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PETERSON TEIXEIRA COMPANY is a Marketing & Business Consultancy Company. Currently located in Brazil – São José dos Campos but available to customers around the globe. The goal of this company is to build businesses through creative, strong and bold marketing approaches that allows my customers to appear in such crowded marketplace in a very short amount of time. The services are all high-quality oriented because nothing less is considered “normal” here. Those who come here can be sure of 3 things:

1. Challenging Marketing and Business projects are this brand’s preference
2. Living and taking risks is considered the normal way to fast growth here
3. Services are always thought from an Entrepreneur’s perspective. Always.


  • Coaching
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Strategy

The end goal is to bring your business MORE SALES and/or TRAFFIC.
Ultimately, more money. Period. That’s what I currently do for companies worldwide.

If you are thinking about hiring my Professional Marketing & Consultancy services, and you want to know more about how it will work and what does it all covers in practice, then you can have all your questions answered in the pages below.

If you need anything else, use the form to send a direct message.

This business is currently accepting 2 types of customers: BIG COMPANIES and ENTREPRENEURS. The reason behind this is because these two profiles have a similar mindset and more deep understanding of the value of being bold, taking risks and being creative with your brand above everything else. Also, the goal is to maximize revenue while building a great portfolio. No half-talks in this business. Pure transparency here because that’s what I expect from customers as well.

There’s a Resource Page for entrepreneurs here which I use to publish highly valuable things, like: Tools, Apps, Organizations, Online Communities, Books and Articles. All available for free consultation for you. Because it’s fun to share what I love to talk about. Make good use of it and enjoy.

You can become a contributor to promote your content and your business here. You just have to read the Guest Post Guidelines to understand what this brand is about and what do I expect from you as a Guest Entrepreneur. You’re welcome to share your expertise and ideas.

Peterson Teixeira is currently a one-man operation. Although many business owners and entrepreneurs have asked me in the past how many designers, copywriters, and other marketing professionals are assisting me in running my company, there’s actually no other professional at all. None. Everything you’re seeing in this company’s website is all done, thought, researched and heavily executed by myself. No team. No assistance. A true one man army operation.

This company is here to DOMINATE the Marketing and Business Consultancy market share of brands that are making people’s lives worse. Just pure market domination. Not a joke. Many business owners run their businesses based on lies and deceptions, making entrepreneurs go through discredit episodes because of that, while they explore employees’ working hours without paying them accordingly just to make themselves wealthy without really caring about people (customers) nor employees. This business is here to TAKE DOWN these kinds of businesses. Completely. My company is aiming to grab market share of those who make the world worse in the business world, no matter what place of the planet they are. People’s lives come first here. So Family time, running things through morals and principles, and other God-related values are my ultimate goals with this business. This company will endure in the right way of doing things, business-wise.

The Founder and CEO, Peterson Teixeira, is a true entrepreneur from BRAZIL, born in Santos, a beautiful city from the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Coming from a middle class family, with awesome parents who used to work for the government, Peterson was taught since an early age to work for the government since in Brazil this means becoming “set for life” because government employees cannot be fired if the position applied for was acquired through a public test (concurso público in portuguese). However, despite being smart, the education in Brazil is one of the worst in the world and because his family didn’t have much money he had to attend public school up until the last year of High School. Because he couldn’t stand bullies, Peterson ended up fighting against practically all the bullies of his class, making attending Public School unbearable on a daily basis, so he had to leave his school for a private one in the last 6 months of High School in Guarujá, another beautiful town nearby Santos, Brazil.

He then got a huge reality check, because private schools were at a completely different level in comparison to public schools regarding educational content. While class mates (which this time were fun to hang out with) were way ahead and were simply going to class to review things in order to prepare for College, Peterson was actually learning many things for the 1st time. Math, Geography, History and all other areas were giving lessons he never got ever since he started attending public school. That’s how messed up the schooling system in Brazil is, which naturally results in an even bigger Wealth Gap. To make things worse, in Brazil things work backwards. Meaning, those who attend private schools get to enter into Public Universities (which are the best ones in Brazil) while those who attend public schools, have no way of getting into Public Universities because there’s no real education that can give someone poor all the educational content necessary to apply for a Public University and take the spot of a rich kid. Therefore, people from public schools in Brazil only have the option to get a low-paying job and pay for Private Universities, which are the worst in Brazil (with some rare exceptions).

