1. B2B Marketing Exchange – The Place to be for B2B
#2. iMedia Connection – Be connected with iMedia
#3. High Five Conference – The place for Marketers and Brands
#4. The CMO Club Spring Innovation and Inspiration – Marketing and Leadership Community
#5. Ad Age Digital Conference – Advertising and Marketing Industry Events
#6. Marketing United – Marketing Conference for Modern Marketers
#7. Gartner Digital Marketing Conference – Digital Marketing Conference
#8. Content Marketing Conference – Content Marketing Conference
#9. ITSMA Marketing Leadership Forum – Marketing Leadership Forum
#10. PRSA – Public Relations and Corporate Communications Conferences
#11. PR News – PR News Digital PR & Marketing Conference
#12. MobileBeat – Marketing, Mobile and Innovation
#13. Content Marketing World – Top Marketing Event/Conference
#14. The Ascendant Gatherings – Exclusive professional network for Senior Marketers
#15. MozCon – A Different Digital Marketing Conference
#16. Brand ManageCamp – Brand ManageCamp Marketing Conferences
#17. Digital Marketing Innovation – Business and Marketing Innovation Conferences
#18. Innovate! and Celebrate Conference – Celebrating Innovation and Entrepreneurship
#19. Percolate Transition Conference – Bringing Together The Brightest minds in Marketing
#20. Inbound – Marketing and Sales Event
#21. Ad:tech – Marketing and Media Technology Media Conference

SECTION: Top Slack Communities
OBJECTIVE: This area has the intent to gather all Top Marketing/Business Communities that allow you to interact with other entrepreneurs, businessmen, marketers, freelancers and digital nomads. Some communities here are independent whilst others are from brands/companies. And some are free to join whilst others require a small fee.

Slack Community InboundMarketing [+1250 members]
Slack Community BufferMarketing [+2000 members]
Slack Community DesignerHangoutUX/Design [+3950 members]
Slack Community TeamSketchUX/Design [+1470 members]
Slack Community CraftCMSMarketing/Tech/Design [+4000 members]
Slack Community TechLondonMarketing/Tech/Entrepreneurship [+1000 members] (£1 fee)
Slack Community CreativeTribesMarketing/Startups/Creativity [+1000 members] ($25 fee)
Slack Community NomadsWordPress/Blogging/Freelance [+3215 members] ($50 fee)
Slack Community WorkFromAnywhereFreelancing/Business [+3500 members] ($50 fee)
Slack Community FedsComputer Programming (Front End) [+2000 members]
Slack Community iOS DevelopersComputer Programming (iOS) [+13000 members]
Slack Community DevOpsChatComputer Programming [+5230 members]
Slack Community AnythingsInternet of Things (IoT) [+20 members]
Slack Community TechMastersBusiness/Technology [+2280 members]
Slack Community GophersArticles and Tutorials [+14480 members]

Slack Directory SlackInfoEvery Slack Group

Slack Directory SlofileListings of Slack Groups Worldwide

SECTION: Top Communities
OBJECTIVE: This area has the intent to gather all Top Communities that allow you to connect with independent group of a determined niche, sell/buy goods and more.

#1. PoshMark – Sell/Buy Fashion Itens
#2. Designer Revival – Sell/Buy Fashion Itens
#3. The Real Real – Luxury Consignment Sales

SECTION: Guest Blogging Opportunities
OBJECTIVE: This area has the intent to gather all Top Websites that allow Guest Posting and that are famous in the Marketing/Business industry. Places where writing for can give a high ROI to the marketer, either in brand awareness or in high-quality targeted traffic.

#1. Inc.comContacts and Guest Post
#2. The GuardianOpinion Pitch Guidelines
#3. WiredHere’s How to Submit to Wired Opinion
#4 The New York TimesHow to Submit an Op-Ed Article
#5. Huffington PostBecome a Huffington Post Contributor
#6. Business InsiderHow To Contribute to Business Insider
#7. EntrepreneurHow to become an Entrepreneur Contributor
#8. Fast CompanyHow To Submit Contributed Stories to Fast Company
#9. ForbesSubmitting an Article to Forbes Opinion OR How to Submit a Guest Post
#10. Harvard Business ReviewContributor Guidelines for Harvard Business Review Authors
#11. QuartzGuest Writer Guidelines
#12. Venture BeatGuest Post Guidelines
#13. BusinessContributor Guidelines
#14. Business2CommunityBecome A Contributor
#15. OutbrainBecome A Contributor
#16. AdweekBecome A Contributor
#17. CopybloggerGuest Post Guidelines
#18. Search Engine LandGuest Post Guidelines
#19. Search Engine JournalGuest Post Guidelnes

SECTION: Apps and Tools
OBJECTIVE: This area has the intent to gather all Top Apps/Tools that can help a Digital Entrepreneur or a Marketer. Tools posted here can help you in many different necessities, like Advertising, SEO, Purchase Intelligence, Content Promotion, Content Analysis, Email Automation, Lead Generation, Outreach and a lot more. Any Top Tool/App that helps companies/entrepreneurs in handling digital tasks/issues are posted here.

#1. Feedly – RSS News aggregator application for browsers and mobile
#2. Sleep Cycle – Improve quality of life by waking you up exactly when a sleep cycle ends
#3. Rev – Record audios and turn them into transcripts automatically
#4. Prisma – Turn Pictures into Pieces of Art with A.I.
#5. Trello – Professional Project Management
#6. Bitly – Create very small links from your links
#7. TransferWise – Send money overseas
#8. WorldRemit – Send money online
#9. FreeTone – Free calls & texts to almost any US number
#10. Filmic Pro – Create Professional Videos with Smartphones

#1. MailChimp – Email Marketing Tool (email templates and manage email campaigns)
#2. Drip – Quick & Easy Email Marketing Software
#3. Aweber – Email marketing templates/automation
#4. Marketo – Robust Email Marketing Solution
#5. Litmus – Email marketing optimization tool (Kill SpamAssassin, Catch Broken Links etc)

#1. Mattermark – Deconstruct a Company and its B2B Leads (Discover, Enrich, Analyze)
#2. BookYourData – Assemble your own B2B Marketing List
#3. Pitchbook – Merges & Acquisitions, Private Equity & Venture Capital Database
#4. Lead Genius – B2B Lead Generation & Data Enrichment

#1. Slack – Professional Messaging Online Workspace
#2. Microsoft’s Teams – Professional Messaging Online Workspace
#3. Facebook Workspace – Professional Messaging Online Workspace

