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CEO WARS: Twitter


Welcome. This is a resource page with all the business reality that PETERSON TEIXEIRA is going through involving Twitter, The Big Tech Company. Since in our time many businesses are under Monopolies and Duopolies, it’s important to show the realities of business sabotage, in this case, by Twitter. Business sabotage is a real thing in our world, however it doesn’t hit the news much since this subject impacts business deals, business relationships and ultimately, a business’ bottom line. Wealth. And the ability to succeed since money is going to fewer hands and companies. Which also means that many are afraid to speak out due to fear of not getting another job, or another customer, or having a way of supporting themselves. However, we have truly reached peak levels of business sabotage, including by Twitter. Therefore, this resource must exist to warn other businesses and entrepreneurs. Naturally, this resource page will be constantly updated and/or corrected to prevent any misleading information and to maintain a good, reliable list of the truth about Twiiter. With a bit of entertainment.

All cards have the Status field which shows whether a War is CURRENTLY ongoing or not: RESOLVED or FIGHTING . However, since many of the brands that do get a worthy place here may have several other business arms, and since there are too many variables (employees, new CEOs etc) at play in the business space, a RESOLVED status may change its status back to FIGHTING again (and vice-versa). New Monkeys may be the ones to blame for a status going back to FIGHTING. Likewise, new good businesspeople can be the ones responsible for solving a current problem, turning its status back to RESOLVED. Therefore, the Status field does not reflect a final state. Nothing is final. Use it wisely.

LAST UPDATE: This page was last updated in April 15 of 2019

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Last Updated: April 15, 2020

Because TWITTER THINKS it can freely do business sabotage and use it to maintain its business success and all kinds of cute “control”

Since 2015, Peterson Teixeira has been working really hard, fighting and struggling to market his business online to get customers. Naturally, building an online business also involves knowing the best-known Social Network that is the place for PR and sharing News, but actually doesn’t work: Twitter. As a hardworking entrepreneur, Peterson Teixeira has been trying to use Twitter for promotion of all the work published on PETERSONTEIXEIRA.COM in the past 5 years, but caught the truth eventually: It’s completely rigged. After publishing The Global Financial Crisis Manifesto, more things came to light such as Twitter EDITING his tweet. Since Twitter is the go-to big tech company for PR, Politicians and News commenting, and part of the “PR infrastructure” of many businesses and solopreneurs around the world, some truths now need to be shown. Because it’s clearly proven by now, that infrastructure provided by Big Tech is not to be trusted. Whenever necessary, infrastructure to sabotage the attention of rising businesses is also there.

Peterson Teixeira
Big Tech
“Man…Twitter too Peterson?! Where does this end…?!” Yes, Twitter too baby. There are all kinds of cute control flying around our markets today. But this one is something people will need to worry about for sure as I saw one huge red alert AFTER publishing The Manifesto: Twitter EDITING your own Tweets. WOW! WHAT?! Where’s the marketing strategy now?! Where’s the PR strategy?! I mean, algorithms ok. Rigged Algorithms, sure. But rewriting what you wrote is truly at ANOTHER level. I can’t even control my own tweets?! What kind of platform is that?! There’s gotta be some massive screenshots about that, right? What if I was a major politician or something? Or someone running for an election? Or some major CEO like Elon Musk who says something and stocks go crazy within minutes? So let’s get real. Again. You see, I have been truly trying to work with Twitter for a while now, as part of my overall Marketing Strategy. But then, after knowing the truths about the overly competitive digital market, and the number of tweets that go per second and how your Tweet usually lasts 18 minutes tops, I started using many different approaches. With no success. Was it my marketing? Well….what do you think? Because by now you do know where I’m getting with this, right? So let me tell you another true story. When I was promoting the Manifesto, I published a Tweet mocking those who thought to be in control. (It’s the top, most recent one from my Twitter profile). Part of it, was in Chinese. In order to understand why, you need to read the manifesto and see what the Chinese government was doing to christians over there. Obviously, I used Google Translate (oh and there’s a story about that too!) as I don’t know chinese. I only speak english and portuguese. So after putting whatever Google Translate gave me in Chinese, I revisited my tweet and…..the chinese part was in japanese (?!). “WHAT? I clearly remember not publishing that!”. Then it changed to something else, but in chinese again. Then again. Then I was like: “Man, big tech is CLEARLY hanging itself….how many print screens do we have by now?! Because I didn’t touch anything. And editing tweets is not a feature”. So there’s that. Now about the whole Number of Followers factor, something that has been proved over and over again to be rigged. There are countless testimonies about it, Investigative Journalism and so forth. If you notice, I state on my Twitter bio that “I WANT ZERO FOLLOWERS IN HERE”. There’s a reason for that, but only those who truly understand marketing will catch why I did this. So here it is: If you follow some brand/company on Twitter (which is rare unless it’s the news), it will be added to your Twitter Feed. However, how many brands or individuals do you follow? A lot probably. Now, EACH brand is putting out tweets like crazy in order to get….ATTENTION. Right? Therefore, you following me doesn’t do much, unless I get a massive number of followers. Only then, it’s helpful for the brand. But until then, people ignore it. Now, if I start kicking out EVERYBODY who likes my brand and tries to follow me, and they insist in wanting to follow my content, which will prompt me to kick them out again, THE ONLY WAY to consume my content is by opening my Twitter URL. Just like you open…Netflix. Or stupid Google. And that way, I dominate the screen and therefore, your attention. No intervention from competing tweets. And that way, even Twitter’s rigged algorithms couldn’t stop me since you’re accessing my Twitter Feed in full. That was the strategy. At the same time, if you get famous, people will say: “Hey do you know that famous CEO who has ZERO followers?”. It’s counter-intuitive. And it works. Of course, I didn’t know back then that Twitter edits your own published tweet. So I got schooled on business-sabotage. Again. “No Peterson, it’s smart marketing and all that but we can also edit your tweets too. And then your feed is no more”. Stupid Peterson thinking that was playing in a neutral, pro-business platform. I deserved that whole “editing your tweet” hit. I was naive. Very naive.

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