As a consequence, when applying for a job, all the best companies don’t even read or take for granted someone who graduated in Private Universities because it implies that that person came from a poor family and isn’t smart enough to get into a Public University, and therefore, has no value. That’s the reality. A lot of resumés from those who came from Private Universities don’t even get considered in a job application process. If getting into a Public University was super hard, scoring a government position through a public test was close to impossible. Fortunately, Peterson had a way out: Cursinhos (i.e. a crash course that replays all that was learned in High School in 3, 6 or 12 months). Because of his warrior-like mentality learned thanks to Kung-Fu, he decided to present this alternative to his parents and grandparents to see if they could afford it so he could have a shot at getting into a Public University.

His grandfather managed to make an effort and pay for a 3-month crash course in Objetivo, a rich-kid-like private school that also provided Cursinhos. Thinking he had an easier path ahead because of everything he learned in the last 6 months of High School in his private school from Guarujá, Peterson got another big reality check: Everything was new. Again. So he was actually going to the crash course to LEARN what he didn’t learn in his entire lifetime attending public school (and the last 6 months of private school). He then applied for FATEC University in Santos, Brazil for a post in the Data Processing course. FAILED. He then decided to make one last effort and apply for a bigger crash course, and then he applied for FATEC University again. And then HE PASSED in 24th place. There were only 40 spots per exam which opened up every 6 months. Once inside FATEC, in the very 1st class, a teacher named Fiandra started telling all students that they were a rare breed in Brazil. And that after the 3-year course, they would land a high-paying job in Sao Paulo making at least 8,000 reais which in Brazilian currency is relatively a lot of money for a working person.

However, after 6 months in, Peterson Teixeira started noticing something weird: The FATEC University “brand” was only famous because of the smart people that got inside, because the education itself was the worst. So once again, Peterson realized that “following the lead” and simply attending College without putting any additional effort would only result in a very painful reality once graduated, resulting in job seeking in Sao Paulo for little money after finishing College (he later on found to be very right). So he decided to install Linux and start inventing Coding Projects for himself, buy IT books and do similar things in order to LEARN things on a next-level, after a classmate preached about Linux being way better than Windows and Firefox being way better than Internet Explorer. Since the classmate was saying all that and earning a 1,500 reais paycheck in the first 6 months of College, while everyone else was struggling to land a simple 300 reais internship, Peterson decided to go to that route. Being self-taught and a high-effort guy, in the beginning of THE LAST YEAR of College at FATEC, he managed to pass the public exam of SERPRO — Serviço Federal de Processamento de Dados (Data Processing Federal Service).

He was excited. He managed to be “set for life” according to most people in Brazil and his parents. That was a huge win at the time and he scored 4th place. However….he was wrong. And Thank GOD he was wrong otherwise there wouldn’t be a PETERSON TEIXEIRA COMPANY today. After joining SERPRO, and after working for 2 years straight in the Production Area of SERPRO which handled Tax Processing among other critical jobs for Brazil’s infrastructure, Peterson realized that doing any hard work was giving him….nothing. And getting him nowhere. So he decided to make a bold move: Use his coding skills to develop a web crawler merged with an automation program that would communicate with internal systems in order to automate HIS OWN WORK.

That way he could have practically the whole 8-hour window to do something else or try something else in order to get more money. After a long 6-month period developing the program, he started putting it into Production. As developers know, any 1st program when launched has bugs, but the old workers on his team at SERPRO didn’t understand that. So instead of helping making the program better, the old folks were against Peterson since some of the bugs ended up giving them additional work on the night shift. Only two older men from his team were awesome about it: Dino and Anselmo (his great boss which Peterson used to call by the nickname Anselminhus). Nonetheless, regardless of the resistance from his own team, Peterson decided to make the program even better, up until a point that there was nothing to talk about against it.