#1. Majestic – Explore Website backlinks
#2. OpenSiteExplorer – Explore Website backlinks
#3. OpenLinkProfiler – Explore Website backlinks
#4. Buzzsumo – Analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor
#5. SpyFu – Keyword Research/Backlinks/Find Outreach Links
#6. UberSuggest – Keyword Research
#7. SimilarWeb – Market Share Stats/Traffic Ranking
#8. LinkProspector – Find Great Backlink Opportunities
#9. Ontolo – Prospecting tools for Link Building
#10. Infographic Journal – Submit Infographics for Link Building
#11. BrokenLinkChecker – Find Broken Links
#12. CognitiveSEO – Content/SEO Powerful Analysis
#13. AuthorityLabs – Daily Rank Checking
#14. Gauges – Real Time Website Traffic Analytics
#15. MarketMuse – Keyword Content/SEO Optimization
#16. SEOSiteCheckup – SEO Technical Audit
#17. Found – SEO Technical Audit
#18. Varvy – SEO Technical Audit
#19. SEOBOOK – Robots-TXT Generator
#20. SEMRush – SEO Domain Overview Report
#21. ISearchFrom – Use Google on different locations.
#22. Screaming Frog – Completely Crawl a Website and all its links
#23. URLProfiler – Retrieve a large array of links, content and social data
#24. Google Pagespeed Insights – Google Audit Tool to check loading speed of a website
#25. Google AMP Test – Google Audit Tool to validate the AMP of a website
#26. Google Old Link Removal – Remove old and inexistent links pointing to your website
#27. SEO Review Tools – Duplicate Content Checker
#28. MailShake – Create Smart Outreach Cold Email Campaigns
#29. Whitespark – Find Your Local Rankings, Competitors and more
#30. Rank Trackr – Find your Rankings per Keyword
#31. Link Assistant – Check Rankings, on-page SEO, Backlinks and more
#32. Serpstat – SEO & PPC Research, SERP Analysis, Backlink Analysis and More
#33. Answer The Public – A Simple and Powerful Question Generator for SEO-driven Content
#34. SE Ranking – A Very Powerful PPC/SEO Ranking Research
#35. Advanced Web Ranking – Track Google Results Behavior Changes Daily
#36. Rank Ranger – Track Google Results Behavior Changes Daily (Rank Risk Index)
#37. Rank Ranger – Track Mobile SERP Features (globally)
#38. Rank Ranger – Track Desktop SERP Features (globally)
#39. Pingdom – SEO Website Speed Test
#40. Siteliner – Find Duplicate/Unique Content on your Website

#1. Hootsuite – Manage ALL Social Media Accounts in ONE Place
#2. Buffer – Schedule Social Media Posts
#3. CrowdFire – Smart Schedule Social Media Posts
#4. FollowerWonk – Twitter User Powerful Analysis
#5. Klear – Find Influencers on Social Media and Blogs
#6. AuthoritySpy – Find Hundreds of Influencers in seconds
#7. Buzzstream – Research Influencer information
#8. GroupHigh – Research Blog Influencers
#9. Social Blade – Research Social Analytics of Any Content Creator
#10. Agora Pulse – Manage all social media messages in one place. Schedule/Publish content.
#11. Mention – Monitor a brand mention anywhere online
#12. Famebit – Find Top Influencers that match Your Brand
#13. Tagboard – Monitor your Brand across all Social Networks
#14. Trendkite – A Very Powerful and Robust PR Dashboard That Monitors PR Effort
#15. Brand24 – Monitor Your Brand Online with Extreme Precision
#16. TweetDeck – Monitor your Whole Twitter in One Dashboard

#1. Buzzsummo – Find out what is being shared on The Web about a Subject/Topic
#2. Simply Measured – Track Content Sharings, Measure Social Conversations and more
#3. Rights Manager – Track your Copyrighted Content on Facebook and on The Web
#4. Cookiepedia – Discover and Analyze ALL Cookies of A Website
#5. iSpot.TV – Analyze TV Commercials Advertising Data
#6. Terms of Service Didn’t Read – Revealing The Reality About A Website’s Terms of Service

#1. ImportIO – Extract Web Data for Machine Learning
#2. Hunter – Extract/Research Emails from Websites or The Web
#3. Articoolo – Create Unique Articles in Seconds with A.I.
#4. Wordsmith – Turn Data into Text at ANY scale and format with A.I.
#5. ReadExifData – Extract Personal Metadata from Digital Images
#6. ImageForensic – Extract Personal Metadata from Digital Images
#7. Apply Magic Sauce – Extract Personalities from Facebook/Twitter Profiles

#1. Outbrain – Content Distribution Platform
#2. Taboola – Content Distribution Platform
#3. Nativo – Automated Native Advertising Distribution
#4. Sniply – Add a Branded Call-to-Action to Every 3rd Party Content You share
#5. AllTop – Blog Aggregator
#6. Blogarama – Blog Aggregator
#7. Regator – Blog Aggregator
#8. Nerdgraph – Submit your Infographic
#9. Infographic Portal – Submit your Infographic
#10. Graphs – Submit your Infographic
#11. Best Infographics – Submit your Infographic
#12. Infographic Directory – Submit your Infographic
#13. SubmitInfographics – Submit your Infographic
#14. Digg – Submit a Link
#15. Bizsugar – Submit a Link/Article
#16. Voat – Submit a Link/Article
#17. DesignerNews – Submit a Link/Article
#18. Blog Engage – Syndicate and promote your Blog
#19. The CSS GalleryList – Submit your Website to Showroom Design Websites
#20. Wildspark – Promote and Curate Content in a BLOCKCHAIN hub

#1. Lifehacker App Directory – Find/Submit Remarkable Apps
#2. Betalist – Find/Submit Remarkable Apps
#3. Best Mobile App Awards – Find/Submit your App to Award Contests

#1. Reply – Manage/Execute thousands of outreach emails
#2. Blogdash – Find and Hire Bloggers
#3. Headreach – Find and Hire Influencers

#1. ON24 – Launch Professional and Robust Webinars

#1. Zendesk – Manage Several Customer Interactions

#1. AdRoll – Retargeting – Web retargeting
#2. AdRoll – Prospecting – Find new audiences based on your current audience
#3. Retarget Links – Show YOUR Ads whenever people click on ANY URL you have shortened

#1. – Local Programmatic Ads & DSP Platform
#2. Centro – Online Media Buying Solutions
#3. Media Math – Programmatic Ads
#4. Choozle – Buy Programmatic Ads
#5. Admedo – Buy Programmatic Ads
#6. GetIntent – Buy Programmatic Ads
#7. MightyHive – Buy Programmatic Ads
#8. LiquidM – Mobile Self-service DSP for Programmatic Ads
#9. Splicky – Multiscreen Demand Side Platform
#10. Criteo – Buy Programmatic Ads

#1. Pixalate – Prevent/Block Ad Fraud
#2. WhiteOPS – Prevent/Block Ad Fraud
#3. Trust Metrics – Prevent Ad Fraud
#4. Integral Ad Science (IAS) – Prevent Ad Fraud and optimize Ads
#5. Double Verify – Prevent/Detect Ad Fraud

#1. Cardlytics – Use Credit Card Consumer Data to Discover Marketing Insights

#1. RocketLawyer – A.I. Service for Legal Documents & Forms Creation

#1. AIVA – The A.I. Service that composes/creates Emotional Soundtrack Music
#2. Incompetech – Royalty-Free Music
#3. Danosongs – Royalty-Free Music
#4. Partners In Rhyme – Royalty-Free Music
#5. Musopen – Royalty-Free Music
#6. – Royalty-Free Music
#7. AudioJungle – Royalty-Free Music

#1. Compressor IO – Optimize and Compress JPEG photos and PNG images
#2. Tiny PNG – Compress PNG images
#3. Tiny JPG – Compress JPG images