After reaching a certain maturity level with this program, and noticing that working at SERPRO wouldn’t get him any real money as he was not being rewarded for his efforts, and realizing that only by getting OLD he would get more money, Peterson decided to start printing books so he could apply for other public tests in different government agencies or organizations, in order to land a higher paying job. Since his program was doing basically all the work for him at the time, he had now a 8-hour window available to put in the effort necessary to get to his goal of making more money somewhere else, so he could help his parents and build his life. So he started this new journey. And devoured IT books and a website called Questoes de Concursos (Tests Questions) which had the actual database of questions used in Public Tests for those wanting to get into Policia Federal (Federal Police), Senado Federal (Federal Senate) among other Brazilian government agencies and organizations.

After a few months, and after putting so much work into this new effort, Peterson got to the point where he MEMORIZED questions used in Public Tests, resulting in him doing a test and knowing the answer upfront without having to do the work, as the question was the same applied in a Public Test years before for a different government organization. Because the government hires companies who own a database of questions (Math, IT etc) to produce a Public Test, someone who has been doing Public Tests for a long time (or studying too hard for a long time) will eventually know the answer upfront. Peterson got to this level. He passed other tests for other government agencies but then he realized something critical: He wouldn’t be happy anywhere else as he didn’t feel FREE. He simply asked himself this simple question after reaching this new-level: “If I do get into another government agency or organization to earn 10x the amount of money I make now…..will I be happy? Will I be happy spending my entire lifetime on Earth sitting ON THE SAME chair and doing the same job for the rest of my life!?”.

The answer was a big fat NO. After noticing this new reality about himself, he started looking at ENTREPRENEURSHIP as his last resort, which was something very rare in Brazil since as said before, people at the time, were usually inclined to fight for a government position and be “set for life”. However, after looking at ENTREPRENEURSHIP as a way for building up wealth, Peterson ended up diving into Multilevel Marketing programs, more specifically, one from the Polishop Company, known as POLISHOP.COM.VC at the time, because in Brazil — at the time — content for entrepreneurs were either a scam or MMN sales pitches. There were no high-level content besides content from a few entrepreneur-copycats who grabbed something from countries like the USA and literally replicated the exact same thing in Brazil using their own name, and getting famous because of it. Nonetheless, as Peterson is a man who likes to test things for himself to see whether something is BS and real expert advice or not, he went full-force into that Polishop MMN program. While working for the government at the same time.

Ok new journey. After putting only two major leaders in his network, two friends, he got to the point where he had to do nothing and was earning a little more than 1000 reais per month due to his friends being overly-social people. However, that was not Entrepreneurship as he later found out. And he wasn’t getting not even close to the amount of money desired. So Peterson decided to look at Drop Shipping courses, which were booming at the time. But after reading about all the legal complications and risks that could result from it (when done with no money at all) he decided to leave that option aside. He wasn’t a product guy after all. He was a creative mind. Creating something felt more congruent with his personality. Fast forward a few days, and one day, at SERPRO, his friend Carlos came to him with a business proposition which Carlos’ friend (Vidoi) presented him: Develop a Software in 15 days for a medium-size company named Accord in order to get a partnership with the owner who had over 100.000 paying customers. The Software was the get-in card and should be presented to the owner as a working solution after 15 days. “OK, game on baby!”. Peterson then decided to ditch the Polishop MMN program and embrace this new endeavour since it could result in A LOT of money. And since his web crawler was doing all the work for him at SERPRO, he still had that 8-hour window available. Three crazy friends. A 15-day window to prove themselves. Awesome.

Then, because Peterson was living in Santos – Brazil, and SERPRO and his friend Carlos and Vidoi were in Sao Paulo, he had to be closeby to be more efficient. His two friends gathered the business part of the software while Peterson would code it all. Mission accepted. So he had to stay locked in an office in Sao Paulo from 08:00 to 23:00 coding this new piece of Software because he and his friends only had one shot, and only 15 days to prove themselves. After 15 days, the owner LIKED THE SOFTWARE and Peterson (and friends) got the green light to build the Software for the entire company, connecting all the departments like Legal, Sales, Customer Acqusition etc. A major win. Achievement unlocked. However, with great news comes great responsibility and a new deadline took place: The Working Solution had to be in production-mode by December of the same year. Then, Peterson had to face a new reality: Developing this Software while working from SERPRO (his government job) was not as productive as he expected. So after getting the software up until a certain point, he pitched the owner of Accord to pay him what he was earning. But doubled. The owner knew that Peterson got his best’s interests at heart, so he agreed.

Then, Peterson made another bold decision: QUIT HIS GOVERNMENT JOB. That was a big move. Peterson was scared because it meant zero security. There was no evidence that would support that he could succeed at his new endeavour yet. However, he applied for exoneration and everybody at SERPRO was surprised. After all, people always tend to choose security over chance and risk. Especially in Brazil, where making a good living and building a life is extremely hard. Then, after doing a lot of hard work, deadlines were missed because the company was mostly organized by paper documents only, and employees sometimes left, taking their knowledge of how the company worked with them leaving no way of finding out how a specific area of the company worked in practice, as the owner itself didn’t know it all. Nonetheless, Peterson and his friends managed to deliver the Working Software. Except from one area: The integrated payment system (which was not critical, but rather an upgrade for the business). Because this was not scheduled properly since Peterson was implemeting the “do the work now and find out the rest later” which true entrepreneurs talk a lot about, everybody got into heated discussions. Peterson, his friends and the owner of Accord. Close to December and the final deadline, Peterson brought a new friend who had experience with integrated payment systems, but the owner was blocking payments due to all the delays that had already happened, resulting in “a no deal” kind of approach. Everyone was holding themselves back. No one was willing to do any further work unless business discussions were leading to the benefit of all sides. Then, when things were finally getting back on track, the owner of Accord and his managers GOT ARRESTED for not paying corrupt policemen, which Peterson saw on the news, the TV channel named Record at the time.

Wow….THAT was A BIG surprise for him and his friends (!!!!). And another big reality check for Peterson who had no money and was responsible for helping his parents at home by buying food etc. Peterson then was lost. “What do I do next…? I think I have to get a job somewhere in the private sector now”. That was new. Because he only had experience working for the government. Not private companies. Especially those from Sao Paulo which are mostly Corporate companies that don’t really care about anyone. So Peterson had to learn how to build a resumé, since he didn’t have one as it wasn’t necessary while working for the government. However, despite that tiny problem there was a bigger problem: THE NO MONEY PROBLEM. And the clock was ticking. His parents were counting on him to help buy food, and he had to something to get some money as soon as possible when building a resumé and applying for job positions would demand way too much time and by the end of the next month, there wouldn’t be any money, and therefore, no food. So he went to the Internet. He started browsing for opportunities and then found the Workana website. A Freelancer marketplace website. As a Software Developer, he knew that building a great piece of Software would take AT LEAST one month. And by the projects being posted by companies and individuals on Workana, payments were around 800 reais.

So Peterson thought: “No, not enough. There’s not gonna be enough time. I need something else. Fast”. So instead of creating a profile as a Software Developer, he decided to create a profile as a CONTENT CREATOR. Peterson thought to himself: “I need something that gets me more money according to the amount of work I produce”. That answer leaded him to Freelance Writing. He thought: “Hmm…websites need content fast nowadays, so I think I can provide that”. Bingo! So after building the profile he noticed that writers were getting paid 5 reais per article. He was like: “What?! This is CRAZY! Is it slave work?!? No! I will start at the 8 reais rate since I haven’t done this before. But for sure 5 reais seems completely unfair. People are selling themselves way too short!!!”. Armed with the knowledge of books and personal war experiences, he quickly pitched for a project and landed a project for 8 reais. One article. It was good news but he still had to prove himself to the customer. So he gave the customer a deadline that could make him focus on QUALITY. The customer agreed. And after 3 long hours, he finished his very first 1000-words article. The customer was impressed. Gave him a 5-star review. Peterson quickly started exploding on the Workana platform after that. However, working for 8 reais per article was basically slave work, so he decided to raise his prices because he had to put food on the table. So he raised the price to 10 reais. Got customers. Raised to 20 reais. Got fewer customers. Raised to 30 reais, got even fewer customers. Then raised to 50, 70 and 100 reais, and was getting even fewer customers. But those very customers were getting really impressed and he managed to create A BRAND. And that’s how PETERSONTEIXEIRA.COM was born in the 1st place. But at the same time, Peterson had to buy food. And because Freelance Writing wasn’t getting him enough money, he was using his 1000-reais Back account limit to buy food for the month, and when the bank account got to the -1000 mark, the money of Workana would kick in and get the account back to ZERO reais. This lasted for 3 months. Three whole months. Peterson would do his best work by creating content, while getting debt on the side just to buy food. And then, as soon as the month ended, the money would be deposited on his back account bringing the balance back to zero, allowing him to use 1000 reais of credit again. To buy food.