#1. Baremetrics – Revenue Dashboard
#2. InvoiceToMe – Free invoice generator

#1. MozBar – The all-in-one SEO toolbar for research. Gives you instant metrics of any page.
#2. SEO Toolbar – Get quick access to Ahrefs’ SEO metrics while you surf the web.
#3. SEO Quake – Reverse engineer the SEO metrics of a link.
#4. Hunter – Hunter finds email addresses from a website, with just ONE click.
#5. BuzzMarker – Prospect Faster and Outreach Smarter.
#6. Hootsuite – Quickly share web pages to all of your social networks.
#7. Grammarly – Check your spelling and grammar as you type in real-time.
#8. WhatFont – The easiest way to identify fonts on web pages.
#9. Feedly – All your favorite sites in one place (RSS aggregator)
#10. PrintFriendly – Removes ads and junk before your print in PDF (magazine-style).
#11. Nimbus – Screen Capture FULL Web page. Edit screenshots. Record screencasts
#12. VidIQ Vision – View Facebook shares, Reddit upvotes, and much more of a Youtube Video.
#13. Yesware Email Tracking – See who opens your emails and clicks on your email links.
#14. CheckMyLinks – Link checker that crawls through a webpage and looks for broken links.
#15. Google Analytics URL Builder – Tag URL’s to be tracked in Google Analytics reports.
#16. Sniply – Add a CTA to your website in other people’s content like CNN, NY Times etc.
#17. RescueTime – Track the time you spend online and get a report on your productivity.
#18. LinkClump – Drag a selection box around links to open them all as new tabs.
#19. Similar Pages – Discover webpages similar to the webpage you’re currently browsing.
#20. Page Analytics by Google – See how customers interact with your web pages.
#21. Ninja Outreach – Find EVERYTHING about one person (URL, Key Pages, Alexa Rank etc).
#22. Zest – Share and Find Remarkable Content
#23. Nightwatch – International Search Simulator by Nightwatch
#24. Disconnect Facebook™ – Disable FB pixel / Facebook tracking in 3rd-party websites.
#25. DownAlbum – Download Whole Albums at once (Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram etc)
#26. Wayback Machine – Reveal previous pages (404 pages too) by Internet Archive
#27. Honey – Automatic Coupons, Promo Codes and Deals
#28. Pixel Block – Block people from tracking you when you open/read Gmail emails
#29. Ghostery – Very Precise & Powerful Adblocking software
#30. Palette Creator – Extract the color palette from any image
#31. Similar Web – Traffic Rank & Analysis of any page.
#32. Wappalyzer – Identify Programs on Websites.
#33. Loom – Video Recorder that uses your Screen, Webcam and Mic.

#1. Stock Snap – Beautiful and Free Stock Photos (CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSE)
#2. Pexels – Amazing and Free Stock Photos (CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSE)
#3. Twenty20 – Professional and Premium Stock Photos
#4. Freepik – Awesome Free and Paid Icons, Photos, and Vectors
#5. Flaticon – Free Vector icons – SVG, PSD, PNG, EPS & Icon Font
#6. Iconfinder – Free and Premium icons (over 1.275,000)
#7. The Noun Project – Over 1 Million Royalty-Free Icons for Personal and Commercial Use
#8. Vexels – Find Vectors, Transparent PNGs, Designs and more
#9. Death to Stock – Unique images for creatives

SECTION: Chatbot Services
OBJECTIVE: This area has the intent to gather all Top Chatbot Services that may assist companies and entrepreneurs in anything that’s related to the Chatbot space, ranging from chatbot platforms to chatbot analytics and more.

#1. DialogFlowConversational User Experience Platform
#2. BotsifyCreate a Chatbot without coding
#3. ChatFuelCreate AI Chatbots without coding
#4. ChattypeopleMessenger Bot for Facebook Commerce
#5. Flow XOBot Platform for business
#6. Beep BoopDeveloper Bot Platform for Slack Integrations
#7. InterbotBot-to-Bot Networking (communicate with other bots)
#8. Bot AnalyticsBot Analytics (A Google Analytics for bots)
#9. ChatbaseChatbot Analytics (by Google)
#10. Mobile MonkeyCreate AI Chatbots without coding

SECTION: Reliable Expert Sources for Linking/Research
OBJECTIVE: This area has the intent to gather all Top Websites that are famous for being scientific or data-driven authorities in the business community. Companies and websites who are famous for publishing reports and articles with well-researched data that experts like to use to back up their arguments and statements in digital publications.

#1. NIELSENArticles & Resources about UX (Evidence-based UX Research)
#2. SCIENCE MAGAZINEArticles & Resources about Science
#3. SCIENTIFIC AMERICANArticles & Resources about Science
#4. STATISTAResearch about Marketing/Technology/Marketplace
#5. OFCOMMarket Reports about Data/Communications
#6. COMSCOREMarket Reports about Digital Media/Advertising/Mobile/TV/Video
#7. E-MARKETERData Research about Digital Marketing
#8. MARKETING CHARTSKey statistics about Marketing
#9. MARKETING PROFSKey statistics about Marketing
#10. PLAGIARISM TODAYArticles & Resources about Plagiarism
#11. PSYCHOLOGY TODAYArticles & Resources about Human Psychology and Behavior
#12. PEW RESEARCH CENTERExpert Reports about Internet/Science/Tech
#13. UX MYTHSExpert Research about User Experience (UX)
#14. FACEBOOK A.I.Research at Facebook (A.I. Publications)
#15. Federal Trade Commission (FTC)CAN-SPAM Act: A Compliance Guide for Business
#16. Science DailyScience News and Articles
#17. United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)Patents and Trademarks(US)
#18. United Kingdom Intellectual Property OfficePatents/Trademark/Copyright
#19. Proceedings of The National Academy of SciencesExpert Research (Neuroscience)
#20. BiomedCentralJournals (Science)
#21. Statistic BrainGlobal Stats about Marketing/Business/Finance
#22. Net Market ShareMarket Share Statistics for Internet Technologies
#23. CoinMarketCapCrypto Market (Price, Volume, Circulating Supply etc) [statistics]
#24. Stat CounterSearch Engines Market shares [statistics]
#25. Bankruptcy DataCorporate Bankruptcy Data [statistics]
#26. SalarySalary Data [statistics]
#27. ArXivCornell University Library for Research Papers

SECTION: Large Datasets for Linking/Research/Database
OBJECTIVE: This area has the intent to gather all Top Large Datasets open to the public that may help startups build their products. Since many startups today need tons of third-party data to have a chance fighting big corporations in business, this is of great assistance if you know what you’re doing. Here you have cross-disciplinary data repositories, data collections and data search engines. Along with some single datasets and data repositories as well.

KAPSARC Data Portal – Energy / Trade/ Water/ Environment/ Economy/ Trade
Kaggle – Society/ Business/ Technology
Asset Macro – Macroeconomic Indicators/ Financial Data/ Stocks/ Market Data
Amazon AWS – Email Data/ Census Data/ Federal Reserve Data/ NASA Satelites etc
Re3Data.Org – Registry of Research Data Repositories
FigShare – Store, Share, Discover Research
QuandL – Financial, Economic, and Alternative Datasets for Investment Professionals
Kdnuggets – Datasets for Data Mining
Enigma Public – The World’s Broadest Collection of Public Data
Network Repository – Exremely Impressive Interactive Network Data Repository
Open Data Inception – A Comprehensive List of 2500+ Open Data Portals in the World
Open Data – New York’s Open Data Portal
Open Data – Austin’s Open Data Portal
Open Data – Chicago’s Open Data Portal
Open Data – Seattle’s Open Data Portal
Open Data – San Francisco’s Open Data Portal
Open Data – The US Government Open Data Portal
Data Gov UK – Opening The UK Government
Data Gov IT – Opening The Italian Government
Data Gov IN – Opening The Indian Government
Data Medicare Gov – Dataset About Medicare
The World Bank – Global Financial Development Datasets
The World Bank – Employment to Population ratio, Countries and Economies and more
Wikipedia – Wikipedia’s Datasets for Download
American Fact Finder – Topics/ Industries/ Occupations (United States Census Bureau)
Darthmouth Atlas – Healthcare in The United States
Federal Aviation Administration – Data & Research
US GOV XML – US Government Web Services and XML Data Sources
Google Life Magazine – Photographs classified by Machine Learning
OpenCorporates – The largest open database of companies in the world

SECTION: Companies to Buy Customer Data
OBJECTIVE: This area has the intent to gather all Top Companies that sell reliable consumer data that may assist marketers and entrepreneurs in finding the best customers, behavioral patterns, sales patterns and other valuable insights.