Wars. So many wars. Right after that period, Peterson finally got another job in Sao Paulo. But now, in the private sector. More specifically, at Everis, A Global Consultancy company as a Business Analyst. He wasn’t a coder/developer anymore. He was in Business Strategy and Analysis. After getting allocated at TAM Airlines for a project, Peterson then quickly learned how he hated Sao Paulo and its “people-don’t-care-about-anyone” daily vibe. So he started focusing on building a way out.

A Final way out.
He now had PETERSONTEIXEIRA.COM in place. He had hope. But what wars would come next?
What Challenges would be ahead? What sacrifices would be necessary? And who would help?
Wanna find out the rest of the story? Wanna find out how The Consulting & Coaching company was born? And what different wars Peterson Teixeira had to face?

Then wait for THE BOOK.


But remember THE LORD your GOD, for it is He Who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms his covenant, which he swore to your forefathers, as it is today.

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for THE LORD your GOD will be with you wherever you go.
— JOSHUA 1:9

Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will serve before kings; he will not serve before obscure men.
— PROVERBS 22:29

Lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hands bring wealth.

I, even I, am He Who comforts you. Who are you that fear mortal men, the sons of men, who are but grass, that you forget THE LORD your Maker, who stretched out the heavens and laid the foundations of the earth, that you live in constant terror every day because of the wrath of the oppressor, who is bent on destruction? For WHERE is the wrath of the oppressor?
— ISAIAH 51:12-13

Because Peterson Teixeira, The Founder and CEO is a true christian since the age 3 years old and has been following The Bible and Jesus Christ’s teachings since an early age, and because he has been seeing the world coming to a scenario of chaos and destruction, he decided to upload his own personal biblical morning lessons on the company website so everybody can see The Bible from his perspective. USA courts have the “In GOD we trust”. PETERSON TEIXEIRA COMPANY decided to go a step forward and store many Bible verses about a specific subject so we can all see what The Bible says about a specific topic. Stand for what you believe and fight the good fight. Enjoy.

BIBLE verses about GOD [read — portuguese version].
BIBLE verses about JESUS [read — portuguese version].


Because Christian Faith is under heavy attack, The Founder and CEO who is a true christian since the age of 3 years old needs to reinforce some vital arguments for defending Jesus Christ an its teachings since it works for all Mankind. This is a section for those who need ready-to-use arguments for defending Christian Faith.

ARGUMENTS WARFARE #1: The Final Solution to Mankind [read — english version].
ARGUMENTS WARFARE #2: The Final Solution to Mankind [read — portuguese version].

ARGUMENTS WARFARE #3: The Living Testimony [read — english version].
ARGUMENTS WARFARE #4: The Living Testimony [read — portuguese version].


If you need Marketing & Business Consultancy Services then you’re free to contact me. I’m always open to new relationships, business ideas and the most challeging marketing/business projects. Always. I love my work. So you can be sure that I will love to hear a challenge from you if it fits this company’s services portfolio.

Please, bring me something interesting. Something hard to achieve. Something Challenging.
You have my personal guarantee that I’ll make your goals, my goals. Because your success matters a lot. After all, your success is also part of my professional reputation.

And I love my reputation.

Best regards,
Peterson Teixeira
CEO & Founder