#1. EQUIFAXBuy Credit Card Consumer Data
#2. EXPERIANBuy Credit Card Reports
#3. TRANSUNIONBuy Credit Card Reports
#4. ACXIOMBuy Products & Sales Data
#5. IRIBuy Products & Sales Data
#6. FICOBuy Consumer Data
#7. TOWERDATABuy Consumer Emails
#8. KRISTALYTICSBuy Email Lists
#9. HOOVERSBuy Email Lists
#10. NEXTMARKBuy Email Lists
#11. LEAD RIPPLEBuy Email Lists
#12. NIELSENBuy TV, Internet and Radio Data
#13. GNIPBuy Social Data
#14. DATASIFTBuy Social Data

SECTION: Top Websites to buy Online Businesses
OBJECTIVE: This area has the intent to gather all Top Websites where you can find online businesses for sale. You’ll have to filter what you find because some findings may not be what they seem. Make sure to do due diligence yourself before buying anything.

#1. EMPIRE FLIPPERSFind Online Businesses for sale
#2. BIZBENFind Online Businesses for sale
#3. FLIPPAFind Online Businesses for sale
#4. WE SELL YOUR SITEFind Online Businesses for sale
#5. QUIET LIGHT BROKERAGEFind Online Businesses for sale

SECTION: Top Websites to find Great Lawyers
OBJECTIVE: This area has the intent to gather all Top Websites that can be used to find great lawyers that can help you with all kinds of different business needs like Copyright, Trademark, Lawsuits and more. Other websites are just a simple and straightforward channel for finding lawyers.

#1. RIGHT COUNSELFind a lawyer
#2. LEGAL ZOOMTrademark & IP / Business Services

SECTION: Top Websites to find Great Customers
OBJECTIVE: This area has the intent to gather all Top Websites that can be used to reverse engineer companies and know the necessities they have in business. Other websites are just a simple and straightforward channel for finding customers.

#1. THE GUARDIAN JOBSFind Jobs/Customers
#2. PROBLOGGERFind Jobs/Customers
#3. CAREER BUILDERFind Jobs/Customers
#4. BOMBORASelect 5 Topics and Check Which Brands Are Searching for Them
#5. WORKING NOMADSFind Jobs/Customers
#6. JOBSPRESSOFind Jobs/Customers
#7. SIMPLY HIREDFind Jobs/Customers
#8. VIRTUAL VOCATIONSFind Remote Jobs/Customers

SECTION: Top Websites to find Great Employees
OBJECTIVE: This area has the intent to gather all Top Websites that may assist companies and entrepreneurs in finding great employees around the world. Any reliable website that can help you find great colaborators, from Executives to Freelancers.

#1. CROSSOVERFind Great and Talented Devs/Engineers at lower costs
#2. CODEPENFind Great and Talented Front-end devs and Developers
#3. TOPTALHire Freelance Talent from the Top 3%
#4. ANDELAFind World-class Developers to Extend your Team
#5. DRIBBLEFind Top Designers All Over the World
#6. 99DESIGNSFind Top Designers for Logos, Web and Graphic Design
#7. BEHANCEFind Great Freelance Designers
#8. VISUALLYPremium Content Creation for better Marketing
#9. ENGAGE TALENTRecruitment Machine via AI Generated Personalized Messaging
#10. BUG CROWDFind Cybersecurity Contractors and Freelancers
#11. WAYUPDiscover The Best Companies
#12. BAYTThe Middle East’s Leading Job Site

SECTION: Top Online Courses Websites
OBJECTIVE: This area has the intent to gather all Top Online Courses Websites that specialize in professional e-learning that companies can use to train and “upgrade” their employees.

#1. FAST.AILearn about Neural Networks, Machine Learning and AI
#2. DEEPLEARNING.AIBuild Your Career in AI
#3. COURSERAOnline Courses from The World’s Top Universities
#4. KHAN ACADEMYFree Online Courses, Lessons and Tests
#5. CODE ACADEMYLearn to Code using only your Browser
#6. UDEMYLearn Everything. Online.
#7. GOOGLE COURSEGoogle’s Machine Learning Crash Course
#8. HACKR.IOBest A.I. Tutorials (Curated by The A.I. Community)

SECTION: Top Crowdfunding Websites
OBJECTIVE: This area has the intent to gather all Top Websites that specialize in crowdfunding and angel investors, ideally for startups.

#1. KICKSTARTERFind Investors
#2. WEFUNDERFind Investors
#3. CRUNCHBASEFind Startups/Investors/Acquisitions
#4. ANGEL LISTWhere the World Meets Startups
#5. INDIEGOGOCrowdFunding Innovations & Buy Unique Products
#6. COINSCHEDULEThe Best cryptocurrency ICOs (Crowdsale and Token Sales list)
#7. CROWDCUBEOnline Investment and Equity Funding
#8. SEEDRSInvest Online in Startups via Equity Funding
#9. SYNDICATE ROOMEquity Investments for Individuals and Business Angels
#10. VENTURE FOUNDERSPrivate Equity Investment / Investment Opportunities UK
#11. CROWDFUNDERStart Crowdfunding in Crowdfunder UK
#12. GO FUND MERaise Money for Yourself, Others And Charities
#13. CB INSIGHTSThe Top 100 Venture Capitalists

SECTION: Top Public Speaking Websites
OBJECTIVE: This area has the intent to gather all Top Websites that are about helping professional public speakers and those interested in public speaking. International ONGs used by famous brands as a way to train employees in public speaking are also listed here.

#1. TED Talks – The Best Public Speeches of All Time
#2. Speakerpedia – The Encyclopedia of Speakers
#3. Toastmasters – International Professional Public Speaking Organization *Member

SECTION: Top Reviews Websites
OBJECTIVE: This area has the intent to gather all Top Reviews Websites that are about business, software and customer reviews.

#1. G2Crowd – Check customer reviews about companies
#2. Trustpilot – Experience the power of customer reviews
#3. TrustRadius – Software reviews from professionals, experts and employees
#4. Salesforce AppExchange – App reviews

SECTION: Top PR Tools Websites
OBJECTIVE: This area has the intent to gather all Top Websites that serve as PR assistance or as a PR service for companies/entrepreneurs. Everything PR-related that helps companies/marketers/entrepreneurs connect with journalists, press, top brands, or famous website owners and bloggers is in here to facilitate the success of PR campaigns.

#1. Help a Reporter Out (HARO) / CISION – Answer Journalists questions for Free Press
#2. Source Bottle – Answer Journalists questions for Free Press
#3. MuckRack – Connect with Journalists
#4. PR Newswire – Send a News Release
#5. Response Source – Answer Journalists for Free Press AND Discover Top Journalists

SECTION: Top Copyright Law Resources
OBJECTIVE: This area has the intent to gather all Top Copyright Law Resources that big brands, experts and attorneys rely on and link to when referring to the subject in professional digital publications.

#1. U.S.A. Copyright Service – About Copyright Law
#2. U.S.A. Copyright Service – About International Issues
#3. U.S.A. Copyright Service – About Websites and Content
#4. U.K. Copyright Service – About Copyright Law
#5. Stanford University – About Copyright Law and Fair Use
#6. Lumen – About Copyright Law and related questions
#7. UK Government – Intellectual Property
#8. – News Reporting
#9. DOJ – Intellectual Property Task Force

SECTION: Top Patent Search Resources
OBJECTIVE: This area has the intent to gather all Top Patent Search Resources for those who need to check and validate whether their inventions are new to the market or not. This area can also be used to monitor markets and companies.

#1. U.S.A. Patent & Trademark Office – Search for a Patent in the U.S.A
#2. European Patent Office – Search for a Patent in Europe
#3. European Patent Office – Search for Asian Patent Information
#4. European Patent Office – Search for Chinese Patents
#5. European Patent Office – Search for Japanese Patents
#6. European Patent Office – Search for Korean Patents
#7. New Zealand I.P. Office – Search for NZ Patents
#8. Google Patents – Search for Google Patents
#9. Justia Patents – Search for GOOGLE Patents (Granted)
#10. Justia Patents – Search for GOOGLE Patents (Applications)
#11. Justia Patents – Search for AMAZON Patents (Granted)
#12. Justia Patents – Search for AMAZON Patents (Applications)
#13. Justia Patents – Search for MICROSOFT Patents (Granted)
#14. Justia Patents – Search for MICROSOFT Patents (Applications)
#15. Justia Patents – Search for APPLE Patents (Granted)
#16. Justia Patents – Search for APPLE Patents (Applications)
#17. Justia Patents – Search for FACEBOOK Patents (Granted)
#18. Justia Patents – Search for FACEBOOK Patents (Applications)

SECTION: Top External Research/Papers
OBJECTIVE: This area has the intent to gather all Top Research published by respected universities like Harvard, Stanford, Chicago University and others; Research published by big companies like Google, Facebook, WhiteOps and other industry leaders are also listed here as resources. The goal is to list important papers that have valuable data which can serve as support for business/marketing decisions or as grounds to back up arguments in digital publications.

#1. Harvard University – Does “Liking” Lead to Loving?
#2. Harvard University – Artificial Intelligence’s Fair Use Copyright Crisis
#3. Stanford University – 10 Facebook Likes Reveal Your Private Data
#4. Stanford University – A.I. Editing Facial Expressions in Real-time Videos Using Just A Face
#5. Chicago University – A.I. Forgering Undetectable Fake Reviews
#6. Facebook – Learn2Smile: Training A.I. to Read Human Expressions
#7. WhiteOps – The Huge Methbot Adfraud Operation
#8. Google – A Study of VR in Jornalism
#9. Google – Google Vizier: A.I. BlackBox Optimization
#10. Stanford University – Deep Neural Networks can Detect Sexual Orientation from Faces
#11. PageFair – Adblock Worldwide Report (2016-2017)
#12. OnAudience – Adblockers Penetration Around The World (2016-2017)
#13. Princeton University – The Online Tracking on Websites (Google:75% / Facebook:25%)
#14. Washington University – Ad Intelligence: Using Targeted Ads for Personal Surveillance
#15. Zhejiang University – Dolphin Attack: Hacking Google, Siri with Inaudible Sounds
#16. Karlstad University – Exposing Malicious TOR Browser Exit Relays
#17. Adform – The Hyphbot Adfraud Network
#18. World Federation of Advertisers – Ad Fraud Knowledge for Media Investors
#19. Blackhat – Data For Social Engineering Automated Spear Phishing On Twitter
#20. Blackhat – I’m Not a Human: Breaking The Google reCAPTCHA
#21. Science Direct – Whispering through DDoS attack
#22. Recorded Future – Explosion of Mining Malware: A Shift in Cybercriminal Operations
#23. Radium One – The Dark Side of Mobile Sharing
#24. Kyoto University – A.I. Deep Image Reconstruction from Human Brain Activity
#25. Graz University of Technology – The Spectre Vulnerability
#26. Graz University of Technology – The Meltdown Vulnerability

SECTION: Top External Articles
OBJECTIVE: This area has the intent to gather all Top External articles from the web and the digital industry. All articles listed in this section are targeted to CEOs and Entrepreneurs, which is why it ranges from all business-related subjects like Marketing, Social Networks, SEO, Economy, Laws, Artificial Intelligence, Business and more. The goal is to give you all core information necessary for building a business. Information that cannot be missed or overlooked.

#1. Top marketers share the most counterintuitive SEO truths –
#2. We Analyzed 1.3 Million YouTube Videos. Here’s What We Learned –
#3. Reddit is Being Manipulated by Big Financial Companies –
#4. How Artificial Intelligence can Benefit E-commerce Businesses –
#5. This Startup Created A New A.I. That Can (Sometimes) Beat Google –
#6. Wait But Why: The Artificial Intelligence Revolution –
#7. Wait But Why: The AI Revolution: Our Immortality or Extinction –
#8. Silicon Valley is right—our jobs are already disappearing –
#9. Facebook Collects Data About You in Hundreds of Ways –
#10.Taco Bell Explains Its Social Media Blackout and How It Drove Sales –
#11. Life After The Robot Apocalypse –
#12. A Warning from Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Stephen Hawking –
#13. Inside Facebook’s AI Machine –
#14. The Death of Advertising –
#15. Hackers Stole My Website. Took Me $30,000 to Get It Back –
#16. How To Learn In 2 Days What Normally Takes 6 Months –
#17. What Happened When I Moved My Company to A 5-hour Workday –
#18. Andrew Ng: What AI Can and Can’t Do –
#19. What Trump Understands About Using SM to Drive Attention –
#20. How Do CEOs Consume Content? A Survey With 940 Executives –
#21. The On Demand Economy is A Bubble About to Burst –
#22. Facebook Is Making It Harder to Reach Audiences Without Paying –
#23. New algo-driven Instagram feed rolled out to the dismay of users –
#24. The AI Threat Isn’t Skynet. It’s the End of the Middle Class –
#25. Google’s 200 Ranking Factors: The Complete List –
#26. 7 Reasons Why You Will Never Do Anything Amazing With Your Life –
#27. 13 Advanced Link Building Strategies You (Probably) Haven’t Used –
#28. 7 Life Lessons from a Guy Who Can’t Move Anything but His Face –
#29. Hacker Kevin Mitnick Shows You How to Go Invisible Online –
#30. A World Without Work –
#31. Your Media Business Will Not Be Saved –
#32. The Great A.I. Awakening –
#33. Instagram’s algorithmic feed is the worst thing to happen to me –
#34. Defense Against The Dark Arts of Copyright Trolling –
#35. The Lack of Intelligence About Artificial Intelligence –
#36. The Future is More Content: Jeff Bezos, Robots and Publishing –
#37. 16 Explosive Content Promotion Strategies –
#38. How we hijacked Google’s SEO guide search rankings –
#39. 10 Strategies to Go Viral on Any Platform –
#40. Marketers Must Learn Now to Hack PEOPLE Instead of Algorithms –
#41. Copyright Trolls 2.0: Image Sites Embrace Righthaven Tactics –
#42. Newspaper Chain’s New Business Plan: Copyright Suits –
#43. L.A. TIMES: Righthaven Copyright Lawsuits as A Business Model –
#44. The $8,000 Mistake That All Bloggers Should Beware –
#45. Legal Lesson Learned: Copywriter Pays $4,000 for $10 Photo –
#46. Goodreads HIT With Copyright Suit Over Fan Photo –
#47. Marketers Largely Screwed: Marketo’s Chris Connell on Coca-cola –
#48. The Answer to Increasing Automation: Universal Basic Income? –
#49. Artificial Intelligence is Changing SEO Faster Than You Think –
#50. 128 Marketing Growth Strategies –
#51. 10 Things I’ve Learned While Learning Facebook Ads –
#52. 42 Hacks to Score White Hat Backlinks for an Online Business –
#53. The Race For AI: Google, Twitter, Intel, Apple for A.I. Startups –
#54. 7 AI Chatbot Startups Giving Technology a Voice –
#55. 7 Startups Giving Artificial Intelligence (AI) Emotions –
#56. Methbot: Hackers Make $5M A Day By Faking 300M Video Views –
#57. The Russian Methbot Scam Is Just the Tip of the Ad Fraud Iceberg –
#58. Cybersecurity: 80+ Companies Using A.I. To Secure The Future –
#59. 40+ Startups Using AI To Style Shoppers, Adjust Pricing And More –
#60. The Content That Gains More Shares and Links on Medium –
#61. Deep Learning Is Teaching Us All A Lesson: Jobs Are for Machines –
#62. The Job Market: A Game of Musical Chairs Over Hot Coals –
#63. The 90+ Ed Tech Startups Building The Future Of Education –
#64. Will February 2017 Go Down As The Month That Destroyed Adtech? –
#65. Ad-Blocking Superweapon Will End The Ad-Blocking Arms Race? –
#66. The Big Day: When Adblockers Stop ALL Martech Platforms –
#67. 70+ Drone Companies Transforming Unstructured Environments –
#68. 5 Financial Experts Are Warning That A Market Crash Is Imminent –
#69. How Business Is Fighting Against The Explosion in Cybercrime –
#70. The Bold 1997 Letter of Jeff Bezos to Amazon’s Shareholders –
#71. Jeff Bezos Is the Most Powerful Person in Tech –
#72. The Scary Bot Traffic Report That All Marketers Must See –
#73. ONE Dollar Means Only 3 Cents of ROI in Today’s Advertising –
#74. WTF is Viewability in Advertising? –
#75. Procter & Gamble to Scale Back Targeted Facebook Ads –
#76. Getting Your Medium Stories to Rank on The Front Page of Google –
#77. The Ultimate Guide to Developing an Actionable SEO Audit –
#78. We Need to Talk About the Power of AI to Manipulate Humans –
#79. The Secrets of Writing Long-form Articles That Go Absolutely Viral –
#80. Next Financial Crisis will Hit With A ‘Vengeance’ –
#81. FBI Highlights BEC, Tech Support Scams, Ransomware Concerns –
#82. Loss from Cybercrime Exceeded $1.3B in 2016 (FBI report) –
#83. Get Hacked and Your Cybersecurity Company May Pay –
#84. Why You Shouldn’t Name A Company After Yourself (Warning) –
#85. Google Is Betting on an App Store for A.I. Algorithms –
#86. The Real Threat of Artificial Intelligence –
#87. Here’s How Advertisers Are Using Waze to Connect With People –
#88. Understanding Mobile User Behavior Is Key for Mobile Success –
#89. IAB Tech Lab Debuts Ads.txt To Weed Out Fake Ad Sellers –
#90. A.I. Will Crush our Legal Framework for Intellectual Property Rights –
#91. Dapps And The Decentralized Future –
#92. 6 Examples Of How Quantum Computing Will Change Our World –
#93. Banner Blindness: Old and New Findings, A 10-year Research –
#94. The AdWords 2017 Roadmap is Loaded with A.I. –
#95. This AI-powered Marketing Tool can Predict Engagement –
#96. How Agencies Are Shifting Strategies to Compete With Deloitte –
#97. The Practical Guide to Doing your Own PR –
#98. Growth is Getting Hard from Intensive Competition, And Saturation –
#99. What CNN has Learnt After 6 Months of Chatbot Experimentation –
#100. Panoply Network Is Using Nielsen Data for Targeted Podcast Ads –
#101. ComScore: People Prefer Ads in Podcasts Over Other Medium –
#102. A.I. Is Getting Scary Good At Mimicking Us –
#103. Japan’s Leading Technology Blog Hired a New Writer, a Robot –
#104. Kik CEO: An ICO Is Our Only Way to Compete With Facebook –
#105. New AI Tech Can Mimic Any Voice (Trump, Obama and Hillary) –
#106. A Company Is Implanting Chips in Its Employees –
#107. Why Luxury Brands Are Putting Chips in Clothes and Accessories –
#108. Twitter Using Account Verification To Promote War Propaganda –
#109. IG Influencers Use Comment Collusion To Game The Algorithm –
#110. 25 Promotion Tactics To Ensure People See Your Content –
#111. Ad Fraud is a ‘Widespread’ Problem, Google and Othes Admit –
#112. Advertisers Warm to Amazon’s Increasing Ad Pitch –
#113. Facebook to Refund Advertisers Following More Metrics Errors –
#114. Ad Contrarian Warns Marketers to Pull Back from The Digital Cliff –
#115. The Complete Guide to Google Adwords Plug-and-Play Scripts –
#116. Disney Plans to Measure How Much You Like Its Movies –
#117. The Dark Secret at The Heart of A.I. –
#118. Cisco Report Predicts NEW “Destruction of Service” Threats –
#119. Privacy Fail: When “Dark Data” Gives Away your Identity –
#120. Big Data: Just How Anonymous Are “Anonymous” Records? –
#121. 24 Industries That Auto Driverless Cars Could Turn Upside Down –
#122. A.I. Will Make Forging Anything Entirely Too Easy –
#123. Photographer Proves End of Privacy Is Here Using Random Pics –
#124. Hackerpocalypse: A Cybercrime Revelation –
#125. Companies Using Fake Websites to Censor Bad Reviews –
#126. Facebook Using NRA to Defend Its Facial Recog. Programs –
#127. Saving Face: Facebook Wants Access WITHOUT LIMITS! –
#128. Amazon Plans to Check Up on Your Price Checks –
#129. Google Wants to Track you in REAL LIFE! –
#130. New Law Could Criminalise Uncovering Personal Data Abuses –
#131. European Regulators are About to Kill The Media Industry –
#132. The Cybercrime Scheme That Attacks Emails And Bank Accounts –
#133. Ex-Facebook Workers Routinely Suppressed Conservative News –
#134. A Data Scientist Explains What Makes A Viral Reddit Post –
#135. Report: Brands are Falling for Fake Instagram Influencers –
#136. The Complete List of Unicorn Companies –
#137. The Complete list of Top Unicorn Exits –
#138. Why Brands & Agencies Are Preparing for the Era of 6-Sec Ads –
#139. The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying –
#140. Leaked: EU Plans to Freeze Deposits to Prevent Bank Runs –
#141. The ECB Morphs into the Mother of All “Bad Banks” –
#142. EU Proposes Account Freezes to Halt Bank Runs –
#143. Guardian using Philanthropy to support The future of Journalism –
#144. Privacy: New European Rules will open up Retail Banking –
#145. Cybercrime: Why You Need to Study Nation-State Attacks –
#146. Can You Work Less Than 40 Hours A Week And Still Succeed? –
#147. New Facebook, Instagram Bugs Demonstrate Social Media Risk –
#148. Buzzfeed sent a Message to the Digital Publishing Business –
#149. Google Refunds Advertisers Whose Ads Ran on Fake Traffic Sites –
#150. “Content Doesn’t Need to be FREE” Digiday Editor in Chief says –
#151. Yes, Google Uses Its Power To Quash Ideas It Doesn’t Like –
#152. Google Squashed Story On Search Results and Google Plus –
#153. GDPR: CMO warns about Real Risks –
#154. Digital Advertising is Facing The Ultimate Moment of Truth –
#155. WTF is Ads.txt? –
#156. News UK looks to Startup as a way to get New Sources of Revenue –
#157. German Publishers are joining forces against the Great Duopoly –
#158. The Complex Problem of Click Spamming –
#159. Ad Stacking and Online Advertising Fraud –
#160. Hackable Flaw in Connected Cars is ‘Unpatchable’ –
#161. Hackers Can Use Ultrasounds to Take Control of Alexa –
#162. The Battle Kaspersky Won Against A Patent Troll –
#163. Verizon Looks to become Dominant Advertising Force –
#164. What We Don’t Know About What Facebook Knows About Us –
#165. GDPR Will Help or Hurt Publishers Depending on Who you Ask –
#166. AI Researchers created FAKE Reviews Now –
#167. GDPR Myths Debunked –
#168. Great Big List of Cybersecurity Resources –
#169. Quant Funds Stumble As Dumb-Money Disappears –
#170. The 4 Popular Myths about Ads Debunked by Adhawk CEO –
#171. Why Economic Incentive May Lead to the Failure of Bitcoin –
#172. Bitcoin: Hackers’ “Anonymous” Currency –
#173. Dark Web Crimes Activity –
#174. Data Breach Crimes Activity –
#175. Banks can Face 5 BILLION Fine under GDPR –
#176. AI lets you Control Another Human’s Expressions in Real-time –
#177. The WORST that could happen with Facial Recognition DBs? –
#178. The 5 QR Codes Basics Every Company Should Know –
#179. Facebook’s Ad Platform Is Easily Gamed & Privacy Is Cheap –
#180. Banking Sector Will be Ground Zero for Job Losses from AI –
#181. Five Ways Work Will Change in The Future –
#182. The Rise of ‘Thinking’ Machines could Exacerbate Inequality –
#183. Deutsche Bank Says ‘big number’ of staff WILL Lose jobs to AI –
#184. Amazon Reviews have a Bot Problem –
#185. Confessions of a Paid Amazon Review Writer –
#186. Reddit CEO Admits To Editing Posts Made By Trump Supporters –
#187. Full Transcript: Reddit CEO Says He’s Really Sorry for Editing –
#188. Hacking Crime Activity –
#189. Restoration Hardware CEO Reveals Startling Reality About Ads –
#190. Genius PR: Lessons From Walter O’Brien And ‘Scorpion’ –
#191. Social Networks SURPRISING New Threat: Blockchain –
#192. The Golem Project Aims to Decentralize The Internet –
#193. ThePirateBay Hijacks Visitors’ Browsers to Mine Cryptocurrency –
#194. How Criminals Are Using 3D Printing –
#195. Cardlytics: Using Credit Card Consumer Data for Marketing –
#196. Marketing to young people is Narcissism Disguised as Strategy –
#197. What is the IP Act and How will it affect you? –
#198. New Law Firm seeks would-be Gov’t whistleblowers –
#199. Digital Publishers can no longer Avoid Paywalls –
#200. What News-Writing Bots Mean for the Future of Journalism –
#201. A New AI Can Write Music as Well as a Human Composer –
#202. Six Seconds: The Way Giphy Could Make Billions –
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#204. Datacoup Will Pay You $8/Month if You Give Personal Data –
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#206. How Easy it’s for Anyone (and Russia) to Target You With FB Ads –
#207. Facebook Answered Just 5 out of 12 Questions on The Election –
#208. If Ads Don’t Work, can Publishers Strike Subscription Gold? –
#209. When Adblockers and GDPR KILL ALL Adtech and Martech –
#210. Facebook moving Organic Posts out of News Feed in Trial –
#211. The Running List of 2017 Retail Apocalypse Victims –
#212. JPMorgan Had Ads on 400k Sites then on just 5k. Same ROI –
#213. It Takes Just $1000 to Track Someone’s Location via Mobile Ads –
#214. How Brands Secretly Buy Their Way into Forbes, Huffpost etc –
#215. CEO Alex Tapscott Will Return Money to Investors –
#216. Twitter Admits It Accidentally Inflated User Growth for 3 Years –
#217. Workplace Surveillance can Track Your Every Move –
#218. I Asked Tinder for My Data and It Sent 800 Pages of My Secrets –
#219. This City Hall Brought to You By Amazon –
#220. Google Collects Android Users Location Even When It’s Disabled –
#221. Ex-Google CEO: AI Will Kill All Jobs, Starting with White Collar –
#222. AI is Killing The Uncanny Valley and Our Grasp on Reality –
#223. AI-assisted Fake Porn is Here –
#224. AI Doesn’t Have Enough Data to Handle The Next Market Crash –
#225. Snowden’s New App Turns Your Phone into a Security System –
#226. The Latest Hacking Tools –
#227. Domain Spoofing Costs Insider 10M Fake Impressions in 15 Min –
#228. Google Manual Actions: FAQ And Their Answers –
#229. Adform: A Bot Network Generating 1,5 Billion Requests/Day –
#230. Marketing Next Issue: The Rising Cost of Customer Acquisition –
#231. Scandal Prompts FTC to Crack Down on Influencers –
#232. 5 Ways SEO Experts: Optimize for RankBrain –
#233. Dodgy Agency Tries to con Publisher in Ads.txt Fraud Saga –
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#235. Google Penalties and Messages Explained –
#236. How to Make Your Own Rankbrain List –
#237. British GQ and Universal Music Test Shareable Podcast Formats –
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#239. The Chatbot Monetization Report –
#240. 10 Psychological Retail Tricks to Make You Buy –
#241. McKinsey: Obesity Costs Global Society 2.0 Trillion a Year –
#242. The New York Times is Now Available as a Tor Onion Service –
#243. A Lack of Cybersecurity Talent is Driving Brands to Use AI –
#244. Bitcoin Transactions Aren’t as Anonymous as Everyone Hoped –
#245. The Bitcoin Whales: 1,000 People Own 40% of The Market –
#246. Why Being Great at Your Job is Harder Than it Used to Be –
#247. Israel’s Ailing Teva to Cut 25% of Global Workforce –
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#249. The Booming, and Opaque Business of Dark Web Monitoring –
#250. Can We use “Tracking Walls” to Force Consent Under GDPR? –
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#254. GDPR Will Lead to A Scramble to Pass Off Liability to Others –
#255. Expect Fewer Great Startups If The FCC Kills Net Neutrality –
#256. How The Guardian Found 800,000 Paying Readers –
#257. The App That Lets Arianna H., Richard Branson Pick Your Reads –
#258. Mashable/Buzzfeed Are More Bad News for Online Media –
#259. The Brutal Fight to Mine Your Data and Sell it To Your Boss –
#260. America’s “Retail Apocalypse” Is Really Just The Beginning –
#261. Hackers Ran Ad That Pretended To Come From Twitter –
#262. Researchers Discover TWO Major Flaws in All Computers –
#263. If Browsers Are The New OS, Where’s The Security to Match? –
#264. A New Wave of Bad Ads is Hijacking even Top-Tier Websites –
#265. The 6 Ways Hackers Will Use Machine Learning to Launch Attacks –
#266. Browser-based Crypto Mining Makes Unexpected Return –
#267. Trojan: Jack of All Trades –
#268. Scientists Took Over A PC by Encoding Malware in DNA –
#269. P.A. Wins Google Grant to Run Robot-driven News Service –
#270. Japanese Scientists Just Used A.I. to Read Minds –
#271. The 10 Charts That Will Change Your Perspective on A.I. Growth –
#272. For The 1st Time A Robot Passed A Medical Exam –
#273. Everyone is Making AI-Generated Fake Porn Now –
#274. The World’s 1st Graphical AI Interface –
#275. Algorithm Summarizes Lengthy Text Surprisingly Well –
#276. “China’s Netflix” Scores Massive Blockbluster Thanks to A.I. –
#277. 77% of Content is Being Shared via Dark Social –
#278. 1/5 of UK Brands Plan to Decrease Their Programmatic Ad Spend –
#279. P&G Plans to Cut Another 50% And Bring More Media In-house –
#280. The Brands That Have Most to Lose from FB’s New Algorithm –
#281. Facebook Kills News Feed in Favor of “Meaningful Interactions” –
#282. Youtubers Beg Fans: Leave Videos on in The Background –
#283. Want to Start A Publisher Co-op in Asia? Here’s The Formula –
#284. The Epic Review of The Top Trends & Updates in PPC 2017 –
#285. Ad Retargeters Scramble to Get Consumer Consent –
#286. Millions of Young People Are Flocking Away from Social Media –
#287. Why Building a Brand is The Most Viable SEO Strategy –
#288. If KOLs Aren’t Part of Your Marketing You Need to Read This –
#289. For Marketers, TV Sets Are an Invaluable Pair of Eyes –
#290. Consent is Unworkable for Programmatic Ads in The Era of GDPR –
#291. How to Audit Your Adtech Vendors’ GDPR Readiness –
#292. We Want to Become A Marketing Company: Meet The New Cisco –
#293. You Say Paywalls Are Back? For The FT They Never Went Away –
#294. China’s Intellectual Property Theft Must Stop –
#295. This is What Bitcoin Scammers Trying to Defraud You Will Say –
#296. The End of Food –
#297. Facebook is Censoring People The US Government Sanctions –
#298. Hey, Mark Zuckerberg: My Democracy Isn’t Your Laboratory –
#299. Game on Your Phone Tracking What You’re Watching on TV? –
#300. Google and Facebook Are Watching our Every Move Online –
#301. Is Your Vizio Television Spying on You? What to Know –
#302. The Group Chats Where People Pump/Dump Cryptocurrency –
#303. The People Paying Journalists to Promote Brands in Articles –
#304. These Were The Craziest Workplace Surveillance Stories of 2017 –
#305. ATO: Naming and Shaming The Nation’s Biggest Tax Cheats –
#306. More Than A Third of Big Companies Paid no Tax in 2014/2015 –
#307. ATO Says 36% of Big Firms and Multinationals Paid No Tax –
#308. How Corporations And The Wealthy Avoid Taxes –
#309. World’s Richest 500 See Their Wealth Increase by $1TN This Year –
#310. Ex-employee Accusing Uber of Hacking Competitors/Wiretapping –
#311. The Secret Swag Resale Economy –
#312. The Follower Factory: Inside Social Media’s Black Market –
#313. Germany’s Strict New SM Hate Speech Law Got Its 1st Victim –
#314. Company Soars on Move into Bitcoin That’s Likely False –
#315. South Korea Will Require Real-name Crypto Trading –
#316. Whitney T. to Shut Hedge Fund After Poor Returns –
#317. Tech Giants Are Paying Huge Salaries for Scarce A.I. Talent –
#318. We’re Less Likely to Collaborate in Bad Economic Times –
#319. Europe’s Central Banks Are Replacing Dollar Reserves With Yuan –
#320. Japanese Retailers Quickly Embracing Bitcoin Payments –
#321. This One Factor Could Tell How Far Bitcoin Will Plunge –
#322. Why Wages Aren’t Growing –
#323. Someone Locked $150M Worth of Other People’s Ethereum Funds –
#324. Kodak’s Stock Doubles After Boarding Blockchain Trend –
#325. Bitcoin Frenzy Helps Crypto Hedge Funds Reap 1,100%+ –
#326. If You’re Not Spending 5 Hours Per Week Learning… –
#327. The Mysterious Twitter User Impresing Japan Traders –
#328. Israeli Entrepreneur vs Amazon in Brawl for Brains –
#329. Israel Likely to Change Tax Policies due to Trump’s Tax Reform –
#330. Salon is Using Adblocking Readers’ CPU to Mine Cryptocurrency –
#331. How The U.S. and The World Regulate Cryptocurrencies –

OBS: All articles above are published first on THE MARKET MASTERY PAGE

SECTION: Top Podcasts
OBJECTIVE: This area has the intent to gather all Top Podcasts that talk about Marketing, Tech, Business and Entrepreneurship. Everything here is ideal for CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Marketers.

#1. VB Engage – The Brutally Honest Marketing Technology Podcast
#2. Tim Ferriss Show – The #1 Business Podcast on All of iTunes
#3. Marketing Schools – How to Learn Marketing in Just 10 Minutes a Day
#4. Duck Tape Marketing – The Duck Tape Marketing
#5. Masters of Scale (with Reid Hoffman) – A Podcast about Growing Companies

SECTION: Top Podcasts Directories
OBJECTIVE: This area has the intent to gather all Top Podcasts directories websites that allow you to post your own podcast so others can find your company’s work.

#1. iTunes – Submit your podcast
#2. Google Play – Submit your podcast
#3. Spotify – Submit your podcast
#4. Soundcloud – Submit your podcast
#5. Stitcher – Submit your podcast
#6. Tunein – Submit your podcast
#7. iHeart – Submit your podcast
#8. Blubrry – Submit your podcast
#9. Podbay – Submit your podcast
#10. Podtail – Submit your podcast

SECTION: Top Cybersecurity Companies
OBJECTIVE: This area has the intent to gather all Top Cybersecurity Companies that provide security assistance for brands in the digital space, like cyberattack prevention, mobile security, cyber-risk management, predictive intelligence and a lot more.

#1. BehavioSec – Behavioral Analytics and Anomaly Detection
#2. DarkTrace – Behavioral Analytics and Anomaly Detection
#3. Feedzai – Antifraud and Identity Management
#4. Socure – Antifraud and Identity Management
#5. SentinelOne – Predictive Intelligence
#6. Cylance – Prevent Cyberattacks with Artificial Intelligence
#7. Cybersaint Security – Cyber-risk Management
#8. Cyence – Cyber-risk Management
#9. Tanium – Automated Security
#10. Demisto – Automated Security
#11. Cryptosense – App Security
#12. Spark Cognition – IoT Security
#13. Bastille – IoT Security
#14. GetCujo – IoT Security
#15. Illusive Networks – Deception Security
#16. Phantom – Security Automation & Orchestration Platform
#17. Swinlane – Security Orchestration, Automation and Response Platform
#18. Nintex – Advanced Workflow and Intelligent Process Automation

SECTION: Top Drone Companies
OBJECTIVE: This area has the intent to gather all Top Businesses that provide solutions involving Drones, for many different purposes and scenarios.

#1. Cape – The World’s First Online Drone Fly Platform
#2. Hover Camera – Your Personal Self-Flying Photographer
#3. DJI – Professional Drones

SECTION: Top Status Pages
OBJECTIVE: This area has the intent to gather all Top Status Pages that most online businesses use on a daily basis so you can know what services are unavailable, in case you run into problems at work.

#1. Reddit Status Page
#2. Facebook Platform Status Page
#3. Google Suite Status Page
#4. Google Cloud Status Page
#5. Amazon AWS Status Page
#6. Slack Status Page
#7. Bing Ads Status Page
#8. Azure Status Page
#9. Skype Status Page
#10. Zendesk Status Page
#11. Dropbox
#12. Shopify Status Page
#13. Medium Status Page
#14. GotoMeeting Status Page
#15. Twilio Status Page